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Never thought poker would change my life especially that I never played it, but dad did. I was 18 when this happened am a bit chubby girl with D cup size, great feet and ass and always knew that my dad friends looks at my body. It began during one of their poker nights at our house and in which my mom was out and I had to serve them.Dad:  Noha get us some beers this fucking day is going to bad David (his friend): laughs.. yea your dad is nearly out of the gameSam(another friend): yea soon he will be watching only he is brokeThe rest of his 8 friends laughedI came out wearing a skirt and a top that was bit tight and with barely feet I smiled at them went to the kitchen got some beers and came to the table and started giving each one a bottle and while handing David his bottle he touched my hand and made it look as if he didn’t mean it and moved it along my arm and smiled I moved away and went to my room. 
David: you are out, that means you are watching the rest of the nightDad: come on. No way I can get my money back       : let me in and would pay you laterDavid: sorry, rules are rulesSam: yea but I think we can use another thing as a betDad: what you mean?David: well, if you thing you can win bet on your daughterDad: No wayDavid: well you are out thenDad: will all of you bang her?Sam: only if you lose, dnt think you will any wayDad: ok lets play but if I win I take double the money 
I couldn’t believe what I heard outside. I wished dad will win it and just stayed focused tring to hearing outside. Suddenly my room door opened and I found 8 nude men in my face smiling, I tried to run outside but they grabbed me and threw me on the floor tearing my cloth as my boobs pumped out 2 of them tied my hand to a chair and 2 of them started sucking my feet as I begged for mercyME: PLEASE stop it stop itDavid: slapping my face wait till your dad fucks you too and they laughedDavid: Sam lets bukkake Noha nowThey all started having turns fucking  me and cumming on my face and each did what he liked most too some peed on me, some licked my feet, made me gag and spanked me but none fucked my pussy and I didn’t know why till later when I knew Dad lost two rounds and that meant he shall fuck me infront of them.

Don’t know why but I liked when I knew dad is coming and I started enjoying the men, dad came looked and me told me he is sorryDad: sorry babeMe: why dad? Why did you agreeMe: dad I need you knowDad: babe, what u mean?Me: fuck me dadThe men started clapping and he looked at me in the eye removing the cum and kissed by boobs and started fucking meMe: ahh dad, fuck me fuck meHe moanedMe: yea dad I like it I kissed himHe cummed in me and shouted with pleasure the men peed on me and left the room telling me they own me now and that starting next week I will be lactated. I remained on the floor tired and couldn’t move but knew that today my life changed


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