Private Island – My Cousin Ashley


Private Island – My Cousin Ashley

I’ve worked hard all my life and usually get the short end of the stick. However, I got real lucky one day when my dying uncle told me he was leaving me his private island. I was so excited considering how many other relatives he could have given it to. I soon realized that all that work I did for him in his shop really paid off. So now I’m 19, enjoying my summer vacation all alone on this small island out near the Bahamas. I’ve enjoyed every day so far having a huge beach all to myself and or playing PS3 on a huge plasma screen tv. Nothing could ruin my summer is what I thought before I got that phone call one day. It was my cousin Ashley calling from California. She had just finished high school and was preparing for college. She called asking me if she could come over to the island and relax for a while. While I wanted to keep this paradise all to myself, my habit of being a nice guy kicked in and made me say yes.

A week later, I was waiting at the airport for her. Ashley arrived, looking stunning as ever. Being an islander just like me, she had a fit, slender body, mostly from all the cultural dancing she did. Her breast aren’t HUGE like most guys want, but they were pretty nice size 34 D’s.

“OMG! Paul, I’ve missed you so much!!” She said as she jumped and wrapped her arms around me.

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“Miss you too!!Looking good as always!!”

“Thanks!! And thanks for letting me come to your island!!I know I’m being bother but…”

“Nah, I don’t mind. It’s big enough for the two of us!Shall we get going?”

“Yes!”She replied with a little jump. “Let’s get going!”

Getting to the island was a little time consuming. After leaving at the airport, we had to take a boat to get there and since I don’t own one, I had to rent one. As our pilot drove us to our destination, I couldn’t help but glimpse at Ashley staring at the sunset. She was wearing a small, green tube top with hot black shorts that don’t cover her slender legs at all. The white straps of her bra came out of her top, wrapping around her soft neck. I had to cut myself off fast before becoming too aroused.
We arrived at the island just as it got dark. I made sure that the boat was long gone before leaving the pier and helping Ashley carry her bags into the house. When we went inside Ashley could not believe what she was seeing. The large tv in the den, the sauna through its glass doors, and the hot tub and pool right outside. There was only one room so I slept on the couch that night while giving her the bed. I didn’t mind, the couch was just as comfortable.

The next morning was when things really started getting interesting.

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  Ashley decided that she wanted to try the sauna before anything else. So she changed into this sexy green bikini and invited me as she started up the steam. I told her ok and that I was going to get my swimming trunks, but she said to forget about it and just join her in my boxers. I complied, taking off my shorts and t-shirt and walking in as she closes the door. It was a small sauna so we were sitting right next to each other with almost no space in between us. I could feel my dick slowly getting aroused with such a hot body lounging right next to me.

I kept thinking that she was my cousin and that she would never consider doing me, but since I could always say I was joking I decided to test her with a line.

“You know, no one could hear you in a sauna. ”I said with a smile.

Still lying back and keeping her eyes closed she said: “I know. And no one could hear you on an island either. ”She opened her eyes and gave my crotch area a very kinky look, noticing the huge bulge in my boxers. “No matter how loud you moan. Wanna piece of me?”
It was too good to be true. My cousin, my really hot cousin was asking me if I wanted to fuck her.

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  So naturally I said yes. She got up and forced me to lie back as she straddled me. She slowly began grinding against my cock, moaning softly as she did. She wrapped her arms around me as she grinded faster and even leaned back against nothing but air. The feeling was so great that I had to keep myself from coming so soon. Thankfully, she suddenly slowed down as she pulled her mouth against my ear and said: “You know, I’m still a virgin. ”
I got turned on even more just hearing those words. To think that I was going to pop my own cousin’s cherry. She got to her feet pulling my boxers off slowly she did. Now I’m only 5 inches, which was average, but it was enough for me, and it was certainly enough for this virgin. She gasped at the site of my hard-on and then gave me another smile. She leaned back against me, lifting her hair to signal me. I slowly undid the lace of her top, kissing her neck and shoulders as I did. As we let it fall to the floor, I started playing with her luscious tits, messaging them as I continued kissing her.

“You’re a real natural for a virgin.

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  ”I said.

“Thanks. ”She said softly as she got up again. “I got so turned on by all your shows last night. ”
I soon realized that I had left that vid of Melanie Jane and Amia Moretti running on my tv before leaving to pick her up. That was the last time I was in the room before this morning. Ashley then pressed her hands against the frame of the door, sticking her perfect ass in front of me. I reached out, undoing the lace again. As the bikini fell to the floor, Ashley turned around and straddled me again.

“Be gentle. ” She said in a sexy voice as I slowly slid in my cock. She was tight, so I kept pushing slowly, enjoying the sounds of her soft moans as I did. Soon all five inches were in, so I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath. Before I could ask if she was ready, Ashley started moving up and down. We embraced each other tightly as I leaned further back against the wood and pushed my feet harder against the floor.

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  With my ass a little in the air, I began humping her back syncing the rhythm of my thrust with hers. Ashley started moaning louder as we both began to pick up the pace, especially since there was no one around to catch us.


I slowed my thrusts down a bit but started thrusting harder like she said. The feeling was so amazing that I barely noticed my orgasm starting to approach.

“AH!!! Ashley!! I’m gonna cum!!”

“Go ahead!! Come inside me!!”

Turned on by her words, I got up and pushed her against the glass door, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me. I picked up the pace again; fucking her harder and faster making her moan more and more and more. Ashley came all over my cock, forcing to me to reach my limit and pump a huge load into her. As she felt my load enter her, Ashley let out one last moan at the top of her lungs. It took a few seconds before she finally settled down and rested her head against mine. The sauna and the sex had made us both so sweaty so I began kissing her again while rubbing her back and ass.

“That was awesome!!”She said softly. “I never felt so good!!”

“Me neither. My last girlfriend was never as good as you. ”

I carried her back to the seat and leaned back and she cuddled in my arms. We came out of the sauna later and slept naked together on the bed.

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Part 2 to come soon!!.