Rebuilding Mom (part 3)


Chapter 3 I awoke suddenly having this incredible urge to pee; my eyes flipped open and I was laying in mother’s bed alone … laying in a warm wet yet very sticky mess. I hopped out of bed to run to the bathroom where I spent some long relief filled minutes happily cascading a full bladder. With a very content and comfortable bladder I suddenly remembered the events of last night. Oh No and mom was not in bed; I became concerned and naked I set off exploring the house, I found the back door open, peeking around the door jam there was mom sitting on a chair naked soaking up the warm sun.  “Good morning sweetie … I thought you’d never wake up (sipping a cup of hot coffee) … did you slip well…” she asked with a voice of honey that made me shiver as she shifted in her chair thus exposing her spread thighs, her hair mound as she crossed her legs looking at me.  I nodded yes still peeking out from behind the door jam, suddenly very aware that I was naked as well.  “Come out here sweetie, sit with mommy and enjoy the beautiful morning” she encouraged, “Its ok, mommy’s naked too. To which I hesitantly stepped out lead by my now rapidly growing penis.  “Come give mommy a big hug my boy” she waved her open arms to me.  As I leaned down hugging her nakedness she whispered, “Thank you for saving me from myself”I was startled, confused and most of all over-whelmed by a very guilty feeling of what I could remember of taking advantage of mom. My mouth had dropped open and I was starring at her. I got light-headed and mom pulled me into a chair beside her.  “We need to talk son or rather I need to talk … I don’t know where to begin …” she cried as tears welled up in her pleading eyes.  “What is it mom … are you sick … do you need help?” the words tumbled from my confused mind.  “Oh sweetie, mommy is ok and you have helped me beyond words already without you even realizing it …” she leaned forward her hand resting on my naked knee as she winked at me, “Be a dear and get mommy another hot cup of coffee … then we will talk, ok” I returned very carefully with that hot cup more aware then ever of my exposed private parts being so vulnerable. Mom sat quite comfortably, her legs together with just a hint of her triangle hair showing.

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  I sat down and waited patiently as well as very scared that I had been caught and was going to get one hell of a lecture.  “Paul, I am struggling with the words …” she exclaimed frustrated.  “I’m sorry mom, you were so soft and sexy … I couldn’t help myself …”, I blurted out guiltily.  “Oh no sweetie, Paul - you did magnificent … honestly … beyond belief … please, just let me get my feeling out sweetie, your not in any trouble. ” She pleaded.  We sat for some long moments, my attention focused not on her naked body but her face and eyes.  “Paul, thank you beyond words for last night and most of all for the incredible loving care you have given me for so many months after … well the accident … I need not tell you what it was like living with your father … you suffered as much as I did. ” She took several big breaths composing her self.  “I remember a small frightened boy already abused give me comfort, love and compassion so many times when I was hurting … then I thought I lost you in the hospital but you again were there for me … and now the last couple of weeks I have been a childish burden to you and extremely proud that you were the loving young man who took charge … you see … well I … I …” mom struggled with suppressed emotion. Having shed a few tears she refocused to her task at hand. “I thought I was damaged goods … a scarred up ugly woman … I turned to drinking … but I remember that night at the tree … my brave young son became a man … who through all the unpleasant dirty crap (sniffing and tears slipping down her cheek) … spoke very softly on leaving a depressed sorry for herself woman throwing a tantrum his very loving words … do you remember those words Paul?” I thought back through time while nodding my head in the affirmative, ““Your not ugly mom, your beautiful and sexy” My mother leaned forward touching my knee, “you did say that – word for word but I remember what you said afterwards (sniffling), “. . . and you need me …and that you wanted me” I sat there with a stunned look of awe, while mom sat back in her chair taking a sip of her coffee.  “I think we should talk sweetie, lets go inside.

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  ” She said as she stood and I followed like a beaten puppy still remorseless guilty of my earlier actions and thoughts.  I sat on the couch in our small living room while mom sat in the slightly battered armchair, I felt small and insecure sitting there naked. Mom just looked intently at me for an indefinite period of time.  “Paul … I want to know what you meant by YOU need and want me … a need the truth sweetie”, mom questioned in a very neutral voice.  My heart stopped! My mouth became the desert in a hot wind. I cast my head down shyly managing to utter far to fast the typical response of security, “…ah, I’d be sent back to the home away from you” “Paul … you are my son who I love and cherish … do not offend me with such a response … I understand that reason … but I can tell even now that is not what you really meant … the truth please sweetie!” I shifted very restlessly not knowing what to do with my hands as my brain raced in many directions, till finally with tears cascading down my cheeks I sat upright and the truth slipped out as I looked her straight in the eye, “I love you mom, more than you realize … I have for a very long time … I … I  … have certain … well thoughts …” Mom sat there with huge crocodile tears splashing on her naked breast. “Sweetie (sniffling) … those thoughts … like last night … ME … your mother … how did this come about?” The floodgates of truth were open. “…cause we were helpless, we took care of each other … our tears of pain … the touching … we always helped each other … (sniffling and tears) … then that night at the tree …  helping you, washing you suddenly I wanted more without realizing it … I touched you … lots … you had passed out and you liked it … I know… I’m a terrible son to take advantage … ” She slipped out of her chair to come and sit beside me holding my shoulders as her hand slowly lifted my chin to look at me. I felt lower than a snake’s belly.  “Paul, you mean the world to me and what your feel is quite normal, young boys often think of their mothers that way … understand (I nod yes) … you and I have shared hardship beyond belief together so I understand the innocent inquisitive attraction that has formed those thoughts … I also know that you are a very loving, compassionate young man with no friends or social life …”, she leaned forward and kissed my cheek very tenderly. Withdrawing only slightly whispers, “Thank you for making me feel so beautiful and loved. ” She sat back into the couch with a deep sigh then began to giggle that roared into laughter, struggling to catch her breath she said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Well son, looking at the two of us (giggling) there appears to be no secrets hidden anywhere…” she burst out laughing again as I realized she was referring to our nakedness.  The tension disappeared as her mirth became infectious and we roared with laughter. We hugged on –off as we sat facing each other grinning. Mom sat back finally and becoming quiet.

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    Time stood still.  Long minutes passed when mom in great seriousness stated, “Paul, I cannot in truth say I will not drink again … I’m coming to terms with … the accident, what it means to me … but I know my body and heart enjoyed your lavished affections last night … (she held up her hand to silence me) … and I feel special sitting naked with you … you know the scars … we both need to think … sweetie, do you know what incest means?” “I think I do … it means love with family members …I think it means private or special …” my mouth speaking as the thoughts slipped through my mind.  “Yes, I’m sure that is part of it … I also know it is against the law and religion … do you understand sweetie my appreciation for the pleasure you gave me, my state of mind … we need to think about this … how it will affect us, you … me …oh yes son we have to (she stands caressing my cheek) … need to think …” and walked away to her room. .