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I am 18 years old and my 18 year old sister is the biggest slut in school. She would wear the shortest skirts and the lowest tops around campus to make sure all eyes were on Let me describe her to you. Shes about 5’2 105 pounds with the roundest most perfect ass you could ever imagine. She has long blonde hair nice round perky boobs (about medium b’s). ever since I hit puberty, I couldn’t keep my mind off her. I would always try to sneak peaks at her changing or right after she got in or out of the shower. And every once in a while I would steal a pair of her dirty thongs to blow my load I think she knew that I was attracted to her cuz it seemed like she was always teasing me. Bending over in her short skirts, walking around in only a bra and panties, asking for back rubs. I thought that’s as far as it would go and that I would never do anything more; One night she came home from a party all fucked up while our parents were out of town. She went to her room and passed out. I had been jerking off all night so I was already worked up when she stumbled in. I thought about and remembered that when shes drunk, nothing in the world can wake her up so I decided to have some I walked quietly over to her room and crept open the door. Yup I was right she was gone and wont b up till noon tomorrow. I walked up to her and just gazed at her with my cock in my hands. She was lying there in a tube top and a very short skirt. I started to feel her up over her clothes.

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   Her titties were so soft I just had to lick them. I pulled down her tube top. I saw her titties with an unobstructed view for the first time, and they were beautiful. I sucked on them until she started to moan. When I heard it I got scared and stopped. But she just kept on I decided to roll her over and take a look at that beautiful ass. I lifted up her skirt and saw my favorite pair of her thongs on. After seeing that I knew I had to fuck her. I pulled down her thongs and threw them in the corner. I ran my finger up and down her slit. She was soaked! I guess that tity sucking got her worked up. I put one finger in her. “holy shit” I almost yelled. She was so fucking tight. I worked her pussy with my fingers for a while before I decided its time to I got my cock ready.

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   I stroked my 7 inch slowly and entered her pussy at a slow pace. It felt sooo warm. About 3 inch in I hit a wall. “No way” I gasped. Shes a virgin, I figured she had fucked half the guys in school. Shes a little tease. This turned me on more. I took my cock out and I shoved it back in breaking the hymen and taking my teasing sisters I heard her grunt and I froze. My cock was in her cunt to the hilt if she woke up now there would be a lot of explaining. But thankfully she kept on snoozing. I started to thrust slowly in and out and started gaining momentum. Soon I was pile driving her pussy and grabbing on to that sweet ass of hers when I felt the need to cum. I thought to my self should I pull out. Nah. Shes probably on the pill anyway.

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   Dressing the way she does it was bound to happen one way or I kept on pumping her till I creamed and coated her insides with my seed. I don’t think I ever came so much before. After I was done, I pulled out and I saw some of my spunk leak out of her slit. What a sight, my sister passed out basically naked with my baby maker over flowing from her cunt. I had to get a pic of this. I ran to my room grabbed my phone, and shot a pic of her just lying there on her back (I flipped her over) with her legs spread and my seed spilling onto her bed. I got one of my gropping her titties and licking them. And one of me giving her and nice and dirty French I cleaned her cunt up a little bit till the flow stopped. Put her clothes back on then covered her up. I grabbed her panties which were crusty from her lady juices and went back to my room and fell asleep.
I woke up first the next morning forgetting why I felt so good. The I saw my sisters thong wrapped around my cock and remembered with a smile creaming all inside that cunt of hers. Around noon I heard her door open and her walk out in the same clothes I fucked her in last night. “Morning Ashley” I yelled smiling in spite of my self. She yelled something in audible back and I chuckled.

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   A few minutes later I hear the shower start and she got in. I didn’t bother with my usual spy on her thing because I had plenty to see last night. A few minutes later I hear a high pitched scream. Im guessing she just found my cum I thought. But try to put on a good act I ran to the bath room door and a said “is everything ok All I hear is “oh my god oh my god oh my god” she comes out of the shower in a bath robe with her eyes looking “whats “Can I trust you “ya of course you “Ok well last night, I went to a party and I got pretty messed up. I don’t remember what happened but now I woke up my cunt hurts, my panties are gone, im filled with jizz, and my hymen is “Oh my god” I said laughing a little in my head for using the same “Ya and the worst part is, is that im not on the pill and im This time I didn’t laugh. “So you might be O shit.
“Do you have any idea who it was?” In my head I was slightly relived. I was sure she was on the pill. And now I might be a father. My sister might be having my “Can you keep another “Ya of “The reason why I am even madder, is cuz I wanted you to be my “Ive seen you stroking your dick and I know you want me too. I maybe blonde but im not an idiot. I ve seen u looking down my shirts and up my skirts. Ive seen my cum stained thongs in my basket. Ive wanted to fuck you since you hit that growth spurt of yours, but I didn’t know how to approach I was in shock.

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   All this time and my sister wanted me? She wanted my “I don’t know what to “Say you want to fuck the shit out of me right “O hell She led me to her room and dropped her “I ve wanted this for so She went down to her knees and took out my cock and put it in her mouth. This was my first blowjob and it was I lasted 5 more minutes before “im gona She kept on sucking and I came in her mouth and she swallowed my whole load. “wow sis, for a first timer you sure can suck “first time, hahaha, no no no silly bro, ive sucked countless cocks and swallowed dozens of loads, but I was saving my cherry for you. ” She sighed a little bit after that. Then all of a sudden, now get over here and make my pussy She stroked me to a hard on again and I entered her cunt for the second time in less than 24 hours. I pounded her pussy like there was no tomorrow. “o fuckk fuck me lil bro fuck my cunt. ” I was pounding her for 18 mins when “oooooo oooooooo ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh omg omg omg im cummmmmmmmmmmmming! O baby ya fuck this cunt ooo I just gave my sister her first orgasm with a cock in her. We fucked for 5 more minutes before I felt the familiar sensation. “im gona cum sis!” “pull out! I cant risk it just incase im not I kept pounding her “Ash I fucked you last night after the party while you were asleep, I came in you I took ur she must have been turned on by this because she said “ooooooooo that’s hot ok cum in my cunt baby fill me with ur seed I want your baby” With those words, I came and filled her to the top “OOO I love having ur seed in After that we fucked the rest of that weekend. I must have filled her 18 times (it was a 3 day weekend) We decided not to tell our parents about the potential child until we were sure ash was Six weeks later we knew she was pregnant which was bound to happen because we were fucking at least once a day and even once at school in the teachers lounge. Ash told our parents the lie that it was some random guy from a party.
8 months later she gave birth to a baby girl. Ash dropped out of school to save her self the embarresment. I went to graduate and left for an out of state college where we could live together as husband and wife.

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            Our parents eventually found out and disowned us but that just made things easier so the rest of the world wouldn’t judge us.



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