Paris Learns Her Lessons From Daddy


“Paris you couldn’t wait for me?” Paul asks with a devilish grin on his face. “No, don’t stop keep going for me. You know how I like to watch you stroke your beautiful pussy. ” “No, I don’t want to cum just yet Paul. I want to tell you something really important first. You have asked me a number of times about when I gave up my virginity and I thought tonight I would tell you. Now before I tell you this I just want you to know that you might be really shocked and I hope that you will keep an open mind and just let me finish before you say anything. ” “Ok I think I can do that, but only if you keep rubbing your pussy and tasting your juices while you tell me. ”“Ok I think I can do that for you,” Paris says as she slides her fingers back over her swollen clit. When I was growing up my father was almost always the one who would bathe me. Because I was used to him bathing me I did not really question that he kept bathing me even as I grew older. There were also other things that were somewhat out of the ordinary like when I was in trouble for something he would spank me on my bare ass even when I got older. He would spank me and then slide his hands over my ass for a few minutes and then spank me a few more times. Then he would brush his fingers through the crack of my ass and his fingers would graze my pussy at the same time. Sometimes he would also squeeze my ass in his hand a couple times before he told me that I had been punished enough this time. I really did not question this stuff though, because I did not really know for sure if there was anything not normal about it.

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  One weekend my mother was gone visiting a friend and it was just my father and I at home alone. I was riding my bike up and down the driveway. It was getting to be dusk and he came out onto the porch to tell me it was time to come in. I ran up onto the porch and he scooped me into his arms and carried me into the house. He squeezed me tightly in his arms and said, “I think it is time for Daddy to give his baby a bath. ” We went into the bathroom and I stood in front of him as he undressed me. He pulled off my shoes and socks and then slid my skirt down to the floor. Then he pulled my T-shirt over my head and knelt down in front of me. He slid his hands up my sides and then over my breasts. He smiled at me and said, “Mmmmm Daddy’s baby is growing some pretty titties. ” “That feels funny when you touch them Daddy. ” “That’s ok it is supposed to feel that way when Daddy touches your titties. Tonight Daddy is going to give you a really special bath and I am going to pay extra special attention to your titties and your other special spots. ”With that he slid my panties off and sat there for a moment admiring my young hairless pussy. Then he reached out his hand and stroked his fingers across my pussy lips.

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   He always did that so even though it made me feel a little strange I did not question it. “Ok lay down in the bathtub and Daddy will get you all wet. ” I lay down and he began to swish the water over my body with a face cloth. Then he began to wash my body. He lathered the soap in his hands and had me stand up in the tub. He quickly went over most of my body with his soapy hands and then returned to my little ass. He smiled at me as he cupped my ass in his hands. Sliding his hands over my ass, making larger then smaller circles with his fingers, kneading my little girl flesh in his hands he said, “Oh baby what a beautiful tender little girl ass you have. Turn around for Daddy. That’s it baby. Put your hands on the wall and push your little peaches out for Daddy. Mmmmm How sweet it is. I can see your little pink pussy lips just peeking out at me. ” With that he slid his thumbs down my ass pulling the cheeks open and began to massage my puckered hole. He moved his thumbs down to lift my cheeks up and open and then ran them up and down my tiny pussy lips.

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   Spreading my pussy open so I was completely exposed to him. “Daddy this doesn’t feel right. I don’t think we should be doing this. ” “It’s ok baby. It only feels funny, because this is all new for you. Daddy is going to make you feel really good tonight. Just relax and enjoy it. Now lay back down so I can rinse you off. ”So, I lay down in the water and he rinsed the soap off my body. Bringing his hands back up to my tiny breasts he began to squeeze them in his hands. “Mmmm doesn’t it feel good when daddy feels your titties? Ah that’s it your little nipples are perking up for me. That’s great baby. Look at those nipples getting hard under my fingers. They are telling me you like it when daddy rubs them for you. Lets get you out of the tub and dry you off.

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   There is so much more daddy is going to do to make you feel really good. Come on in my bedroom and get up on the bed. ” We went into my parent’s bedroom and I got up on the bed. I felt nervous and scared. Daddy had always acted a little strange towards me, but this was all new and I did not know what to expect. I had no idea what he was going to do next. My mother had explained a little bit about what adults do in sexy ways, but she told me daddy would explain the rest when the time was right. The next thing I know my daddy was getting undressed. I was shocked and really did not know what to think then. I had never seen a man naked before. I had seen my friends brother Shawn naked once for just a minute, but he did not look anything like my daddy. My daddy had a big penis hanging down between his legs and his body had lots of hair all over it. Shawn’s penis didn’t look anything like my daddy’s either. My daddy’s penis was really long and fat and it had skin over the top of it. I looked up and was embarrassed to see that daddy had been watching me stare at his penis.

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   I could feel my face getting red and hot. He smiled and chuckled. “Don’t be embarrassed baby. You just keep looking all you want. I am going to get up here next to you so you can take a closer look. You are going to get to know everything there is to know about this cock and many other important sexy things that little girls should know. Now I know that your mommy talked to you a little bit about how men and women do adult sexy things. Tonight I am going to teach you all the things that your mommy talked to you about and more. So, lets start learning. ”He got up on the bed in front of me. His big cock was just inches from my face. I could not help but stare at it. He began to stroke it in front of my face. The skin that was over the top was sliding back and forth over it and the top part underneath was pinkish purple and all wet looking. While he was stroking his cock he reach over with his other hand and began to pull on my nipples and roll them in his fingers.

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   “Ok baby your lessons are beginning. The skin that is over my cock is foreskin and that big purple wet thing is the head of my cock. Since I am touching you and making you feel good it is time for you to touch me and make me feel good too. Bring your hands up and wrap them around daddy’s fat cock. Now I want you to stroke up and down my shaft with your little hands. Mmmmm that’s it baby girl make your daddy feel good. Ok now stick out your tongue and lick the head like it’s your favorite ice cream cone. It is going to be your favorite soon”“No, daddy I don’t want to do this. I am going to tell mommy when she gets home if you don’t stop this weird stuff. ”“Listen baby you are going to do this sexy stuff with daddy. Mommy went away this weekend so that we could have time alone for daddy to teach you how to do all this sexy stuff. When she gets home mommy is going to teach you how to do sexy things with girls and then we are going to do sexy things with you together. You are going to be out little sex toy. Now I can make you learn or you can cooperate with daddy and be a good little girl and do what I say. Either way you are going to learn your lessons tonight and every night after this that I decide to teach you how to be a good little fuck toy.


   Now be a good girl and open your mouth for daddy’s penis. That’s it little princess lick daddy’s fat cock head. Yessssss you are a good girl. Now suck on daddy’s cock head. Oooooh yes I know it is big for your mouth just do the best you can. Mmmmm suck more of it into your mouth. Open big and wide so I can shove more in there. Ahhh yes doesn’t daddy’s cock taste good? Now don’t cry princess this is a tasty treat daddy is giving you. I know it is hard for you to take all this meat in your mouth. I can feel your throat gagging on my cock. That makes daddy’s cock head feel great, but if you keep crying it is just going to make it harder for you to keep sucking me. Just take a couple deep breaths and open big and wide. Mmmmm now you’re getting it. Ahhh yes suck me good sweetie. Now move down here and suck on daddy’s balls.

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   Slow down a little there sweetie. You can’t be as eager with my balls as you are with my cock. Be gentle with my sack when you suck it into your mouth. That’s better suck them real good with your soft little baby lips you make daddy's balls feel so good. Your getting daddy sack all filled up with cum. Pretty soon here you are going to get your first taste of cum. Stroke my cock while you suck my balls into your mouth. Oh yes it’s almost time for my princess to get a nice warm cum drink. I bet your thirsty for my cum aren’t you baby girl? Ok back up here and suck daddy’s prick into your mouth. Move up a little more so I can reach those baby boobies. Ah that’s it suck me harder. I can feel your little nipples getting harder. That means you are liking all this and you want more which is good because this is just the first load I am going to give you tonight. Oh yesssss here it comes. Now drink it all down sweetie.

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   Whatever doesn’t go down your throat is going to go all over your pretty princess face and all over your baby girl titties. ”I felt his hot cum begin to pump into my mouth. It felt like it would never end. I was trying to swallow and not gag on it, but it awful tasting stuff. At the same time he was pulling, pinching and twisting my nipples so hard I could not help but cry some more. I did not know whether I was crying so much from the pain he was causing my nipples or more from his huge cock being stuffed in my throat and choking me with his cum. Finally I just could not keep up with the load he was filling my mouth with and his cock popped out of my mouth. Per his command I kept stroking it as he pumped the last of his load on my mouth, cheeks, and tits. “Oh princess for your first time sucking cock you did great. . Now lets wipe those tears away. You look so cute with your tears and my cum mixing on your face. No more crying baby most grown women don’t even suck cock as well as you just did and you swallowed most of my load. I am very proud of you. I know that your mommy is going to be really proud of you too when she sees how well you can suck my cock.

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   I know that your uncle and your gramps are going to be really happy about what a good cocksucker you are too when we share you with them. You really are a sweet treat. I have waited so long for this. I am glad I finally getting to have fuck and suck sessions with you. ”I was horrified at the thought. I at least knew what fucking was and I could not believe that he was actually planning on fucking me too. It was bad enough that he just made me suck his cock and drink his cum, but now he wanted to fuck me too and he was planning to share me with other men in our family and my mother was in on it too. I just could not believe the awful mess I was in. It was beginning to sink in that anyone I thought I would be able to tell about this was also in on it and wanted to turn me into a fuck toy as much my father did. “You look upset baby. You really should not be though. You will see that you will learn to love being the family sex slut. You are going to learn to crave the attention of my cock and you will not be able to get enough. ”“Daddy are we done now? I really just want to go to bed and get some sleep. ” “Oh no baby we are not done yet.


   There is still so much more I have to teach you. In chapter 2 Paris tells Paul just how her daddy took her cherry. .



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