Punishing Sis


We’re a big family I guess; there are five of us Steve, our dad, Darla, our Mom, Frank, my brother, our little sister, Stephanie, and me Dan. My brother and me are really close we share everything even lusting after our sister. We both agree that she’s good looking. She’s 13, but shes got A cup breastsm that hour glas shape with a nice firm ass, and nice shapely legs. She likes wearing those short mini skirts with a small skimpy thong and lowcut shirts.
She probably noticed our hardons because she has really been teasing us lately. We know it isn’t right to take revenge on anyone like we’ve been planning but its even worse to tease someone like that. So we waited and planned till the day our parents would leave us alone…
Well it happened one day our parents left for the weekend. We knew it was our chance to punish Steph for all the teasing she had been doing. We felt our cocks hardening at the thought of violating her nubile body. We waited a couple hours to make sure they were gone before we went quietly to her room.
We saw her lying down on the bed her skirt barely covering her ass but leaving her thong covered pussy open for viewing. She was lying on her stomach so we couldn’t see her breasts. I couldn’t take it anymore I walked up to her and lifted her skirt so that I could see that beautiful ass. I lowered my face to her crotch and took in a big whiff of her pussy.
I massaged her ass as I sucked on her pussy through her thong.

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   She started stirring so my borther came in and rooled her over and bared her breasts and held her down by her shoulders and started sucking on each tit.
Steph woke up at that point breathing heavily she screamed, “What are you doing! STOP IT!”
“We know you like it,” I said then sucked hard on her clit elicting a moan from her.
“Ya sis this what you get for teasing us” Frank said, then nibbling lightly on one nipple and tweaking the other causing her to gasp.
“But…you’re…my…brothers. ” We must have been really exciting her because she could barely speak.
“Yes but we’re guys and you can’t tease us like that,” I told her. Slipping 2 fingers under her thong and into her pussy. As I pushed my fingers in further she started moaning loudly bucking against my hand.
I sucked hard on her clit as I fingered her quickly; Frank was sucking on her tit while massing her othe breast. Steph was moaning and bucking against my hand. Man she must be really enjoying this that was when I felt her pussy clench a lil so she must be getting close. I pulled her thong off and tossed it into a corner I put my face into her puss giving her a fierce tonguing. Really pushin my tongue into her. Frank really started sucking on her tits. Step bucking wildly, she was thrashing wildly she almost threw Frank but he caught himself before he fell over.

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   It was probably her screaming that threw him off guard.
We stripped quickly and waited for her to stop thrashing. Once she had stopped thrashing Frank picked her up and I helped him wrap her arms and legs around him so he could easily fuck her. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a tube of lube. I lubbed my cock well then grabbed some more and started smearing it around her asshole. When she started protesting Frank locked her into a fierece French kiss.
I lined up with her ass and nodded to frank and we both entered her at the same time. She yelled loudly at her hymen being broken and bother her holes filled. I could feel Frank’s cock throbbing inside her puss as we waited of Steph to get used to it. She’s our sister we didn’t wanna hurt her too badly.
When she moaned lightly we took that as a sign to continue and we started moving her up and down our cocks.
    She was moaning loudly as Frank kissed her and I was massaging her breasts. We really started pushing into her I felt my balls tighten. I looked at frank and I could tell he was ready too. He nodded to me and that was the sign I let myself go coating her bowels with my seed and I felt Frank’s penis spasming too then Steph screamed in ecstasy as her vagina started milking frank and her ass squeezed my cock.

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       I moaned lightly as her ass flexed on my cock. I gently nibbled on her neck getting a light moan from her. I pulled out and watched my cum drip out of her ass. I placed her on the bed with her legs spread. I licked her cunt tasting her and my brother. I slowly kissed my way up her body till I got to her breasts and I sucked on it like a baby. . I looked up into her eyes, I then grabbed my cock and thrust all the way in. She gasped as I slammed it home, then moand as I sat there enjoying the warmth of her pussy around my cock. I started slowly pumping into her the started picking up speed. I stood up as I punded into her. She closed her eyes and that is when Frank got onto the bed and French kissed Steph. He got behind her head and pened her mouth then he slid in slowly and entered her throat. This left his ass in her face. He pulled out and Steph gasped for air.

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       I then pushed her so her head was off the side of the bed. Then I pulled out and flipped her over so whe was on her stomack and I once again filled her pussy with my cock.
    Frank lifted her face and placed his cock in front of her mouth. She slowly opened her mouth and he slid all the way in. He pulled out to the head and then told her to suck it. She grabbed his dick and began bobbing on it and he moaned. I began fucking her in earnest and she moaned into frank’s crothc I felt her pussy began to milk my cock and I heared a muffled scream. I felt my balls tighten so I slammed in one last time and let my load loose deep inside her. I saw Frank grab her head and push it down on his cock as he filled her throat with his seed.
    I felt my cock go limp so I pulled out and nodded to frank, we picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I filled the tub with war water and we gently laid her in the tub and we both kissed her on the cheek, thanked her and then left.



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