part 3 comeing out to mom about crossdreeing ( da comes home for visit)


Well it been almost a year since I told mom about my crossdressing and have been dressing 24/7 mom even got me on female hormonos about 3 months now . She called me into the kitchen she said I got something to tell you . Your father is comeing home for a 2 week vaction . I haven't really told him anything about you becomeing Paula it be hard for him not to notice your nails and that you had permitten hair removal and eyebrows shaped and waxed. But you can stay atBeckys if you want to while he here. Mom I said nicely what do you think I should do ? She said im talking to him later I see how he acts if I start explaining it to him ok .
That even mom told me she told him everthing about how and that I was living as Paula now . I asked well what did he say shesaid that it was ok because he never been around for us much and as long as you fallow through with everything and become Paula all the way he be there and can't wait to meet and see his daughter . Mom said that tomorrow we had to get up earlier tom
torrow and drop my car off at the airport for him and go shopping for some stuff and go by a special place .
The next day we got up dropped the car off at airport 130 miles away and went shopping mom went into one medical store and came out with a small bag saying that was a quick$140. 00 dollars spent and we finished shopping and left all the stores then she pulled up brick building and told me to come on we went in it was a doctors office mom fill out some papers and we went back to a rroom . We sat there a few mintues when a woman doctor came in and asked about the hormomos I was takeing and had me take off my top and checked out me very good then looked at me and said said ok you can get dresses again she sat down at her desk and pulled up on her computer pictures of me and what I would look like with differny size breats. She said that the one size her and my mom like the best was equal to a d-cup and she would do the surery in 3 months if I really wanted to do it.
On the way back home mom said what did I think about it I said well let dad see me first she ok its alot to think about. We got home that evening we got home and put stuff away we got that day when mom called me into her room and told me to lay on her bed she push up my dress and took my panties off me and grabbed the bag she got at the medical store. She push each of my nuts up in there sockets leaveing empty nut sack she pushed my dick down so she could wrap my empty sack aound it and took out some glue she got at medical store and made it look like it was pussy with a little whole at the bottom for me to pee out of .

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   I stood up and dam it look like i had a pussy with slightly swalland lips . she told me that glue wont break down for at least two weeks or more they didn't have the remover there. Well it didn't bother me any I liked it alot felt more fem that way.
The next day up I took bath loveing the new look and went into my room there was a pink full corset and sheer tan thigh high stockings on the bed . I put them on and use some of the glue mom got and glue my sillconed-cup tits on knowing how long the glue lasted medical super gule as mom called it . I did my make up stylied my hair and stuff when mom called me to her room she tighted the laces on the corset more and had me put on a very tite fitting pink mini dress and zipped it up she handed me of white and pink 5 inch spike heels to wear . THE dress was so tight i had to take smaller steps than normal I went in put on some cherry red lipstick and my rings and jewlery and went down stair to my surprise my had same dress an shoes and even lipstick as me .
We at the kitchen counter doing stuff when someone grabbed our ass we turn around quick and it was dad . he gave mom kiss and looked at me and said you look just like your mother when she was younger dam good . We ate and talked that nite till mom and dad went up to bed I could her mom all the way down down stairs it mad me horny as hell for dick. After while i went up stairs and got undressed and went to bed and played with my toys an went to sleep .
The next morning mom came in my room and woke me up by rubbing some of dad cum out of her pussy on my lips . She said hunny get up and take bath and dress very sexy for your daddy . I got up and did putting on a black half corset and gartor belt and matching back bra and lace thong . I put on some black sheer stockings and hook the gartor belt up to them and red tight leather micro mini skirt with a black & red lace and leather top did my make up and hair and stuff .

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   I put on my jewlry and dark red lipstick and red 5 inch heeled pumps an went down stairs
Dad said you look. nce he said lets go for a ride so we got into my car we drove for a good while and talk he asked if mom took me to the doctors appt. I said yes, he said well I want you to get them OK . i said sure I want to do it all but I have to come up with the money and it takes a few years to get it all done when he said that he pay for it all . We just pulled then pulled into a car dealership and said we got to find you better car . We walked around looked around for a good while till we came up on new red mustang we looked it over I told dad if it not a V-8 I didnt want it was we test drove it and trade my car he wrote check for rest of it . On the way home i thanked want must seemed a million time . He said your welcome and put his hand on stocking covered thing he said so smooth and soft like your mother . Well dad they better be due to me and mom had our whole bodies lazored hair removal so we would never have to worry about hair or shave again .
As we drove back toward home dad hand rubbed my leg more and higher I knew he could see my thong due to how short my skirt was and way I was sitting I notice he had big bulge in his pants. We came up on rest area I had him pull in and went into the ladies room and took my thong off and put it in my purse . I got back in the car as soon as we got back on the road dad had his hand on my thigh again I moved just enough so he could see my mom made blad pussy his fingers rubbed around it. So Ileaned over to give him kiss on the cheeck so my hand could feel his cock when leaned back to my set and moved my hand dad said you can leave your hand there I placed my hand back on his laprubbing his cock threw his pants . He felt bigger than Mike Iknew it was wrong thatbut I wanted my own dad he took his hand off my leg an unbuttoned his pants then put his hand back up my skirt . I
unzipped his pants and put my hand inside them he was bigger than Mike was I wanted to at least suck him he did buy me a car and paying for stuff for me .

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We came up on a side road which I had him pull down and pull off the side of in a seclude spot I got out of the car and walked over to his side he kissed me for a good mintue he sat down on the edge of the seat I pulled his pants down and got between his legs and licked the head of his cock he was hung like a horse his thick cock filled my mouth full I sucked and licked that cock for at least 18 mintues when he stared to fill my mouth with his hot thick cum it seem that i swallowed a gallon of it but did not waste one drop of it . I got up and he stood up fix his pants and kissed me with his hand under my skirton my bare ass his finger on my moist boy-pussy hole he said thatthat was the blow job he ever had and I was better than momhe kissed me again and said can daddy fuck you tonight , i shook my head yes an we got in the car an went home .
Mom looked at the car and smile when she seen that I wasnt wearing any panties she said so did you all have good time today ? Dad yes he enjoyed the time he got to spend with his little new girl . Mom ask me to take her for ride in my new car she wanted to no what we did and I told her about what happen then asked her if i asked if daddy could fuck me she said yes.