Poker with Amy


The day came and mom and dad waved goodbye, Amy and I waved back and off they wentwe imidiately shared the money they left and decided to get a pizza for that evening, ah life aloneit would have shocked our parents to see us getting along this well.The evening went with tv watching and a few board games but around 18 Amy said she was bored, I asked her what she wanted to do then, how about a game of strip poker she replied?I really hesitated, I mean she was my sister after all but I remembered her in the shower and gave in, I AM a poker shark, no if's or doubts there, in matter of an hour she was butt naked in front of me. Ah I don't want to stop playing she whined, but I have nothing more to take off, I laughed and thenshe came with a suggestion that gave me a instant boner, Let's continue playing, if I lose next round I have to jerk you off, alright she got it her way, she lost and I got naked and ready.Her soft little girlyhand closed around my hard cock and she started sliding my skin gently back and forth, it was almost too much to handle, she giggled at me and got a little faster, seconds later I spasm and thecum starts shooting out all over the cards and her hand, Wow big brother you sure needed a cum, she laughed again.Believe it or not she wanted to play more, this time she said she was going to give me a blowjob if she lost, alright I said full of hormones but this time I lost miserably, so she commandet me to lick her since I was already naked, my sweet hot sister laid back on the poker table and spread her legs, opened her steamy virgin crotch to me and waited, I almost fainted when I ran the tip of my tongue across her virgin lips, she was oozing of girly precum and I started licking intensely, swirling my tongue around her crotch into her virgin pussy briefly licking the membrane of her indeed intact virginity, Amy was moaning and screaming high now and she came without a warning all over my face filling my mouth with sweet girl cum.After a few minutes calming down she wanted to play more but this time she wanted the prize to be a wildcard, she told me that if she lost she would do something to me but she wanted to do whatever she wanted to do, I agreed.

I should have known that she would lose on purpose, but I didn’t really care, at this point I was totally into my sexy little sister and her body, Alright she instructed me to lie down on the floor and spread my legs, I did so and next thing Amy blindfolded me with a kitchen towel, there you go bigbrother, now let me do what I want to do.I felt her pussy bruss against my lips as she sat down on my mouth, now lick me brother, then I felt wet warm lips closinf around my cock and her breasts lightly brush against my belly, she started sucking teasingly run her tongue around my cock and my own tongue almost instantly shoot up deep inside my sisters wet pussy, I licked like never before, teased her clitty while sucking her lips, her hands and mouth were all over my cock and balls, I never felt so good before in my life, and right when it felt the best she stopped and crawled off me.I was like what the hell??? But my fears were nothing because next I felt something moist and soft brush lightly over my cockhead, she had her hoase sensual girly voice on now and she said, hmmm little sis is going to ride you like a horse bigbrother, I almost lost it right there and then when I felt her press gently and my head popped just inside her wet pussy, she rotated her hips slowly jerking me off with her pussylips while I was going crazy, then without further warning she plumped down on me, I heard her cherry burst and her pussy stretching around my cock, there we go bigbrother, Amy’s hair was brushing against my tense balls and she started rotating her hips around and around riding me deep and slow, I swear I felt my cockhead pop inside her very womb with each stroke up and down and around in circles, she moaned and her hands were massaging my chest while she started pumping me faster and faster, Oh God yes bigbrother please shoot your hot cum inside your littlesister, noow oh yes come brother oh brother your cock is so big and hard inside my little pussy, I could not believe she was 18 but I sure shut my cum deep inside her again and again cascade after cascade until she collapsed on top of me with her tight little virgin pussy full of cum.To be continued…..