Rebuilding Mom (part 4)


Chapter 4 
Many days slipped by, we were together as a family yet very distant; mom had on and off bouts of minor drinking but she slowly slipped back into a motherly role; cooking, dishes, laundry and she sat outside in the sun frequently but she slept with her door closed, always fully dressed and often appeared far away in thought.  
Me! Well I applied myself to home study; frequently caught myself remembering the exploration of mom and infrequently cursed myself when I awoke with my penis erect but most of all I was concerned for mom doing everything I could to lighten her burden at the same time reduce my guilt.  
About 2-weeks later mom awoke early, called me as I needed to attend a field trip of area home study kids to visit a museum for history. As I said good-bye to mom I noticed she did not have her usual cup of coffee on the table but a full tumbler of hard liquor. I was speechless as I touched her shoulder, our eyes met, she shook her head side to side repeatedly with a sad face saying off-handily, “go”.  
I had difficulty concentrating being concerned about mom and late that afternoon arrived home to find the kitchen partially thrashed, chairs upset and a lone full glass of liquor still sitting in the same spot. I slowly went in search of mom, she was nowhere in the house or yard, I did not know where to look next and wondered aimlessly about the house straightening up. No note could be found. It was now after 8 PM and starting to get dark with a slight rain beginning. I thought I heard the gate but could not see anyone and sat patiently looking out the front room window. It was now after 18 PM and raining hard when I got up to look about again when I noticed out the kitchen window something by our tree.  
I rushed outside to find mom hugging the tree crying her heart out.  
“Mom … Mom … What is it … why are you outside, please come in out of the rain … I been so worried about you …” I had to stop questioning as I ran out of breath to suddenly realize she was whispering something. I leaned down to listen.  
Faintly through her tears at barely a whisper, “tell me you want me … tell me you want me … tell me you want me …” 
Rain and tears ran unheeded from my face as I cupped her face in my hands, “I want you mom … I need you more than ever … please come with me into the house … please I want you …” as I slowly assisted her up to a standing position and guided her into the house.  
We entered the house, she clung to me for support as I locked the door and turned out the lights.

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   We made out way to her bedroom where I turned on just the table light. All the time mom keep barely whispering “…he wants me … me … he wants me get you out of these soaking muddy clothes mom…” as I undressed her, “we need to get you into a hot bath mom or you’ll get sick…ok”, mom let me do all the undressing at this point I had her down to her bare breasts and her panties. She clung to me resting her head on my shoulder so I slowly moved to the bathroom bring her with me. I started the water running adding lots of bubble bath beads; soon I had sufficient water of just the right temperature and turned to mom saying, “I’m here mom, just you and me. Lets slip you out of these wet panties and get you into this hot bath … ok” and she willingly let me and I noticed her muff needed trimming, so before getting her into the tub I reached across to the cabinet pulling out the scissors and trimmed her up some. While I guided her into the tub and got her sitting down I started to slip of my wet shirt, pants and socks.  
While I knelt on the floor I bathed her clean, leaning her forward to wash her back and spent long minutes washing her breasts because her nipples were so excited. “Just you and me mom, I’ll take care of you now…” as she just nodded following direction and willing opened her thighs for my washing.  
“Are you feeling better mom? … Where were you? … I was so worried …” I asked. “You warming up mom, the goose bumps are gone now…” 
Mom leaned forward reaching around my neck pulling me towards her, “Kiss me sweetie … I love it when you touch me … please!” she begged as I had drawn away slightly.  
I willingly kissed her forehead, cheeks, neck and her shoulders as she purred “Ummmm yes, mommy likes to slip you out of the bath mom” as she stood naked again before me, I helped her out and began to dry her off. Then I guided her to her bed. “Ok mom … slip into bed, we have to keep you warm now, I’ll go get you something hot to drink … be right back. ” 
On returning with hot coffee fixed the way she like it, she sat up with my support and seeped contently.  
Soon she was starring intently at me then softly asked me, “Is that all my little boy has been doing to mommy when you took care of me?” I looked down guiltily shaking my head no.

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   “Tell mommy what you do and why you do it to … please sweetie. ”  
“I been … well … the first time I had to clean you … well all over and I liked it mom!” I confessed honestly, “…and you seemed to like it when I touched you … well I … I just keep doing it…ok. ” 
Mom nodded her head yes, “Did you put that (pointing to my groin) in mommy?” she barely whispered again.  
“Oh no mom, I never did anything like that to you … it grew … but no I never did anything like that” 
I whined.  
“Did you want to Paul?” mom asked looking me straight in the eye.  
I simply nodded my head yes and hung my head 
“I am very proud of you son!” she smiled and hugged me.  
We sat there for a while as mom sipped her coffee, then she suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you son?” 
“Oh that’s simple mom … I had no idea what to do … I was happy just touching you all over and then … well, my hand discovered your (I point between her legs) and it pleased you … so I did that a lot. ” 
“You didn’t know what to do?” asked mom in an amazed tone.  
I shook my head no again.  
“Well that was part of the reason I went for a walk Paul; I was sorting things out in my mind …” she stated. “It also dawned on me out walking that you young man repeatedly said you wanted me … so I believed or understood you meant it as a woman … and I know its against the law … but its just you and me … then, well … (very long pause) … I want you too. ” 
I hugged her tightly and smiled, “Ahhh mom, I still know nothing more than I did before…” I moaned.  
“Then son, we will learn together … ok?” mom smiled and pointed to my crotch, “Seems your body knows more than you think…” 
I started to shake and mom shooed me off with a kiss to my lips to have a hot  
Mom lifted the covers and patted the bed. “You belong beside me son. ” 
I lay down and mom slowly started kissing my shoulders and face, “Ummmmm you smell so good, mommy won’t break, do what you always do to me son.

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  ” She said with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face of great warmth.  
“Well I usually … hmm … “ I stammered.  
“What sweetie? Just do as you did all the times before and we’ll see what happens…” mom coaxed.  
I pushed her back; slowly I kissed her face, her neck and her shoulders while my hand caressed her arms and breast. “Ummmmm ohhhhh yes, so nice,” mom whispered. I continued really kissing her soft warm skin, inhaling her smell. Soon mom had trapped my face in her hands and we kissed passionately, initially mouth closed but she slowly forced my mouth apart chasing my tongue as her breathing increased. My hands were never still, caressing her breasts, tummy and legs all leading to her magical triangle and her creamy tunnel of my lust.  
By the time my hand was petting her bush mom had laid back and left me to play while she encouraged me, “Mmmmm sweetie, mommy likes that … Ohhhhh ummmmm” as my finger slipped along her tunnel lips, “I’m all yours, explore me …”, to which I now half lay on her suckling her breasts as my hand cupped, fingered and played with her now swollen bud. It was not long at all before mom was panting, “Oh My God … I’m cummmmmming … my son is making me cummmmm …”  
I do not know how to explain what she said next as I started to slip my hand in her very wet tunnel. Needless to say her hips were humping up and down, legs opening and closing and her words what I could make of them surprised me, “Ohhhh FUCKKK … Ohhhh you loving boy … Ohhh mommy’s cunt is so tight. …Ohhhhhh … your hand in me … ” To which she began to shake and scream as she had before which only urged me to suck her breasts more as I slid my hand and part of my lower arm in and out faster. Mom was getting it good and it excited me, I was peeking down at her thrusting open and closed legs (the sheets had flown off some time ago) to my surprise I seen her tummy one second swell and another shrink down.  
After the 3rd massive shaking cum my hips began to dry hump her thigh, my penis was swollen. Mom urged me more onto her as I continued to suckle her breasts and mostly due to my position I had to slide my hand from her magical tunnel.

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   Mom was finally able to catch her breath, “Ohhhhh you dirty little boy, you been doing mommy good all those times you played with me…are you trying to make me your slut … tell me what you want me to be and you’ll have it sweetie … make mommy your slut. ” 
I stopped and looked at mom, she was all dreamy like, her hips still thrusting at times, “Mommy? What is a slut?” I asked.  
“What I want to be for you … I’ll do anything for you … a slut can’t get enough of what your doing to mommy … ” mom panted.  
“I just want you happy mom … if what I’ve been doing will make you a slut, that’s good isn’t it mom?” I asked in all innocence.  
“Mmmmmm you got mommy very excited Paul … come fuck mommy” breathing rapidly, “put your hard cock into mommy … do it for me sweetie, turn mommy into just your slut!” 
And with that she urged me in to the right position on top of her, reaching her hand down she took my very swollen penis guiding it into her HOT CREAMY … what did she call it … a cunt. I was home it was beyond words as she withered and squirmed under me, it wasn’t long before I was driving into her slowly as I continued to suckle her breast.  
“OH GOD … OH Lord … my son’s cock is in my cunt … do anything you want to mommy …” she screamed, “Show mommy how much you want her … show her you want her as your fuck slut …” 
I was in heaven … mom was so hot and creamy and soon I had that strange feeling in my stomach again and building like before; I think it was getting worse, the more mom moved under me the more the feeling was moving towards my penis. “Mom, I think I’m sick, its hurting … burning towards my penis …” I told mom between gasps of breath.  
“Oh sweetie … no … no … mommy’s not protected … pull out … fast …” she screamed.  
I pulled out of that magnificent place and as I did great gobs of sticky white stuff splashed all over mom’s tummy, thighs and the bed. “Ugghhh Uggghh Ohhhhhh Ugggggh ummmmm” I screamed.  
“Oh Sweetie … mommy’s sorry, I forgot. ” She cooed as I collapse onto of her. “That was close, you could have made mommy pregnant … we’ll have to take care of that … mommy wants you so bad … I want to feel your cum splashing inside me … I want you to be able to lie there and pump your cum into me … ” she cried with real tears rolling down her cheeks.  
We cuddled for a long time, my hands never still as I caressed and teased mom.

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       Before long I had her panting again. When she noticed I was getting big again she told me she knew how to let me cum in her for as long as I wanted to. “Let mommy roll on her tummy, now put it in mommy’s other hole sweetie … it will be a lot tighter but you can do it as often as you like in there till mommy gets some protection. ” 
    I had only played with her ass once and I was determined to please her. She urged me on as she guided my virgin attempt of my once again swollen penis. “That’s it sweetie, stick your big cock into me … OH MY … Ummmm … Ohhhhh …”she screamed as I sunk slowly in her tight opening. My eagerness was too much and I thrust like I was in her … cunt. “Oh Paul, slow down … Ohhhhh …” I was putting it to her tight ass good, soon mom quietened down and met my thrusts and we were off and doing good.  
    “That’s it … fuck mommy’s ass … seed her ass with your seed … yes FUCK ME . . F U C K K K K me” mom was never ending, her words increasing my desire. “Mommy’s your fuck slut … give it to mommy … make me your S L U T …” 
    I stuck it in her slow, I did it fast … mom passed out twice as I fucked her for close to 45 minutes before I again felt that incredible feeling that made my thrusts more furious. Till nothing would stop it I let go spilling my seed deep into mom’s lovely tight ass.  
    I awoke sometime later, with my once again growing cock still buried in mom’s ass and I feasted again, this time going slow while my hands felt her swollen breasts; I was sunk in good and mom let me go as she continued to urge me to turn her into a fuck slut and I’m not sure what that was exactly but I was feeling very good fucking her in her bed. Her alarm clock showed 2:40 AM and I was once again spilling cum (as mom calls it) into her again, this time I slipped out of her.

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       As I lay there beside mom, she was complimenting me on my magnificent cock. “You sure are big sweetie … you have to be at least 18-inches and very thick … mommy will have to measure you. ” 
    Mom’s clock read 4:55 and my hand once again buried in mom’s hair cunt and she was screaming, shivering and panting as her hips went wild. I had been working on her for some time as I once again snuggled in tight to her chest and suckled her nipples harder as I shoved my hand in and out of her (I now know as fisting) as she swore I was out to make her a fuck slave all in one night. At 5:35 I was again on top of my mom, this time between her thighs as I fucked her cunt. I knew now what mom didn’t want splashed inside her and I was determined to fuck her cunt good and hard pulling out when I needed. Mom whispered into my ear in the darkness as I fucked her that if I kept going she’d be a whore within the week. I’m not sure what a whore was, but I did know now what mom wanted as she urged me to make her a fuck slut and I was going to make her one. The sensation was just starting and I pulled out and rolled mom, and thus slipped my raging swollen cock covered in her creamy goo and slipped into her ass very deeply and easily to finish cumming. I fell asleep right there snuggled deep in mom’s tight ass.  
    When I awoke mom was trying to slip out from under me and I held her in place as I began growing still in her ass and even though the clock read 9:35, I held her there and fucked her all the while she keep say, “Oh yes … Mommy’s your fuck slut now … you made me your slut last night … you can do anything to me now … ” And shortly after she uttered those words I spilled my seed deep into her again and rolled off … I watched her walk with difficulty to the bathroom and smiled, I had finally had mom as a woman and she was magnificent and contently fell back asleep … is Thumper this beautiful day?” asked mom as I slowly walked from the bathroom to the kitchen.  
    She was sitting at the table naked, looking very radiant and I asked looking bewildered at mom.  
    “You know, Bambi’s little rabbit friend … I call you that after the work out you gave me last night, oh lord son I could barely walk, your cock is so big …” mom beamed with immense please. ““Mommy cooked for you, figured you be hungry this morning” 
    I leaned down and kissed her passionately as my hands felt her swollen breasts, my tongue was invading her mouth yet again as I slipped my hands to her groin where she automatically opened wide to allow me access to her still very stick wet tunnel of pleasure. I was fingering her good when she whispered into my ear as I leaned onto her shoulder while I played, “Do you like son, you made me a slut last night … I’ll do anything you wish.

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    I stood her up and leaned her over the table and slipped my now hardened cock into her slippery triangle of pleasure and proceeded to fuck her cunt till I had her panting and screaming with pleasure, my thrusts were getting furious as I neared the point of needing to withdraw but it felt so good and way she was standing leaned over I was not quite fast enough as I grunted while thrusting spilled cum into her cunt.  
    “Ummmmmmm Ohhhhhhhhhh seed my unprotected cunt, I’m your fuck slut … I’ll have your baby … take me to bed and fill me with your seed!” mom begged passionately in great gasps of catching her breath.  
    I did just that, her bedroom clock said 11:15 and I fucked her and fucked her. By 4:55 I had cum 5 more times into my mother driven on by her sensual words to get her pregnant. I left her lying in a very sticky pool of cum in bed to go to the bathroom. “I’ll be right here Thumper, hurry … come fill mommy with your baby seed … your slut needs up into mom’s beautiful eyes as she looks over my shoulder as I write this letter. She definitely became my very pregnant slut; I have pumped allot of cum into her and she has rewarded me with 2 beautiful children in those 4-years. I fuck her 5 – 6 times a day and fist her twice a day. Each time is as good as the first time I slipped into her HOT cunt. She proudly walks into public places on my arm often wearing short skirts without the anxiety of someone seeing her burns. Right now I will end this letter and take my mother to our bed, I have this urge to fuck my slut and in doing so seed her belly again with another child. (If not she just said, “you’ll put your cock where it belongs, back where you first slipped out of your mother. ) 



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