Partying Cheerleader Style pt 2


Topic: Partying Cheerleader Style pt2 Partying Cheerleader Style part 2
It would help to read Partying Cheerleader Style 1 first.
The first day back of class was brutal. It was hard wondering the campus and trying to stay positive. It had only been a short while since my own sister sucked my cock at football game party. I was in shock. I took a week off school to get over what happened.
I wasn’t sure how life was going to change. Did the guys on the team know? Did the head cheerleader tell anyone what happened? Then there was my sister the cheerleader herself. How did this happen to us?
My mood was melon collie and it was my first day back. I was just wondering the halls going from class to class.
That night I returned home to an empty house. My sister has been away staying with friends ever sense the night of the party. I was kind of glad she wasn’t around. I didn’t enjoy blowing my wad in her mouth. Damn she could suck cock.
I went to my room and undressed to take a shower.

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   I grabbed a towel and headed down the hall. I was alone so walking naked through the house didn’t bother me. I took a shower and when I stepped out to dry off, I saw my sister standing there in her cheerleader outfit. She had my towel in her hand.
“Vicky!” I shouted, “What are you doing!”
“Do you mean right now?” She said coy with a small smile and staring at my cock. My sister was short only about 5’1” and very petite. She long black hair was almost waist length from never being cut. Her legs were very firm and she would always walked around in her uniform. Her thighs were very shapely from all the jumping and exercise she did. The uniform was red and white. The top was a tight sweater, that showed off her firm c-cup and the skirt was only long enough to cover her ass. Her body was a rock.
My parents pushed her in gymnastics, running, and cheerleading. Vicky only cheers now. She wants to get into college with her talents but I’m not sure she will make it.

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“Please hand me my towel. ” I said with a kind of shocked look. I could not believe that she was staring at my cock. Again.
“If you want it, you have to come and get it. ” She was staring at my cock again. The problem is that is was starting to get hard.
My sister watched as I stepped out of the shower and walked toward her. I needed to get my towel. I walked toward her and she handed me my towel. As I grabbed it though, she grabbed my cock. I jumped a little and so did my cock. She gave a quick stroke back and forth and it only added fuel to the fire. I was really hard again.
“Vicky! Please?” I pleaded, “I have to get on babyboygraphics.

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  com and get to work. I want to do this. This is wrong. ”
“That is not what it is. ” she replied, “You came in my mouth last week. You were bucking your hips at me and your cock was harder then it is right now. You grabbed my head and shot a huge load in my throat. You were not complaining that night. You have been staring at my ass for months. Your girlfriend has never done what I have done for you and you liked it. I know that you want me. I want you. I asked for you that night and made sure that Cheryl paired us together without telling anyone. Your friends don’t know that I was with you and no one other then Cheryl knows. We are free to do what ever we want.

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I was shocked at what she was saying. I could not help but be turned on at the same time. My cock was swelling in Vicky’s hand. I could feel my balls tighten. She was jacking me off in her cheerleader uniform. I looked down at her tits and she gripped tighter. I was going to cum in her hand if she kept going. But she didn’t.
“Oh, I forgot you have to go to work. Is babyboygraphics more important then me?” She said with a shove of her hip and a swing of her body.
She spun around on the balls of her feet and walked out toward my room.
“Where are you going?” I asked because now I was thinking with the other head.
“I want you to work. ”
“I want to talk some more. ”
“The time for talk is over.

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   You need to work. Come in here. ”
I was right there. When I walked into my room my sister was under my desk with only her uniform top on. I could see her skirt on my bed.
“Sit down and work. I want to suck your cock again. ” She said with a smile. “I want you to cum on my uniform. I have never let anyone do that. ”
My cock was pointing at her face now and I had no choice but to listen. I wanted to have her suck my cock again. She was 18 though. WOW! Where did she learn to suck cock like that? She was waiting for me, her mouth open slightly and her breast full. I could tell she was horny too.

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I sat down in the chair and pull up to the desk. Vicky went to work.
“Start drawing!” She demanded and grabbed my cock again.
So I accessed the site and began to draw. Vicky grabbed my cock and placed it in her mouth. She did not hesitate. It was not like the first time. She was slow then, seductive. She made love to my cock. This was different. She sucked my cock. She grabbed it at the base and plowed her head on it stroking my shaft as she worked the tip. She was drooling and gagging on some strokes. I was not working I was getting the best blowjob of my life. I was going to cum in her mouth again.

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“Vicky, I am going to cum. ” I said, “I can’t hold on forever. ”
“I know, just let it go and tell me when so that I can get it on my uniform. ”
I gripped the arms of the chair and closed my eyes. She was making all kinds of noise. She was gagging and sucking and stroking my cock.
I gripped the arms tighter and told her that I was going to cum.
Vicky pulled my cock out of her mouth covered in her saliva and stroked my cock with two hands. She aimed the tip at her tits and stroked harder and harder until I am. I blew like a volcano. I had not cum in a week so there was a lot to go. I shot hot sticky stream after stream on her uniform top.
I clasped in the chair and sank down. I looked down at Vicky to see what I had done. She was smiling and rubbing my cum in her top.

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   I was spent. I rolled back away from the computer to let Vicky out.
As she climbed out from under the desk I could see my sister in all her glory. She was only wearing her cheerleader top with a very big cum stain on the front. She had her bloomers on and no shoes. Her ass was tight her pussy lips were tighter. I remembered that Vicky said no one had fucked her yet. I could see the wet spot right at the folds of her pussy. I knew she was horny.
She walked over to the bed and sat down. She spread her legs showing me a very wet pussy. “I want you to be my first. I have never let anyone fuck me before. I have never even let a guy finger me. I want you.

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My cock was still hard when I stood up and walked over to her…
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