Princess Kaitlin and Her First Sleep-Over (Ch 2)


My 18-year-old stepdaughter Kaitlin and I went to a wonderful new place in our relationship, and after it happened, a couple of weeks went by as though nothing had changed from before.   Of course, I was jerking off every day thinking about her, and longing to get my cock into that sweet little cunt of hers. My wife had to leave to attend a seminar that following morning at about 6, and she so went to bed early.   I was laying on the couch watching TV when Kaitlin came into the family room wearing her usual bedtime attire of a Hollister t-shirt that stretched tightly across her chest and flannel pajama bottoms. She sat on the edge of the couch and said, "Daddy?  Can I ask you something?""Of course, baby, what is it?""Well, do you. . .   I mean, what happened a couple of weeks ago, was that special for you?""Oh my god, baby, of course it was!  It was really amazing!  I'm so glad I got to show you that I love you so much. ""Me, too, Daddy," she replied.   "And. . .   and I think about it all the time.   Do you?"I reached up to stroke her hair.   "Princess, I haven't stopped thinking you for one minute. ""I've missed you, Daddy.

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  ""I've missed you too, baby," I said. "Daddy, I. . .   I think about you every time I rub myself in the tub or before I got to bed.   I think about putting your hard cock in my mouth and sucking on you like I did, I want to do that again. "My cock sprang to life in my loose sweats.   "C'mere, baby," I said, and reached up to her soft cheek to pull her down towards me on the couch, and kissed her.   I felt her hot tongue start to probe my mouth and I reciprocated, and she sucked hard on my tongue. We broke apart, and I said, "Daddy always thinks about his pretty princess when he strokes his cock. ""Daddy, that's nice to hear.   I wanted to make sure what we did was OK. ""Baby, if it felt as good as it did, it can't be wrong. ""OK.   I'm glad you said that.

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    Daddy?""Yes, princess?"I have something to tell you, something that happened.   Can I tell you about my sleep-over at Michelle's house on Saturday?"Michelle was a year older than Kaitlin and one of her best friends, but she started high school in the fall (Kaitlin was in 8th grade), so they didn't get to see each other as much as they had in years past, and a sleep-over was a real treat for both of them.   I was about to find out how big a treat it was!I patted the couch in front of me, scooted my body against the back of the couch and said, "of course, baby, lie down here next to me. "  She laid down facing away from me and snuggled in close, pushing her firm bottom back into my hard cock.   She felt it poke her and wiggled her ass a little so it was situated just right.   "So, what happened, sweetheart?""Well," she said, "it was just Michelle and me.   You remember Michelle, right?"  She hadn't been over to our house in months, but I definitely remembered Michelle!  She was a little heavier than Kaitlin; she wasn't quite chubby exactly, but it looked  as though she still had some baby fat left to lose.   She had an adorable round face, short curly brown hair, and a fantastically curvy figure that I had lusted after when she started filling out like a young woman a couple years before. Kaitlin continued, "Michelle and I fell asleep curled up together in bed and I started thinking about when you and I played together, and my kitty started to tingle. "  I could feel my cock start to really throb now and shifted to adjust myself. "So, I reached inside my PJs and started to touch myself.   I must have been moving more than I thought because Michelle woke up but I didn't know at first.   She kept her eyes closed and listened to me for a few minutes before she asked me if I was playing with myself!  I was shocked, Daddy, I didn't know what to say back!  But she told me it was OK and I should keep on and she wanted to watch me because she's never seen a girl do that before.   She told me she's watched herself in the mirror, but it wasn't' the same thing. "As Kaitlin spoke, she reached her hand back and started rubbing my cock through my sweats.

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    A small wet spot appeared where I was already dripping precome. She continued.   "I pulled my PJ bottoms down a little so she could see my kitty and after a few minutes of watching me rub myself, she put her hands up inside my shirt and started playing with my nipples.   She did that for a little bit and it felt so good I didn't want her to ever stop doing it!  And then, Daddy, she leaned over and kissed me -- right on the lips!  She's the first girl I've ever kissed and it was soft and I really liked it.   It was much nicer than when I've kissed boys a couple of times.   It made my kitty tingle even more. "With that, I pulled my cock out of my sweats, pulled her bottoms down over her smooth hips and pushed my cock between her legs.   She spread her thighs apart a couple of inches to allow me to push in.   I didn't penetrate her, but instead my cock was sandwiched between her thighs, and rubbing along the length of her furry little snatch.   She stuck out her ass a little to give me a better angle, and reached down with her hand and pressed my shaft tightly against her pussy lips, and I could feel her lubrication covering my cock.   I started slowly fucking her little gap. Kaitlin asked, "do you want to hear the rest, Daddy?"As coherently as possible, I answered, "yes, baby, Daddy wants to hear everything you did. "She giggled back, "OK.   So Michelle started really pulling rough on my nipples, and twisting them.   At first it kind of hurt, but almost right away it felt really, really good!  She told me that's what she does with hers when she plays with herself.

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    She asked me to put my fingers inside myself, that she wanted to see.   My kitty was really wet and I got two fingers inside pretty deep, and it felt really good.   I wiggled my fingers and I touched a really good spot I never felt before.   I was like, oh my god!   After a couple of minutes of that and our kissing some more, I really let go and it was a really strong one.   My hand got really wet like I've never felt before, We made out for like 18 minutes after that.   She's a really good kisser. ""And you know what I did next, Daddy?  I really wanted to make her feel good back, so I pulled down her PJs, and then went down to kiss her on the cunny!""Oh, fuck, baby!  Tell Daddy you kissed her little cunt!""I think I really surprised her," she giggled.   "She was like, 'Kaitlin!' when I went between her legs but she didn't stop me.   I didn't know what to do really, but I thought I should just do with my tongue what feels good with my fingers and it really worked good!  And it was really cool!  She tasted kinda like strawberry because I think that's the soap she uses.   She kinda went crazy and kept saying my name over and over, and I had to keep telling her to shut up because her parents room was down the hall and I didn't want to get caught!  When she was finally ready to finish she held a pillow over her head so she wouldn't scream, but she still did, probably because I put a finger in her cunny when I could tell she was ready.   I licked her clitty really fast while my fingers wiggled inside her"With that I couldn't hold out any longer and I started to shoot my load.   She cupped her hand over my spurting cockhead, catching my spew and rubbing it back onto my shaft and coating her little cunt.   The sensation made me shoot even more intensely as my orgasm continued and I pumped more seed onto her lap and hand. When I finished coming, she started playing with her clit and purring softly.   I reached around her and rubbed against her nipples through her shirt.

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    "Oh, Daddy, that's nice," she cooed. I reached up and put my hand on her cheek, turning her head back toward me and pushing my tongue into her mouth, and she sucked on it hungrily.   She quickened her pace rubbing her clit, making a kind of squishing sound with my come still covering her hand and pussy.   I reached my hand up under her shirt to pull on her nipples.   She was moaning loudly now, but the sound was muffled because she was still sucking on my tongue.   Her hips were bucking fast against me.   She started coming very hard and I twisted her nipple which made her squeal.   I held her tightly against me and felt her spasm over and over in intense waves. After she calmed down, we kissed for a few minutes.   "Daddy?" she asked.   "Can Michelle slept over here on Saturday?  We talked about it after we played together, and we want to try it again.   Is it OK if we do it again over here?"I felt my cock stirring in my sweats again at the thought of it.   "Princess, of course.   Daddy would like that. ""And Daddy?  Michelle and I talked and she's never seen a boy before.

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    I told her like how sweet you are, and I asked her if she wanted to see your cock but she's really shy about it.   Do you think you could be nice to her and do that if she came over?""Oh, baby, Daddy would love that.   Michelle can touch me and do anything she wants. ""I know she'll like it, Daddy.   She'll like it as much as I do.   And I know you'll make her feel good, too. ".



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