I was pushing my cock slowly in and out of my wife’s cunt, we were in the doggy position, I was enjoying the sight of my thick cock as it plunged deep inside the moist hole.
We’ve left the TV on, and it was by the light coming from the TV that I could see my cock disappearing and reappearing from her cunt.
Also we had a big mirror on top of the duchess and I could watch myself in it too.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something moving in the mirror.
I didn’t stop fucking my wife, but did take notice of that corner of the mirror that I thought I’d seen something move.
Then, I saw what had caused the slight movement in the mirror.
It was my 18 year old granddaughter standing in the darkness, just outside the partly opened bedroom door.
She was spying on us.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Jessie had her nightie shoved up and had her hand down inside her panties playing with herself while she watched me fuck her grandmother.
Instead of becoming alarmed at seeing her there, I felt my cock harden even more than it already was.
The knowledge that my young granddaughter was getting herself off whilst watching us having sex seemed to send a thrill right through me.
I slowly pulled my stiff cock out of my wife’s cunt and told her to suck me off for a while.
She turned around on the bed to face me and took my cock inside her mouth and began to suck me off.
I looked in the mirror and knew that Jessie could still clearly see my cock going in and out of my wife’s wet mouth.
I was watching Jessie’s small hand moving inside her panties and wished it was my hand that was down inside there.

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I saw Jessie’s hand moving faster and knew that she was getting real close to having an orgasm.
That was more than enough to trigger my own climax.
I started to shoot hot cum deep inside my wife’s throat, wishing it that was Jessie’s throat I was fucking.
Just as I was finishing, I saw Jessie pull her hand out of her panties and wipe them dry on her nightie, then she left.
Afterwards, I was lying there thinking about what had just happened.
If my wife ever found out Jessie was spying on us having sex, she’d hit the roof.
The next day, Jessie appeared to act normally, so I knew that she didn’t realize that I’d seen her watching us fucking.
When both my wife and Jessie had gone out of the house, I went into Jessie’s bedroom and picked up her soiled panties and sniffed them.
God, her panties smelt wonderful, I couldn’t stop myself from licking at the crotch of her panties, feeling my cock stiffen as I did so.
Taking my cock in my fist, I pulled myself off into the crotch of her panties.
I then took them into the bathroom and washed them vlean, knowing they’d be dry long before Jessie or my wife came back home.
That night, I again started to make love to my wife, but this time I had her sitting on top of me, I’d positioned myself so that I could still see the mirror just in case Jessie decided to watch us again.
Sure enough, within a couple of minutes, I saw Jessie standing just outside the bedroom door again.
I watched carefully in the mirror as my wife slowly raised and lowered herself on my thick cock.
I knew Jessie would clearly see my cock entering my wife’s cunt.

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I watched as Jessie raised the hem of her nightie upwards and was pleasantly surprised to find out that this time, she wasn’t wearing any panties.
The was enough light being cast back at her from the light from the TV, for me to clearly see her bush between her thighs.
Again, my cock seemed to grow another inch inside my wife’s cunt as I watched Jessie’s small hand reach down between her thighs and start to masturbate.
I watched as she slipped a couple of her fingers deep inside herself as she spied on us.
Jessie seemed to time her hand movements to the movement of my cock entering my wife’s cunt.
Once again, we seemed to climax at the same time.
The following night, I decided that I’d use the vibrator that I had in my bedside drawer on my wife while Jessie watched as I knew she would do.
Jessie once more appeared outside our bedroom door.
Once again she surprised me.
This time, she was standing there completely naked as she reached between her thighs and started to masturbate.
I leaned over and took out the vibrator from my sock drawer and used it on my wife, watching the refection of the naked young girl in the mirror the whole time.
Then I fucked my wife harder and deeper than usual and she remarked that I was getting hornier as I got older.
We both laughed as I watched the naked form of Jessie moving back towards her own bedroom.
The following day, I opened my sock drawer to get myself a pair of socks and noticed straight away that the vibrator was no longer where I’d placed it.
I looked everywhere in our bedroom, then had a thought.

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I went to Jessie’s bedroom and searched her room.
I found the vibrator under her pillow and brought it out into the open and smelt it.
I wasn’t too sure if it smelt any different from when it’d been inside my wife’s cunt, so wasn’t sure if Jessie had already used it.
I took it into the bathroom and washed it, making sure there was no smell left on its surface.
Then, I replaced it under Jessie’s pillow and left the bedroom.
My wife and I had never had this much sex in one week before and she joked about having a young girl staying with us that was making me so horny.
I just laughed it off and told her she should be happy I’m so horny and to enjoy it for as long as it lasted.
That night Jessie once more appeared outside our bedroom door totally naked, but this time she was carrying the stolen vibrator in her hand, and as I started to fuck my wife in the doggy position, I watched as Jessie placed the vibrator inside her own cunt and she kept pace with the movements of my cock inside my wife.
I wondered if she was wishing that it was my cock going deep inside her, instead of the vibrator.
Luckily my wife was a bit hard of hearing otherwise she’d have heard the vibrator softly buzzing away outside our bedroom door.
I rammed myself deep inside my wife, wishing the whole time I was fucking Jessie instead.
It didn’t take me too long to finish this time and as my cock slipped out of my wife’s cunt, I saw Jessie quickly slip the vibrator out of her self and head back to her bedroom.
My wife was tired that night and didn’t take too long before she fell asleep.
I turned the TV off and headed towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, as I passed Jessie’s bedroom, I thought I could hear the buzzing of the vibrator coming from behind the bedroom door.
I stood outside the bedroom door listening to the sound of the vibrator fucking my granddaughter.

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I could even tell by the pitch of the buzzing noise when she was pushing it deep within herself.
I felt my cock re-growing as I pictured it sliding in and out of that young hole.
I decided to see for myself and pushed open the door and walked boldly inside.
Jessie was lying on her back with my vibrator shoved deep inside her cunt; her legs were spread out to the sides of the small bed.
“Granddad!!!” Jessie exclaimed as she saw me standing totally naked inside her bedroom watching her.
She quickly covered herself up with the blankets, but couldn’t stop the noise of the vibrator from buzzing between her thighs.
 “Well if it’s good enough for you to stand outside my bedroom door and watch me fucking your grandmother, then its okay for me to stand here watching you use MY vibrator on your young cunt. ” I replied with a smirk on my face.
“But I wasn’t…” she started to say, but the buzzing noise coming from beneath the blankets made her reply to be useless.
She was red in the face with embarrassment at being caught out in two ways, (one) knowing she’d been seen standing outside my bedroom door watching me have sex with her grandmother, (two) knowing that I knew full well that she’d stolen my vibrator to fuck herself with.
Even though she was embarrassed at being caught out, she wasn’t too embarrassed to stare at my growing cock between my thighs.
I saw her eyes look towards my cock and felt proud that I had a 7inch long, 2 inch thick cock.
I sat down on the side of her bed and before she knew what I was going to do, I ripped her blankets off her, leaving her completely naked before my greedy eyes.
I took in the top of my vibrator sticking out from between her closed thighs and reached over and took hold of the top of it and gently slipped it out of her cunt.
Because it was coated with her juices, it slid out easily.

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I looked at the wetness coating the sides of my vibrator and before Jessie knew what I was going to do with it, I licked one side of it with my tongue.
I saw Jessie’s eyes widen in surprise at my actions and had to laugh.
Then, I reached over with my free hand and grabbed her left hand and I placed her hand squarely on top of my now very much erect cock.
It was still damp with my wife’s and my mixed juices and was slippery in Jessie’s small hand.
But to my pleasure, she didn’t bother to remove her hand from my cock.
Instead, she ran her fingers up and down its wet sides, fingering every vein running the full length of my cock.
As she continued her exploration of my cock, I placed my hand in between her thighs and gently, but firmly spread them apart.
She didn’t resist.
I then slowly ran my fingers all over her moist hole, enjoying the warmth and wetness on my fingertips.
We each explored each other’s genitals without a single word being spoken for at least 3-4 minutes.
I knew full well that I was going to be fucking my granddaughter very shortly.
So did she.
Then I moved her hand away from my cock and got onto the bed with her.
I placed myself over her small chest; my knees planted either side of her body, so that my erect cock was now only an inch away from her face.
“Open your mouth sweetheart.

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  ” I ordered her.
Jessie did as she was told and I moved forward just enough until the head of my cock slipped inside her mouth.
Looking at the bulges my cock caused either of her mouth, I was very tempted to blow my load deep inside her throat, but decided that I wanted my first load of cum to be inside her tight little cunt.

    So I gently pushed myself in and out of her mouth, wondering what she thought of her grandmother’s and my mixed juices inside her mouth.
    I’d ask her later when we were finished fucking.
    Suddenly Jessie gagged a bit as I pushed myself in a little deeper than I’d meant too.
    I had gotten a little carried away with what I was doing.
    I slipped my thick cock out of her warm, wet mouth and moved my body back down the bed, until I was now positioned between her opened thighs.
    Gripping her backside with both hands, I gently lifted her hips up into the air about 3-4 inches and placed my mouth fully over her moist young cunt.
    Having my mouth planted over my granddaughter’s cunt, I then pulled back a bit and looked her in the eyes.
    She was shocked at me for doing that, but also pleased.
    She’d seen me go down on my wife a few times and I bet she’d wondered what it’d feel like if I’d been going down on her.
    Well, now she knew.
    I teased her tiny clitoris with the tip of my tongue and she started to respond as I knew she would.
    She started to push herself downwards, onto my mouth, wanting something, anything inside her small cunt.

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    I obliged.
    I slipped my tongue as deep inside her tight cunt as it’d go, wishing that my tongue was as long as my cock.
    The taste of this young girl’s juices on my tongue seemed like a gift from god.
    I greedily drank her juices as quickly as she produced them.
    She was moaning softly to herself as she fucked herself against my probing tongue.
    I just hoped she didn’t make too much noise or she’d finish up waking my wife and all hell would break loose then.
    Suddenly, her whole body seemed to stiffen as she orgasmed against my probing tongue.
    I again tried to drink all of her juices, but some escaped from her and dribbled down the crack of her arse.
    When she’d finished cumming, I then got her to roll over onto her stomach.
    She knew that I was going to fuck her soon, but didn’t say a word in order to stop me.
    I lifted her up until she was now on her hands and knees in front of me.
    Staring at her tight anus staring back at me, I could see her juices glistering in the light from her bedside lamp.
    I leaned forward and lightly teased her anus with the tip of my tongue, causing Jessie to groan again in pleasure as she experienced feelings no other person had ever before induced in her young body.
    After tonight, she would no longer ever again be cast as an innocent young girl.
    I’d make sure of that.

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    As I tongue fucked her arse and cunt, she was pushing herself back against my mouth, wanting more.
    I intended to give her more, lots more in fact.
    Finally I stopped tongue fucking her and brought my face away from her backside.
    I moved myself further up the bed, until I was now right behind her upraised backside.
    Gripping the shaft of my rock hard cock, I placed it at the entrance to her very moist hole and started to push myself into her.
    Because she’s already busted her own hymen, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of breaking her in that way, but she had two other holes I could break in at a later date.
    At the same time, having her hymen out of the way only meant that it would be easier for my thick cock to penetrate her cunt.
    The head of my cock slipped pass her outer lips with only the slightest of resistance.
    Suddenly, I felt myself plunging deeper and deeper inside her tight walls as her vaginal muscles parted before my invading cock.
    Having your cock tightly squeezed inside a 18 year olds cunt is an experience not too be missed.
    It was like pushing your cock through a moist, warm vice.
    I gripped both sides of her hips and as I pushed inwards, I pulled her towards me, so that my thick cock bottomed out inside her.
    She’d give a soft grunt each time, but I knew it wasn’t hurting her too much as she didn’t try to stop me in any way.
    It wasn’t too long till I felt myself building quickly towards a climax.
    While I’d have liked it to last forever, I also knew that my wife could awaken at any moment and catch us in bed together.

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    I also knew that my wife would not be home tomorrow, leaving myself and Jessie alone for most of the day.
    As I pumped my hot incestuous seed inside her, I knew that it would only be a matter of a few hours before we’d once again be joined in sexual combat.
    “That was great granddad, thank you. ” Jessie said as I slipped out of her abused hole.
    She was smiling widely and so was I.
    I felt like a kid in a candy store with loads of money in my fist.
    “You’re more than welcome sweetheart. ” I answered with a smile. “Think we can do this again tomorrow when your grandmother is not here?” I asked.
    “Oh, yes please. ” She replied with a grin to match my own.
    “There’s a couple of other tricks I want to show you sweetheart, I’m more than sure you’ll like them. ” I added before getting off the bed and giving her a tender kiss on the lips.
    “I’m looking forward to it, granddad. ” she said grinning up at me.

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    I walked out of her bedroom, feeling on top of the world.
    I made sure that I washed her juices off my cock in the bathroom before heading back to my own bed.
    It wouldn’t do for my wife to smell another woman’s juices on my cock, now would it?
    As I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but re-play what’d happened in Jessie’s bedroom over and over inside my head.
    I got that horny thinking about it, I just had to wake my wife up and fucked her silly.
    I couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive.



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