Before you read this. . . know this is a departure from our normal stories. . . I would also like to remind all. . it is just a story and we in no way condone abuse of any form! with that said. . . I hope you enjoy the next lay with her creamy white butt sticking out. Her little ass-hole looked all red and sore around the rim, gaping, seemingly like a deep well filled to overflowing with hot sticky seaman! Her tears soaked her pillow and her body shook with sobs. The girl could still feel the hot liquid swimming around in her bowels. Desperate to cover not just her naked body but also her shame and humiliation she wanted to throw a blanket over herself. But she had had been told, “Don’t you dare move a muscle! You stay just like that! I might want some more of that sweet ass before bed”! Out of fear Amanda did what she was told.

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   Scared of what he might do next? Scared he might know other more painful ways to punish her? Scared he might not elect to use her again and then she wouldn’t know the pure pleasure of felling her daddy’s cock buried in her body again! Amanda was a typical spoiled little girl, the only daughter of a working class mother and father. She was by all accounts beautiful beyond her years. On the tall side with long flowing blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, half way between C and D cup her breasts were firm and sat high on her chest! Amanda loved nothing more to wear tops that best displayed her assets! Given a choice she would wear silk shorts to show off her rounded hips and heart shaped ass. All in all you could say little Amanda liked to dress like a girl looking to get laid!
 Her parents lavished her with gifts and attention. Buying her pretty clothes even a new car when she was old enough, a car they really couldn’t afford. They dearly loved their only daughter, wishing for her a better life then they had. But Amanda wanted more!
 It was on the internet chat rooms that she found her thrill. Older men begged to see more of her tender young body, promising her gifts and money if she would. It started as just a kick, something to keep the men interested; she flashed her tits to the cam and instantly had a hundred men begging for more! But Amanda had made a critical mistake. She posted her real name and address!
 First it was gifts that started to arrive, flowers and jewelry. Then came the letters professing their love and desire to marry her! Then came offers to hook up in secret places some the envelopes stuffed with cash! Amanda loved the attention and the money, so when she went back to her desk and sat at her computer she was fully nude. The praise she received over how pretty her pussy was, was like an addiction! Amanda wanted more and hidden safely behind the screen of her computer she felt safe enough to give her fans what they wanted.
 Of course all good things come to an end and that happened one day while her father sat quietly in the living room reading the newspaper. The man who stocked Amanda for months had no way of knowing Mitchell Parks was home. Mitch had put the car in the garage so he could change the oil later.

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   So when Chester just opened the front door and walked in completely nude and the forty eight year old started calling for his Obsession, “Hey Amanda! Your lover boy is here! Come and get me”! That’s when Mitch noticed the pasty white pudgy old man standing just inside his door, calling for his daughter!
  When Helen Parks arrived home the police and ambulance were just leaving. Her husband Mitchell stood next to an officer giving the last of his statement. Fearing the worse she rushed to Mitch’s side and her first clue of what was wrong came when the officer talking to her husband held open a folder filled with hundreds of nude pictures of her daughter doing the most lewd things she’d ever seen!
 Helen seething with anger flew up the stairs to her child’s room grabbed her lap top and smashed it to the floor. Before Amanda had a chance to explain, Helen lunged at the girl, her fingernails ripping at hair and face screaming, “You fucken little slut”! When it was over Amanda lay curled up on the floor naked, her clothes ripped from her body! In fact Helen had taken all her clothes including her underwear and flung them out the window to the lawn, “This way you have to stay in the house you little bitch! Just you wait until your father gets a hold of you”!
 Amanda came down to the living room that night, as ordered. She knew her punishment was about to be administered and she was ready to get it over with. First she stood in front of the couch and listened to her mother rant, “How could you do this to us? We didn’t raise you to be a whore”! “What if you’d been alone when that man came in to rape you? What would have happened if your father wasn’t here”? The words poured out of her mother’s mouth, slut, whore, bitch, cunt! With each new word Helen’s anger rose, so did Amanda’s shame.
 When her father rose to his feet Amanda trembled. This was what she’s been expecting. She watched him remove his belt then snap it testing. Her little heart skipped a beat at the sound. Roughly he spun her around and with a hand on the middle of her back forced her to bend over the coffee table! Ass up she braced herself for what she thought was a well deserved whipping!
 She lost count of how many times the belt landed on her tender and very sore bottom. Twice she tried to sink to her knees. Her father paused ling enough to prop her back up. Only once did she try and use her hands to protect her ass. the belt landing squire on the middle of her back told her that was worse then having her butt whipped!
 Still bent over, ass throbbing, her tears made a puddle under her face.

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   Out of the corner of her eye she saw her mother stand with a white tube clutched in her fist. Amanda thought her mom was going to apply a lotion to make the burning stop. That was until her felt her mother’s fingers go right between her cheeks and the cold jell that pressed into her ass-hole made her jump a little.
 When Amanda looked back she saw her father standing behind her. His huge massive cock was in his hand. Mitch stroked his manhood with a gleam of lust in his eyes as he watched his wife lube up their little girl. Amanda screamed, “No Daddy… Don’t”! But when she tried to stand up he put his hand on her back and pushes her back down again. His fingers viciously dug into her hips lifting her bottom up and into position.
 The flash of pain when her father entered her felt like a white hot poker had been shoved up her ass! Amanda screamed and tried once again to get up and out from under her father. Helen grabbed the girl’s hair and forced her head back. Hissing into her daughter’s face, her voice dripping with venom, “You wanted to be a slut, then take it like a slut”!
 Helpless and out numbered two to one Amanda relented and accepted her punishment. She bit down hard on her lower lip tasting the salty tears flow down her face. Her head jerked as her father pounded his cock in and out of her ass! Silently she prayed that he would cum soon and it would all be over. But then she heard her father’s voice from behind, “Hey Helen, check this out. The little bitch is soaking wet”!
 Amanda’s heart skipped a beat.

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   It was true; she could feel her juices freely running down her leg! Her own body had betrayed her!  She felt the cool air rush into her gaping ass-hole when her father pulled out. Sweet relief from the huge hunk of man meat that had invaded her body! But it was not to last, her father only lifted her hips higher then plunged his cock in her pussy!
 Amanda screamed when she felt her hymen rip! The flash of pain gripped her bowels and she felt her muscles contract and clamp down on her fathers cock! He pounded into her so hard her neck whipped, her head jerked with each painful thrust, her voice turned into a ragged, “Ugh, ugh, ugh”!
 Several long painful minutes past, before she felt her father give one big hard shove. Then she felt the explosion of hot liquid fill her womb. It took her mind a second to register she was now filled with her daddy’s seaman. The sticky liquid now coating her abused pussy felt more like a calming warm glow spreading out from her middle. One she wanted to embrace and keep inside forever.
 Her father pulled out as he stepped back. His cock sprang free with a loud sucking pop. She could feel their combined juices running down her legs as more of that sweet cool air rushed in to chill the fires burning within her body. The remaining ache, sharp and sweet like a scab you just have to pick at!
 Amanda looked back and saw her father’s cock smeared with her blood and his seaman. She felt a new ache in her middle, this time one of loss. Before when it was in, Amanda felt stuffed, overfilled, strained to capacity! Now that he was out she felt empty as if a part of her body had been removed. She looked back as his slowly deflating member and felt a longing well up in her bosom. She wanted it back, back where it belonged, in her!
 Amanda felt light as a feather when her father scooped her up into his big powerful arms and carried her back to her room. Her heart and body ached.

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   It was over, justice had been served and burning pain from her bottom would remind her of her wrong doings for the next week.  As he carefully laid his precious little princess on her bed he kissed her forehead tenderly. “Get some sleep baby girl”. He whispered and he pulled the sheet over her.
 Dazed and confused Amanda watched him walk towards the door. When his hand reached for the knob she squeaked, “Daddy… wait”! Mitch stopped and slowly turned to face his daughter. Her heart pounding, threatening to burst Amanda, voice breaking nervously whimpered, “Don’t leave daddy…. I want…I need…. Please! Punish me some more”!