Poker Dare With My Sister


It was a quite evening when Sean returned home after work. The driveway was empty, he figured mom and dad had gone out for the evening. After parking the car he hastily made his way inside the house. Sean walked into the kitchen to find a place set for him, his sister sitting in the living room watching TV. “Mom and dad are gone” Kelly announced. “I guessed so” Sean replied before heating up his dinner. He sat down to eat and watched as his trim sixteen year old sister flipped through the channels, her slender pale legs stretched out in front of her, her soft feet with light blue toes rested to the side giving Sean a great view of them. He would never admit it to Kelly but Sean was turned on by his sister’s feet because Sean was a foot guy. He finished his mean while carefully watching Kelly’s feet twitch and stretch on the footrest. Just as Sean had finished washing his plate Kelly turned off the TV and walked into the kitchen. “There’s nothing on, do you want to do something” she asked. Sean turned to her “like what” he returned. “Oh, I have an idea” Kelly stated with a devilish grin. Sean knew what she was thinking.
Sean and Kelly are closer that most siblings most likely because there only a year and a half apart, Sean being the oldest. They are also comfortable enough to be seen nude by each other.

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   For quite some time now it has been not big deal for Kelly to disrobe after a shower in her room while she talked to Sean about school or for Sean to come down for breakfast after mom and dad had left in nothing than air to cover him. There have been times when they did more than just look, the first penis Kelly ever touched was Sean’s, the first breasts Sean ever massaged was Kelly’s. Up until six months ago there have been more than just casual nudity and a few hands on experiences between them. By Kelly’s nagging Sean had masturbated for her viewing pleasure, a few weeks later she returned the favor. This new openness between them had spiked Kelly’s imagination; for she had come up with sever silly games to get them both naked and horny.
“What game are you think of playing now, cause I’m not in the mode to play spin tickle. You always beat me. ” Sean announced. “I got a new game this time it’s called Poker Dare” Kelly said as she withdrew a deck for her pocket and set it on the table “want to play?” Sean was interested and sat down at the table. Kelly sat across from him, she shuffled the cards “This is how the game is played, it’s poker five card stud no discard nothing wild, after the hand is dealt we make dares and the loser has to do the winners dare. Ok” Kelly stated. “Ok” Sean replied. Kelly smiled as she dealt the first hand. Sean got a pair of sixes, nothing special. Kelly asked “so what’s you dare?” Sean smiled and said”if I win you have to lick the head of my cock” Sean smiled.

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   He once dared her to do this a few weeks ago but she flat out refused. Kelly was annoyed “Fine. Well, if I win you have to lick my feet and suck my toes. Ok?” Sean always wanted to do that but he was way too scared to ask thinking she would find it gross. “Ok then. Show me your cards” Sean said as he set down his pair of sixes. Kelly laid down three aces. Kelly instantly plopped her feet in Sean’s lap. “Enjoy!” She smirked. Sean lifted up her left foot and kissed it softly several time on the top of it. “Lick my foot” Kelly demanded. Sean then kissed her heel and ran her tong up to her toes. Then he sucked each toes tacking extra time on her big toe. “Now do my right foot” She asked. Sean dropped her foot and picked up the other one, his tong dance around her foot like he did to the other one.

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   Kelly withdrew her feet when she was satisfied, “how did they taste?” she asked. “Not bad…” Sean loved the taste “…I’m ready for the next hand. ” Kelly dealt the cards. Sean got three eights, a very good hand. Kelly abruptly said “if I win you have to kiss and lick my ass” Kelly said with a devilish smile. “Ok and if I win you have to not only have to lick the head of my cock but the shaft a well. ” Sean stated. “Ok, fine” Kelly said. Kelly had a nothing hand. Sean smirked as he stood up, undid his shorts and slid down his boxers. “Ready when you are” he said, Kelly just sat there. “Do I have to, Can I do something else, maybe?” Sean shook his head. “No this is the dare. ” Kelly slowly stood up and went in front of her brother, she dropped to her knees. “Lick my entire head now” he said smiling.

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   Kelly took a deep breath. She pointed his head at her face, her tong slid out flicking against his soft enlarged head. She tasted it before sliding her tong out again, this time covering his head with her salvia. With no hesitation she pointed his cock up words and quickly ran her tong up and down his shaft several times before with drawing it to get another taste. Sean liked watching her lick his cock; he loved the feel of it even more. With a bit of sarcasm he asked “how did it taste?” “Salty” she replied. “I’m so ready for the next hand” Sean said as her buttoned up his shorts and sat back down. Kelly didn’t say anything, just dealt the cards. Sean got three jacks; he has just the thing to dare. “If I win you have to give me a foot job until I cum. ” “A foot job, why?” Kelly asked a little puzzled. “Because I’ve had a hand job before, but not a foot job. ” Sean couldn’t wait to get her sexy feet rubbing his throbbing cock. Kelly gave a big smiled then clammily said “if I win I get to handcuff you to my bed, give you a hand job then make you drink your own cum. Ok?” “What, no, that’s nasty!” Sean replied.

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   “I think it’s a far dare unless you already know you’ll have to do it?” Kelly said leaning back in her chair. Sean looked at his hand, three jacks that should win. Kelly had crossed her legs so her right foot stuck out of the side of the table, Sean glanced down at it and imagined it massaging his stiff cock; he couldn’t lose. “Fine” Sean finally said after a moment of silence. “Lets see them” Kelly stated. Sean laid down his three jacks, Kelly laid down three queens. “Looks like I win, come with me” Kelly said as she got up from the table and took Sean’s hand and led him up the stairs. Sean couldn’t believe he lost, three jacks! Sean also fingered Kelly wouldn’t make him go through with it because drink ones own cum is just sick. This is what he thought as he fallowed Kelly up to her room.
Kelly and then Sean walked into her room, as Kelly closed the door behind them Sean walked to the center of the room confident that he could get out of this when he notice what was on her bedside table. A pair of handcuffs, a spoon, a shot glass and the funnel from the kitchen sat on the table. Sean looked at Kelly who was standing by the door, “you were planning this the whole time, weren’t you” Sean accused. Kelly walked towards him “now remove your cloths and lay down on the bed” Kelly said gleaming. Sean realized she was serious about her dare. “How about we don’t do your dare and I do you chores for a week…” Kelly said nothing she just slowly walked closer to him.

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   “…a month? How about bout I do your homework and your chores for a month? Two months?” Kelly stood in front of him holding him by his shirt. “Take this off” she sweetly said as she pulled his shirt up over his head. Sean moved over to the other wall “Ok, um, how about I be you slave for a week, I’ll do whatever you want when mom and dad aren’t here, I’ll be naked and I’ll masturbate for you and play those games with you…” Kelly shook her head. Sean continued “I’ll be your slave for a month, you can make me lick your feet and give you a back massage anytime you want…” Kelly was now holding onto his shorts. Sean was running out of offers, “you can even show me off naked to your friend, I’ll do whatever you want me to do for them, I’ll let you put a dog caller on me and take me out side, even during the day. ” Kelly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down, Sean had to step out of then to get away from Kelly as he stood in front of the bed. “…I’ll let you take pic of me and you can send them to your friends. Just please don’t make me drink my own cum. OK?” Sean begged. Kelly grinned before answering “That would make a great birthday gift for me but now I need you to lie down on the bed. ” Sean was out of offers and so he accepted his fate and lied down on her bed. “Put your hand through the bars. ” Kelly asked, Sean did as he was told. Kelly handcuffed him to her bed, and then she carefully pulled off his boxers. His semi-erect cock swayed from side to side.

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   Kelly wrapped her soft finger around it giving it a good squeeze, it became rock hard in her hand. Kelly watched his cock carefully as she softly but steadily jerked his cock. Kelly glanced up at her brother who looked back at her, “just relax” she said in almost a whisper. Kelly had never masturbated a cock to ejaculation before and she was anxious to see if she could in deed make him cum. Kelly didn’t have to wait long. A grunt and a soft moan escaped Sean lips before he released his first load of worm cum onto his chest then his second and third onto Kelly’s hand and his balls. Kelly was surprised that he came so quickly while Sean was glade it did take long. If he had to drink his own cum he may as well get it over with as quickly as possible. “Oh, well, ok then” Kelly nervously said then reached for the shot glass. Now was the moment of truth for Kelly, was she really going to make her brother drink his own cum; after a slight hesitated she decided that yes she would. She scraped his cum that was on her hand into the shot glass, the spoon slid across his chest collecting his cum bringing it the shot glass. His cum from his chest and balls now collected in one blob in the small glass. Kelly took hold of the funnel and calmly said “now open your…” “Kelly” Sean interrupted. “Yes?” Kelly replied, “I love you” Sean said. He felt like it was the right thing to say before it happened.

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   “I love you too” Kelly replied with a smile. She brought the funnel tip closer to Sean’s mouth, he willingly opened his mouth letting the tip slid back into his throat. Kelly raised the shot glass above the funnel, Sean stared at small glass full of his white liquid. In one sense Sean hoped his sister would back down and in another very odd sense he couldn’t wait for the shot glass to empty into the funnel. Kelly took a deep breath, “here it goes” she whispered. The shot glass turned up side down, the worm cum spilled into funnel and down through the hole. Sean eyes were closed as his cum entered his mouth, its thick salty taste consumed Sean’s mouth. Sean swished it around exploring its texture with his tong. The funnel was removed from his mouth. “Swallow” Kelly softy requested, Sean let his cum slid to the back of his mouth, in one large swallow he let his cum down his throat. Sean opened his eyes, Kelly was smiling. “How did it taste” Kelly asked, “worm and salty, I kind of liked it” Sean said a little puzzled. Kelly took off the handcuffs and laded next to him on the bed, Sean put his arm around her. “That good…” Kelly softly said “because I’m going to want you to lick your cum off my feet when I give you a foot job. ” Sean smiled; he always wanted to do that.

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