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My auntie's place has always been the venue for our family gatherings. This was mainly because her house was quite spacious, an above-average bungalow with a 18-meter pool. On special occasions such as Christmas her house would be full of my relatives while during the weekends it would be down to one or two visiting aunts/uncles and their kids. My house is not too far from my aunt's and I often go over to her place during the weekends. Sometimes if I'm lucky enough a few cousins will be over for the day and we spend most of the time playing in the pool. I must admit that although I'm 18 years of age, I still enjoy playing with my younger cousins; one of them is Mindy. Now I have always thought that Mindy was cute, as she has quite a small frame and cute round eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and at 13, I would say she was a little stunted because she stood at a mere 4feet 6inches. To be honest, I have never fantasized about her during my daily masturbation sessions; that was held true to my heart until one special weekend. That weekend I had just gotten back from school and since there wasn't anything going on in school during the weekend, I decided to spend my weekend at my aunt's. The bus journey took over an hour followed by a few minutes walk from the bus stop. When I reached I was surprised my uncle's car parked in the porch. Now this was surprising as my uncle's family seldom come visiting, as he stays quite a distance away. I pressed on the buzzer and waited for a voice in the intercom. "Hello?", came a voice from the intercom which I immediately recognized to be my granny's. "Hi, it's me, James", I spoke back to the intercom like I've done so a million times.

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  Moments later the electric gate was opening and I was greeted by two running cousins, Mindy and her 18-years-old sister Ginger, both apparently very excited to see me. I went in and greeted everyone before going to my room to put my bag down. I've been going to my aunt's place so frequently that I have a room to myself. I later found out that their father had taken a week off and they would be staying over at my aunt's place for few a couple of days. Just as I was about to rest on my bed when the two rascals came barging into my room. "Mom said she'll let us swim only if you join us", squealed Ginger. "Can you take us swimming please?", Mindy added with pleading eyes. My aunt has always been particular about this kind of things. She always insisted on someone watching the kids while they swim. Sometimes if would be my grandma, sometimes herself, but when I'm around, it has always been me watching the kids; mainly because I fancy swimming with the kids. "But it's 12 in the afternoon!", I said, wanting to get back to my rest. The long journey really took its toll on me. "What say you both watch some TV while we wait for the sun to set a little". They both put on a disappointed face and went out of my room. When I woke up it was 3 in the afternoon, and both of them were bouncing excitedly on my bed.

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   I guessed as much that they wanted me to take them for a swim. "Go change to your swimsuit and I'll be there in a moment", I told them much to their delight. Mindy had a smile on her cute round face which I can't help admiring. At 13, she had that innocent little girl look while at the same time, I could see signs of her turning into a young woman. I had sometimes had sexual thoughts creeping into my mind but most of the time I just brushed it off as she is my cousin. However today my lust got the better of me and as the girls went on to change into their swimsuits, I took out my cock and slowly pumped it while fantasizing about Mindy. Although I know this is considered incest, I consoled myself thinking that this was just an imagination and I would never do such a thing in real-life. The thought of jamming my 6-inch cock into her young pussy got me off and moments later I cleaned myself up and got into my trunks. When I went downstairs from my room Mindy and Ginger were already waiting impatiently for me. "What took you so long?" Ginger pouted, clearly irritated. "We thought that you had fallen asleep and was going to wake you up", Mindy said. I didn't say much and just smiled at them. In fact, I was feeling a bit guilty checking Mindy out, who moments ago, I had fantasized jamming my cock up her pussy when I was jacking off. I can't help noticing the slight bumps protruding from her blue one-piece swimsuit. However the towel around her shoulder restricted most of the view.

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   When I found myself staring I looked up and saw her eyes fixed on me. I don't suppose she knew what I was looking at judging by her innocent looks. We walked to the pool which was at the side of the house. When we got there, I was the first to jump into the pool with a splash. Ginger followed suit while Mindy was afraid of feeling cold so she took her time on the pool steps, slowly stepping lower every few seconds. I guessed the jacking off must have changed my perception towards Mindy. I couldn't help myself looking at her young nubile body. I would not say that she's ultra sexy, but her young face together with the tight swimsuit wrapped nicely round her developing body made me have a boner even in the cold water. I knocked myself to senses as my moral self took over. I swam underwater and grab hold of her ankle and pulled her down into the water, making her scream during the process. We spent over an hour playing in the water, playing tag, some ball game that I spontaneously invented, me role-playing as a 'ferry', and the girls as 'passengers'. During this, I was intentionally rubbing myself against Mindy. During one of the 'ferry rides', I had Ginger piggy-bag on my back while Mindy was in front, wrapping her legs around my waist. I got very turned on by this and I'm not surprised if Mindy felt my boner poking her through our swimsuits. I tried to look for any tell-tale signs but seeing that Mindy had no reaction, I didn't pull back either.

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   I ferried the two girls, whom were clinging on to me, around the pool and occasionally 'crashed' into the side of the swimming pool, causing my cock to press on Mindy's pussy through our swimsuits. Everytime I did that my cock would twitch at the thought of being so close to Mindy's pussy. The whole time I had my eyes transfixed on Mindy. I can't help admiring how cute she looks everytime she giggles or smile to a joke I made. My cock was aching and by the time we finished swimming I was desperately needing a second jacking off. "I'm taking this bathroom!", Ginger shouted and ran into one. There are two bathrooms in my aunt's house and the other was attached to my room. "Do you mind if I bathed first?", Mindy asked pointing to the toilet in my room. "Noway!", I challenged her and before you know it, we were both rushing for the bathroom. Mindy got there first, jumping under the shower. I playfully jumped into the shower with her, trying to muscle her out. We both pushed each other playfully and laughed seeing who would give up first. But neither did! In reality, I was enjoying this because in the process, my body was rubbing up against hers. "Fine!", I said. "I guess we'll just have to share a shower then".

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  I closed the door and stood under the shower, half expecting Mindy to give up. "I don't care, I'm still bathing here", Mindy replied as she defiantly stood in the shower with me. "If you don't leave now I'm gonna take off my swimming trunks", I dared her playfully. To my amazement she didn't say anything, as well as didn't budge from her spot. For a few seconds I stood there unsure of what to do. I daringly smile at her as I slipped both my thumbs into the sides of my trunks, preparing to take them off. However she did not give any reaction. She still stood there looking at me, with her innocent look, as if waiting for me to do it. By now my heart was already beating fast. Does this girl actually want to see my cock? I took a bold step and slowly lowered my trunks, looking at her every reaction to see her response. If she were to suddenly chicken out I would have just laughed it off saying I was just kidding with her. But she did not. I lowered my trunks until my head of my cock was sticking out, clearly stiff. Mindy had more of a curious look on her face than shock. I pushed my trunks further until it dropped on the floor.

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   Mindy still stood still. Quietly exchanging glances between my face and my 6 inch boner. "Do you want to touch it?", I finally broke the silence. "Go ahead, it won't bite". This got a smile on her face as she slowly moved nearer towards me and gently placed her fingers on my cock. "Wrap your fingers around it, like this", I said as I took hold of her small hand and wrapped it around my cock. "Guys like it when it is rubbed like this", I showed her as I moved her hand up and down slowly along my shaft. "What does it feel like?", Mindy finally spoke. "Does it feel nice?". "Yeah it does, even girls can experience this, do you want me to show you?", I said hoping I had not rushed her too fast to scare her off. Mindy paused a few seconds then nodded. I beckoned her to follow me and we exited the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and patted on the spot beside me. Mindy, still in her swimsuit, sat quietly on my left. Although we were swimming awhile ago, Mindy's swimsuit was nearly dry.

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   It must have been the material of her swimsuit. "Look, whatever I show you now make sure it doesn't leave this room okay?", I had to make sure. I didn't want her parents come charging at me with a baseball bat. Mindy nodded again. With that I placed my left and around her shoulder and my right hand had gone to her waist. I slowly rubbed her young, nubile body through her swimsuit. Mindy was clearly enjoying this new experience as I noticed her shifting her body everytime my hand ran across her breast. After a minute of rubbing Mindy started to relax as she let out slight moans everytime I rubbed a sensitive spot, namely her nipples as they are now erect. I decided to venture further and moved my hand lower towards her pussy. Mindy involuntarily bucked her hips when my hand reached her pussy. With my left hand still around her shoulder I laid Mindy down on the bed and continued rubbing her pussy through her swimsuit with my right. As I ventured lower I noticed part of the swimsuit is slightly damp, I had doubts if it was from her pussy as we just came from the pool. Mindy continued to enjoy the sensation her pussy was feeling and started breathing harder now. I lowered my head the hers and placed my lips right on top of hers. At first Mindy didn't know how to respond.

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   I took the first step and slowly licked her lips. I used my tongue to press into her mouth and soon we were french kissing. Where she learned how to kiss don't ask me. She could be a natural. Halfway into the kissing I decided to slip my right hand under her swimsuit. As soon as my hand went it I realised how wet her pussy was. My heart skipped a beat when I realized she had little, if any, pubic hair on her pussy. Her pussy felt so smooth under the swimsuit. As the swimsuit was getting in the way, I tugged at the part covering her pussy and moved it to the side, pushing it against her thigh, so I got better access to her young hairless pussy. I took my middle finger and slowly pushed it into her pussy. This produced a loud moan from Mindy. As I continued to explore her pussy with my finger, I was bewildered when I did not find her hymen. Could she have put up all this innocent act of not knowing anything about sex? Suddenly I remembered something. "Do you still go for gymnastics?", I enquired just making sure. It is known that sometimes gymnasts tear their hymen due to the amount of stretching they do.

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  "Yeah", was all she could muster. The feeling of my middle finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy was too new and too much for a first timer to handle. Even with my finger, I could feel how tight she was for a 18-year-old. My cock was throbbing by now, longing for some release. I decided that I needed her fuck that young virgin cunt of hers, and I needed it badly. But first, there was some coaxing to do. "Mindy, do you mind if I put my penis in there?", I was careful with my selection of words so that I don't scare her away. Mindy gave me an unsure look. "I don't want to be pregnant", she finally said. "Have your had your periods started yet?", I asked again. "Mom did tell me about it, but I don't think I have those periods yet", Mindy replied, which brought a smile to my face. "In that case you don't have to be worried. If your periods are not here yet, then you're safe. " My mind was so full with lust that I could just fuck her right away. Patience, I told myself.

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  Mindy took awhile and then finally said,"Okay, I guess we can do it then". With that, I eagerly placed my cockhead, which was now covered in precum, at the entrance of her pussy. The thought of fucking her with her swimsuit still on turned me on even more. "Tell me if it hurts okay?", I added to reassure her. Still lying beside me, I lifted Mindy's right leg, bending it at the knee while I rolled to my side and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. The next few moments will be etched in my mind forever. As I pushed my cock into her inviting pussy, I was met by some resistance. No not her hymen, but by the tightness of her pussy wall. As the head of my cock slipped in, it felt as though her pussy was sucking my cock in. I moved the head in and out a couple of times before pushing harder into her pussy. I only managed to sink in another inch of my cock before the tightness of her pussy prevented me from going further. I looked into Mindy's eyes expecting to see discomfort in her face but she looked fine. Completely lost in ecstasy as my cock filled her pussy with pleasures she never knew existed. I withdrew my cock from her pussy, and again slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. I managed to get another inch into her tight cunt.


   Then, slowly but swiftly I jammed all my 6 inches into her young tight 18-year-old pussy. Mindy moaned loudly when I did this. Although her face showed some discomfort I suppose the pleasure was overflowing for her. As for myself, I was having the time of my life. I continued fucking my 18-year-old cousin and still could not comprehend how unbelievably tight her cunt was. Using my right hand I grabbed her at the waist through her swimsuit and pulled her tightly towards me, pushing my cock deeper into her. The idea of fucking Mindy through her swimsuit made it even more exciting. Mindy was bucking her hips to meet my cock everytime I moved it in. It seems she was enjoying this as much as I am. We continued our fucking for a few minutes and suddenly Mindy let out a loud moan while bucking her hips wildly. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and realised she was already cumming. The intense feeling around my cock caused a stir in my balls and before I know it, I had already started to experience an orgasm. I continued thrusting my cock in and out her tight pussy which produced louder moans from her. I wanted to make sure that she milked every last drop of cum from my balls. After a few thrusts my balls could not take the intense feeling any longer and I started cumming into her 18-year-old pussy.

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   I must have shot at least 6 to 7 jets of incestuous cum into my cute little cousin's pussy. We both lay there on the bed breathless and exhausted. Unable to move any more I just left my cock stuck in her pussy. I noticed that I had cummed so much that some were even leaking out of her pussy. "That felt great", Mindy finally said. "Can we do that again?"I just look at Mindy and smiled. "Sure we can Mindy. Sure we can". .



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