Road Trip - Going to my Sister's Wedding - Day 1


I guess I should start this out by telling you a little bit about me and my family.   There are four of us, well, at least there were four of us until my sister Sandi graduated from college and moved in with her boyfriend (now her fiancé), Tim.   A long time ago it was the three of us, Mom, Sandi, and me.   My dad was in the Navy and died in some accident on his aircraft carrier when I was little.   I was still in the first grade, so I don’t have much other than pictures and some videos to remember him by.
Mom dated off and on through my grade school years, and married Kevin when I was in the sixth grade.   He’s the closest thing I’ve ever really had to having a “real” father, and he makes Mom happy, so it’s all cool.   I really do think of him more as “Daddy” than as Kevin.   I’m 19 now, and living at home with Mom and Daddy while I go to community college for a physical therapy assistant program.
Anyway, back to the story.   Sandi and Tim live in New Mexico, and we live in Wyoming, and Mom’s been jonesing about the wedding longer than Sandi has!  She really wanted to be involved in all the planning and stuff, and she’s made several trips down there to help out over the past few months.   I’ve been stuck at school, so I couldn’t go.   That’s OK – I’m only going to be a bridesmaid.   Sandi’s best friend down there is going to be her Maid of Honor.   Whatever.
Well, the wedding day was approaching and we were all going to head down for it (duh – like we could miss it?).

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    Mom was freaking over the last minute details, and decided to go down early.   She’d fly down like she did for all her other trips, and we’d drive down to meet her there later in the week.   After the wedding, we three would take a “road trip” vacation on our way back to Wyoming.
So the day finally came for me and Kevin to load up the car and head south.   I love taking road trips, ‘cause we always take the old Caddy convertible – it’s huge and steers like a boat, but there’s nothing but room in it, and on pretty days the top comes down and it’s like flying across the prairie!  Today was a pretty day, and we were both dressed for comfort.   I’m a “skirt girl,” so I had on my traveling skirt, and a t-shirt.   Daddy was in a t-shirt and shorts.   I settled in to the front seat and put my sunglasses on.
We got out on the highway, and I sat back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face, arms, and legs, and the breeze in my hair.   Daddy and I talked about our first day on the road, and he reminded me I’d need to help him with the driving.   No prob!  I told him I was going to relax for a while.   I snuggled into the seat, pulled my i-pod out and put the earbuds in.   After a little bit the sun’s warmth made me relax even more, and I fell asleep.
I felt a little chilly a bit later, and started to stir a bit.   I kind of came half awake, and realized the sun had gone behind some clouds, and it was a lot cooler all of a sudden.

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    Still drowsy, I looked down and saw my nipples poking through my t-shirt from the chill.   I also realized the wind had blown my skirt around a bit, and I was showing a lot of my thighs to the world!  I also noticed that Daddy had one hand in his lap and was taking quick looks in my direction.   I decided to pretend I was still asleep, but only stirring – I wanted to see what was going on.   I knew he couldn’t see my eyelids cracked open through my sunglasses.
I snuggled back into the seat, and turned towards him a little bit in the process.   I know my skirt rode up a little bit more, and I wondered if he could see my panties.   I started breathing deeply again, and watched him through slitted eyes.   Pretty soon he was taking longer looks at me, and I wondered how he was staying on the highway!  I also noticed his hand move from his lap, and I saw the head of his thing sticking out of the leg of his shorts… he was rubbing it gently as he watched me sleep! 
I felt a warmth fill me – a heat start burning in my belly.   It wasn’t right, Daddy stroking himself looking at me, but it was still starting to turn me on.   I decided it was time to “wake up,” and to put an end to this for now.  
I stirred, and began to stretch as though I were just awakening.   Daddy quickly pulled the leg of his shorts down, and looked over as though he had just realized I was in the car with him.   I pulled my earbuds out.   “Have a good nap?” he asked.   “Yeah, I think so – what time is it?”  He told me we’d been on the road about three hours, and we’d be stopping for gas and a driver change soon.

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    I said that was OK, and went back to watching the scenery pass by until he got off the highway and pulled into a gas station.
He filled the tank, and I went in to use the rest room and buy a Coke.   Kevin headed towards the men’s room while I was in line with the drink, and tossed the car keys to me.   “I’ll be out in a minute – your turn to drive” he said.
We got back out on the highway and headed south again, this time with me at the wheel.   Daddy said he was going to “catch some z’s” this time, and he settled in to the passenger seat.   I put my earbuds back in, and was listening to my tunes as we rocketed down the road.  
Even though I tried, I couldn’t get the picture of Daddy stroking himself out of my mind.   The warmth of the sun combined with the warmth in my belly, and I felt flushed – as though my entire body was sunburned or blushing violently.   I looked sideways at him, and saw that he had fallen asleep.   I thought about his… thing.   I wondered how big it was.   I was sure it hadn’t been completely hard as he had rubbed it while watching me in the car.
I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, but could feel the moisture starting to build between my legs.   I snuck another glance at him, and decided to risk it.

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    I put my hand up under my skirt, pulled aside my panties, and traced the outline of my lips with one finger.   I was soaking wet!  Knowing I couldn’t risk his seeing me do that as I had seen him, I rearranged my panties and focused on driving… as much as I could.
The rest of the day went pretty uneventfully – with Daddy taking the wheel back from me just after lunch, and keeping it for the remainder of the day.   The sun was low in the sky when we pulled into the parking lot of the motel where we had reservations for the night.   We registered, put our things into our room, and headed out to find some dinner.
We wound up in an oriental restaurant (it was almost the only choice in town that wasn’t “fast food”) and ordered our food.   Daddy also ordered a bottle of wine, and neither of us objected when they brought us two glasses.   We sipped the wine as we waited for our food, and talked about the next day’s trip.   Daddy kept squirming in his seat, and I asked him what was wrong.   “I’m just a little stiff, I guess” he replied.   “I don’t usually spend that much time in a day sitting in one place. ”  “Too bad the motel doesn’t have a sauna or a whirlpool” I said.   “Maybe the motel tomorrow will have one. ”
We finished dinner and drove back to the motel.   We decided to get ready for bed, and watch some TV before going to sleep for the night.

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    I went into the bathroom to change into my pajamas, and when I came out, Daddy was already in his bed with the covers pulled up over his lap.   I could see he didn’t have a shirt on, but I wasn’t sure about the rest.   He had CSI: Miami turned on, and I hopped into my bed and started watching too.
He kept moving around in the bed, seemingly unable to get comfortable.   “Daddy, you’re really distracting, moving around like that.   I can’t follow the story” I told him.   He replied, “Sorry, but my back is really stiffening up after today’s drive and I can’t sit still for long. ”  I told him “Roll over on your belly and I’ll rub your shoulders.   Maybe that will help. ”  He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, and slowly rolled over in the bed.
      The sheet and blanket were up over his legs and lower back.
    I moved over to his bed and sat alongside him.   I started rubbing his shoulders, and could feel real knots in his muscles.   “Wow, you’re tight,” I said.   He just grunted and winced a little bit when I was too rough on his shoulder.

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        I continued to rub his shoulders, and began on his upper back.   He began to breathe more deeply, and I could feel his muscles start to relax under my fingers.
    I noticed I was having trouble working on the side of his back that was further away from me, so I said “Dad, I’m going to straddle your back so I can get enough leverage on both sides of your back. ”  He just grunted in reply, although I could feel him tense up as I put my leg over his body and rested my bottom on top of his.   I continued to rub his upper back and shoulders and told him he had to continue to try to relax.   In time he began to loosen up again, and I could feel his buns loosen up under me.
    It was then I remembered what had happened in the car earlier in the day.   How he had watched me “sleeping,” and had rubbed himself.   I began to get that warm, flushed feeling in my belly again as I rubbed lower and lower on his back, and as my buns rubbed back and forth on his.   I could feel the warmth building inside me, and started to smell my scent.   I hoped he hadn’t noticed yet.
    I continued to rub down his back to his lower back, moving my body so I was now straddling his thighs instead of his buns.   My fingers continued to trace lower and lower on his back, and I pulled the sheet and blanket down some to expose more of his skin.   Mystery solved – he was wearing boxer shorts.   I flushed even more than I already had.

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        As my hands and fingers started to work on his butt cheeks through his boxers, he said “Thanks, sweetie.   I think that’s great. ”  I continued to rub his lower back and buns.   “Dad, my teachers all say you have to make sure your patients maintain balance in their bodies.   I think I really need to work on your chest and abdomen as well as your back.   It’s time for you to turn over, please. ”
    I raised my body off his legs, and he slowly turned over.   I could tell he was feeling better, but was still stiff and uncomfortable.   I straddled his lower abdomen, and began to work on his shoulders and upper chest.   He looked at me and away from me – I tried not to stare at him in return, but I felt like his eyes were becoming more and more focused on my breasts… I could feel them swaying back and forth as I worked on his chest.   I could also feel my buns rubbing on his lower abdomen as I moved to exert more or less pressure on his chest.
    And then it happened.   As I was settling back, I felt him begin to grow and get hard.   I began to feel pressure from him pushing up the blanket into my buns, pushing at the panties under my t-shirt.   I felt the heat rising in me even more, and I knew he must be able to see my excitement in my eyes.

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        If he couldn’t smell me, my scent, then he must not have any remaining sense of smell!
    I put my eyes on the headboard over him, and began to grind my buns into him as I continued to rub his shoulders, his chest, his nipples.   I could hear his breathing become more ragged, and I could feel him tensing up under me.   I forgot about telling him to relax, and just continued to grind into him, feeling his hardness poking at my cheeks through my panties.   At some point, I felt his hands on my thighs, holding me, caressing me, and guiding me as I slid back and forth along his body.
    I kept this up until I saw his eyes clench closed, and felt his hardness jerking against my bottom.   I continued to rub his chest as his breathing returned to normal… I leaned forward to kiss his forehead, and then got up and dashed into the bathroom.
    What had I done?  What would Mom and Sandi think?  I had just dry-humped my stepdad in his bed!  My mind was reeling, my body was burning hot, and I was dripping wet.   I sat in the bathroom for what seemed like forever, until my anxiety had lessened.   I still didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t stay in the bathroom all night.   I opened the door a crack, and looked out.   Daddy was still in his bed, but in the glow of the light from the TV, it looked like he was asleep.   I wondered what he thought of me now…
    With many confusing and conflicting thoughts swirling in my head, I slipped into my bed and hit the remote to turn off the TV.   I didn’t imagine I’d get much sleep with everything going through my mind.   As I tossed and turned, waiting for unconsciousness to arrive, I noticed that Daddy seemed to be sleeping very deeply and peacefully….



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