Quality time with my niece


Quality time with my niece

It's funny how things happen that you just never dreamed would. I am 34 year old male and until recently my life had fallen apart. I was married, no kids, a good job and a great house. Needless to say, the wife left, the house is hers and my job is gone. With my tale tucked between my legs, I had to move back home with my parents. This lasted for about a year, when I found a great job and moved into my own apartment in the city.
The day I moved in, the only help i got moving was my niece, Kelsey. Kelsey wasn't much help but she kept me in stiches all day. Let me describe her for you, she is 18 Always being an athlete, soccer and softball, she was short and lean. While leaving with my parents, she would visit all the time and I saw her bra laying in the bathroom and I glanced at it, 34B. Not big, but on her tight little body, they were the right fight. This day, she chose an outfit, that if I were her father, I would have burned. The shorts she had on were so tight and short that her perfect little bubble butt was in my stare all day. A small white wife beater topped off the outfit and from what I could tell, no bra. No need to wear one with those perfect, perky breats she had. We started early and by around six that night, we finished unloading the truck.

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   As she unpacked the boxes, I started assembling furniture. I was in the bedroom, putting the bed together and putting the sheets on as she worked in the kitchen. What I hadn't realized was through my poor packing I had somehow packed my fleshlight in with my pots and pans.

I heard the gasp and then the giggle, I yelled out to her what she was doing. She was standing in the doorway of the bedroom holding my latex pussy and asked "what is this?". I was red from the embarrassment and said "what does it look like?". She said "it looks like a vagina". All I could muster was, "that's what it is". She stood there looking at it, even inserting her finger into it. I just stared at her. Nothing was said while she inspected it, then she floored me when she said, "mine feels better" then walked back to the kitchen. Wow, was all I could think. I gathered my thoughts then got back to work.

An hour had passed and I had finished the bedroom and bathroom, getting the shower curtain put up and towels and washclothes put away. I needed a beer, so I headed into the kitchen.

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   To my surprise, my fleshlight was sitting on the counter. I shrugged it off and got my beer. Kelsey had moved onto the living room and was bent over unpacking a box when I walked in. The sight was jaw dropping, her shorts were no almost a thong as her ass cheeks hung out. I just stood there, staring and drinking my beer. She must have sensed me as she stood up and turned to me. "Where is mine?", she says. "In the fridge, grab one". She walks past me, smiling, and gets a beer.

Being so petite, the beer gets her buzzed. She starts to get giggily and becomes a bit more unhibited. She finishes her first and grabs another. We finally finish and i sit on the couch. She is standing in front of me when she decides it would be fun to jump on my lap. Doing so, her beer spills down the front of her shirt.

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  "Oops" she says. "Careful, spilling beer is a fould and u will get in trouble" I say to her. She shocks me when she says, "you gonna spank me?"I smile and respond with, "yes i will, do you want hand or belt?" "Hmm, hand sounds good" and spills more beer out on her. Saying nothing, I grab her beer, set it down and turn her over so she is laying on my lap. Her supple ass staring at me, she is giggiling the whole time, I take my hand and bring it down to her cheek. She squearms and then giggles again. One more time, I smack my hand on her ass, only this time I let my hand rest on her cheek. She stares back at me and then I can feel my dick start to rise under her. Before she can feel it, I flip her back over and sit her up again. Again, silence falls over us. I check the time and it's 11pm. I decide it's time to hop in the shower. I push her off of me and tell her I am going to shower. I get up and head to the bathroom. I hop in the shower and soap up, rubbing my hardened cock, thinking of that perfect body in the next room.

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   Regaining my senses, I end my jerk fest and finish my shower.

Always being a bit of a nudist, I step out of the bathroom nude and walk to my bedroom. i am sitting on the bed when I hear Kelsey say she is gonna shower. This at first seems harmless then I realize she is planning on staying the night and has no clothes and I only have one bed. I put the thought out of my mind and figure she would just wear the same clothes, maybe one of my tees and sleep on the couch. I hear the shower stop and then the door opens. In walks Kelsey, nude as the day she was born. She walks over to me and says, "look at your hand prints" and turns her ass to me. "Aww, poor baby, want me to kiss it?" I ask sarcastically. She replies "Yes I do". Deciding to call her bluff, I lean in and just as I am getting closer she turns around and says " kiss here instead" and grabs my head and pulls my face to her crotch. I pucker up and kiss her smooth, hairless pussy. She lets go of my head and pushes me back onto the bed. Surprised, I lay there as she mounts me, moving her pussy up to my face, finally resting it over my mouth. "Now kiss it" she says.

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  I do as i am told, letting my tongue enter her. She reaches behind her, grabs my now rock hard dick and squeezes. No jacking, just squeezing it. Finally, she spins around into a 69 and i wait for her to take me into her mouth. But it doesn't happen, instead she starts slapping my rigid cock al the while saying, " how do you like being smacked?". I try to reply but the sensation from her smacking my dick only makes me bury my tongue deeper into her. This causes her lose it. I feel her breath before she takes me into her mouth. The deeper I go into her, the deeper she takes me into her mouth. Working her mouth like a Dyson vaccum, I decide to fuck with her, and insert my finger into her ass. Her body jumps and I feel teeth on my dick. I work my finger in and out in rhythm with my tongue. Her body loosens up and she starts to get into it, then I make a bold decision. If she liked one finger, she will love two. In goes another finger and again, I feel her body tighten up.

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   I wait for her teeth to bear down, but instead she keeps sucking me. Then it happens. . . I feel her hand on my sack then her fingers walking down to my brown eye. No way she tries that, I think to myself. I was wrong, In goes her finger. I clinch up. At first, she only has the tip of her finger in, working it back and forth. No so bad I think to myself then I feel the second knuckle and the rest of her finger.

Ok, she wants to play, I decide to test her, so I insert another finger into her ass. She gasps on my cock and continues to suck me and fingers my ass. Victory I think and work my tongue and fingers. Then I feel it, a second finger is introduced into my ass. The pain is met with pleasure and I can feel myself on the verge of cumming.

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   By this time, she has already came twice on my tongue, coating my goatee. I work my tongue and fingers faster and she reciprocates with her mouth and fingers. I feel the cum rising in my balls and I thought for a second to warn her, but I think, fuck that, I will get the last laugh. I explode with what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth and I hear her gag. To my enjoyment, she never takes me out of her mouth and sucks the last bit out my cock. When no more come out, she removes her fingers and then takes her mouth off me. I remove my fingers from her and she leans forward, allowing my mouth to seperate from her tight pussy. She rests like that, giving me time to inspect her snatch and puckered asshole. What a gorgeous sight it was.

Finally, she rolls off of me, coming to rest her head on my chest and smiles at me. i move in to kiss her and she tastes herself on my mouth. While we are kissing, her hand moves to my flaccid dick and she gently rubs her finger over it causing it start to get hard. We break our kiss and she looks at me and says "told you my pussy was better than your toy".

Part two coming. .

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  . if the comments are good



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