Pleasing my wife and Daughter II


Topic: Chapter 2 My Daughter JoyPleasing My Wife and Daughter 2: Chapter 2: My Daughter Joy      Well tomorrow is Joy’s birthday and she will be thirteen.   I was thrilled when Joy started to have her periods, and Calee could see the anticipation on my face.   When we went to bed that night she asked me what I was thinking, of course my reply was that I was just remembering our first time together when we were thirteen.   Calee got a smile on her face and asked if I thought about doing something with Joy or any of our other girls, we now had four daughters.   I couldn’t lie to her and said that I couldn’t think of anything else with us not wearing any clothes around the house.   Seeing the girls with their little Pussies bare and then their budding breast sticking out like tiny erasers.   With that statement I rolled over and started to pound away at Calee’s again highly fertile Pussy hoping to get her pregnant for the fifth time.
     After I finished filling her womb with my potent seed Calee said that she wouldn’t mind if I taught Joy how to make love but she did think that we should wait until she was at least thirteen.   We talked for another hour making plans for Joy’s thirteenth birthday that was still more than a year and a half away at that point.   Calee did get pregnant that night and gave birth nine months later to another girl bringing our total to five.
     All day long we talked to the girls and asked what Joy wanted for her birthday the next day.   Joy said that she was glad that her period ended thirteen days ago and a smile came across my face as well as Calee’s, I knew just what she was thinking because I was thinking the same thing.   Calee knew that I never used rubbers or pulled out so I would always fill her womb with my seed, so that is just what I would do with our daughter for her first time, and she would be fertile also.
     I thought about it all night long how much fun we would have if both Calee and Joy were pregnant at the same time with my babies, yes Calee was sure that she was pregnant again since we made love on her most fertile day again two days earlier.   The next morning I got out of bed with a raging hard-on just thinking about what I would be doing that night.
     I walked out to the kitchen with my Cock pointing to heaven, and Faith was the first one to see me and said daddy what happened to you your Cock is so big today.

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    Before I could say anything Calee spoke up and said that when she was old enough we would tell her why I was so big.   When Joy came in to the room she was already to go to school but Calee told her that she could stay home if she wanted to.   Joy was naked again before Calee finished speaking.   The rest of our girls left for school leaving just Joy, Calee and me at the house.   I told Joy that if she wanted to, she could watch one of our movies with us, Joy just shook her head and the three of us went in to the master bedroom where we climbed onto the bed and got comfortable before we started the movie.   Joy was between Calee and me, as the movie started there was a naked woman and a naked young girl on a bed touching each other, it was obvious that they were supposed to be mother and daughter.   Soon a man who was obviously the girl’s father joined them, and started to play with the girl.
     Joy said hey what are they doing now, as we looked up at the T. V. Calee said well the man is eating his daughter’s Pussy to make her wet and ready for his huge Cock.   Joy’s next question made us both smile, as she said how does it feel.   I looked at her and asked do you really want to know how it feels.   Yes Joy said, so I told her to spread her legs and daddy will show you.   Joy spread her legs and I started to lick her juicy virgin Pussy from bottom to top.   Joy began to moan in delight as I continued to lick her making sure not to push between her young labia.

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    Just licking her outer Pussy lips had Joy writhing on the bed, Calee spoke up and said for me to stop teasing our daughter and really please her.   I pushed in to her labia as Joy asked what Calee meant.   Joy slammed her mouth and legs shut as my tongue ran across her young clit for the first time, trapping my head between her legs.  
I continued to stimulate her little Pussy and clit until I had four fingers pushing into her virgin hole.   I slowly kissed my way up Joy’s body until I reached her tiny a-cup breast where I suckled on her nipples until she was moaning again, Calee took hold of my Cock and started to rub it through Joy’s slit and over her distended clit.   Joy was squirming around with every stroke through her slit that Calee made with my Cock, soon Calee lined me up to Joy’s hot wet hole and I pushed into her.   Joy just moaned louder as I slid into her tight hot hole.   I stopped when I finally reached her hymen and let my Cock rest in her love canal.
     By this time Joy was panting like crazy and asked me why I stopped?  I told her to just hang on for a few minutes and I would continue but that she should know that it would hurt.   After waiting for just a few seconds that seemed like minutes to me I started to slowly pull out and push back in to her hymen.   I got into a good rhythm and Joy was matching my every thrust.   When I thought she was ready I pulled out until just the head was still inside of her and asked her if she was ready.   All Joy could do was to shake her head yes so I slammed my throbbing Cock back into her still virgin Pussy tearing through her hymen eliciting a scream that was cut short by Calee leaning in to kiss and suck on her tiny breast.   I again stopped when I bottomed out inside of Joy’s young womb having also pushed through her cervix.
     When Joy started to moan again with Calee stimulating her nipples I began a slow in and out motion using short strokes at first and then building to full deep strokes pressing into her womb every time I bottomed out.

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    Calee reached down with her hand and began to stimulate Joy’s hard clit as I pounded her tight Pussy.   Joy began to cum around my Cock with her Pussy walls clamping down hard onto me.   I was buried deep inside her womb as my orgasm hit me as well sending stream after stream into her no longer virgin depths.   I filled her hot wet and extremely fertile womb with my seed for the first time that day.   With my Cock locked deep inside of my baby girl I carefully rolled us over and lay on my back with Joy on top of me and let her fall asleep with my Cock still buried inside of her.
     Calee leaned in and gave me a hot sexy kiss and said that now I could have two of my women filled with my seed and carrying my children.   I filled Joy six more times that day before the other girls got home from school insuring that she got pregnant by me.   We told Joy that if she wanted to have sex again that she could but only with me until she turned eighteen and then she could let her boyfriend have sex with her as long as he wore a condom, and that I was the only one allowed to cum inside her without protection.   Joy was glad to hear this and said that she wanted to continue to have sex with us until she went off to get married, but then she asked what if I get pregnant mom and dad.   We just smiled and told her that if she got pregnant we would raise the child for her and that when she was ready she could tell the child or children and take over raising them if she wanted.   Well that’s all for now except that both of them did wind up being pregnant and we finally got a boy out of Joy’s hot womb.