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It had been a long day. Jim pulled into his drive way and parked his car exhaustedly. He was looking forward to a quite evening with him and his precious daughter Brittney. Brittney was 18 years old and quite the daddy’s girl. She got away with just about everything since her mom left. Jim went and got the mail and saw the phone bill and hoped that he would not have to follow through on his threat to his little girl. He hated to have to punish her. Jim walked into his house and all of a sudden heard loud moans coming from his daughter’s room. He ran up quickly to see if she was ok. When he got to her room he saw that his precious little girl was taking 3 guys at once. One in her little pink pussy, one in her ass and one in her mouth. He couldn’t believe it, his daughter was a He stormed into her room and told the three boys to get out. They didn’t need to be told twice. All three of them grabbed their clothes and booked it out the door and down the street. Jim looked at his skank of a daughter. She sat their naked trying to cover up in front of her dad feeling so embarrassed.

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   It was at that point Jim realized how truly sexy his daughter was. She was blonde 5’2” with 34 c boobs, which had stiff pink nipples at this point. Jim wanted so bad at that point to pick up where the boys left off and fuck her senseless. He however calmed down some what and told her get dressed and meet me in the living room in 18 minutes. Jim went to his room and tried to busy himself and calm down and not think about his daughters sexy body. Jim went through the mail and saw that his daughter went over on her phone bill again. This through him over the edge he stormed out of his room into the living room. She was sitting there in a pink tank top and a pair of low rise jeans with her little pink g-string hanging out. ‘What do you think you were doing?’ ‘Im sorry daddy, I didn’t mean for it to happen. We were all hanging out here after school and one thing lead to another and ‘So how long have you been a ‘Daddy! How could you say that?’ with tears coming down her ‘Well lets see whats a slut? A girl who loves dick. You apparently love dick cuz you had three of them in you at once! I guess that would make you a ‘Daddy that’s not ‘And you know what if you want to act like a slut, your gona get treated like one too. ’ With that Jim walked over and picked up his daughter and put her across his ‘Daddy what are you doing?’ ‘What I should have done awhile ago. ’ He raised his hand and slaped her cute ass hard. Over and over again. Brittney was crying.

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   ‘Please daddy stop im sorry. ’ He stopped for a second and saw that her little g-string was still sticking out. Jim pulled on it lightly so it was pulling against her clit. She moaned softly. ‘O so you like that you little whore?’ He pulled harder until he heard it rip. ‘Take off your clothes, Brittney was too scared to question her father. She pulled off her pink tank top to reveal she had no bra. ‘No bra huh? What a surprise. ’ She ignored the comment and took off her pants. She was going to protest to stay in her panties but they were ripped and so skimpy to begin with she didn’t see a point. She took them off and tossed all her clothes in a pile next to ‘Well well well daddy’s little girl developed nicely. ’ He squeezed a nipple and she moaned. “Do you like that?’ he moved his hand down to her little cunt which was slightly red from its earlier pounding. He moved his fingers into her slit and rubbed slowly. SHE WAS SOAKED! ‘You must like being naked infront of daddy.

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   Well if you like that your gona love whats Jim pulled out his cock. It was huge. It was about 18 inches long and 3 inches thick. Should he make this slut suck his huge 18 incher? Nah im gona dive right in. Brittney was mezmorized. Her father was huge. Her pussy was tingling just looking at that staff, but he was her dad and she didn’t want ‘Daddy please don’t fuck me. Im really sorry I will never have sex in this house again. I don’t think I can take that dick its too ‘To late for apologies. Now get over here Im gona ram that little cunt of yours so hard youll be limping He grabbed her by the arm. She was crying and yelling ‘daddy please don’t’. He sat her on his lap worked his dick up and down her slit. ‘If you didn’t want it you wouldn’t be so wet. ’ And with that he picked her up and slamed her down on his dick. ‘oooooooo daddy its too big’ she yelled.

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   ‘Shut up its not even half way in. ’ Only 4 inchs of the big dick made it into her tight little cunt. ‘Get ready for the rest’ and with that he pushed her down and put his dick all the way inside her ‘OMG daddy please stop it hurts so ‘Know what else hurts, seeing your pride and joy taking 3 dicks at once and enjoying it. ’ With that he flipped her to the missionary position and pounded her little cunt with his huge Brittney knew it was wrong but also knew that it was too late to stop it so decided to enjoy what she could. The pain started to subside as he continued to pile drive her. Then she felt it coming. ‘OMG daddy don’t stop im gona cum it feels soooo good keep pounding me don’t ‘That’s right my little slut take ‘ooooooooooooooooooooo that feels so good. Fuck me so hard daddy with you huge dick. I am a whore I am a cock loving He continued to pound her until he got that feeling in his balls ‘Im gona cum ‘Daddy please pull out I don’t want to get pregnant. Its my fertile time of month and your dick is so far in me Im sure I will get ‘Well that seems like a good lesson for you’ he said as he panted, ‘act like a slut, carry your daddy’s baby. ’ With that he moaned and sprayed a huge load into his little girls cunt. The force of the cum sent Brittney into another orgasm so intense that she passed Jim pulled out and looked at his exhausted slut. All of a sudden he heard a noise. It was coming from her jeans. He looked and saw she was getting a text.

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   Jim forgot all about the phone bill. He thought about everyting that just happened. I just taught her a lesson about being a slut but now she needs a lesson about her phone. Then it came to him. He put the phone on vibrate and started to work it into her little cunt. He pushed it as far back as he could. That should do it he He carried his daughter to his room and covered them both and went to The next morning he woke her up and told her to get ready for school or she would get another lesson. She got out of bed and went to her room. It was too late to take a shower so she just put on a pair of black thongs with a matching black bra. She felt slightly weird in her pussy but she figured it was from the awesome pounding and athe possible baby growing in her. She put on a short skirt and a tee shirt. She couldn’t remember where she left her phone and was running late. So she just decided to leave it behind. Right before she was out the door. Her father stopped her and said how about a good bye kiss.

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   He leaned down and stuck his tounge in her mouth giving her a long sexy kiss. She seemed to tired to fight AS they kissed Jim pulled out his phone with out her looking and gave her a ring. Her lips stopped moving as soon as she felt it. Jim pulled away and said you went over your phone bill again. He slapped her ass and said ‘I want that phone in your cunt all day until I get home or there will be hell to pay. Now go to The day at school sucked. All of Brittneys friends were texting her and her dad she assumed kept on calling her. By 3rd period she was leaving wet spots everywhere she sat. That night her dad let her take out the phone which was ruined by her pussy juices.
Jim didn’t have sex with Brittney after that but she did get pregnant. She begged to let her abort the baby but he said if she did she would have to take his python up her ass. She knew she couldn’t do that so she went through with the pregnancy. Jim let her give up the baby but he did punish her by nursing her titties every night until she stoped producing milk.
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