Pros and Cons of Being Siblings


Topic: Pros and Cons of Being SiblingsAuthor: Green Eyes Upon YouFiction Title: Pros and Cons of Being SiblingsGenre: IncestSummary: Disclaimer: None of the following events are real, nor are the characters based upon real characters. If the characters do happen to resemble a real person, it is only by coincedence. The following plot was created and is owned by the author.
Green Eyes Upon You Pros and Cons of Being Siblings Incest None of the following events are real, nor are the characters based upon real characters. If the characters do happen to resemble a real person, it is only by coincedence. The following plot was created and is owned by the author. Admittedly, there were advantages to living with your brother while attending the same college as he did, but there were also massive faults. Advantages such as knowing his half of the rent was going to get paid – or else the parents would relentlessly come down on him for it, knowing that there would be no awkwardness throughout the time spent living together, and knowing that there wouldn’t be any major fights over petty things like constantly borrowing toothpaste without returning it. After living with each other their whole lives, there was little left to quarrel over.  
Be that as it may, however, there were still glaring disadvantages. Such as the annoying, nonstop screeching currently coming from her brother’s room. Darla scowled at the wall separating the two sleeping quarters, pausing as she tried to concentrate on the homework assigned to her in class that day. The staccato screams were beginning to become more than she could bear to listen to; and the headboard banging against the wall in time with those screams wasn’t helping either.
"Oh – my – God – Kyle!" the girl shouted. "Mmm! So – good! Fuck!"
Darla considered throwing something at the wall to remind her brother someone else lived in the apartment as well, but she knew it wouldn’t help. At first when she first moved in, her brother’s sexcapades grossed her out.

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   Now she just found them extremely obnoxious. Taking a deep breath, Darla tried to recollect her thoughts and tune out the noise to finish her essay. It wasn’t due until the following week, but she liked having assignments done and out of the way as soon as she got them.
She was nearly a page into what she was typing on her laptop when a high-pitched sound between a squeal and a shriek made her jump. She stared at the wall in bewilderment as the girl continued on the same note for nearly a whole minute. Was she dying or something? Who the hell sounded like that when they were coming? It vaguely reminded Darla of letting air out of a balloon while stretching the opening. Then all was silent. Taking advantage, she returned to her work.
No sooner than the front door slamming shut did her brother appear in her doorway.
"What are you doing, jerk?" he asked lazily, scratching his bare chest.
Objectively, Darla knew her family consisted of good genes. Her brother was nearly six foot-five with a well-toned body due to the vigorous workouts he did at the campus gym in his spare time. His inky black hair was a halo of unruly spikes around his head, seeming – at the moment – to be the definition of ‘sex hair. ’ Like all members of the family, his golden brown eyes were framed with thick lashes, making him nearly irresistible to females. With a strong jaw and a straight blade of a nose, Kyle was without a doubt a very handsome man.


"I’m getting my homework out of the way. " Darla replied, glancing up at him briefly. Her brother let out a content sigh.
"Oh man, what a night. " he said with a cat-got-the-canary smile. "Did you hear Melanie?"
Darla rolled her eyes. "I think everyone within the city limits heard her. "
"She’s almost too loud, but you know I like my women vocal. " He threw her a wink for good measure.
Some people would have been bothered by listening to their sibling’s sexual preferences, but since Darla had been living with him for too long, she had grown used to it. She merely nodded distractedly in response. Seeing he wasn’t going to get a rise out of her, Kyle left his sister alone to her work. Because Darla was so school-oriented, she barely had time for her own personal life. The few guys she had hooked up with didn’t last long.
It wasn’t that she wasn’t desirable; far from it, in fact.

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   She was small for being only nineteen, barely clearing five feet, and she had the most astonishing ice blue eyes thanks to her mother. Her own inky hair held the slightest wave that fell down to her backside. She was of average build, though she was blessed with a generous bust and a slightly larger than average ass. To put it in perspective, she could fill out a bikini very nicely. Her face was almost heart-shaped, giving her an ultra feminine look, further enhanced by a full set of lips.
Guys around the campus definitely had their sights set on the beauty, but because she was more about her brains than her looks, most of them quickly lost interest. The only guy that could understand and appreciate her wit was her own brother. That didn’t get her very far at all.
Everything changed when Kyle hosted a party in their apartment just to liven up his otherwise blank weekend. It was one of the rare times Darla didn’t have her nose in a book or typing away on her laptop to finish a paper, so she joined the party with zealous. Thanks to Kyle, the dress code for the party had been lingerie. The guys mainly walked around in boxers while the women tantalized in various mouth-watering lingerie sets.
Kyle sent the ladies crazy by wearing a pair of simple black satin boxers low on his hips. The small trail of black hair on his stomach forming a dangerous arrow to his nether regions. Darla on the other hand, wore a corset ensemble that triggered the dirtiest of thoughts.

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   The black hip-length corset was trimmed in a delicate powder blue satin. She wore matching panties, but unlike most of the girls who wore thongs, Darla chose to wear a full-bottomed pair that was sheer in the back. It was enough to be modest, but revealing enough to be considered sexy. Thigh-high black fishnet stockings donned her trim legs and ended in a pair of black peep-toe stilettos. She let her hair trail down her back and held the front out of her face with discreet clips on either side of her head.
Drinks flowed heavily that night; be it through Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, or free drinking. Most of the people lived within walking distance of their apartment, which was lucky because everyone was trashed. Kyle and several of his friends stood in a loose circle chatting while Darla made rounds with a tray of drinks as gracefully as she could, considering she was just as drunk as everyone else. She stopped at Kyle’s group of friends and waited as they switched out their old drinks for new ones.
"What about your sister?" one of Kyle’s friends asked. He was an attractive blonde whom Darla thought she new as Mike. He had dark brown eyes, surfer’s stubble on his prominent jaw, and a more muscular body than Kyle.
"No. " Kyle answered firmly.
"She’d even up the numbers!" Mike protested, slurring lightly.

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"What are you talking about?" Darla asked, discarding the tray on a nearby table.
"I’m not participating in an orgy with my sister. " Kyle answered.
"You won’t even know she’s there. " another of his friends said. This one Darla knew as Tony – a giant of a man in every way of the word. He was tall, broad, and muscle-bound, with dark hair and even darker eyes. Because he was on the school’s football team, his body held multiple bruises from the vicious practices he had daily.
"It’s too weird. " Kyle said.
"Darla, how long has it been since you’ve been laid?" Tony asked. Darla was drunk enough not to care it was such a personal question.
"Too long. " she answered, swaying on the spot.
"See?" Tony said, turning back to Kyle.

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   "You can’t let her be deprived like that! What kind of brother are you?"
"No!" Kyle said firmly.
"Fine," Mike replied. "We’ll kick you out and let Darla in. That way she tips the scales in our favor. "
Kyle opened his mouth to protest, but closed it again, unable to think of anything to say. To his surprise, Darla accepted the offer. He had no idea his sister could be such a…slut. Without so much as a glance at him, Darla, his friends, and several of the other girls attending the party disappeared into Darla’s bedroom. Kyle decided to ignore them and continued to enjoy the party as if nothing had happened. He’d find a girl to spend the night with and keep the pleasure all to himself.
Hours after the last guests left, Kyle was still alone and too drunk to care. He collapsed on his bed to sleep, but a soft, persistent noise from the next room kept him awake. Aggravated, he threw the covers off of him and made his way to his sister’s room, set on yelling at her for listening to her music too loud again. But when he opened the door, a completely different sight met his eyes.
Darla’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, tips of her ebony hair trailing across the man’s stomach underneath her.

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   She had rid herself of her panties, but everything else remained. She thrust herself repeatedly onto the man’s cock, emitting soft sighs of pleasure. The man’s hands were firmly wrapped around her waist, guiding her onto him harder and harder with each thrust. He stopped her from impaling herself again and took over the job, pounding her like a jackhammer.
    A cry of satisfaction ripped its way from his sister’s chest. Oddly, it was the hottest sound he’d ever heard and his own cock immediately stood to attention.
    She and the man were alone, the others having left when they were satisfied. But his sister continued on like some sort of nymphomaniac. He had no idea. The thought of how wrong it was to enjoy watching his sister enjoy herself vaguely flashed through his brain, but he was too drunk to care. The man underneath his sister pulled her off of him and pushed her off the bed. Obediently, yet without an order, his sister fell to her knees in front of the man Kyle didn’t recognize. He jerked his cock violently and with a great shudder, shot his load over his sister’s open mouth and chest. In true porn star fashion, she smiled and relished in the taste. Kyle disappeared before either one realized he was watching.

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    He hid in the doorway of his room as he listened to the man take his leave. As soon as the front door shut, he made his way back to his sister’s room. He found her bent over, searching under her bed for her other stiletto, and Kyle saw his chance. He shed his satin boxers and knelt to his knees. Without a word, he thrust into her. Darla let out a surprised moan – he could hear the smile in her voice when she spoke.
    "I thought you were leaving, Tyler. " she said, but when she looked over her shoulder, a horrified gasp left her lips. "Kyle!" she exclaimed. "Kyle! What are you doing?"
    "Just let me. " her brother whispered huskily. "I need this. "
    He began moving inside her, thrusting with a force Darla had never before experienced. Kyle felt thick and large inside of her, causing her to bow her head and grab onto the mattress above her for leverage. Another cry escaped her as she rocked with each thrust.

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       Her brother reached forward and freed her tits from her corset, letting them bounce as he pounded her. He played with her rosebud nipples, pinching and pulling causing a delicious pain that had Darla nearly sobbing for more.
    "Say it," he growled. "Say you like it when your brother fucks you. "
    "I love it when my brother fucks my pussy. " she moaned.
    The fact their joining was so wrong made it somehow feel so much better than it should have. Darla’s pussy was tight enough to cause any man the most pleasure he’d ever experienced, and she was doing amazing things with her muscles that Kyle had never had any other female do to him. There were no other sounds aside from their panting and skin slapping skin. Roughly, Kyle took Darla by her elbows and pulled her arms behind her back, forcing her face to the floor.
    "You like that?" he asked with a smirk.
    "You fuck that pussy right. " she answered.
    Kyle pulled out of her and laid on his back so she could mount him. There wasn’t a more beautiful sight than his sister’s double D’s bouncing as she rode him – and ride him, she did.

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       With any other girl, he would have worried about her hurting herself with the force and rhythm his sister was taking, but she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. With a scream, his sister lifted herself off his lap and squirted a stream of come into the air. She fell to the mattress shaking, but he wouldn’t let her ride the wave for long. He got onto his knees and pulled her up onto his hips to start fucking her all over again.
    "I didn’t know my sister was a squirter. " he teased.
    "Neither did I. " she said, to his amusement.
    "No one can make you come as hard as your brother, huh? Is that it, you fucking whore?" Without thinking, Kyle slapped her across the face. He had never done that with any of the other girls he’d been with, so he suddenly became worried of Darla’s reaction. Instead of seeming scared, his sister smiled devilishly up at him.
    "Fuck your whore of a sister. " she panted. "Fuck her until she squirts herself raw. "
    Kyle nearly blew his load right there.


       Instead, he continued to pound her, repeatedly hitting her g-spot. Within minutes, Darla was screaming again, squirting him with her juices. Unable to stand it any longer, he lowered his face inbetween her legs and shoved his tongue into her. Her clit was red and swollen from her orgasms, but that didn’t stop him from taking it into his mouth and sucking hard. Darla arched underneath him, moaning his name and curling her fingers through his hair. He slipped two fingers into her cunt and began to pound her that way, enjoying the suction noises her body was making for him. Never had he seen a girl so wet before – so responsive. He realized that by not fucking his sister, he was missing out on the finer things in sex.
    When she came the third time, she was begging him to stop. Kyle had taken it all to the face and was licking up what he could from her legs when she made her plea. But he was ravenous, and hell-bent on tasting more. Ignoring her, he returned to his torture on her clit. He forced a third finger to join the two fingering her pussy and she let out a gasp of surprise followed by a steady jet of come issuing from her.
    "Please, Kyle. " she panted, chest heaving on the bed.

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    Taking pity, Kyle returned to his knees and flipped her over onto her stomach. As he fucked her, he couldn’t help but admire the milky color of her skin, or the plump round of her ass. Instinctively, he smacked it hard, which elicted a loud moan from her. So he slapped her again. And again. When he felt himself about to come, he flipped her over to back and knelt over her head.
    "Open your mouth. " he ordered. She obeyed and he thrust himself into her, fucking her mouth as relentlessly as he had her pussy. Despite the sounds of her gagging, she continued to suck him off hard. With a loud groan, he spilled his load down her throat. He humped her face as he rode the aftershock of his orgasm and was pleased to feel her still sucking him. When he pulled out of her, she ran the edge of her teeth along him, making him wince from the new sensitivity in his cock.
    Darla propped herself on her elbows as Kyle went to retrieve his boxers from the floor. She licked her lips, savoring his taste.


    "Who would have thought incest was so much fun?" she asked huskily. Kyle turned to smirk at her and she was instantly hit by how sexy he was – rumpled hair and all. It was almost enough to make her want to ravage him all over again. Except this time, she’d do the slapping around.
    "I sure didn’t. " Kyle answered. "Good thing we live together, huh? Now we can fuck each other whenever we want. "
    "I’ll see you in the shower, bro. " Darla said, throwing him a seductive wink. Kyle could feel his cock begin to harden again at the thought of taking her against the shower wall.
    There were definitely advantages to rooming with your sibling during college…



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