Princess Whitnie


Her depression led to her eating too much. Fortunately I'm an IT guy so I made a substantial amount of money for 22-year-old. The plan was for me to work so that Lauren could stay home with the kids (we were planning on having several, but as you'll see, Lauren wouldn't have anymore kids with me). She stabilized at about 160 pounds, but she looked a lot heavier. Lauren was never abusive to Whitnie, but she didn't give Whit the love a little girl needs. She was too depressed to be much of a loving mother. I had to pick up the slack for her, and that I did. When Whitnie was 13, I was rewarded for what I did for her, and now that you've got some background, here's how things started. During her kindergarden years, Whitnie realized that if she wanted unconditional love from either of her parents, it was going to come from me. Lauren got her ready for school, took her to and from school, and obligatory things like that. But Whit wouldn't share much with her mother. I'm not sure if I was more angry at Lauren or more sad for Whitnie. But Whitnie didn't seem to mind it too much. She seemed more than content in waiting to tell me everything about her day when I got home from work. After dinner, I would sit for hours and listen to her go on and on about which boys had the cooties, who like who, why she thought her teacher was an alien, and everything else on her mind. She asked me to help her with her hair all the time.

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   She had brownish hair down to her shoulders with natural streaks of light brown throughout. I braided her hair, I brushed it 100 times each way for her, all the things her mother should have done. Not exactly the same as drinking beer and watching the game, but Whit meant too much to me. When she turned 10, I would sleep in her bed with her every now and then. Fourth-graders are more perceptive than you may think; Lauren hadn't gotten herself any help (despite my impassioned pleas) and thus couldn't be of any help in raising Whitnie. She needed to feel close to someone, and that someone was me. Sleeping with Whit came about from all of our long talks and hair sessions. One night when we were done talking, I began to tuck her in as usual, but she grabbed my arm, looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, and gently pulled me towards her. "Whitnie, it's time for you and me to get some sleep. ""I know Daddy, and I want to sleep with you. ""But your bed is a little small for both of us, Princess""Welllllll, maybe we can sleep really close. ""But honey-""Just sleep with me, Daddy. I'm your princess and I want to sleep with you. If you don't do what I say then I'll pout. "There was no fighting that.

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   She was in the fourth grade but she still gave pouting sessions. And she always won. Whitnie's always been a good girl, but because she knows that she owns my world, she can have her way with me. "Alright, scoot over a little. "And with that, she sat up on her bed and gave me a big hug. "Thanks Daddy, I love you. " "I love you too, Princess. "I lay down on my left side and she lay down facing me. I draped my right arm over her and she snuggled up next to me. She gave a long, very contented sigh and went to sleep. I gotta admit, it was nice touching a female who wanted to be touched. I soon fell asleep as well. As the weeks went by, we shared her bed more and more frequently. I wasn't getting any from Lauren, so why not sleep where I'm wanted? Soon, we were kissing each other goodnight. The kisses started out as one kiss on the forehead for each of us.

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   Then it became several kisses on the forehead. Eventually, our kisses were going everywhere on our faces, including the lips (no tongue, though). Our position in bed was cemented--me on either side and her facing me, snuggling up to me with my arm around her. We liked it so much that we stopped talking while playing with her hair and just went right to bed. The best part was that Lauren didn't care. I loved my wife, but why should I bother showing her affection when it's not reciprocated? Whit and I started seeing her as just someone who lived in the same house as we did. And our affection wasn't just for her bed. I always took my daughter shopping because she always wanted new things. While walking through the mall, she would hold my hand and swing my arm in a gentle, loving way. And she'd always give me hugs in the mall, and I'd stand there basking in the glow of getting hugged by my princess. She'd squeel with delight when I bought her things. She knew I'd buy her what she wanted, but she always acted surprised. She'd make me bed over to kiss me on the cheek. And then we'd go for ice cream when we were done. She would sit on my lap, feeding both of us with the same spoon.

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   I would just stroke her body slightly while she talked about everything on her precious little mind. There was some electricity between us, believe me. Not too long before she turned 12, Whitnie told me between smooches in bed that she wanted to talk. So I sat picked her up and sat her on top of me with her legs straddling my waist. "Daddy, that's your penis I feel whenever we touch, isn't it? That hard thing down there?""Yes, it is, honey. ""Why does it get hard?""Well, a man's penis gets hard when he is excited by pretty girls. " Am I really having this talk? I thought to myself. And why am I so calm about it?"Do you think I'm a pretty girl, Daddy?""Of course honey, you're my princess. You're the prettiest girl in the world. Why do you think I like kissing you and holding you?""But Daddy, why does it get hard? Do you do something with it?""Well, a man puts his penis inside the girl's vagina, which is right here. " I lightly tapped her pussy to indicate it in the dark. "When the man feels really REALLY good, he ejaculates--his penis sort of spits out something in the woman's vagina. And that's how women get pregnant. ""Daddy, you're the coolest. Can I play with your penis?"Ah, heaven finally openned itself to me.

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  "Only if you really want to. " Without hesitation, she started rubbing my already hard penis up and down. I was so close to coming from the talk before she even touched me that she got me off in less than a minute. "Is that what your penis spits out into the girl's va-, vagannun?""'Vagina', and yes, that's what it is. It's call semen. " "That was neat Daddy! Can I do that again?""Not again until tomorrow night, Princess. A man can only spurt so much semen out at one time. " "Oh, OK Daddy. I can't wait for tomorrow!" With that, we kissed a little bit more, and we fell asleep in each other's arms. This went on for months and months. I'd totally abandoned my wife's bed for the girly bed of my daugher. She'd jack me off and I showered her with some oral pleasure. We even started kissing in front of Lauren, but she was so far out of it that it didn't register how wrong things were. Well, "wrong" isn't the word Whitnie or I would use. By the time she was 13, she was wonderful at kissing and knew how to get me close to the edge of cumming four or five times before she finally finished the hand job.

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   We kissed all the time, I went down on her all the time, and it was great. She had started growing hips and breasts by then, and she loved when I'd play with her breasts. When we walked around in public, I'd have my arm around her and would graze her opposite breast with my fingers. She would sit on my lap when we grabbed a park bench, putting both her arms around my neck while I lazily stroked her legs up to her thighs and pussy. During the summer before she went into the eighth grade, she decided it was time to fuck me. It started with baseball.
    We went to a baseball game and sat way up in the back where no one could see what we were really doing while she sat in my lap. This particular day, she wore tight short white denim shorts, a baby blue T-shirt with a V-line on her chest, and her hair was in a pony tail. She put on too much makeup for a girl her age (as usual), but she could have whatever she wanted from me, so I let her have her way. It had rained while we were walking up to our seats and she got significantly wet. While most people left instead of sticking around, we saw our opportunity to have some fun. Her too-short shorts, when damp, revealed to me that she had on no underwear. It was wonderful how her long legs (she was already five foot six by now, and it seemed like most of that height was pure leggage), tan as they were, went up and up to her newly-shaped hips. And her thin little waist that I could still almost wrap both hands around was perfect for the budding breasts on her chest. Speaking of her breasts, she was also not wearing a bra that day, so the nips sorta stuck way out there because of how cold the rain made her.

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       To top it all off, her baby blue eyeshadow was running. Instead of a detraction, this seemed to bring out her doe eyes even more than usual. She told me that she had a present for me at home and that she didn't want to wait for the ball game to start. So we left before the game even started. We didn't bother stopping for our ice cream feeding sessions, nor did we stop so that I could buy her something. The whole ride home, all I could do was rub her legs all the way up to her thighs and lightly graze her pussy with my finger. Once we were home, she took me by the hand and led me to her room. There, she simply undressed, told me to undress, and pulled me down on the bed on top of her. "Honey, do you know what you're doing?""Yes Daddy, I'm about to fuck you. I love you so much and I want you inside of me. You're so tender and loving and I want to give you something in return. Please fuck me, please. . . "The last few words were more of a whisper than a command from a princess.

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       So I took my time guiding my cock to her pussy, and unceremoniously popped her cherry. Words can't describe how wonderful it was to finally fuck her. I assumed it would happen evetually but I didn't want to force her. She was my princess and it was up to her when she wanted to do this. The actual love making can be left up to the imagination. There's nothing that I can say to adequately visualize it; it was pure and gentle but powerful and gripping. After that, we fucked at least twice a night. Lauren eventually moved in with her folks because she didn't love us anymore. We still used Whitnie's bed--cramped quarters can be more exciting. But we would just snuggle, kiss wantonly, embrace for hours at a time without saying a word. The pregnancy tests all came back positive. We both wanted children to share, so we were ecstatic. She gave birth to twin girls a month before she turned 18 Needless to say, we moved to a town far removed from where we were at the time. We fucked up until her eighth month, after which she pleasured me orally. The good news is that after she had the kids, she lost the weight right away.

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       And she still had those early-teen shaped hips that I can grab onto when I've got her from behind. Now, the twins are twelve years old themselves, the other daughter we had is nine, Whitnie's 25, and I'm closing in on 50. Whit and I still fuck every day; I wonder how much an old man can take. And I wonder whether my princess will let me show my other daughters how to have a good time. . . Write back with criticisms. .



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