resurgent memories (extended)


My memories of my younger age are so very vauge. I dont remember any details of when i was very young. But i do remember a couple of times when i was touching a penis, rubbing it, grasping it, and sticking it in my mouth and sucking on it. I remember this penis belonged to my father. I dont remember how many times this happened, or how it happened, or how long it went on. Like i said, my memories of that time are very vauge. But i remember when i was under 13, my parents got a divorce. I dont remember how exactly i reacted to it, but ever since then, i started to have a very apathetic look on life. My dad moved to colorado, for a job opening that came up, and we lived on the east coast, so i basically never saw him again until i turned 18 Me and my mom never got along. A night without a fight between us was extremly rare. usually it was over stupid crap like what was for dinner, or i didnt do the dishes so perfectly like she wanted them. One night when i was 13, it just got way too out of hand between us. We were having a screaming match that waseven worse than usual. Even though i fought with my mom quite often, i had never cursed in front of her, until that night. She was screaming at me over my laziness and yelled, "Your a good for nothing son of a bitch, do you know that you piece of shit. "
My response was quite sarcastic.

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   "Well if im a son of a bitch, what the fuck does that make you. " Thats when she slapped the piss out of me. I didnt how to reactto that. I just stood there in shock. I finally mustered the words out of my mouth "fuck you, you stupid bitch, im leaving and going to live with dad. "
Some more screaming went on, but the next day, my mom made the arrangements for me to move to colorado with my dad. I had talked on the phone with him a couple of times when i was younger, but for the most part, me and mom had just been a memory. but i didnt care, i had to get out of the same house with mom.
It was in march, and i got off the plane in colorado springs. I saw him standing around looking bored, and i walked up to him. It had to be one of the most awkard moments of my life, neither knew what to say. Finally, he stuck his hand out, and we shook hands, and he said, "lets go get your luggage and we\'ll head home. " The only thing i said to him the first couple of hours was "ok".
My dad was kinda tall, slightly over6 ft. I guessed he weighed about 190 lbs.

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   so he was in fairly decent shape. He was 35 years old, looked about that age too, had blondish brown hair, and for the most part looked like an average guy. Now i had for the most part forgot about when i was younger and when he molested me. I had sometimes wondered if it was actually real or just a dream, but i was pretty sure it was real.
The first couple of weeks were quite awkard. I got enrolled in school, he worked most of the time, and spent most of the time to ourselves. I had asked him the questions that were bound to come up- what happened between you and mom, have u dated anybody else, etc. and that kinda broke the ice, but for some really weird reason i wanted to ask him about him molesting me when i was younger. not of out anger, but out of curiousity. i had discovered porn quite recently by way of my friends magazines he stole from his dads stash. and i was still new at masturbating, i had only beendoing it for a few months. and soon i found my self picuturing my dad naked, and actually wanting to touch him inhis privates again. i wasnt sure if thats acutally what i wanted, but the the thought of it made my masturbating better than ever. I was 13, i was at the height of my curious nature. I was with him for over a month before i got the courage to ask him about it.

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We were both watching Law and order SVU, and the episode was about this guy that had incest with his daughter, and I saw my opening. during the commerical, i muted the tv and said, "dad, i remember what you did when i was little. "
His face had a look of complete bewilderment on it. "What are you talking about. " he said.
"i remember when you made me play your privates. "
His look of bewilderment immeaditely went to scared shitless. His eyes became wider than saucers.
"what exactly do you remember. " he said
"i remember rubbing it and touching it, and putting it in my mouth. " i pretty much made my answers as simple as possible. i was so nervous bringing this up. My dad didnt say a word, just stared at the wall, so i had to reassure him.
"dont worry, im not angry. i dont want you to be scared or anything cus of what happened.

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  " He just kinda looked at me, but his facial expression stayed the same. Then what came out of my mouth next shocked me.
"Can we do it again" i said. even though i had been fantasizing about it, i never thought i would be so blunt.
"Whaa. . at" he stuttered.
"i said, can we do it again. i really want to. "
"are you sure" he asked
"yeah, i think i am. please, dad, i think i would really enjoy this. "
 Then nex few moments seemed to take forever.   He stared at the wall for what seemed like an eternity.   then he calmly said,"alright, take off your clothes then" he said
I took off my clothes without hesistation. My dad did the same, and i couldnt help but stare at his cock.

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   It was so much bigger than mine, which i guessed it would be, but wow, it was just as big as the men in the porn mags i had seen. i guessed it was about 8 inches. he sat back down on the sofa and told me to come here. i sat down beside him, and he asked me, "do you know what to do?"
"not really" i answered.
"ok" he said as he took my hand and took it and placed it on his shaft.
"grasp it with your hand" he said. "now move your hand up and down. OH yeah, thats good. keep doing that for a little while. "  he talked so calmly, it comforted me so much, took all the nervousness out of me.
I did that for about 2 or 3 minutes, and it felt pretty good in my hands. very warm and firm. my dick was standing straight up as well, but it had been before all this started. He then stopped me, and said, "alright, now put your mouth to it, and flick it with your tounge. "
I did as he said, and i could taste the pre cum.


   I moved my tounge up and down his head and shaft, but only for about 30 seconds, and then he instructed me to open my mouth and put it in.
"Now only put about half of my dick in your mouth, you dont want to gag. move your mouth up and down and keep moving your tounge around it while you do that. " he instructed. "oh yeah, your doing great. "
i did that for about 5 minutes when his moaning got really loud.
all of a sudden, his cum shot all in my mouth, i dont know why, but i was so focused on sucking his dick, i completly forgot that sooner or later he was gonna cum. I spit his dick out and started coughing. My dad started to laugh a little, "haha, its alright son, you did great, i havent had that much fun in a long time. "
"you think so, i did good" i asked
"hell yeah, and practice makes perfect. do you want to keep on doing this, making this an everyday thing. "
i said, "fuck yeah" suprising him with my launaguge, but i just sucked his dick, so that wasnt a problem.
He said, "good then, lay down on your back. "
i immeaditly got excited, i completly forgot about asking him to do this to me. i thought the entire time i was going to be doing it to him.

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   he played with my erection for a few seconds, then took my entire cock in his mouth. it was without a doubt the most amazing feeling ever. he was doing so much better than i did. It didnt take me long, only about 30 seconds, before i came in his mouth. and he didnt choke or spit me out, he swallowed my cum, which i thought was amazing. but i was kinda embarrased that i only lasted that long.
"was i supposed to cum that quick" i asked
"was that the first time somebody touched your dick" he asked
"then yeah, dont worry, you\'ll last longer the more times we do this. But right now its late, and its time for bed. " he then took my hand and led me to his bed where we both laid down under the covers, and then he did something i didnt expect. He stuck in tounge in my mouth and started kissing me. I kissed back, and stuck my tounge in his mouth. after a few seconds he broke it, and said "this was really special for me, im glad you wanted to do this. we\'re gonna have a great relationship from now on. " the rest of the night we held each other, and i felt so safe and secure next to his body.
The next morning i woke up to my dad making breakfast.

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    It was amazing, pancakes, bacon, sausage, egg, and toast.   we talked during breakfast about normal stuff, like yesterday never even happened.   after we got done eating, i went into the living room to watch tv, while dad cleaned up the kitchen.   after he cleaned up, he came into the living room and said, "well last night was quite interesting, and took alot out of me, and i need a shower, would you like to join me. "
i smile came across my face and without saying anything i jumped up and followed him to the bathroom.   we immeaditly got naked and jumped into the shower and my dad started to wash me.   as he got to my penis, he put the cloth down and with his hand jerked me off.   the orgasm was amazing.   i then offered to do the same to him, but he declined, saying, "i have something else planned for my cock. "  he then washed my rear, and with his wet hand, stuck a finger up my butt.
i winced a little in pain and he asked if i was ok.   "yeah just suprised me a little. "
"im going to move my finger in and out of your butt a little, tell me if you like it. "
gently then more powerfully he finger fucked my ass.   after a minute, i was really starting to enjoy it, so much my cock got hard again.

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    when my dad saw my erect penis, he said "well i think your ready"
"ready for what dad?"
"just relax"  then all of a sudden i got a sharp pain in my rear, and i realized that my dad was fucking my ass.  
i was breathing really hard, trying to control the pain.   my dad then asked "is it hurting too much, do u need me to stop"
i just shook my head no, even though it was painful, but the pleasure was just as good.   after a minute of it, the pain started to subside, and the pleasure took over.   i was soon moaning, and jerking myself off.   my dad started to go crazy in ecstasy, and i knew he was about to cum.   he then shot his load in my ass, and it was one the greatest sensations i have ever felt.   after we both came a couple of more times, we got out the shower and dried off.   i was about to go get some clothes on, but my dad stopped me and said "i dont think you\'ll need any clothes when your just in the house from now on"  i grinned, knowing that i was going to love my new life with my dad
I\'m now 21, and recently moved to florida for school and job. we continued this relationship till i moved, and a couple of weeks after that night, we started actually having sex. we became lovers, and i loved every second, and i miss him very much
thank you very much for reading, please tell me what you think at cremieux23@yahoo. com