part 2 comeing out to mom about crossdressing


Well the next day mom,Becky and myself (Paula) got earlierwent shopping and loaded the car up with clothes and femme things for me . Becky asked mom what are you going to say when Paula father comes home and your husband. Mom said well he can accept my new daughter or get out . We driven to the mall 130 milesaway an were on the way home and Mom told Becky what I had told her after she left lastnite.
We got back home and were up in my room putting away all the stuff mom had bought for me that day . When Becky asked if I was serious about wanting real cock and guy , I told yea I was . She and mom finished helping me put stuff away then they went to moms room for a few mintues and Becky and mom said that we were going to have small party that night . I said ok but dam who would come nobody in this town but old people. Becky said she had to go and she see us tonite.
Mom said well you get take bath and get dessed she then left and went down stairs . I took bath and mom was doing stuff around house and come up by me and said oh this is a theme party so you need to wear and look slutty ok. Well I picked out a red full corset victornian type which mom laced up for me and pull so tite it took aleast 3 or more inches off my waist . Black small hole fishnet thigh high stockings an hooked then to the gartor straps that were on the corset then put on my flase silcon life like breast and pulled up the shoulder straps on the corset and put on a matching g-string . Did my make up makeing sure when I did my lips that put on the dark cherry red non-smear type with what look like glitter in it and shine coat over it. Some very lagre hoop earrings and mtching gold wide choker neckles . I picked out a black leather micro mini skirt that barely covered my ass showing the top of my stockings and the gartor hooks a matching leather zip front and lace sleeve top .

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   I put on some 5. 5 inch black with metal spikesandle type heels that laced up my legs almost to my knees , put on my brown wig with blonde high lites in it and my rings on 7 fingers and bracelets .
Well I looked in my full lenght mirror dam I looked like I was ready for the street conner but looked good . I went down stairs and mom said dam you look slutty as hell but great . Mom said she had to go to the next town to go get some chips she was out . I said do you want me to go get them this way you can get ready . She said are you sure you want to go , I said yep . She handed me trench type coat to wear and the keys to here car . I drove to there but didn't park by the store , that town as dead as our town was so I parked down the block and walk down to the store with coat open walked in got chips and the clerk said we don't ever get girls like dressed in here I said thank you . We were only ones in there and talked a mintue he asked me if I wanted a bag I said sure but bigger one so I could put my coat in it. He handed me the bag and I took it off he said was nice to meet you and walk down the street back to the car .
I got home and went in mom was in the kitchen in a black latex miro mini dess with big holed fish net crocthless hoses on evertime she moved just rite you seen her smooth cunt and hell it was so tite here big tits and pointed nipples shoe great . Itold herwant happen at the store she goes was it fun . Hell yea I said . Becky called and mom her talked then i over heard mom said yea it was Paula I went down to get chips .

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   She hung up and said we got to go get Becky her car wont start I said I would stay home she said no .
We went out to get in the car and mom said no we taken the corvett due it aint been driven in few days . We got to the town were I got the chips I seen the store were I chips was closed . Then mom pulled in a parking lot and Becky got out of a pick up wearing samething as mom but it was blue in stead of black . I looked over and seen she the pick up she got out of was beening driven by the guy from the store . She told us to get out and walk over there he smiled at me and I did to , Becky said this is my son Mike and interduced me to him as Paula. He said he told his mom about me when he got home and she told all about you. I said did she tell you everything he said yes she did . My mom said well lets go back to house thats when Mike asked if I could ride with him and talk before we came to the house . Becky and mom said yes but be at the house in hour .
Mike asked me if I 'd like to walk around town and talk I said yes . So we walked around talking about stuff our moms and how I told my mom about wanting to dress stuff , when we stopped he said im glad you did or we never met an rite ther in the street he kissed me and there were few people looking . He grabbed my hand and said we better go to your house we walked back to his pick up and agot in and set next till we got there .
We walked in and our mom wre sitting on the couch with mixed drinks and legs speard with their hands on each others cunt . I said Mike and I was going in to get drink kitchen and be back .

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   So when we headed in there and got our drink and kissed some more and Mike said how wild are you ? I said well look at me and I have fucked my mom and yours has fucked me to as you have fucked yours and my mom too and asked why . He said let make out in front of them and go from there I said ok. So we went back into the den and sat down on the small couch .
Our mom sat over there talking and Mike an I started kissing and makeing out I soon had his pants undone and my hand inside themplaying with his cock he didn't have any underware on which made it easier for me he took his shirt off . I kissed and I kissed his chest . I could see mom and Becky play with each other you could see the jucies running out of there cunts . I unzipped my top as I kissed him taken it off and my skirt too . So i was only in corset heels and stockings , I kissed my way down down his chest to his pants and slide them down his cock was as hard as a rock and was about 7 inches and thick I licked it from the base of it up to the head then lickig around the head of it then open my lips and slowly took him in my mouth , he said my shiney red lips so dam good on it . I started sucking him and mom and Becky was rite there and licked andsucked his ballswhen Becky said you like it don't youI just keep sucking when he started to tense up he said he was going to come but i didn't stp sucking I felt he shot the first steam of hot load and it hit the back of my thoart then came more i sallowed most of it and mom an Becky kissed me make sure they got taste too . I told them both that I liked the feeling of cock and taste of it in my mouth.
We all sat there on the couch Becky and mom were naked all but there heels I felt my moms pssy she was sloppy wet and Mike said his mom was to when he asked the to eat other did they ever go to town on each other there face buried in each others cunt licking away .
As we watch them and kissed some Mike dick was hard again I seen some lube and rubbed it on his cock and climbed on his lap faceing him and told it was my first time with a guy . I postion my ass and slowly lowered my ass down on his cock I felt the tip of it and push down so it slide in me ther was so me pressure as his cock sterched open my as but it felt good . I stopped with just the head of his cock inside me with my arms around his neck I kissed him hard an pushed down till I had all of his cock in me he felt a million times better than a dildo . I rode him slowly at first an I guess lound moaning we end up on the floor with me on top so I could feel ever inch of his thick cock in me , Becky and mom had moved so he waslick his mother pussy as she sat on his face and my mom had stood up and had my face buried in her pussy I licked her wet pussy as I rode Mikes hard cock .

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  Soon Mike was comeing inside me and hot seed felt so good . Mom grabbed my head and pushed my face and tounge deep in wet cunt and sceamed when she came and Becky did the same when she came all over her son Mike face .
We all layed on the floor for a while and mom told she never came like that in her life she said it was so hot watch you suck and you getting fucked. I ended up seeing Mike on a steady bases we lett mom and Becky watch sometimes an they love it. .