Please, Daddy, Please


Ever since I accidentally saw Daddy and Mommy having sex - what was I, 18 or 14? - i had stronger and stronger fantasies about giving myself to Daddy. I used to lay awake for hours rubbing my hands over my breasts, exciting myself down below, pretending my fingers were his organ going up up inside me. Then, years later, I was home from college one week and Mommy had to go out of town. The fantasies came back full force. The compulsion.
Daddy always wears pajamas and we were getting ready for bed at about the same time. I put on a robe but left off my nightie. We always gave each other a good night kiss -- the innocent kind on the cheek. I went down the hall to their room where I figured he was almost ready for bed. He let me in -- standing there in his pjs with his robe still on the bed.  
"I came to kiss you good night. "
"Good night, honey," and we exchange the usual peck on the cheek.
I know I was trembling but I tried to hide it. "Daddy?"
"Yes, honey?"
"Daddy, do you think I'm sexy?"
"Uh, well, uh, I . . .

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   Why yes, of course, Emily. "
Somehow my scenario I had worked out seemed awkward. I didn't know what to do. So I just grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips. He looked at me, surprised. Then I pressed my lips against his and kept kissing him. He was not exactly into this I could tell.
"Oh Daddy, I love you so much. "
I reached his hand and put it on my breast over my robe. My robe wasn't all that well closed anyway and he could see my other breast completely bare.
"Please, Daddy, Please. I want you to make love to me. " There, I had said it.
He was troubled, struggling with himself. He was positively gripping my breast. 

   I took the opportunity to slip out of the robe and he let go long enough to let it drop.
I'm 5'6" tall, and at age 20, I weighed maybe 130. I wore a 32B bra back then. It was approaching spring and I hadn't shaved between my legs since I had a bathing suit on last summer. My brown hair flowed down over my shoulders and my brown eyes were watery.
"Oh, Emily, it isn't right,"  but his hand was still there, more gentle now, massaging.
I wrapped my arms around him again and kissed him. A deep long kiss, and his hand was pressed between us. I pushed my belly against him and, yes, yes, he was getting aroused. Briefly I had his cock in my hand. Oh yes so wonderful.
I reached around behind him and started to tug off his top. His chest is so powerful. I felt my chest pressed against his salt and pepper hair.  
"God, this is wrong.

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   Oh Emily. "
Then I tugged his pajama bottoms down to his calves. He stepped out of them, his cock so beautiful just pointing straight out.
I had manuevered over by the bed through all this and I just flopped down on my back. He could see everything.
"You're so beautiful," he gasped.
I think he was afraid he would change his mind, because he just climbed over me and soon I had his cock in my hand making sure it went in the right place.
"This is so wrong," but he was pushing in in in in. It was wonderful, beautiful. He was groaning and my sighs turned into murmers and my murmers into moans. We made love until I came and I could feel his juices exploding inside me, his hands on my breasts, kissing me, my legs wrapped around his back so he wouldn't go away.
When it was over, I could tell he was shaken by what had just happened.
Finally he said, "That wasn't very good. " Then. "I mean I didn't .

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  . . "
"Oh Daddy it was wonderful. " I leaned up to kiss him but he was kissing my neck and his fingers were twirling my nipples. Then he was kissing the tops of my breasts and I could feel his soft wet cock on my leg as our juices leaked out of me down past my rear. Was he really going to . . .
I writhed in pleasure as he took my nipple in his mouth, his tongue flicking there. My hands held his head against me.  
It seemed like forever that he was kissing and licking and sucking on my tender breasts. Oh god such a nice pleasure. And soon I felt his hand between my legs.
"I'm such a mess, now. "
"No, you're wonderful, Em," as he pushed two fingers into my vagina, his thumb flicking my little bump.

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   I was going to cum again. I started moaning again.
Then his tongue was licking my belly, my navel . . . it dawned on me that my Daddy was a great lover.
When his tongue parted my pussy lips and started exciting my clit and his fingers plunged in and out of me, I exploded in an amazing orgasm.
    I had my knees up to my chest and he was exciting every part of my sex.
    I could feel him getting aroused again, as well, and then he was kissing my nipples, my neck, my face, and those fingers were guiding him back inside me as he held my knees almost next to my head.
    We made love like that for a few minutes, my orgasm subsiding and roaring back over and over.
    Then he signaled me to get on my knees. First he licked me from behind and used his fingers again inside me while he teased my butt hole with his tongue. Oh god, another orgasm that led him to enter me again. Oh that feeling from behind, those places that are missed any other way, and my Daddy understood this, used his cock to work every place in there, side to side and deep deep oh, deep.
    Anyway, he still hadn't come again and I so wanted to see his eyes.

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       So I pulled off him and motioned him to lie down on his back. I tasted his lovely cock with the tip of my tongue, licking his balls and his shaft, too. Finally, I had his wonderful organ in my mouth. Then it was my turn to climb over him.
    I held his cock up and positioned myself over him. "Oh, Emily," he murmered as looked at my naked body, at his daughter sliding down over him. "You are so beautiful. God this is wrong. "
    I sat upright bobbing down and up over him. Then I leaned forward so he could hold my breasts. Soon we were kissing too and we both made the motions that gave us our orgasms.  
    We slept in the same bed, their bed, that night and the next two nights, until Mommy came home. We showered together, made love in there. We ate together and made love at the table. Every piece of padded furniture in the living room was our playground, coffee table too for that matter.

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       We went for a hike in the deep deep woods and made love there. When we had to pee in the woods we didn't hide anything and that was usually an excuse for me to lean against a tree with my fanny pointed out and Daddy to take me from behind.  
    We've never told Mommy. There have been other times, even after I got married, but never anything like those three days and nights. I believe Daddy when he tells me he's never cheated with anyone else. I feel so special.  


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