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Since that fateful day when myself and and my aunt Rebecca let loose in the living room we've been together in a sexual manner, and we've been together for around 7 weeks now.   As I said in my last installment she was living with us for a while, well now she's moved in with us on a more permanent manner which has made my mother a little suspicious to say the least as we still share the same bedroom, we have a guest room which makes it suspicious, but we've got our story straight and I think she's bought it thus far.   Anyway on with the story, i'm rambling.   My mother and my step dad returned home a week after they left on holiday, they'd spoken with my aunt over the phone when they rang to check up on me so they knew she was here and knew what had gone on in her marriage.   The week had been amazing, my aunt is an absolute demon in bed, and she's usually the one who takes the lead, gives me pointers and generally runs our sex life, when she wants it, she gets it.   I remember when my mother first called, I had a 18 minute conversation with over over the phone, all the while my aunt was giving me a stunning blowjob, this was what tipped me off that she wanted to take risks with me, test how far we could go with my mother around and see how close we could come to getting caught without actually getting caught.   I remember blowing my load into that hot mouth of hers and almost groaning out loud down the phone, somehow stifling it into a quiet sigh.   Naturally she swallowed the lot and then insisted she be given the phone.

  But there were over events in that week that were equally as risky if not more, my grandmother came round on the thursday I think and almost caught us making love in the kitchen, we pretended not to be in and snuck upstairs, but some loud music on so that when my grandmother did come in it looked innocent.

So like I said, my mother was now home and that was gonna make things a little more difficult.   My aunt and I discussed this in private and she assured me that everything would be fine and that we wouldn't get caught, also telling me that we were just getting started.   That night I was nervous, my aunt made her intentions clear, she wanted a piece of me and she wasn't gonna take no for an answer.   My mother went to bed with my step dad, we waited 20 minutes or so before going up ourselves, Rebecca had been shopping that day and told me she had a surprise for me, and boy was I surprised.   When she finally entered my room from the bathroom she was wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen, a black silk top, tight around the stomach in a corset fashion, making her beautiful breasts seem even bigger.   A black silk g-string and a pair of nylon stockings.   She shut the door behind her and walked over to my bed, took me by the hands in a reassuring way and kissed me passionately on the lips, i responded in the only way I could, I nervously fondled her body dressed in that sexy lingerie which excited her.

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    She dropped to her knees and licked her lips all the while sliding my boxers down my legs before finally throwing them across the room.   Gently she started rubbing and groping at my balls and shaft, looking up at me with her sparkling eyes with a look on her face that just said fuck me.   Once fully erect she began to work my shaft a little harder and faster, making me wait for her to begin her ritualistic blowjob.   Finally she began sucking slowly, taking in as much of my erect cock as she could, you would swear she did it as a profession, never gagging and never relenting.   She stopped as we thought we heard the creaking floorboards outside the room only to find out it was the cat, needless to say the cat has been put outside every night since then.   She slipped her breasts out of her tight sexy corset and squeezed my cock in the middle of them, slowly moving them up and down, saying fairly loudly,

"That's right Chris, fuck my tits, let your mum hear your slick cock slip between my tits and let her hear how much i'm pleasing you. "

I wasn't as confident as her that we wouldn't get caught so i stayed pretty quiet, this lasted for about 5 minutes my cock making her tits glisten with pre-cum.   She stood up and I didn't hesitate to stick one of her tits in mouth mouth and started sucking hungrily on that gorgeous piece of flesh.   I squeezed her arse making her giggle with excitement, my cock rubbed up against her crotch, i wanted to be inside her.   It was as if she sensed this, she almost tore off her g-string and sat down on the bed, slowly lying down and opening her legs wide for me to lay between.   I didn't need a second invitation and mounted her quite quickly, sliding my cock into her soaking pussy and making her gasp loudly.   I wanted it bad, so did she and I started hard and fast, she loved it rough.   My balls slapped loudly against her arse as I pounded her pussy nice and hard, she moaned loudly, i didn't care as I was doing what I loved to do.   She barked orders at me,

"Harder chris, make me scream, let your mum hear you fuck me!"

And scream she did, not too loud as I brought her to climax but loud enough that my mum might hear her, on this occassion she didn't, or at least we think she didn't.   I withdrew from her sticky pussy, cum dripped down her thighs and onto her nylon stockings, she stared up at me panting, sweating profusely and smiling widely.

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    And this is basically the story of how its been for weeks now, every night we've been at it.   Of course we try different things, including anal sex.   We've even had a threesome, which i'll tell you about next time, but I will tell you now, the third member of our group knew that this was an incestuous relationship.

Until next time folks, have a goodnight.



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