Red With Love-Prologue and Chapter One, Getting Caught



            My name is Kelsey. I am a 18 year old redheaded girl in eleventh grade. I have a single mom and two older sisters. I have D36 size breasts with soft pink areola and nipples a little smaller than a thimble. Although I am the youngest in my family I have the largest breasts. I am still a virgin but I enjoy masturbating when I am alone.

My two sisters are Becky and Samantha. Becky is 20 years old and is a junior in college. She has C34 size breasts but her left breast is noticeably smaller than the right. Samantha graduated college last year. She is 24 years old and lives only a few blocks away. She is a C34 cup as well. Both are redheads, as well as my mother,

Our mother and our father split up when I was only five. She is forty five years old but many of my friends at school think she is a total MILF.

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   She is very tall and slender with only an A cup. She works as a secretary at a business in the next town over.

We live in a one and a half story house along a river in a small town. The interior is very beautiful with hard wood floors. Sense we live going out of town, we have a large fenced in backyard with an in ground pool. It is a very nice home for a single parent house hold.

Chapter 1

It was a Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from school. I knew mom wouldn’t get off of work until five, and Becky wouldn’t be home until seven because she and a friend were going out to eat before heading home for the weekend. So I went to my room and dropped off my backpack. Then I went into the bathroom closet and grabbed a towel.

After that I went out into the living room and striped down naked.

 I was so horny because we had a sub teacher today and he was so sexy. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him in class. I kept picturing him and my boyfriend cumming all over my tits at the same time.  I laid the towel across the arm rest of the couch and straddled it. I started thrusting back and forth on the armrest as the towel soaked up my juices running out of my pussy.

The AC was running and my nipples were getting so hard from the cold air in the room. I used one hand to support myself and the other to pinch and pull on my right nipples. I couldn’t take it much more so I sat down on the couch with my legs spread and thrust my middle finger in to my tight pussy. Soon I stuck my pointer finger inside as well but I had to slow a little because it got a little tight.

 As I started building towards my climax my mother pulled into the drive way without me realizing it. It felt so good as I fingered myself and pulled on my large hard nipple. As I hit my orgasm I closed my eyes and let out a huge moan because it felt amazing. I ejaculated my juices all over the floor of the living room, which was the other reason I grabbed the towel.

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I started to catch my breath I heard the sounds of a slow clap. When I opened my eyes in fright, there in the archway to the living room stood my mother in her black skirt and button up white blouse which she had undone some on the way home because of the heat. I could see the corners of her lacey bra.  

“Mother, what are you doing home so early?” I asked as I reached for the towel to cover myself up.

“I finished up all my work early today. ” She said as she started across the room. When she got over to the couch she sat down beside me and said, “that’s quite the squirt you got there sweetie. ”

  • 5in" class="MsoNormal">“I am so sorry mom that you had to see that. ” I said as I feared I was going to get grounded or lectured on how a true lady should never act in such a manner. But I was completely wrong.

    My mother looked at me and said, “Honey it’s quite alright for a lady to pleasure herself. I masturbate every morning in the shower with my dildo before I leave for work, and both of your sisters do as well. I’ve caught them both many times. One time I caught them in the hot tub doing it together. You know what I did when I saw that?”

    “Did you ground them?” I asked.

    “Nope”, she said, “I went in and joined them. ”

    “You did what?!” I asked in amazement.

    “Yep, I went in a joined them. After we all hit our orgasms I fingered them at the same time. ” Mom explained.

    “Wait let me get this straight; you fingered Becky and Samantha in the hot tub?”

    “That is correct, Samantha even squirted all over my face. Ever sense that night me and you sisters have been red with love. ” Mom said.

    “Wow that is crazy. Hey mom?” I asked.

    “Yes sweetie?”

    “Will you finger yourself with me?”

    “I thought you’d never ask”