Pleasing My Wife and Daughter I


Topic: Chapter 1: My WifePleasing My Wife and Daughter: Chapter 1: My Wife      My wife and I are 25-years-old now but this story really begins when we were only 18-years-old.   Calee and I grew up living two doors apart, and we were friends right from the first time we met, I was three months older than Calee.   I had three siblings and Calee had four; my siblings were an older brother, an older sister and a younger brother.   My older brother Toby was five-years older than me and my sister Betty was just thirteen months older than me and Adam my little brother was two and a half years younger than me.   Calee’s sisters were Lucy a month older than Toby, Peggy a month younger Betty, Sandy thirteen months younger than Calee and Julie a month younger than Adam.
     We all got along pretty well Sandy would mostly hang out with Adam and Julie, while our older siblings all tried to leave us behind when they wanted to be together, which left Calee and I alone most of the time.   We didn’t mind this much as we were growing up since we were the middle children and we got to do things without any one being around to bother us.   By the time we were both thirteen-years-old we had built a fort with both Calee’s dad and mine helping us.   The fort had three rooms in it that we could be by ourselves in or we could play games or just talk when we wanted to.
     It was the end of the school year and we were in school for the last day, which was a half-day for us.   Calee asked me what I had planned for the summer.   I said that as far as I knew we weren’t going anywhere for the summer like we usually did, but that I would love to spend the time just exploring the neighborhood with her.   This got a big smile from Calee and we finished the last thing in school and walked home together.   I asked Calee if she wanted to sleep out in our fort over the weekend and she said yes.   I should say that neither of us really knew anything about sex yet.   Calee had started having her periods during our spring break that school year but I didn’t know that at the time, she was starting to develop breast though which I delighted in pointing out to her at every opportunity that arose, making Calee a little mad at me.

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     When we got home Calee asked her mother and I asked mine about us sleeping out in the fort this weekend and they both gave us some chores to do before they would let us sleep out in the fort.   I rushed over and helped Calee do her chores and she came to help me afterwards.   When we were finished with all the chores Calee’s mom said that she could sleep out but just for the night, so we got some things together and took them to the fort.   My mother didn’t mind if we slept out there the whole weekend since the fort was in my back yard.   We then got my stuff together and put it in the fort.   It was getting late in the afternoon and the one thing we had to do was go inside our own homes for supper.
     After we both got back to the fort we sat and played some games for a bit and talked about things we had seen our oldest siblings do with their boyfriend and girlfriend.   We had both caught our respective sibling having sex with their counterparts.   Calee hit me with a good one when she said that it looked like her sister was having fun with her boyfriend and she thought that she wanted to know if it really was fun or not.
     About that time I heard the door to my house slam shut so we changed our conversation, soon there was a knock on the fort door and when we got up to open the door our mothers were standing there asking if we were all right.   We assured them that everything was ok with us and Calee was told that since I could stay out here all weekend that she could to.   Neither of them was worried that anything sexual would happen as we had never even talked with our parents about our curiosity on the subject.   They came in to see if we had everything that we needed and made sure to see that we had put our sleeping bags in separate rooms, which we did although we knew that we would probably wind up sleeping in the same room together.
     After our mothers left we went back to talking and soon we knew that it was time for us to get ready for bed.   We didn’t really want to stop talking while we changed so Calee got her night things out of her room and I grabbed mine.

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    We met back in the main room where we started to take off our clothes.   Calee removed her shirt and the training bra that she was wearing, as I removed my shirt and t-shirt.   I found myself looking at Calee’s small mounds of breast that were developing, which didn’t escape Calee’s notice.   Calee asked me if they looked ok, to which I replied yes they look just fine to me, that I didn’t know that she was sticking out like that.   I asked her if they hurt and she said not at all would you like to feel them they are really soft.   I slowly reached forward and softly touched her nubbins.  
The nipples started to get hard and Calee moaned softly as I squeezed her breast tenderly so I pinched the pencil eraser-sized nipples.   I decided to try what I saw Toby do to his girlfriend and leaned in to suck one of the nipples into my mouth.   As her nipple moved into my mouth Calee started to moan even louder so I moved over to the other nipple and did the same thing to it.   I moved back and forth between the nipples causing Calee to moan even more soon I had her squirming around as I sucked and caressed her breast, and soon Calee stiffened up and neither of us knew what was happening to her as she had her first orgasm.   When Calee came back to earth from her orgasm she asked me what I did to cause her such pleasure.   I told her that I saw Toby doing that with his girlfriend and thought that she seemed to like it, so maybe she would too.
     We then took off our pants and as Calee started to pull on her nightgown she asked me what else I saw him doing and did I think it would feel good to her.   I told her that he took off her pants and panties and started to rub and lick her vagina, and yes she acted like she was enjoying it.   Calee said ewww that sounds awful gross to me, yeah I said but they sure did look like they both were enjoying it though.

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    Calee asked if I could make her feel good again without causing her to pee herself again.   I said that I would try but if she was wet why didn’t she take off her wet panties then.
     Calee’s face turned beet red at that statement and she reached down to pull down her panties, as they got to her knees she stopped and said hey wait a minute if I am going to take off everything then you have to as well.   I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my under shorts and pushed them down my legs to the floor as she did the same with her panties.
     I said that we might as well move in to one of the side rooms where we could be more comfortable and Calee agreed with me.   We quickly decided to move into her room since we had made a good-sized bed for her to sleep on.   So we gathered up our cloths and moved in there.   We soon were lying on the pallet that we had made up for her and I started playing with her breast again.   I didn’t waste much time getting her hot and bothered, I started to rub her belly and soon my hand was moving further down toward her inviting slit.   I rubbed across it a bit and then my finger slipped between her lips and I found her nubbin, that we would later learn in sex-ed was her clit.   As my finger touched her clit Calee quickly came to her second orgasm but this time as she went into the throws of her orgasm my hand was there and I caught her ju8ice as it spewed out of her.   I tasted it and found a sweet nectar instead of pee, again something that we would learn about in sex-ed class.
     I found that my penis was getting hard.   I knew that when Toby was finished licking his girlfriends pussy he put something on his penis and put it inside of her so I moved down and started to lick on Calee like I had seen Toby doing.   This caused Calee to squirm around even more than when I was sucking on her nipples, knowing how much she moaned and thrashed when I just touched it I decided to lick and suck on her clit while I rubbed my finger through her slit.

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    Calee was moving around so much that one time my finger slipped inside of her so I knew where to put my penis when the time was right.   I continued to rub her slit and slide my finger in and out of her as I sucked on her clit.   Calee was bouncing so much that I knew she needed to come down some before I went any further with her.  
I stopped and moved up beside of Calee as she came down from her latest string of multiple orgasms.   When Calee was calmed down again she said now I will have to change stuff so that my sleeping bag will dry out from my pee.   I assured her that she hadn’t peed and asked if she was up to trying something else that Toby and his girlfriend did, Calee asked what else they had done, so I told her how they got together and Toby pushed his thing inside of her.   For an answer Calee spread her legs and I got between them, I lined my penis up with her opening and tried to push into her.   Calee was extremely wet but she was so tight that it took a bit of pushing to get just the head inside of her.  
After about five minutes of pushing and pulling back a little I came up against an obstruction that was her hymen.   I started to pump in and out in short strokes hitting her hymen with each thrust in to her.   I finally decided that if I was going to get all of me inside of her that I would have to give it a hard thrust in, so I pulled out until just the head was still inside of her and I asked if she was ready for the whole length to be inside of her.
     Calee bit her lower lip and shook her head; I thrust as hard as I could into her tearing right through her hymen and was all the way inside of her.   I saw a tear moving down her cheek and I wiped it away and asked if she was ok.   Calee shook her head and I started to pull out and she cried for me to stop so I did asking what was wrong.   Calee said that it hurt a little but the pain was going away.

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    I waited until Calee said that it didn’t hurt anymore and started to pull out of her, Calee moaned again so I pushed back into her and soon we were moving like we were always meant to be like that.   I had been stroking my penis until I shot off at night so when I felt the tingling in my balls I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I shot off into her.  
I was so in to what we were doing that I wasn’t about to stop so I kept on and finally I pushed as deep into her as I could and let it fly into her.   I knew that I was deep into her against the back of her pussy.   As the first stream hit the back of her uterus Calee started to orgasm again.   We both came down from our mutual orgasms about the same time and stayed locked together at our genitals, and that is how we fell asleep in each others arms with my cock still deep inside her no longer virgin pussy trapping my potent seed in her highly fertile womb.   We continued to play around the rest of the weekend and every chance that we got after that weekend.
     Two months after our first time together Calee didn’t seem to be her usual self so I asked her what was wrong.   Calee proceeded to tell me about starting her periods during spring break, and what they were, I pressed her for more information so she said that her mom told her that they would come every month.   Calee then went on to say that she didn’t think anything else about it but that the last period she had stopped two weeks before we had our first encounter.   I broke in to ask her are you saying that you haven’t had on since we started to do things together?  Calee shook her head yes and said that was why she was afraid of what her mother would say about the situation, and that she might say that we couldn’t see each other anymore.   I told her that I would go with her to her mother and tell her how I felt about you and we would both take the blame for what we did.
     As we came out of the fort we saw her mother going into my house so I said that we might as well tell her now since she was with my mother that way we could tell them at the same time.   We went inside and asked our mother’s if we could talk to them.   They both said yes so I started with how much we liked each other and that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives.

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    Our mother’s looked at each other and smiled then said that they thought we were just having a crush and that maybe we would feel different when we got older, but if we did they would help us plan our wedding.   Calee came in then and said mom I know that when you told me how to take care of myself when I have my periods and that they would be every month, her mom interrupted and aid that they would talk about that later when they were alone, I broke in then and said that I knew about them and we both really wanted to talk about it now.  
My mother sensing that something was wrong said that maybe we had better say what we were curious about thinking that we just wanted to know more about it.   Calee said yes please mom, so her mom shook her head and said ok go ahead then.   We told her about what we had seen our oldest siblings doing and that we decided to see what it was all about.   Mother said that it was only natural for us to be curious about those things; Calee said we thought that but what we are afraid about is that I haven’t had a period since two weeks before we decided to try the things we saw.   You could have heard a pin drop when that statement was made by Calee, both of our mothers mouths were hung open and they looked like they were in shock.
     My mother was the first to speak and she asked ho long ago that was.   Calee and I looked at each other and then said the night we camped out in the fort on the last day of school.   Mothers jaw dropped open again as she said that long ago.   I said yes mom and we have been doing things ever since because it felt so good.   This time it was Calee’s mom who recovered first and asked if I came inside of her.   We both looked at each other and in unison said what is that?  Mom said that when a man and woman made love like we did that the man would shoot his sperm into the girl and unless they were using birth control methods that the girl could get pregnant if it was the right time of month for her to be fertile.   She went on to say that the girls fertile time was usually two-weeks after and before her period.   I asked is that what the white stuff is that comes out of my penis.

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    Mom said yes it is.   Calee said I never saw anything come out of you, but I did feel something every time that you were inside of me.
     Our mothers decided that we would just find a way to be together if they forbid us to see each other; so they might as well let us continue to see each other, but we were not to do anything else or they would have to separate us until we were old enough to make our own decisions.   Nine months later just after her fourteenth birthday, Calee gave birth to our first daughter and we named her Joy because she brought us so much joy when we created her.   We got married when we turned seventeen and now we have our own home where we are raising our children.
Part two will be about Joy coming of age and learning about her body.



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