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jim is 22 and sue is also 22. they are going from kentucky to califonia to see jim's parents. jim's sister becky who is 18 is at college in kentucky and wants them to give her a ride to their parents. they pick her up and she's all bubbly and all like any other teen. jim and sue are up front and becky is in the back seat,she talks all teh time and its getting late on the road. jim tells sue that they should stop for a room. thye arrive at a hotel and get a room with 2 beds in it cause jim's too cheap to get two rooms.
becky is in starting bath water and jim goes over to shave and looks throught he door that is cracked alittle. his sis has grown up. she is standing there in her undies letting the tub fill up. becky has a belly button ring and a tattoo on the small of her back. jim tells her through the door that him and sue are going to the lounge and since she's too young they will not be gone long.
jim and sue are in the lounge drinking and dancing and sue is getting very horny. jim decides it's time to go to the room since they have to get on the road in the morning. as they enter the room becky is in one bed. they quietly get down to their undies and crawl into the other bed.

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  sue begins rubbing jims cock and he tells her not with his sis in the other bed. sue says she's asleep and we'll be quiet. jim moves over on top of sue and she slides her panties off and he pulls down his shorts and slowly enters her. they are slowly going at it when jim looks over and notices something move in the bed next to them. sue says becky are you awake?becky replies"kinda". sue reaches up and turns on the light on the nightstand. becky is looking right at them with jim on top of sue. becky pushes the covers off and is laying there completely nude,"i thought ya'll wouldnt ever get back" becky says. sue tells her wantto come over here. becky stand up and stands beside the other bed "can i help" becky says. sue says sure and becky leans down and begins nibbling at sue's tit. jim begins moving in and out of sue again.
sue is on her back and jim is on her and becky has her mouth on sue's tit. then becky reaches down and places her hand on sue's mound,she spreads her fingers so her hand is clasp to sue and jim's cock is sliding between her fingers as he enters his wife.
    sue asks becky to climb on her and becky straddles sue and sue starts eating her pussy.

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      jim is now leaned back some still entering his wife and looking down his sisters back until he gets to her ass which is covering his wifes face.
    jim tells sue he is about to cum and then squirts inside her and she is still eating becky. jim moves over to the other bed to watch. becky moves off sue and lays on her back and sue lays beside her and they are kinda in a side 69 and sue is fingering becky and becky is fingering sue. then sue begins to buck alittle and she and becky cum together at the same time. sue asks becky "if that was good for her and she said yes. becky asks jim 'what did you think" and jim replies"this is going to be a good trip".


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