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Within three short months, her entire demeanor around the house had changed. Everyone, including Harold, and their other son Marcus, had noticed her new, sexier attire and mannerisms. It did not take long for Harold to get suspicious of her actions. She was a vibrant woman for her age, and it was not unreasonable that she could have taken a lover on the side. Little did he know it could be someone so close to him. It was early in the evening on a Thursday in September, when it all came to a head. For the past few months, the two had not been intimate in any way, nor did Rita seem to care when he would bring it up, always having an excuse for why she was disinterested in it. Brett had warned her that the day would come when he would make her tell the family about what she now was, and today would end up being that day. When Harold arrived home from work, he found his wife in the living room, the scent of sex rushed at him as he opened the door. Rita was dressed in one of her more provocative little dresses that barely concealed any of her womanly charms and an obscene pair of high heels that only prostitutes and strippers would normally wear. He glared as his wife as he hung his coat by the door. "I think it's time you explain what the fuck is going on with you Rita," Harold said as he moved closer to her. "There is nothing going on with me Harold. I don't know what you are getting so upset about," she replied in a demeaning tone. "Let's see. .

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  . you start dressing like one of those cheap sluts over on Hill St. You do not even act interested in sex any more. So tell me, who the hell you are fucking?" he inquired angrily. From his room, Brett could hear the commotion in the living room. His parent’s voices got much louder as they began to argue about the recent problems. A cocky smile crossed his lips as he decided it was time for the big announcement. He strolled down the stairs and into the living room, stopping a couple feet from both of his parents. He did not seem upset in the least about their shouting, though his father was quite embarrassed. Without even uttering a syllable, he looked to his mother, and then pointed to the spot at his feet. Obediently, Rita scurried to him, dropping to her knees submissively. He could see the anger rising in his father's face as it turned a deep red. Harold's fists clenched as he watched his wife unzip Brett's pants and slide them down slowly. He could not believe what he was seeing as his wife wrapped her long slender fingers around their son's cock before feeding the head into her greedy mouth. Harold lunged toward her, yanking her backwards away from the boy.

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   He glared at her for a moment before directing his anger toward Brett. His fist flew at the boys face, barely making contact as the punch was dodged. Several blows were traded before things suddenly went black for Harold. When he regained consciousness, Harold found himself bound to one of the heavy wooden high back chairs from the dining room. Broken fragments of lamp laid beside him, where they had fell when Rita struck him from behind with it. She once again was on her knees, but now her body was clad only in a thin white silk teddy. Her pouty lips covered with a thick coat of fiery red lipstick, were wrapped around Brett's cock as she took all of it in, leaving a pinkish tinge over the flesh from the smeared make-up. His fingers tangled in Rita's hair, moaning softly as she tenderly sucked the flesh into her mouth. He stared at his father with a defiant smile as he pulled his mother away from his cock. Harold struggled to get free of the chair to no avail. "Tell him," her son hissed. "Yes Master," she quietly whispered. "Harold, you are no longer to touch me in any way sexual, you are to sleep in Brett's bed, and he will be sharing the bed with me from now on. I am his slut now. You and I will remain married for appearance sake and no one shall know about the new living arrangements or you will be facing domestic violence charges.

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  " Harold sat in awe as he listened to his wife's normally boisterously happy voice now transformed into a subdued whisper. He could not have heard her correctly. He struggled for a moment once again silently before shouting at them both. "You both are fucking crazy. This is not going to fucking happen. There is nothing you can do Rita, now untie me you fucking bitch," he bellowed. Rita remained motionless, kneeling in front of Brett. She no longer feared her husband's wrath. It was her son’s disapproval that instilled a greater fear in her now. She knew in her heart that he would protect her from everything as long as he found her pleasing. Her eyes fluttered as her son's fingertips danced over her cheek. She did not lift her eyes to meet his, instead focused on the floor directly in front of her. "Threaten her all you want dad," Brett replied sarcastically. "She will not obey you ever again. .

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  . and if you don't go along with this new routine, well, let's just say that you will find out what the guys at work will think of you when they find out your wife would rather fuck a 18 year old than you, and I'll make sure she tells them just what a pathetic fuck you are. She is my slut now and there is nothing you can do to change that. "Brett walked over to the chair his father sat in, kicking it over backwards. It landed with a loud thud against the hardwood floor. He made sure that Harold had the perfect view of his beloved wife from his seat before walking back around his mother. Rita nuzzled his hand as it stroked her hair before slipping his fingers under her chin. Her face tilted up at him, giving the illusion of child like innocence. He nodded at her once again as her gaze timidly reached his face. Once again, her lips parted as she greedily devoured his swollen shaft. Harold watched in amazement as his wife slid the engorged cock down her throat. A quiet humiliation filled him as his wife so willing swallowed ever inch of their son's mammoth girth. He had never seen Rita so eager to perform in the twenty years he had known her, but here she knelt in front of her son who began to fuck her face. As he watched his father's disgust boiling within, Brett thought about how best to completely humiliate his father. He withdrew his cock from his mother's mouth, letting the head brush her lips and cheeks as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back.

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   "Beg for my cock mom. Tell me how much you need it," he commanded. "Oh son, please let me suck your cock. You know how much I need it, how much I love it. I'll do anything you want, just let me have that cock of yours and enjoy what it's like to be with a real man," she purred. "A real man. . . " he chuckled. “If I'm a real man, then what is dad?""He's pathetic son. His cock is infantile compared to that glorious cock you have. He cannot even use that little pitiful thing. It is too tiny to even matter. I need your cock Master, please, let me please you like the good slut you know I can be," she pleaded. "Suck it bitch," he said as he smirked.

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   His mother once again stuffed his throbbing shaft into her mouth and began to suck fervently. She moaned around it as it pushed deep into her throat, causing her to gag slightly when she became overzealous in her duty. He kept his eyes on his father the entire time. The complete degradation of his parents turned him on more than ever. He then stopped his mother, stepping over toward his father. Rita let out a disappointed sigh as he moved away from her. Positioning the tip of his cock above his father's face, he began to stroke it quickly as he laughed. Thick milky ropes of cum erupted from the tip of his cock, landing below on Harold's face despite how much he tried to jerk away, much to Brett's delight. "Strip," Brett demanded. Rita rose to her feet, before she slipped the thin silken straps down off her shoulders. Brett moved close behind her, running his fingers along the curve of her neck and watching her shiver. Her dark pink nipples stood out dramatically against the flimsy white fabric that was stretched taut over them. She let the straps fall from her arms, allowing the material to fall away from her creamy white breasts. For her age of 40, they showed very little sag. He reached around, grasping the thick protruding nub on her left breast.

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   She drew in a sharp breath between clenched teeth as he gave it a tug, twisting it in his fingers. Her body now responded so naturally to his touch, showing what complete control he had over her now. He released her nipple, letting her continue to remove the garment. "Turn around," he whispered softly in her ear. Rita spun around to face him, as he stepped away. This was the first time Harold had seen his wife's pussy since she had shaved it as Brett instructed. For so long he had pleaded with her to shave it or at least trim it, but she always flatly refused his requests. His son's hand cupped Rita's mound, caressing it slowly as she spread her legs ever so slightly. Harold could see the deeply pleasurable look that swam across her face as their son stroked his fingers over her clit. "Now mother, I want you to show me just how much of slut you are. I want you to go into the kitchen and get the biggest vegetable you can find in there, and bring it in to me," he said, moving back in front of Rita. "Yes Master," she cooed as she scrambled to the kitchen. She was gone only seconds before returning with a very large cucumber from the refrigerator. She returned to her knees in front of the boy, lifting the cucumber up to him with both hands as she hung her head. He took the cool thick object, feeling just how large and firm it was.

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   Rita laid her hands down palms up upon her parted thighs with her back arching as she awaited his command. He held it back in front of her face without a word. Her hands did not move from her thighs as he waved it before her. "You know what I expect you to do with this don't you mother?" he asked inquisitively. "You want me to fuck myself with it, Master," she sensually replied, knowing it made her husband sick to hear her call their son that. "Then do it," he answered, releasing it from his grasp. Rita quickly caught the cucumber and rolled onto her back. With her legs pushed apart to their limits, she held the tip of the vegetable to her slick little opening, pushing it in about half way with a single stroke. Her body tensed out as a loud moan was forced out. She began to work it in and out of herself harder and faster, getting a passionate rhythm going. She writhed on the floor at his feet, making sure she did not cum while she forced the cucumber into her needy cunt. "Harder and faster slut," he spoke. Rita began to jab it deeper and harder into her gaping pussy. The sloppy wet noises mingled with her moans of pleasure rang in Harold's ears as he watched helplessly. Brett languidly stroked his cock as he watched whore fucking herself.

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   He loved how beautiful she looked as she fought to keep control of her body. Soon his cock began to throb urgently as he watched his mother masturbate. "Stop," he said firmly. Immediately she ceased all movement, leaving the cucumber lodged half way in her vagina. Brett reached down between her legs and slowly withdrew the intruding vegetable. The scent of her sex wafted into him as he tossed the drenched edible toy aside for the moment. Rita drew in slow controlled breathes as she tried to calm herself as his fingertips parted her puffy pink lips and one slipped inside. Her hips instantly began to buck as she fucked herself on the digit. He pulled his finger slowly out of her sopping wet slit and held it out to her. Without hesitation, she slipped it into her mouth, sucking her juices off his skin eagerly. The change in Rita astounded her husband. He noticed the cruel smile playing upon Brett's face and began to worry what the demented boy had in store for him to witness next. "Crawl over to dad now mother. I want you to kneel straddling his face with your hands resting on the chair between his legs," he ordered. Rita quickly complied, assuming the position with her pussy inches from her husband's face.

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   Brett threw a pillow on the floor behind his mother, kneeling on it to avoid any discomfort on his part. The tip of his cock was slick, oozing with precum, as he rubbed it up and down his mother's wanton pussy. "Tell me how much you need my cock in you mom. Tell me why you need to be fucked so much," he stated. "Oh Brett, I need your big, fat cock in me so much. You know you are the only man to ever make me cum like that. Your cock is so much bigger than your father's is and feels so amazing when you fuck me. Please Master, fuck me, fuck your mother and use her like the slut you want her to be," she implored. "I need it so bad Master. I love how your cock stretches me, makes me ache. I need it son, please give it to me. Fuck me like your father never could. " The words sliced through Harold's heart, leaving him shattered as he saw his son slide all 9 inches of thickness into Rita. He closed his eyes to avoid the sight but nothing could silence her moans. They drowned out every thought he tried to focus on to get away from this.


   He began to sob quietly as his wife bucked back into Brett's powerful thrusts, causing the wet suctioning sounds to echo through the void between moans. Her nipples rubbed against his stomach as her body was jolted forward and quickly pulled back again. The thin, warm juices that dripped out of her, splattered against his face, leaving it slick and shiny. Brett grabbed a handful of her short chestnut hair and yanked her head back as he pulled her body into his. Her voice cracked as the tip of his shaft forced deeper inside her than it had previously been. Her intense arousal seemed to relax her enough that the pain did not register as much when the bulbous head of her son's cock forced past the opening of her cervix. He let go of her hair finally, her head dropping forward. "Do you want to cum for me mother? Do you want to cum on your little boy's nice thick cock?" he mockingly asked. "Oh god yes son. Please let me cum for you. . . " her words trailed off as she struggled with the urge. "Did dad ever make you feel this good mom?” He paused. "DID HE?""No Brett," she murmured.

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   "Oh fuck no. He never made me cum. ""Cum slut. Cum now," he grunted through gritted teeth. "Cum for your son. "Her body convulsed above her shame-filled husband as she slipped into the most glorious orgasm he had ever witnessed. Each of Brett's thrusts was accentuated with yelps and grunts as the pace quickened. Rita continued to thrash for several more minutes as the string of multiple orgasms overtook her. Her muscles clenched around his cock as she rocked her hips back in to each thrust. Never before had Harold seen her fuck with such wild abandon. He could hear the soft sloshing as Brett's swollen cock continued to piston in and out of Rita's juicy pussy, forcing more and more to drip onto his face. Part of him felt sick as he tried to block it all out. Despite how appalled and enraged he was, something inside him kept him watching. He was in awe of her reactions, the likes he had never seen before. Brett grabbed his mother's hair, pulling her head back as she groaned loudly.

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   He continued his assault on her body as he shamelessly drove his cock deep inside her. Harold cringed as another tidal wave of Rita's honey splashed on to his face. Several more strokes happened in rapid succession before Brett lunged a final time, filling his mother's womb with thick molten cum. She cried out a final time as she felt him explode inside her. Her body quivered as he pulled out, leaving her freshly abused hole feeling extraordinarily empty. The milky ambrosia leaked from her gaping cunt, dripping slowly onto her husband's face. "Clean her pussy dad," Brett shouted. "Lick my cum from your fucking slut of a wife and see if you can make her cum like I did. "Harold tried to turn his face but Brett walked around to the other side of the chair. His fist swiftly moved toward his father's crotch as he applied pressure. As the pain grew, Harold tried to suppress the agonizing groan that stuck in his throat. Finally he submitted and his tongue pushed past his lips and swept over the cum coated pink flesh that now rested against his face. The vile tasting cum coated his tongue as he worked it inside his wife's pussy, trying to get this over with as quickly as possible. Rita rocked her hips, trying to derive some sort of pleasure from the act but finding little satisfaction. Brett watched with a triumphant smile as he watched her desperately try to cum.

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   Finally, he moved his hand to her breast, fondling it before tweaking her nipple hard. He looked down at her, as her pitiful gaze met his. He chuckled as he twisted the little nub between his forefinger and thumb, pulling it away from her supple breast. She let out a low moan as the tongue feverishly worked her velvety opening. "Rub your clit mother," he whispered as he watched her. Her hand slipped between her and her husband as she began to stroke the swollen little bud. Her body stiffened quickly as Brett continued to manipulate her nipple. It did not take long for her to work herself into quite a frenzy. Her body glistened from the thin sheen of sweat that blanketed her flesh. It was almost too much for her to take when finally the command came. "Cum now" he said. Rita needed no more encouragement. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as the warm mixture of their fluids exploded from her quivering cunt and into her husband's mouth. Harold gagged, as he tasted the semen mixed in with her juices. He tried to swallow it all quickly before the bile rose into his throat again.

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   The spent woman nearly smothered him as she collapsed on top of him. Brett rolled her exhausted body off his father's laughing the entire time as he looked down at him. His face glazed with cum and tears still streaming from his closed eyes. Brett drew back his foot and gave him a sharp kick in the side. His cruel smile foreshadowed that more inhumanity was to come. He then looked to his mother. "Get your ass up, untie him then go clean your slutty ass up. There is much more I want to do tonight so get to it bitch," he barked before walking out of the room. .



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