Reunited with my cousin,Discoveredf were love was all this time.


This is a SEMI-TRUE story: There was a smile on my face when i got up,I felt like a million bucks,I could feel the warmth of my cousin snuggling at my side,I traced out her smooth curves with my index finger,She purred like a cat and got up,I felt great,The greatest night of my 18 year old life behind me. This story that led to this night began when i was 18 and my cousin was 13. We had a very good almost brother-sister relationship as we lived practically next door,Then when she was 18 my cousin began her mensural cycle. 3 months later my dad got a transfer to another country as he worked in the foriegn service and we had to move out,thus I stayed in dust ridden Africa from the time i was thirteen to seventeen . Then my dad hassled a transfer back home and with luck we moved back to same house we had lived in before we left for a very exotic and babeless Africa. It would do justice for me to tell that I lost contact with my cousin from the time I was 18 to 18 years old. Thus the day we moved back we were rearranging the house,My parents and bro were shifting some boxes when the doorbell rang,Since i was in the hall with my family inside the house,I ran and opened the door,First i thought i had seen an angel,There was this Amazingly preety gal standing in the door way wearing black shorts and a short tight green top,the rays of the sun came in from behind her and gave a gleam of brillianc of her black hair and tanned skin,Whilst i was blinking this girl let out a joyous scream and threw herself on me in a great big hig,I could feel her buxomy breasts squeezing themselves against me and in an instant my "soldier" came up into attention. My mom walked int the hall and the girl got of me and gave my mom a bear hug too,Both me and my mom were surprised,and when the girl released my mom she said "Hi aunt Maybel its me Deepika!". I was shocked was this the same cousin who used to weat strainers and play scrabble with me,and now even her voice was turning me on. THus we caught up on old times that night when my uncle and aunt came along. Things quietened down for about a month,and my cousin came over often to hang out,I could not look on her without butterflies in my stomach and i was deeply attracted to her,Something deep inside me told me she felt hte same too,as when she spoke to me a deep shyness came into her arousing voice and deep blude eyes. One day there was an emergency when a great aunt of mine was in a bad way ,and thus my parents and Deepika's parents went away to tend to her,Since she stayed in a distant city and the fact that school was on my bro,me and my cousin were left behind. I was left to take care of them both while our parents were away for a couple of days. The first day we went to school came back at around 5,and the three of us played board games and watched tv until it was about 9. 30. I said it was bed time and thus we retired to bed.

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  I lay down in my bed with my boxer shorts on,thinking about my cousin just a room away,how i wanted told hold her with me hands,inhale her scent and passionatley kiss her on those lips of hers as she moaned from the warmth of our bodies being together and the bliss and sensations that triggered. The front of my boxer shorts began to swell until it looked like a tent,I had been in africa for almost 4 years and had never even kissed a girl,thus my thouhts of sex and love were quite fictional. I believe that day i hadnt locked my door and i starteled as the door came open and i thinking it was my brother coming to ask me some dumb thing hurruedly covered my infalted boxer shorts with a blanket,But it wasnt him. The light from th hallway projected a very smooth and curved figure,I could smell her scent from 12 feet away and to my surprise the swelling in the shorts even became bigger. As sweat poured down every inch of my body the lights came on. There stood my cousin,she was wearing a very tight white top that accented her breasts and showed of a perfectly good midriff just short of her bust,and a black miniskirt that was well north of her thighs. She turned arond showing of her tight sweet behind and shiny black hair,and locked the door,I could hear music blaring out of my brothers room,the git was ignoring a curfew,but that seemed to work right now. She came and seates herself on tht bed next to me,the hem of her miniskirt lifted a trifle bit more. "Vern" said my cousin, "Sice you left,the only guy i loved in my life went away,ever since i was a child i always loved you,I wanted to grow up with you,experience the joys of life with you,When you left i tried to get on with life but i couldnt,Because i love you,I saved myself for you,I want you"she said with tears flowing down her eyes. I was shocked,what i thought of brotherly love in my young days were not so,A person had loved me ever since I was little,and just at the time things began to work i was gone for 4 whole years. I chocked and my eyes began to water," Oh my god" i blurted,"Sweetie its alright,nowim here,everything will be alright honey,I love you to,More than anything else in the whole wide world i. . . " words failed me,Infront of me the prettiest girl i knew was weeping for me,the person she loved since she could remember,I didnt know what to do,I swung out of the blanket and held her hands. Her skin felt like satin and her hair smelt like a meadow in summer,I brought my face next to hers,I could feel her warm breath across my cheeks and I knew she felt my breaths.

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   Then my lips made contact with hers,It was better than i had fantasized earlier,A thousand needles of warmth plunged into the centers of pleasure,I could feel her lips on mine,The tasted like fresh warm strawberries,She took command of the kiss as my tongue and hers danced the most romantic dance ever in history as fire shot through my veins,Her hands ran over my back with the grace of a ballerena,I found my own hands in her hair,My senses were overwhelmed as we kissed,My sight failed to guide my hands,I carresed her hair,the "Ummmmm" that escaped her,while i did that through whatever room that was left form our conjoint lips ,was a thousand timesa better than the ones in my fantasy,slowly my hands moved down her back and up her back again and again. Her hands began to play around my stomach until one reached down my boxer shorts and the warmth of her hand eclosed my penis. She withdrew her kiss,Her breaths were coming in short bursts as if she had just run a marathon, Her hanr was playing through my penis and my pubic hair. I wanted her,Right now and no one could stop me,"Deepi i said" ,I was surprised that my voice too sounded out of breath," I want you baby,I want you forever". She giggled in a naughty way,the tears from befor had evaporated from the heat from both our bodies during that kiss. She tousled my hair and withdrew her hand from my shorts,for a moment i thought she was done,But she raised both her hands upward such that i can remover her top. I rolled of her top slowly,She wor a beautiful silk white bra,Her bust was better than the ones you see in pon movies and magazines. She came forward and kissed me,hard. Her hands runnig down my back,My hand found the clasps of her bra and undid them,she released me from the kiss and let me remove her bra slowly,A goddess stared at me,Her topless figure was like sculptures of greek goddesses by renaisance masters,I began to massage her breasts,She threw back her head and gasped at the warmth my fingers were emitting as i ran them up and down her bust. Her hands reached down to my shorts and tugged them,I lifted myself up such that she could remove them,She removed my shorts and ran her hands through my crotch,I lay back on the bed my mouth open in a timeless gasp of pleasure. I knew i couldnt take anymore foreplay,I needed her and now or it might be too late,I didnt have any condomns but i didnt care,My need for her was killing me, I sprang up in a speed that surprised her and let my hands run up her crotch,she giggled and her face reddened,I removed the little skirt that revealed so moch and yet had shown too little,I stared at her thighs for a long minute as she collapsed on to the bed,"Vern" she gasped,"Take me Vern,Take me now" she said in a soft voice,I drew my gaze away from her thighs and she lifted her butt ,to help me remove her black silk panties. Her vagina was wet and expanded,But i didnt know wether my inflated penis will fit in," What are you waiting for?" she gasped,"Take me Vern" she said,I realised that she had been watiting for this her whole life,I prayed to god that my brother wont hear anything thorugh the music. I placed myself on top of her,and I entered her. Neither of us was prepared for the wave that took us,I gasped very loudly,She moaned in a way that pleased me beyond belief. I began to pump her,slowly at first as the waves became bigger I began to gasp,she said" Oooooh,Ooooh,Yes,Ooooh,my baby,Ooooooooooooooooooh,do that again.

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  . . . ",As she began to lubricate I began to pump her faster and faster,I groaned and gasped at the sensations that coursed through me,I never thought my nerves would be able to create such sensations,I could feel her hymen give away,As i rythamically moved to and fro inside her,I could see her breasts moving in the same rythm as I,to and for,I loked into her eyes. She was moaning at the sensations that I was creating,I knew i must come soon,all of a sudden she threw her hands around my neck,and she kissed me,passionatley and lovingly,That was it,Both of us climaxed,My penis was shooting sperm inside her and she gave an almighty moan,It lasted almost 18 seconds before a bliss over came us,I came out of her and collapsed at her side,Her skin was shining,She snuggled in next to me,and kissed me on my cheek,Ten minutes later we were both asleep. I thought of these as caressed her awake the next day,"Vern she said I love you","I love you too baby,I love you too i said",Love it semmed was always home. .