Proving To Mom That I Am Not Gay


Life's little twists and turns can surprise one. My prospects for employment were few and far between. I attended the local community college and worked part-time, but I needed more cash than that provided. I don't really know how it happened, but I found that I could make lots of cash with Internet porn, specifically the online webcams. I secured a decently paying gig talking trash and jerking my large cock on webcam for men and women - whomever wanted to pay to play, so to speak.

I also discovered that meeting people for sex paid very well. Women and men paid me to give them whatever they wished and I jumped at the chance. Soon I was having sex 4 or more times per week, for pay. Sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes couples. I was blessed with a massive dong and the ability to use it on anyone at practically any time. This was situation that landed me in my current situation.

I had a male client who paid me $150. 00 once a week to use and abuse him. It was easy money and to tell ya the truth he was an attractive man, not that I am attracted to men, but he was an effeminate man in his early 30's. His body was hairless accept for a pubes patch, and he was pretty - he looked more like a woman than a man. He was not flaming, but he was clearly gay.

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   And he looked good dressed as a woman, as he liked to do. He would pay me to play scenarios with him - he's a woman alone, I break in his room and rape him all as he's dressed as a woman.

My situation came to a head when he sent me some photos to my email account. I viewed them and realized I was late for a webcam show so I jumped up and ran into the shower. I left the email and photos on my computer and left my bedroom door open accidentally. I was in a hurry and absent minded. My mother usually gives me my space, but I left my door open and was discovered. She walked by my room and saw my laptop siting on my bed with the images of my client violating himself and trying to tantalize me. He thought I was gay. I knew better than to ruin his fantasy and never revealed to him I was "gay for pay," but that when there was no cash involved I was strictly a straight guy on the make.

I showered and quickly dried, slid my gym shorts back on and trotted back to my room to see my mom sitting on my bed looking at the email and pics. I froze in fear. She looked at me and oddly her expression was rather neutral considering the photos and email text my client sent to me. He was asking for a specific scenario at our next encounter and mom read it. For all intents and purposes it appeared I am a young gay man.

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"I'm sorry, Honey," mom said, clearly rather flustered. "Your door was open and I snooped. I didn't mean to Sweetie. " I tried to figure out a response. "Mom, it's not what it looks like," I stammered. "It's not?" she asked. "No mom, it's not. You think I am gay, don't ya?" She looked at me puzzled and confused. "Not that it is really my business, but I know you have girlfriends, so I am a little surprised to see this," she gently insisted, pointing to the images on my monitor.

"Mom, I am not gay! I have sex for money!" I blurted out of extreme frustration. Her shock was profound. "Excuse me?" she replied. "Mom, I don't make enough money at the book store. I need more money than I can earn working somewhere. " She looked curious so I continued on.

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   "I started by doing webcam shows for paying customers - men AND WOMEN mom, and then it just sort of evolved into meeting clients for face-to-face encounters. At first I just did live shows like I would do on the cam. . . " "What do you do on the webcam for clients?" she interrupted. "Oh God, are you gonna make me say it mom?" "Yes I am. Its' time I understand what my only living child is doing. "

I hated that "only living child" mention. My Dad was a drunk and he had an accident when my little sister was in the car. She died, mom divorced him in a very nasty trial, and she got a very healthy divorce settlement including our home. She has since used the "only living child" thing to use over me. I hated it, but I guess in fairness she did have a point.

"I pose, remove my clothes, jerk off and basically talk shit to the webcam viewers. They pay with a credit card and I get paid through an online account. " She nodded her understanding as she mindlessly looked at the photos on my monitor.

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   I walked across the room and shut the laptop's monitor and took the computer form her grasp and sat it back on my small desk in the corner.

"Well, as if that isn't enough," she started, "what about the male prostitute thing?" "Well mom, I make fair money - about $25. 00 an hour doing webcam stuff, but I make about $100. 00 an hour for sex in person. Men, women and couples pay me pretty well for my 'services" I informed her. "You have sex with women and couples too? So how does that work?" "The client gets in touch with my webcam services provider. I do stuff locally, so local people are given an email address where they can communicate directly with me. "

"You mean you give out your email address to just any old person?" "No mom," I replied exasperated with her lack of understanding and incessant questions. "I have an email through the webcam company. It's not my regular private email address. " She nodded in understanding. "So, what makes you such a valuable property? You are an attractive young man, but good looking 19 year olds are a dime a dozen. " Finally I had enough of her irritating the shit outta me.

"This!" I rather adamantly announced as I pulled down my gym shorts and exposed myself to her. She gasped at my cock hanging down, well below my smooth shaved balls, and my shaved pubes.

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   She looked at my cock for what seemed like hours before she spoke. "Jesus Travis! Where the Hell did you get that monster? Not form your dad, that's for damned sure!"

"Just lucky I guess mom. " I pulled my shorts back up over my hips and just fumed at her, although I don't know why I was so mad - I was the fool that left my door opened and the pictures on the computer. No one to blame but my own stupid ass, I thought.

"Well Trav, I admire your ingenuity, but as a mother do not approve of this. If you needed more money why didn't you just ask me? Your father left us quite well off dear. Money is not an issue for me. I am perfectly happy to provide you with whatever you need Honey. You needn't do this for money. " "Well if we're so well off why do you still work at the hospital mom?" I asked. Mom was an emergency room RN. She only worked part-time now, but I always figured she needed the money. She informed me she still works to keep active and not be bored to death with her rather celibate and husband-less life. I just always figured she was happy with it that way.

"Son, you cannot do this any longer.

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   I will supplement your income for whatever you wish Honey. You are all I have left and I do not want to lose you to some horrid disease or situation. " "I always, always, always use condoms mom - without fail!" She frowned. "I don't care Travis! It's illegal and dangerous to be in those type situations. This must stop!" "Mom, I do not want your money. You are a young woman and may need it for retirement someday. Every penny counts. Isn't that what you taught me?" She thought of what I said.

She was only 48 years old. As I looked at her siting there staring at me I started to become aroused. The look in her green eyes was of fire. She looked frustrated, in more ways than one. Her dress wasn't helping either. She was in her nightie and it was almost a see through opaque blue and kinda frill y thing, and kinda short too. It came to her mid thigh when standing and showed a lot of thigh when she was seated.

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   I was taking it in and despite the situation, I was getting aroused by the whole deal.

She got up form the bed and went to her room. "Come here Trav," she hollered. I walked in her room and she had her purse open and her checkbook out. "How much do you need son?" she asked. "Mom, I don't take your money. I live here for free, you feed me, clothe me and gave me a nice car last year. You have given all to me that I need, so I work for whatever else I need. " She stared at me, her mind racing.

"Fine then, young man! Take off your pants again!" I stared at her, confused beyond reason. "Take off those shorts Travis! Now!" I slipped my fingers in the waistband and dropped em to the floor. My cock was swollen and extending. She looked at it and me. "Okay son," she added, fishing in her purse. "Here's $40.

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  00 dollars. Jerk off for me. I am a paying client like any other, so let's go. Prove to me you're not gay Travis. " My cock responded more out of unconscious arousal more than anything else, but once I considered it I became more aroused.

I slapped it against my left thigh and slid my hand down the shaft to the head. I pulled and it grew longer and fatter. "My, my Trav, mommy's young man has one helluva cock there! Whew! That's something son!" she added. "Do I really need to do this mom?" "Yes Travis, I am your mother and your client, so let's see it. "

I rubbed my cock to full erection. I began to tweak my left nipple and beads of sweat gathered on my brow. I looked in her eyes and she seemed mesmerized by the event. I got even more aroused at the thoughts in my mind. I stopped stroking for a minute. "I am paying for the entire event young man.

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   Why are you stopping?" "Because I am so turned on right now if I don't slow down I am going to cum and I figured for $40 bucks ya want your money's worth. "

"Not to worry Trav. Cum for mommy. Let's' see what I paid for. " She glared at me. I spit in my hand and rubbed again. My nipples hardened and I stepped up onto my tiptoes. I began to gush from my cock. Cum flew a good 4 feet out toward her, a few drops landing on her foot. She smiled as I continued to gush cum. "Goddamn Trav! That is something!" I kept pumping until I was drained but my cock was still at 3/4's mast. "How big is that Honey?" she asked, staring wide eyed. "A full 8 inches mom!' "I'll bet!" she enthusiastically added.

She looked through me and said, "Stay right there - I'll be right back. Don't move a muscle Travis.

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   I mean it!" She glided past me and grinned looking down at my cock. "I swear son. Jesus fucking Christ is all I can say!" and she disappeared into her master bath. I stood frozen as she closed the door. I heard her beating and banging, water running, etc. , and I was more than confused, but after what had happened in the last hour confusion was an understatement.

About 4 minutes later the door opened and out stepped my naked mother. I just stared at her, and my cock began to stand like it had never been rubbed before. "Oh, you like?" she quizzed looking at my expression and my swelling cock. I just nodded, my jaw hanging down onto my chest. She walked to the bed and picked her checkbook that she'd dropped on the pillow when she fished for the $40 she gave me to jerk off for here.

She started writing a check. She finished and replaced the checkbook in her purse. She placed her purse on the floor next to the bed and rose. She approached me.


   By now I was faint with lustful anticipation as to what was coming next. She handed me the check. It was made out to me for $1000 dollars. She stood inches from me and looked up at me. I was taking all this in. My totally nude mother was incredible. She had awesome full tits, a bushy snatch, round, full hips and an ass to match. She filled out her 5'4 140lb frame very nicely. She was all woman and my cock approved.

I looked down at the check she'd handed me. In the memo portion at the lower left corner she'd written "For services rendered. " I looked back at her and she was smiling rather kindly at me as she looked into my eyes. She was so close I could feel her breath on my chest. "Now, I am a paying customer. I figure at $100 bucks a pop, that should carry us through the weekend anyway, unless you think you can fuck me more than 18 times between now and Monday morning Travis.

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   Can you fuck mommy more than that?" she whispered.

She kissed my shoulders and then kissed my nipples. My cock was rising and rubbing her thigh. She Gently caressed it and looked up at me. "So, is kissing a customer allowed in your personal repertoire of services to the client?" she cooed to me. "If I am so inclined it does. " I replied. "And do you feel so inclined?" she asked. Her eyes were devouring mine. They betrayed a wanton lust and I was over the top feeling it too. "Will you fuck mommy and prove to her that you aren't a gay man? I mean it's okay if you are, but I would hate to think my gorgeous young son wasn't going to use what mommy gave to him on her, if ya get my drift there young man. "

She was hefting my cock and pulling on the shaft. She let her gentle little fingers trace over the thick vein on the top side and then she circled the head with them. I moaned and closed my eyes. She kissed my chin.

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   I opened my eyes and she looked at me. "Kiss me Honey. I want you so bad. " Her breathing was shallow and labored. Little beads of perspiration formed on her brow as some of her thick hair fell onto her forehead and the hair stuck to the moist skin. She blew up from her lips to move it from her eyes. I took my right forefinger and gently brushed the hair from her forehead.

It was the first time I had touched her since this began. She moaned softly. She leaned her head back and reached up to grab me behind my neck. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, although "forced" is not the correct word. I was all for it, but it was her taking the lead at this point. She then let go of my neck and I wrapped my arms around her. She moaned even more plaintively as my tongue probed her mouth. She then took both hands and gently wrapped them around my shaft.

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   She gently stroked me up and down as we kissed. My cock head was brushing her nipples and she liked that.

"Jesus fucking Christ" she exclaimed as she kneaded her nipples with the head of my stiff and swollen member. Her nipples were near leaping off her chest. They were swollen and distended, her nipples now covered with little goose bumps. "Now Travis. I need you now Honey. "

I gently guided her back to the bed and she sat then lay back, pulling me on top of her. We never broke our tongue searching kiss as this happened. I hovered over her and my cock brushed her soaked and pungent labia. She gasped and held her breath as she guided me into her. I broke our kiss and held myself above her as I entered her warmth. She looked me in the eye as we joined. "I love you Travis," she mouthed, not a sound coming from her as I began to work in and out until I was in her to the hilt. She closed her eyes really tight and huffed through a gentle orgasm.

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She held her left tit up for me to suckle as she placed her hand behind my head and guided me to it. "Oh God!' she moaned as i gently licked and bit her nipple. Her hips began to meet my thrusts. My sweat was dripping onto her belly, breasts and face. She pulled up and licked the sweat from my face as I drove into her now more fervently and with real passion. She shuddered through three more orgasms as I neared my end. As I held myself up on locked elbows she began talking to me. A more filthy mouthed woman I'd never met.

"Fuck mommy Honey! I have wanted you for so long! I've have fantasized about this day since you were 18 years old Travis. Fuck me son. , Make me yours! Fuck me! Hard! Fuck me like your mother slut! Fuck me!" she screamed. I slammed her another dozen strokes and felt the cum welling up in my cock. "Oh, cum in mommy Honey!" My cock exploded into her cunt and she came again. She lay beneath me. Her eyes were opened wide, her mouth moving but nothing coming out as she exploded into orgasm.

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   She held her breath until the waves of pleasure subsided. She pulled me down onto her and whispered in my ear. "I love you Honey. Your mommy's good little man. . . " she trailed off and I felt her facial muscles as she smiled a bit and corrected herself "You're mommy's very big man, I mean.

I again lifted up to look at her. She was smiling, sweat dripping all over her body.

"That was the most intense thing I have ever felt" she muttered as she caught her breath. I rolled from her and collapsed beside her. She sat up and busied herself with her purse again. This time she pulled out her cell phone. 'What the fuck mom?" I exclaimed as she played with the phone. "Calling someone we know to tell them your son just fucked you?" "No," she grinned, but that's not a bad idea.

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  . . "I wonder who I should call first?" I looked at her with a bit of shock.

"Just kidding Trav," she assured. "Well what the fuck are you doing then?" I asked puzzled.

"Just transferring some money from savings to checking. silly. I figure after that I will need 3 grand a week just to cover all the fucking I will need from you from now on. " I laughed, she threw the phone back in her purse and in a very nasty voice whispered "I have enough for nine more good fuckings like that one. Then I'll transfer more!' she quipped at me. I lay beside her and started laughing.

"Why are you laughing at me?" she asked. "Well, " I replied, "I don't charge for my services to someone I am in love with, and I am afraid I am in love with you mom. "

"Well then, young man, as I am in fact in love with you too, I guess I will be saving a lot of money, but for this to work, I am very possessive, so no more side work, shall we say, okay?" I frowned at her. "I'll just have to up your allowance, but believe me Trav, you'll earn it.

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  " I looked at her and laughed again. "Always been a nympho mom?" I asked her, poking her in the arm with my elbow.

"No son. In fact celibacy was more common than not since the divorce, but now that has ended. You are now my man, my lover and my filthy minded son. Is that okay with you son?" I stared at her, still confused by all the last few hours. "You have brought out an inner lioness, and now you're gonna have to keep her from devouring you!"

"I am serious Travis. I love you. I am in love with you. I know young girls will replace me from time to time and maybe someday entirely, but for now I am yours and yours alone. I want you to devote that," she said, patting my cock, "to me. Are we in agreement? I mean it Honey. I want you for myself - at least until some girl ya really care for replaces me. But I want the other stuff to end. " She looked very sincere.

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   I promised her I would end all the sex work. She smiled at that and said "good!"

"Now, how about earning the next hundred, young man?" She rolled onto me and it started all over again. .


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