Topic: PERHAPS IT WAS MY FAULT AGAIN.  Yes it was this time,I actually planned this this time.
 My guilt takes hold and my sexual drive runs Following my incident with my drunken son,I felt as guilty as hell. Nothing to do with self survival though,more a case of, - what's good for the goose,is good for the gander. This gander being my husband,I just felt I'd feel better if he got to get a fuck similar to the one my son had given me. Oh no,not his ass being fucked by our son,more like his cock fucking our daughter. Of course he'd never shown any inclination towards her in this department,but what the hell. I felt it would make selfish me,feel better.
 This was no instant fix,it needed thinking out and my fertile mind was just the place to work on it. In fact it made me as horny as hell each time I got to thinking it through. So many an evening,I spent masterbating to a climax that in my mind was seeing her get it from my old man.
 I concluded the best suited method was to get them drunk,then make them mate in their sleep. Of course I knew at some stage they would awake and it would be equally probable that they would be to near to cumming to stop thermselves from finishing what I had cunningly started. I reasoned in a tit-for-tat fashion my conscience would be clear for fucking our son.
 From a drinking point of view,they were both lightweights so that part would be easy. Not so easy would be how the hell to get them in bed with their sexual organs touching.

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   The plus was at this time our daughter had been going out of her relationship. Confiding in me she'd not been fucked for to long and she desperately needed a good fucking. In a joking manner I said calculatingly. Well there's always your father,his knob is as horny as hell,to which I got. "M-U-M! you can be so crude at times" I laughingly added, 'Don't knock what you haven't tried' "M-U-M" followed by us giggling and me giving a shrug. 'Well,just remember I did offered you'
 We passed on to other things then and the moment was over,but in my case,not forgotten. At the next family happening involving drink,I had reason to panic when I felt a hand grope my pussy. No not my husband's it was my milf orientated son. In no way was he pissed at this time and I whispered 'Stupid,we'll get caught you silly sod,bugger off and leave me alone' He did and later he went off with another maiden's scalp to hang on that damn belt of his. I admit this did make my loins active,causing my furtive mind to decide there and then,this was the night to put my plan into action.
 A while later,all had settled and myself and my husband had set our daughter up on to sleep on the settee,while we ourselves had been settled in bed for about an hour. I being a very limited drinker had been laying playing with my pussy while my husband zzzd'd by my side. Taking advantage of him I intermitently handled his cock and ball sack having pulled it out of his boxers and each time he moved towards my hip instinctively pressing his knob at my thigh. So,no problem there,he would fuck when required. I had leant my daughter one of my shorty nightdress's and was pleased to note ever bit of her clothes had been removed by her,including her knickers.

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 On her settling down under a blanket,I said,if you feel cold,come up and I'll give you some more bedclothes. All I got was a mmm! night. So I had a satifying surprise when I heard the bedroom door opening and stopping my masterbation,I asked what the problem was, 'You cold'? 'A bit,but I'm feeling alone more than anything' 'Shall I get up'? 'No,I'll be okay' She promply sat on my side of the bed and snuggled. In a short while I could feel her shivering a bit,she was getting cold so I eased the bed clothes and helped her in alongside me. Nestled together,my legs and hers were warming up from each other right up to my belly and I felt her nightdress was as high up as mine was.
 Then on warming her front,she turned and we were spooned - no problem there. Her pert tits were under my hand and hidden in her nightdress,while her firm chilled bum cheeks were giving me goose pimples that stiffened my nipples. A hand from behind then draped round me and my husband being still asleep,started fondling my erect nipples.  I didn't know at this stage if our daughter was asleep or awake but I eased his hand over us both and I knew his hand had found her pert hard nipple as I eased my hand further down her belly.
 So this went on and I must admit I was getting sexually hot feeling his activity with her nipple. I knew I needed to get on the outside to allow my daughter to be where my husband had access to her pussy. I mumbling,'I need a pee' I extricate myself and get out of bed,then putting my husbands hand back on our daughters tits. As I went about my pee,I saw daughter wriggling her ass towards her father still spoon like. I had a little feel of my pussy,because I never did really need a pee - how else could I position them as I required?
 On getting back in bed I was divided between getting in on my husbands other side or on the side my daughter was at. Reasoning,if I was behind my husband,I could handle his cock and when he was hard,I could point it at her cunt from the back of her ass cheeks.

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   Problem with that,if he woke up with his cock in her,he would think it was a conpiracy not an accidentally invoked fucking. On the other hand if I got on my normal side,he could pass it off as a mistake as he thought he had it in me. But could I arouse him across my daughters body into pushing at her pussy's slit with his cock.
 I took this as the best option and felt I could just about reach around enough to wank him a bit to start him or if not I could point his hand at her slit from this side. The cunning of my mind was spot on. I in facing them first put his hand on my own pussy and as he started to respond as he always did I moved his fingers to our daughters slit. I could feel him now helping himself to a feel and even more satisfying I could feel my daughters belly pressing for more. She was asleep and responding,reaching round her I had another good response,his cock was already hard and he had it pressing tight against the crack of her ass.
 I settled to feeling myself and occasionally checking how they were getting it on. At her front,daughter was puffy and slippery,while her father was now sliding his fingers well into her slit. On feeling between them,his precum was sliding up her ass crack as I could feel him gently dry fucking her ass cheeks. A sudden move by our daughter had me holding my breath with excitement. Her knees were rising towards my belly - which I eased away from her,to give her room, and I knew she was offering her slit to her father although she didn't realize it in her dream. Stealthily I felt for my husbands cock,it was still sliding up and down her ass crack.
 He needed pointing,so I took hold of it and as he eased away from her ass,I mumbled 'Push it in me' hoping he'd think he had it at my pussy's lips.

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   It worked,his cock slipped through our daughters pussy slit and she reacted as it pushed against her hood and clit. I distinctly felt her hand go to her pussy and putting my hand near her's I felt her move and press at her fathers hardon trying to push its head to her quims hole. She relaxed and I knew she's got her fathers cock in place at her pussy's entrance. Now her body was responding by pushing towards his knob. I knew he was up her as I heard a low grunt and felt the bed start to move.
 At that instant,in what light was available,our daughters eyes popped open and while still pushing at her fathers cock with her hips,very hushedly 'Mum,he's fucking me,dad's got his cock up me' 'sssh! he doesn't know,he's asleep,it feels like he's getting you off,do you want him too'? A nodding told me she was heading for her orgasm. 'what about you though,he's your husband' 'He wont know and I wont tell,you know I'd do anything for you,so go for it if you need to cum' She smiling,started to really fuck now,as she went into a mighty orgasm,I felt her father grip her hips and shoot his first shot of sperm deep inside her,followed by several after shocks. 'Fuck beryl,I've just fucked her,I've just fucked my own daughter,fuck I'm so sorry,I was dreaming I was fucking you till cumming off woke me up'
 'Tiley,what can I say to you,I had no idea it was you,Oh fuck my sperms all inside you' At that moment,so was his cock still. It hadn't dawned on him to pull it out. Daughter played a blinder now. 'What dad,what did you say,I'm so tired,tell me in the morning' I felt my husband then quickly extract his cock from her belly. Christ Ber' get over between us before she realises I've just fucked her,what the hell do I tell her when we get up in the morning' As I move between them saying to him' Its alright,you were only dreaming,you didn't know I'd moved by getting out,its just one of those things,a family incident' 'I'm not to sure about that her cunts full of my sperm' 'Oh,don't worry,I expect she's still taking the pill,just in case. Mind you,she haven't had any since the erk left her. Who knows,she probably loved you giving her some,I'd woken up with all the movement and she certainly came on your cock. that's for sure'
 He gripped hold of me tightly, 'I'm shitting myself here,what if!!!' 'Forget it,she wont even know it happened and if she asks me,I'll tell her,don't mention it to dad,he was asleep and didn't know he'd fucked you' All this time I was conscious of my daughters belly shaking in mirth.

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   What a horrid pair of conspiritors. Well it was all about my conscience as a dirty houswife. Alls fair in love etc.
 Nothing was said the next morning, my husband went guiltily off to work with his normal kiss and a whispered,'Find out and let me know if she's still on the pill' he needn't have worried,we got a morning after pill. He was well pissed,but I thought it was funny when having told him,no she wasn't on the pill,a week later having let him shit for a week.  I broke it to him,that she knew he had fucked her and we'd got her a morning after pill. On querying why I'd left him on tenterhooks for a week,I added, 'well if I'd told you that,you'd have been shitting even more knowing she knew you'd fucked your own daughter' Then he was really fucked off,having got up the courage to admit to her he'd had her,she promptly responded. 'Don't bother your pretty little head dad,I needed it,I enjoyed it and I was awake and felt you cumming in there,it was the best fuck I could have hoped for' - Yeah,it was a bit cruel,but we must keep men on their toe's after all they think they rule the world. Don't they?
 Some little while after this I confided to my daughter that I'd been fucked by her younger brother and while at first shocked,she went dirty on me and asked if I'd enjoyed it like she had,her father. She even opened up more,telling me,just after she'd separated from the erk' he'd (brother) fronted up to her with a rampant hard on and offered "If she found herself in need of some cock,he was available and willing" 'Fuck mum,I admit I was tempted,there's just something about the little swine,I think its his pure cheek. Do you know he has a chat up line. - "Want a fuck babe,come outside with me now if you want it" You'd be surprise how many do and all. So don't fret,he must have us under his spell' she corrected that to 'You; I mean mum,he had you,under his spell' I looked hard at her now. Guiltily, 'Alright,yes he did and he hadn't been drinking,he's so commanding,I wish I'd knew you had,I felt so guilty after,but he didn't bat an eye the next day when he said "Ready for some more sis" - grinning, "If you only knew where this has just been" 'It must have been you mum,because,he had had some booze but I know him and no way was he pissed either' Crazy I know,but this all made me feel a lot better.
 I broached the subject some more, 'Is he? you know is he still? - I nodded towards her pelvis, 'What do you think'? I smiled, 'Me to' she smiling, 'I thought so,that's why you had me got by dad,you cunning bitch' I just went into a dirty smiling phaze.

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   'You cunning old witch,you are easing your own conscience,because you enjoyed him getting you. Well I can't complain because I enjoy dad as well' 'Enjoy,you said enjoy,not past tense,enjoyed' 'Well what do you think,he is good at it,you told me that yourself and a woman has needs as you only know to much yourself,especially in the evening' Smiling as though a weight had been removed,I responded. 'Yeah he is isn't he,but I especially like your brothers length' 'Me to,but we'll keep all this to ourselves. Yes mum'? How could I refuse,what a relief.