Road Trip - Going to my sister's wedding - the morning of Day 2


I woke up early the next morning… the sun was just hinting at the heavy curtains on our room, and I could hear the morning traffic on the Interstate.   I looked across at the other bed, and there was Daddy, still asleep, but all tangled up in his sheets.   He was on his stomach, with a pillow under his head and chest, and his right leg was out from under the covers.   I could see his muscular thigh and the curve of his bottom.   I thought about what I had done the night before and was hit with conflicting waves of fear, desire, and confusion.   Right then I felt confusion more than anything else.

As I watched Daddy sleep and the morning light get stronger, I let my mind ignore the fear and confusion, and drift to the desire part.   My fingers moved under my covers, under my pajama top, tracing my flat tummy from my waist up towards my round little breasts.   As my fingers moved up my body, my pajama top slid upwards, too – until it was bunched up just above my breasts.   My fingers traced the swell of my breasts – lightly following the curve of the underside of each one, then climbing the little hill to the summit of my nipple.  

I stroked each nipple for a moment, lightly running my fingertips along its length… as I stroked them, they stiffened and swelled up and became more sensitive.   I spent a long time running my fingers along my torso, just barely stopping at my breasts, quickly playing with my nipples, and returning to my waist.   I began to think about how Daddy’s hands had felt on my thighs last night, and wondered how it would feel to have his hands on my bottom, my breasts, my… my wetness.   My breath began to quicken and my fingers lingered more at my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples now, making them swell and rise even more.   My fingers began the long trip back down my body to my waist, and under my pajama bottoms.

I looked over at Daddy again – still asleep, but he had rolled onto his side, facing away from me.

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    I could hear his deep, heavy breathing, and see almost all of his back and buns now.   His top leg was forward, and the sheets barely covered part of his buns.   My hands pushed my pajama bottoms off, and my fingers began to play in my curly red pubes… lightly brushing the hair, and then pulling it, pulling the underneath away from my body.   I remembered sitting on his back, my fingers probing his shoulders, his back, his buns…

My hands began to wander over my body with more free abandon now.   One traveled from my breasts to my pubes, while the other concentrated on my inner thighs and my… well, my vagina.   I felt the swelling of my outer lips, and traced around them, lightly touching, long strokes along the outsides… I began to be able to smell the scent of my arousal.   Would Daddy notice it if he were awake?

I brought both hands to my outer lips, and pressed my lips between my hands… slightly twisting and rubbing them.   I imagined my Daddy’s hands on my bottom, then between my legs, just like my hands were.   I could imagine the look on his face as he sat between my legs, playing with my lips, and looking up at me eagerly.   I barely dipped a finger into my opening, and coated it with my wetness.   I traced between my inner lips, put my finger to my mouth, and tasted myself.   Would Daddy like my taste? I wondered.

I quickly lost track of my surroundings… lost in the sensation, and the fantasy of what my Daddy might do to me.   My fingers found my inner lips, and massaged them – again, long firm strokes between thumb and index finger, long slow tugs away from my body, a finger quickly dipping into my opening to tease the sensitive opening just inside my lips, a quick squeeze of my clitoral hood to make me gasp…

I glanced over at Daddy.   He had rolled over on his back, and I could see his hardness under the sheets.

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    That did it for me.   I began to rub, tug, and squeeze in earnest.   My back arched, and my hips began to move as my fingers danced around my wetness… pulling my lips, squeezing and tugging at my hood until my clitoris swelled enough to come out.   I began to finger myself more firmly – playing with that sensitive opening just inside my lips, one, then two fingers, in and out and in and out while my other hand rubbed, tugged, pressed, and tweaked my clitoris and then my nipples and then my clitoris… I remembered feeling my Daddy’s hardness pressed up against my bottom and back, and imagined him thrusting into my wetness over and over and over again…

I heard myself gasping and crying out just a little bit, as my head thrashed back and forth on my pillow and my hips jerked under my covers… I convulsed with a orgasm so intense I couldn’t breathe!  As I recovered and began to be able to see and breathe again, I looked down at myself and saw I was nearly entirely uncovered.   My breasts, tummy, waist, hips and pubes were available for anyone who wanted to look and see…

Had I been too loud?  Had Daddy awakened?  Had he seen me masturbating?  Would he realize I was fantasizing about feeling him inside me as I did?  Should I even dare to roll over and see if he was yet awake?

I quietly pulled the sheets back over my body, closed my eyes, and tried to regain my calmness.   Not surprisingly, the confusion and fear returned before the calm…  The trucks continued to roar past on the highway, and I couldn’t yet hear Daddy’s breathing, couldn’t tell if he was awake or asleep.   I couldn’t look yet.  


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