playtime before the wedding 2


The next day i was woken up early by my mom hurry up and get dressed well be leaving soon. After i put on  my suit we walked out of the house and got into the van, i sat in the middle row while my parents sat in the front . janet my grandmother sat in the back wearing a stunning purple dress with a flower on one of the dresses straps. It was obvious by how much cleavage the dress revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
While driving there i was thinking of how boring this was going to be when i felt something tap the back of my seat. i turned around i saw janet staring at me smiling. she reached down in the top of her dress and started to gently rub her breasts teasing each nipple causing them to poke through the fabric. Seeing that she got my attention she leaned forward and whispered in my ear stick close to me at after the wedding, i nodded obediently and she leaned back and blew me a kiss. We pulled up at a large church in the downtown area. the groom was already standing at the alter waiting when we went in. as we took our seats i sat beside her at the back corner and as ther wasn’t too many people and the size of the church many pews were empty.
As the ceremony began i saw the bride my aunt walk down the isle. She looked amazing. her light brown hair was in a bun, she was slim and though her breasts weren’t that big the tight dress took to her form accenting what i thought could be her fat nipples making a bump in the fabric. As they recited their vows i just couldn’t take my eyes off my stunning aunt and quickly felt my erection straining against my pants. Someone likes their auntie grandma said sliding her fingers on my bulge ohh granny that feels soooo good.

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   The fun hasn’t even started she said and looked around, everyone occupied the front rows of seats leaving the back empty not to mention they were near by a pillars which would block everyone’s  view . except for maby the bride and groom but they were too focused on eachother to took around. Take off your pants but granny there are people around, oh they cant see us besides does my special boy want granny to make your pee pee feel good. God  yes i said undoing my pants and pulling down my underwear letting it fall to my ankles, my cock springing out. My sweet grandma didn’t waste a second as she pounced on my 8 inch throbbing manhood, one hand squeezing along my shaft as she sucked down on my purple head.
Ohhh yess granny ohhh! the sensation was incredible her warm saliva flooding around my dick, her expert tongue flicking against the underside of my cock sliding down my shaft each time she bobbed her head . mmphh ohh such a good tasting cock she said lifting her head licking my cock like a lollypop. I was twisting in my seat as she seductively blew gently on my hardon causing it to twitch. Ohh grany you make me feel so good i cant hold it much longer. Hearing this She just giggled and went down hard on my prick stuffing it down her throat slowly sinking down to the hilt. Much Like her pussy i felt her throat squeeze around me her suction increasing causing me to lose control. Ohhh yess Granny!i said trying to muffle my cry as my cock tensed up and shot thick ropes of my spunk down her throat. She gagged slightly but took it like a pro swallowing it all down. then started lightly squeezing my balls milking the cum out of my shaft. Mmmm little boys always have the sweetest cum she saidlicking her lips.


   You may now kiss the bride we heard and i saw my aunt kiss the groom.
 then as if by magic her eyes suddenly shifted towards us, for a split second i could of swore she saw me and grandma bending between my legs cleaning my cock with her tongue. She then looked back at her husband as if nothing happened and they both walked out of the church, everyone cheering. I hurriedly put my pants back on then followed everyone out to the restaurant where we had rented a large room for ourselves.
There was every kind of food you could imagine lobster, sirloin steak, roast beef, rich dark chocolate cakes, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages on the side. as we ate my grandma Jane sat across from me occasionally looking happily at me with her seductive dark green eyes  deliberately erecting her nipples by casually brushing her arm against them, driving me wild as i saw them poke through the fabric.
As the evening wore on the lights darkened and music started to play. Couples got up from their seats and started dancing in the centre of the large room. more soon came to join them and eventually it was just me and grams at the table. As if she was tired jane leaned back with a yawn and accidentally knocked a fork off the table. Oh silly me she said looking over. Kevin could you be a dear and help your grandmother. Sure i said and went under the table and looked up. By coincidence her dress had ridden up to her thighs and no underwear was present today as her moist hairy cunt sat in my sights glistening in the dim light. i crawled up to her underneath the table and sensing that she had me, spread  her legs for me.

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   i slowly reached down and touched her pussy, electricity zapped through me as i spreaded her meaty outer folds. I was so fucking horny, i thought i would explode. As i  inched my face towards her pussy one of my hands stroked across her thick luscious bush,  i took a deep breath  in. Her aroma filling my senses causing my hard on to stiffen. my fingers continued to caressed her  pubes  feeling the softness and warmth it held.
Hey stop fucking teasing me and do it already i heard from above. Hell ya i thought and pushed my lips towards hers sucking on her rosey insides my tongue coming out of its home to feast.  Greedily i darted in and  out at her sensitive flesh, licking every inch around her folds, occasionally dragging across her monstrous clit protruding from her pussy. Ohh thats it she said rubbing her nipples feeling my tender tongue explore her hairy underground. I gently nipped at her beefy lips making slow circles, occasionally jabbing at her hole tasting her sweet juices as they trickled out in a small orgasm. Suddenly i heard a person pull up a chair; it was my aunt the bride. So mom why are you sitting by yourself you should be dancing she said, ohhhhhh. . . im just tidying myself up she said nervously and with that she hurriedly tried to push me away from her pussy with her hand to cover me up.

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   No i thought she has to know and stretched out my hands reaching around under her dress, grabbing her bare ass and pulling her towards my hungry mouth. then planted my lips directly on her clit, sucking on it greedily. Ohhh !mphhh  ugh. . . agghhhhh she cried out in pleasure trying to stifle her enjoyment and surprise as she fought against me trying to shift her legs away. But it was no use as i moved down, my masterful tongue quickly worming its way inside her soft cunt. Are you alright the bride said seeing her mom squirming madly in her seat from the intense pleasure coursing through her body. i was almost their, fucking her harder and harder my tongue blasting into her pink womanhood getting every sweet spot, my hand furiously rubbing her erect clit. ohhhh fuck yeeesssssss! she finally cried out, jerking wildly in her climax, her cunt opening up it floodgates giving herself to me. What the fuck is going on! said my aunt lifting the tablecloth seeing her nephews  face buried deep in her moms hairy muff stuffing himself with her sweet juices.
I fucking knew it she said as grams orgasm faded and she sat there weakly as i continued to lick the leftover juices off her meaty lips messaging them gently with my tongue. ohh he’s the best grams moaned. Say my aunt said thinking mesmerized by me eating her hairy cunt, how about you help me out and give me some of that magic touch of yours and ill keep you two lovebirds a secret she said smiling deviously. Alright i said my prick almost leaping from my pants.

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   But not here, lets go somewhere more private she said, come on mom. Right behind you sweetie she replied pulling her dress over her soaked beaver and we all left the table.
We walked out of the room down a hallway into what appeared to be the woman’s washroom.  as soon as we entered my aunt hurriedly locked the door. Now lets have some fun she said and immediately started undoing her dress stripping completely naked in front of us showing she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. Her soft complexion  wasn’t only evident on her face but on the rest of her body as well as she revealed her creamy white breasts with light pink areolas and taught nipples. mmm nice grams said. then we too hurriedly stripped down, my 8 inch soldier standing at attention and her massive tits spilling out from her dress. My aunt then sat down on her tight little bottom. wow i said this is fun. I moved away from grams and crawled up to my aunt. Your gonna like this she smirked and opened her legs revealing  her clean shaven pussy, with little pink lips and a nice juicy clit, though not as big as granny’s it still was going to be a real treat to eat her out. Come on big boy don’t tell me you’re afraid of your aunties cute little pussy she said in a baby voice. Ohh aunty i said passionately and dived head first towards her cunt. Ohh yess that’s it she said as i pressed my face against her pussy dragging my tongue roughly against her pink slit my hot saliva pouring like a glaze over her cunt.

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   mphh ohh no wonder granny likes you, ohhhh! She moaned. I started to build up a rhythm dabbing her pink folds with my tongue, occasionally nibbling on her clit working her up. Her moans intensified as i alternated between tonguing her rosy lips and sucking deeply on her clit her thighs rapped around my head as she approached an orgasm. grandma on the other hand was keeping busy and deeply kissed her daughter her hands toying with her supple cleavage. Feeling i was close i dived down to her tight pink hole savagely thrusting my muscular tongue deep into her creamy underground. Ohhh aghhhhh fuck ughhh. . . . wait! She yelled and lifted my head out of her dripping snatch. Ugh. . . I want you to cum with me baby she said now Fuck your auntie, let me feel that hard young cock inside me.
Yess i thought as i crawled on top of her my thick veiny cock bobbing with every movement dragging across her thighs.

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    i came to rest on her hips my hands, firmly planted on her tits feeling there warm, smooth texture. Oh yess baby aunty said to me as her hand passed along the length of my shaft gently strocking me, if only my husband was as big as you. Then she pulled me close, guiding my throbbing manhood into her sweet pussy. It touched her pink lips and i pushed, ughhh ohhhh! She cried out. I pushed again but she was so tight only the head had sunk in. Her let me help you sweetie my granny said and lined up behind me, grasping the base of my cock in her hand and pressed her hips against mine her hairy cunt tickling my ass. Ready she said yes i replied and Simultaneously me and auntie thrust forward ploughing my cock deep into her tight little pussy the hot, wet tightness closing around me tighter than anything i ever felt before. OHHHHHHH! Auntie cried out as me and granny’s combined thrusts  punched through her tight little snatch. A few more times we roughly slammed into her pussy my cock sinking in two thirds, seeing her red swollen lips sink inwards around my cock as we fucked . ohh fuckk. . . ugh yess she cried out in passion squeezing her tits madly, each thrust going closer and closer to her g spot deep within her pussy . mmmmphhh ugh come on baby lets give one to auntie she said behind me her massive tits resting on my shoulders surging up and down with every thrust. I couldn’t hold it any longer and felt the familiar tingling around my balls signalling my release, it was now or never.

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   Ughhh granny and me gave one final thrust her powerful hips moving with me, sinking all the way to the hilt and firing my liquid passion into my auntie. UGGHHHH. . . YESSS! We yelled in ecstasy,her high feminine cry souding loudly as her g spot exploded sending  wave after wave of intense orgasms causing her pussy to tense wildly around my cock.
I pulled out near the end wanting to coat my auntie in the last of my hot spunk but instead her cunt shot out a fountain of clear womanly juices pouring all over me and granny.
As aunty lay in a puddle, spent on the floor i turned to grams and asked can we do this every day? I’m sorry We cant sweetie she said cradling me in her arms but maybe when you visit me we can have some fun. I love you granny i said and suckled gently on one of her massive tits covered in auntie’s juices grabbing it with both hands as i worked my tongue around her nipple. i love you too Kevin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  more to come, please give ideas of your own fantasies for me to write:)



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