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When I was younger I started noticing an attraction I had for my uncle! You see he was the true ladys man! He was younf, tall, slender, lots of muscles and, blonde.  My aunt and himself had just got married, and I started falling for him and I just knew he was hung like a horse and I was destoned to find out! One day he and I were out swimmin in the pool just playing around when I took a big chance. We were rascling around when I just took my hand and grabbed his cock. I quickly let go and went under as if it didnt happened. But I noticed it didnt effect him and I really liked what i felt. It was more than my hand could hold. So I did it again and held it for a second. Still nothing, after repeatedly doing this several times I quickly felt him touch my cock once, and that threw me for a loop. So he quickly got out and laid on the deck to get some sun. No more than 2 mins and he was asleep, and what he didnt know was his clothes had major shrinkage. I could see his dick outlined threw his shorts totally soft, but totally HUGE. I loved it.
That night I had to see more, I was so horney and was wanting it all. So i sneak up out of the bed and head outside running threw the back yard over to Jason (my uncle) house! I run around to his back bathroom window, where I see someone is in the shower! I knew right then it was Jason since his wife was at work and all! So I stood there waiting for him to get out!I couldnt wait to see that cock that i touched! I thought, what will his pubic hair look like, will it be a big bush like dads or will it be nice and trimmed like mine, will it be blonde or black or brown, or will he have any at all! Suddenly I hear the water stop running, and the shower door open, But then I notic the window is too steamed up for he to see in it, Here was my chance to see his massive member and I couldnt cause of that window! So I went home.
The next week I watched for Jason to come home, and when he did, I figured some reason I needed to go over there, so I decided I needed some milk, since we were out but I knew I needed to wait till he was about to get in the shower! When I thought the time was right I walked over to his house and knocked on the door! Suddenly he peaked his head through the door! "Oh Hey Ben! Come on in" he said, I walked in to discover all he had on was his tight white boxer breafs on. He was all sweaty too! I asked him for some milk and as he was gettin it, I stood there lusting over his body.

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   I could see his dick was almost hard and was sticking out through his boxers, His penis was so big that it folded all the way down the side of his leg!  But I had to make shure he didnt know I wasnt looking! so I took the milk and went home!
 That night I knew he wasnt in the shower, But I just had to just at least look at him! So out I went over to his bathroom winow, he wasnt there, but I noticed a dim light coming from his bedroom window! He was totally laying in his bed looking at a porn or somthing in nothing but a pair of blue boxers with a compleat hard on. This made my cock so hard. All the sudden he pulls down his boxers revealing the biggest dick I had ever seen! I had seen my dads and it was normal, but jasons was out of this world, it was every bit of 18 inchs and was cut, really fat and long, he strock that cock for about 18 mins while I was in another world lusting wanting that peice of his manhood in my mouth! All the sudden he shot the biggest loud of cum all over his chest! I had to stop myself from jumping in that window and lickin it all off from him! So he wipped it all up with his blue boxers and throws them in the bathroom floor and gets ready and heads out the door out to his garage! I knew all Iwanted was those bluse boxers to take home and keep! So while he is out of the house I run in the back door and retreave those boxers and take them home without him even noticing!
The I ran into my bedroom, locked the door, stripped and laid on the bed masterbating! I could smell that fresh cum all over those boxers, and i lick it, oh how good it tasted, just the thoughts of that cum in my mouth coming from jasons dick made me shoot a loud biggar than his! I licked up every last drop of that cum from his underwear and feel asleep happy!



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