Peeped part two


Peeped part two by Handsome Deville

Unlike my Auntie Theresa, who was positively lush in the pubic area, my sister had taken to shaving it all off. To this day I have no idea as to why she wanted her cunt to look like that. Still, to each their own and it had not hindered me one jot as I fucked her front and back before doing the same with Theresa who was a much better fuck than sis. My Aunt was quite tight in the cunt area but as for her arsehole that was heavenly with her anus being very constrictive around my penis and this greatly increased my sensations as I slowly eased into her lovely starfish; her sphincter being home for my cock for close on twenty minutes before I finally could control myself no more and had to pull my member out of her back passage with a plop before thrusting my bell end into her mouth where she swallowed every last drop of my sperm.
“That was truly fucking great!” I said to the two sluts lying at my feet wasted and completely spent prostrate on the bathroom floor.
“you’re a pretty good cocks man little brother” came the response from Mandy, who was laying against Theresa’s massive tits in between her legs, up against the Ottoman, which was fairly well covered in my semen as well as the odd bit of pooh which was an unexpected downside to my cumming my load deep within my sister’s arsehole only for the glutinous viscosity now mixed in with shit to evacuate my sibling’s anus on my removal of my cock! It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.

Samantha was very petite without that much in the tits department but she did possess the best arse of any girl I had yet seen. And being my cousin and being scheduled to arrive at my house later that week to stay for a few nights was causing my old chap great excitement. I must have wanked maybe a dozen times or more on the strength of her imminent arrival and could hardly wait for the first girl who I not only slept with, but with who I ejaculated all over her breasts as she masturbated me to conclusion but who due to an unexpected problem with her mother suddenly falling ill had to throw her clothes on before flying back home to see her.

Leaving me holding a very hard penis in my hand that had been about to enter some virgin territory but that now would have to make do with a hand shandy.

The day before Sam’s arrival my mother was back at home from wherever she had been looking very healthy and very tanned. For a woman of fifty plus she was in great shape with at least as good knockers as her younger sister had and later that night I was about to find out what exactly this mother of two could do with her sexy body.
“Hello lovey can mum come in to use the toilet I’m busting and uncle Bob is in the other one?” I could only just hear her request over the sound of my music blaring coupled with the thunderous sound of the hot jets of water hitting my naked body as I stood under the shower.
“It’s not locked mum come in. ” I shouted back. I jumped out of the cubicle and stood naked towelling myself off as my mother walked in to the bathroom.

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   I was drying my back off with my cock exposed to her as she entered.
“Oh my you have got a lovely big penis love. ” said my mother as she clapped eyes on my genital area. I just carried on drying myself nonchalantly giving the impression of disinterest in either the fact of my being nude in front of her or her commenting on my cock size.
“You can touch it if you want” I said to her and she immediately grabbed it. I was amazed at how soft her hands were and started to become erect straight away. To my surprise she then dropped down to her knees and began to suck it. She could really give head and I could not believe how good it felt.
“I think we should go to my bedroom and fuck. What do you think love?” And with that she led me out of the bathroom by my prick to her bedroom.
I stood in the room naked with my penis jutting out as hard, long and thick as it had ever been watching my mother as she began to undress. She slipped out of her short skirt and revealed to me she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I slowly started to move my foreskin up and down in readiness for her attentions. Her blouse came off next to reveal her bra just about managing to hold back her breasts. I walked over to unclip it as she once more held my penis and they burst out magnificently.

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   We kissed then, as if two lovers, and not mother and son about to engage in perverted sex.
“I thought you would have a big penis if you were following in your father’s footsteps. But it is even bigger than his…. . ” She tailed off there and once more began sucking me off.
“You’ve got the best tits I have ever seen” was my reply to her observation about my member.
“Fuck me! Come and fuck your mother son. ” she said now reclining onto the bed and opening her legs wider than I thought possible affording me a fabulous view of her beef curtains, that were positively crying out for some expert tongue, then my rampant member!
“Oooh that feels so good lover” Although she was my own kith and kin her snatch tasted sweet and I could have carried on probing deep into her private parts for ever. I pushed her legs back even further until they were almost behind her ears and then thrust my cock deeply inside her womb. Burying my penis right up to the hilt.
“My lord it’s even bigger than it looks. You are so deep inside me. ” These words gave me an even greater desire to fill her up more than she had ever been filled before. Faster and faster I fucked her and her breathing became quicker and quicker until without warning I pulled out of her and almost violently spun her over so her arse was now facing me and using my own spit and spunk to lubricate her bum hole I forced my penis into her anus.
“Aaagh that’s not part of the plan!” She cried out.

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   But I just forced my cock even further into her back passage.
“You know you want it really you dirty slut!” My movements in and out of her arsehole were now rhythmically in tune with hers. Whether she was actually trying in vain to pull away from me as I delved ever deeper into her I was not sure but there seemed to be a synergy between us at that moment of complete unity that I felt at the point of my ejaculation and my feelings of total ecstasy. I was once again sated so pulled out of her back passage and let the drips of sperm trail from my penis onto her lower back and walked out of the bedroom and this time out of the back door and onto the street.

To be continued