Red With Love-Chapter 2 The Secrets Out, Chapter 3 A Slight Chance Of Showers


Chapter 2 The Secrets Out

            My mother started stripping off her blouse and this started to get me going again. As she slid her skirt down her legs, I started to rub my nipples in excitement. Here was my mother standing in front of me in nothing but a white lacy bra and a white thong. As a house of all females it’s not something I haven’t seen before but this time it was different. This time it was sexual.

            “Honey will you give me a hand with this?” My mother asked as she turned around to let me help her with her bra.

            She dropped her bra and turned round to face me. Her nipples were erect. “Wow mom your nipples sure are hard. ”

            She came over to the couch and sat down beside me. She took her hand and started caressing the inside of my thigh coming close to my pussy but not quite touching it. “Of course they are,” she said, “the air-conditioner has made this room pretty cold. Plus I’m so turned on from watching your finger yourself. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. ” With that being said she took my hand and placed it on my pussy. Then she slid her thong off and with a smile asked me if I was ready.

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            With that being said we both shoved our fingers into our pussys and went at ourselves like mad women. It was an amazing feeling listening and seeing my mother get off right beside me. My mother was using her left hand so she reached over and grabbed my free hand. We held each other’s hand for a while but then my mother stopped fingering herself. Not wanting to stop I asked her why she did.

            “Get on your knees and face me. ” She said. As I did this she did the same. She took my hand and slid it down to her crotch. “Finger me” she said. So I shoved my fingers, already covered with my juices into my mother’s puss.   She let out a moan and then did the same to me. “Oh my baby this feels so good. Show mommy that you love her. ”

            “Oh mommy.

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   I love you so much. I want to show you I love you. ”

            “Oh baby keep going faster I’m getting ready to cum. Make mommy cum all over your hand. ”

            “Mommy I’m cumming. Oh fuck mommy. Yes yes, ohhhhh. ” I let out a huge wave of juices, just pouring out of my pussy onto my mother’s hand and all over the couch.

“You finished before I did, how dare you. ” My mother said jokingly.

“I am so sorry mom I just couldn’t hold it back it felt so amazing. ” I told her.

“It’s ok sweetie that just means you’ll be able to focus on me now, and make me cum just like I made you. ”

“Oh yes mother. I will do anything to make you cum.

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   Treat me as your sexual slave and have me do whatever it takes. ”

“I like the sounds of that. Here lay down on the couch. ” She ordered. As I laid down she straddled over my face and told me to start to finger her again. As I looked up I could see all the juices running out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs.

Man she was so turned on.

            I put two fingers inside her and started off slow but soon I was ordered to go faster.   I started pushing my fingers into her as fast as I could. Soon her juices started dripping down onto my face and I could smell the sweet aroma coming off.

Soon she pulled back the hood covering her clit and got down closer to my face and told me to lick it. So I started to swirl my tongue around on her clit. “Oh yes baby lick me, make me cum all over your face. ”

            I reached around her with my hand and shoved my middle finger into her asshole.

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   As soon as I did this she let out a scream and out like Old Faithful came the delicious juices of my mother.

            She fell backwards onto the couch in exhaustion. I sat up and I could still see some of her juices running down onto the couch below her. I crawled up beside her and started to caress her nipple. “Oh baby that was amazing. ” She said as she turned her head to give me a kiss on the lips.

“Mom, do you think we can have Samantha over tonight once Becky gets home so we can have them join in like a family orgy. ” I asked.

            “That sounds like a great idea honey. As soon as Becky gets home we’ll call Samantha and tell her the news. Now I’m going to get a shower and clean up. Want to join me, I might even use my dildo, you’ll get to watch. ”

            “Oh boy that would be amazing mom”


Chapter Three: A Slight Chance of Showers

            My mother and I headed into her bathroom, and got into the shower. She stuck her head under the stream of water and let it run down over her body.

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   I watched in amazement as the steam ran down her torso and disappeared as it went between her legs. I grabbed the bottle of sweet pea body wash and squirted some into my hands.

            I lathered it together and started rubbing my mother’s breasts, making them covered in suds. She started to giggle as it must have tickled. I gave her a kiss and told her to turn around. As she turned around a put some more soap in my hands. I then took my hands and started rubbing my mother’s beautiful, pale ass checks. Occasionally I’d slip my fingers into her ass crack and gave a little twill of my finger to my mother’s asshole making her shutter with excitement.  

            I then reached around and started rubbing the lips of her vagina making the mussels in her body loosen up, causing her to lean back into me. After doing this for a while she told me to hold on. She rinsed off, got out, and went into the one drawer. When she got back in she was holding two dildos, one about 8in. long, the other one being only about half an inch across and only a few inches long.

            “Get on your knees sweetie and lick mommy’s asshole. ” She told me.

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            So I got down and spread her checks apart and started moving my tongue all over the area between her pussy and her asshole. “You’re torturing me honey” she said as she sat down the smaller dildo. Then she thrust the larger one into her pussy.

            I then started licking her asshole making my mother moan with excitement. She was leaning up against the wall of the shower, because she was not able to hold herself up. “Oh fuck honey. That feels so good. ”

            I got up and grabbed the small purple dildo and shoved it into my mother ass. “Oh my god faster honey. ” So I started pushing the dildo into her ass as fast as I could. “Honey I’m cumming. Oh fuck yes her it comes. ”

            I stuck my head in between her legs and opened my mouth as wide as I could.

Then out it came, gushing into my mouth and down my face. Once she was finished I gave her lips a kiss and then stood back up.

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            “Now it’s your turn, bend over. ” Mother ordered.

            So, I bent over for my mother. She leaned out of the shower and grabbed some baby oil. Then she poured some down my ass crack and started rubbing it around. Then she put some on the small dildo and shoved it into my ass. “Oww mom that hurts. ”

            “Give it a little bit, I’ll go slow. ” And she did. After a while it started feeling better

            “Oh mom, ohhhh, oh yes. ” I reached up and started pinching my nipples; it was starting to feel good. I then slid my hand down and started fingering myself. After only about three minutes of fingering myself I hit an orgasm. “Keep going mom, I want to hit another one. ”

            After a short five minutes another orgasm shook my body.

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   These were some of the best orgasms I had had in my life. After that we stood under the shower together kissing one another. Mom had made the water a little colder so we could rub our nipples together.

            After an hour of just relaxing under the water I asked mom if she would eat my pussy. So she got down, found my clit, and started to tongue it. It felt so good. We were having so much fun we lost track of time.

            When Becky got home mom and I were still in the shower. She was still eating me out. “Oh yes mom lick my pussy. Oh yes mom harder, thrust your tongue into me. ” The bathroom door was opened a little and Becky stuck her head in and saw mom eating me out. She juked her head back in shook. She peaked her head back around and still couldn’t believe what she saw. She could feel her body getting warm, her pussy getting wet.

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   She couldn’t take it.

            She slipped her pants down around her ankles and stuck her hand into her panties. She started fingering herself while watching mom get me off. She was going faster and faster the more I moaned.

            “Oh mom I’m going to cum. I can feel it building up inside me. ”

            “Squirt all over mommy’s face. Make mommy proud. ” She stuck her head back into my pussy and licked my clit as fast as she could.

            “Oh mom, Oh mom. Here it comes. ”

            Becky had to watch. She stepped out of her pants and ran into the bathroom and flung the shower curtain open just in time to see me cover my mother’s face with my juices.

            “Oh my god, that was the greatest thing I have ever seen. ” Becky said.

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