Road trip with Mom


The summer I’ll never foget!! Lol I was 19 going to back to college for some summer classes. My mom was pretty tight on funds so we decided that we were going to drive. My first thought was that it was going to be a very long trip.
 Don’t get me wrong now, I love my mom. She’s 42, brown hair, golden tan, and a very nice figure. She’s a d cup and a very nice round ass… Always wearing tight pants and you can see the outline of her thong.   Yes I have checked her out a few times.
 But I have never really thought about taking it any further than checking her ass out when she bends over or get a peek at her cleavage.
 The morning of the drive I woke up to what had to be the hottest day of the summer. It was pushing 110 degrees at 18 in the morning. Well I loaded up the car and I was already sweeting. Just as I put the last bag in the car mom walked out. She was wearing a short blue jean skirt and a white tank top with no bra. “DAMN” is the only thing that came to mind but I didn’t mean to say it out loud. “Excuse me” she said. I told her your looking hot mom with a laugh hoping I could play it off as a joke.

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   We got in the car and took off to the gas station.
 I started to fill up and mom was getting out of the car. When she swung her leg out I could see her was wearing a white thong. . I couldn’t believe mom was so fucking hot. I finished filling up went back to the car. And waited on her to pay. After she got in the car she asked if anything was wrong. . I was just trying to sit down and hide my hardon. I told her nothing was wrong just didn’t want to go back to school. She placed her hand on my knee and slide down just a little bit on my thigh. “ Ohh, baby, It’s ok” Yeah I was so fuckin hard I had get her off my mind.
 Well we started down the road and the worst thing happened. The ac broke.

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   Well we rolled down the windows and made the best of the trip. About an 30 mins went by and  I looked over at mom only to see sweat dripping down her chest down her cleavege and her chest going in and out with her trying to catch her breath. . she looked over and asked what I was looking at. . I just said you look so hot do you need a brake. She said that would be great.
 So we pulled over and I got behind the wheel. Mom was out in a couple of mins. After about 20 mins I looked over and she was out. But her body was soaking wet. Her nipples her in plain view through her wet tank top and her leggs were apart and you could see her crotch. She was soaking wet. I Took a towel and started patting her chest and legs. She woke up and asked what I was doing.

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   I want to dry you off mom. Your sweating. . Ohhh ok dear she asked. She leaned over and asked me to get her back dry. She was laying in my lap. And I know she felt my hardon. . I didn’t know what to say. Instead she sat back in her seat and started massagging her tits… I could stop watching. She was really putting on a show. She got the cold water and poured it down her neck and which then ran down her cleavege and down to her belle and then to her pussy. She asked me if I like to pull over. (we were in the middle of no where) I pulled over and she got out and walked to the hood of the car. She waved me to come up there with her.

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   I got out and when I walked up to her she took my hands and asked if I wanted to fill her tits. . I didn’t say a word. Instead she took my hands and pulled them up to her chest and I took over from there the felt better than I had ever dreamed. Then I when to kiss her neck. . she stopped me and said now now. . what are you doing son?? Mom I want you so bad. I don’t care anymore. . I have to fuck you right now. She didn’t say another word. I kissed her neck as she arched her back and laid on the hood of the car.
    I worked my way down to her leggs and pulled her skirt off and went down to lick her soaking wet pussy.

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       She tasted so good. I was even poking her ass with on of my fingers. . then I came up and stood infront of her and took my shorts down and grabbed her hair and pulled her in to suck my hard cock.
     She did wellingly and then laided me on the hood. She climbed on top of me and straddled my cock and rocked. . We were both soaking in our own sweat. It was like were were lather up in oil. .   She kept rocking on my cock and I said I’m going to cum she didn’t stop so I blew my load in her pussy… Damn mom.
     We got back in the car and I think we got back on the road too soon because she was still horny. . she lean over and got my cock out again and gave me head until I was hard again. Then she got lifted her skirt and straddled me in the car while I was driving.

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       She was biting my ear and bouncing on my hard cock… damn I had to blow another load. Right in her pussy. .
     Well we finally got to my school and I still havent been able to get my mom off. So I took her up to my room and we got in bed and I did her right. . I was working my thumb in her ass while fucking her doggy style. . and then she had her orgasm. . she was squezzing my dick so hard when she tighten her pussy I cam a third time in her pussy. .
     We got in the shower and while I was soaping up her back and ass she pushed back on my dick and said baby I want it in my ass. . she leaned over and I soaped it up really good and inched my hard cock in her ass.

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      . I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mom in the ass. She was loving it and then I just went nuts and fuckn pulled out and pulled her down to take my dick in her mouth to finish me off. She swallow every last drop… We cleaned up and went out to the car. . Where we made out for a min or two she grabbed my dick and I said next time mom.
     We never turn the ac on anymore on road trips… But we do plan for a longer trip!!