Parents teach their daughter part 8


     For several days, things were quiet around the house. Samantha did not mention any more lessons that she wanted, and I hoped that this would not be the end of it. When Darrin fucked me, all I could fantasize about was seeing the plunge of his engorged cock into Samantha's eager cunt, the sounds of their bodies slapping together, the squish of my daughter's very juicy, wet cunt being pounded towards orgasm by Darrin's rampant surge, the sight of them cumming, the mingled grunts, shrieks and howls of climactic completion, the bliss of climax playing across my daughter's face, Darrin's hard thrusting, driving his jetting cock as deep as possible, filling our daughter's eager cunt and I would cum like a fucking train, my god, I would explode like a bomb.

     Friday, just after school, I heard Samantha and one of her friends enter, and as I came out of the kitchen, my mouth got dry and my heart started to pound. Misty, that wild redhead was here, and she had an overnight bag.

     "Hi Mom, I asked Misty if she could have a sleepover, I didn't think you'd mind, so I just took the liberty of asking her, you don't mind, do you?" Samantha asked me, a devilish gleam in her eye.

     I collected myself enough to reply, "No, no problem at all, how are you Misty?"

     She smiled, and said, "I'm great Mrs. Larson, how are you?"

     "Oh, I'm feeling fine", I replied.

     While we were making small talk, I eyed her, fuck, what a package. That wild red hair to her shoulders, a face that had a small nose, lambent green eyes, and full, luscious red lips, that I'd love to feel sucking my cunt, and watch, gliding up and down Darrin's stiff cock. Samantha stood just behind Misty, watching me, grinning at my reaction. She stuck her tongue out, and gave a great pantomime of licking pussy, as she looked right at Misty's back. My eyes wandered lower, taking in the sight of her very round, grapefruit sized breasts, and the voluptuous, not fat, swell of her body, Samantha was a more slender, athletic type, and Misty's hips flared out in a classic hourglass shape, and I could feel my inner cunt starting to flutter with desire. My college roommate Melissa and I had a 6 year, torrid love affair while we were at college. Melissa had been a redhead, with an insatiable sex drive, with a wonderfully sexy zaftig body, just like Misty, and I was eager to see if we could get Misty into our family lessons. Samantha had a hopeful look, she was also eager to see what might develop.

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     "Let's go upstairs and get you settled, I have a queen size bed, lots of room, so you can sleep with me in my bed", Samantha said.

     As she led Misty towards the hallway, and the staircase, I got a good look at her ass. Luscious, wonderfully shaped globes, my god, I wanted to kiss those shapely cheeks, and lick at her tight little hole right then and there.  

     Samantha said, "You go upstairs, I'll be right with you, I just need to get my book bag. "

     As soon as Misty was upstairs, Sam turned to me, and whispered, "Mom, tonight, I want you and Daddy to make loud, passionate love, and leave the door slightly ajar. I'm going to act curious, drag Misty with me if I have to, so we can watch you and Daddy fucking wildly, and after, I'll see what she's thinking and feeling, see if she's interested in getting in on some action. I invited her to stay over the weekend, she said yes, so, we'll have more time to work on her, see if she's up for what our horny minds can think up. I hope so, my pussy's twanging already, I just want to lick her cunt so much, I can almost taste it!"

     Sam grabbed her book bag, and bounded up the stairs, my cunt had become a burning, drenched pit of lust, and I quickly hurried into the downstairs bathroom. I shoved three fingers up my soaking hole, and a few quick strokes of my twitching clit were all it took before I could feel the rush of orgasm.

     "Fuck, oh fuck, damn, so fucking hot, wanna lick her cunt, lick that tight asshole, sit on her face and spray her with my cum, watch Darrin fuck her, suck my cunt Misty, lick Sam's cunt, suck Darrin's cock, swallow his cum, fuck YEAH!"

     I grunted as I felt my orgasm grab me, filling me up, making my body quiver and shake, as I imagined all those things we wanted to do to that wild redheaded sexpot. I was ready to put on a good show tonight, and see if Misty got any ideas from that.

     When Darrin came home, the girls were upstairs, so I quickly filled him in on Misty staying overnight, and how Sam wanted us to make some loud, passionate love, they would "secretly" watch us, and Sam would see if it gave Misty any ideas.

Darrin grinned, he was as up for it as Samantha and I were.

     Around 18 PM, when Darrin and I said goodnight, Sam smiled, and her and Misty trooped off to Sam's bedroom. In our bedroom, we quickly stripped naked, and Darrin started to work on me, his kisses and caresses starting my inner fire going.

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   We rolled around on the bed, I was giggling with delight, I spread my legs, and with a big smile and wide open thighs, I welcomed him in. As he notched his cock against me, I could see the bedroom door push open further, and there they were. Samantha was almost totally naked, she was clad in just her tight, baby-blue satin panties, and Misty was wearing tight black panties and a matching black bra, and I wanted to let Misty hear how good it is when Darrin fucks me.

     "Fuck, oh yes, fuck me lover, ram that big hard cock in me, and fuck me hard. Drive it in, hump my ass off, and then let it go, I wanna feel the explosion, the spray of your thick cum gushing hotly inside me, making me cum like crazy, fill up my horny womb, DO IT!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, without looking directly at the door, he had seen the girls in his peripheral vision, and he grinned at me, knowing that we had two horny teens watching us. He drove it in, burying deep in one thrust, and I grunted with pleasure.

     "Yes, yes, split open my horny cunt, fuck I love the feeling of my tight walls being opened by that hard forceful push!"

     I quickly brought my legs around his waist, and let him go. Darrin pulled back and eagerly drove his  hard on back in, giving my creaming cunt the stuffing I crave, hearing Darrin's grunt of pleasure as he rammed in, right to the balls. I felt his hands cupping my ass, and he started to ride me, hard, jack-hammering his thickness into me.

     I decided to look right at the doorway, and I saw what I had hoped for. There was enough light for me to see my daughter, her hand buried in her panties, furiously rubbing herself. Misty had tossed away her bra, one hand tugging and tweaking her stiff nipples, the other one stroking at the outline of her pussy through her panties. She saw me looking, she looked startled, wondering if I was going to break it up. I smiled, licked my lips and blew a kiss right at her, mouthing the words, "keep going". She smiled back, encouraged, she slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties, and started fingering her creamy center wildly.

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     I could feel my cunt getting ready, fuck, it was so hot, pure, primal, animalistic fucking, the room was full of our grunts, moans and cries of mingled ecstasy.

     I could feel the quivering deep down, keeping my eyes fixed on Samantha and Misty, I howled, "Yes, keep fucking me, let it go, baby, I want to feel the heated load your big balls have for me, squirt it sweetheart, spray it deep inside, I want you to flood my cunt! I'm so, I'm so, Oh God, I'm almost there, don't stop, don't stop, don't, don’t, don't, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!"

     I let out a shriek of pure sexual pleasure as my body was racked by orgasm, my cunt started to pulse and squirm crazily. That took Darrin over, as my husband made that sound I knew so well, and I let myself ride the wave of pleasure as his cock burst and unleashed a torrent, my cunt spasming crazily around his thick, throbbing cock as he pumped his thick cream deep inside the tightness of my clenching cunt, our howls of climax filling the bedroom.   I could hear muffled grunts, and watched Samantha and Misty, seeing the bliss as they stroked their sexy teen cunts to orgasm, and that made my own heated center writhe crazily as I was rocked by a second orgasm. They smiled at me, blew me a kiss, and slipped away to Sam's bedroom. As I reveled in the afterglow, I hoped that Darrin, Samantha and myself could get much closer to Misty this weekend.

     The next morning, I had my answer. Samantha was downstairs early, as I was, Darrin and, as Sam told me, Misty, were late sleepers, while Sam and I were the classic early birds.

     "Would you like to hear what happened after we watched you?" Sam asked, grinning at the rhetorical question, and continued on, "when we got back to bed, we lay for a while, until Misty told me a story.

When we were 15, we had a sleepover at Emma's house, there were 5 of us, and Misty told me that at about 1 in the morning, Emma's dad woke her up. Misty told me that she had been flirting with her Dad the last few times she had been over there, since Emma's parents are divorced, and Misty always thought that Emma's Dad was hot looking, and wondered if she could coax a 38 year old to fuck her, even though she was only 15, the same age as Emma. Misty had been eager to lose her virginity, but not to some fumbling, horny jerk of a teenager, she wanted a real man to do it for her. Mr. Lister asked her if she wanted to do more that flirt, and she had eagerly said yes. Mr.

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   Lister led her out of Emma's bedroom, and in the master bedroom, Misty got her wish. She told me that the foreplay he had covered her body with, getting her primed up to a fever pitch, then the hard, stiff push of his eager prick opening her up, and the plunge of his cock deep inside, tearing through her annoying hymen, getting that barrier to fun and games out of the way, getting deflowered by Emma's Dad felt even better than she'd hoped for. Mr Lister mustn't have gotten any for way too long, they'd done it three times, each time he'd pumped a thick load into Misty's tight crevice, before Mr. Lister had gotten enough to satiate his need. She told me that he kept telling her how hot she was, how her redheaded pussy drove him crazy as he fucked her, and how it felt when his loads would gush into her, filling her up. That first time, they had no protection, Misty had a pretty nervous month, she told me she'd never been happier to see her menstrual blood flow with her next period! She'd gotten started on the pill, and the next time, Mr. Lister was so horny, they'd fucked in the reclining chair in the rumpus room, and just after she'd climaxed, Emma had gotten up to use the bathroom, and had actually walked through the far corner of the rumpus room to get to the bathroom. Misty wasn't sure how much, if anything, Emma had seen, since they were in the far corner, where the TV was, and all the lights were out, but still, she felt a horny chill race through her at the idea that her friend could have seen her fucking her Dad! They quickly sneaked off to Mr. Lister's bedroom, where Misty had been eager to taste his cum, and she eagerly sucked him in, her lips riding up and down his cock, until he grunted, and his cock fired a thick volley of hot spunk into Misty's eagerly sucking mouth. "

     Samantha smiled, and said, "After she told me that, we had a torrid masturbation session, I loved watching her furiously fingering herself, as much as she watched me stroking my throbbing clit until we both exploded, fuck it was hot!"

     "While we were relaxing, I decided to be bold and daring, and I told her about how you and Dad had given Roger and I lessons in how to be better lovers. I saw her eyes widen as I plunged ahead, and told her about the private lessons you and Daddy gave me. I gave her lots of hot, explicit details, and she grabbed me, cupping my pussy, and I felt her fingers going to work on my steaming cunt. I was happy to return the attention, and I quickly cupped her soaking mound, my fingers working over her gushing heat, until our howls filled my room, as we both exploded wildly. "

     "When we were relaxing in the afterglow, she told me that she thought you and Daddy were pretty hot, and if they'd like to teach her some lessons. I almost laughed with joy, I said that they'd be happy to, that my parents were very eager to see her cute little muff of red pubic hair, and to teach her lots of hot, wonderful things to enjoy.

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     "She giggled, and told me that her red hair drew horny consideration from all sides, having been born with red hair, it wasn't that big a deal to her, and she would be glad to let you, me and Daddy see, feel, and do a lot more with her sexy red muff! And I am excited as you are, tonight's going to be so hot and wild!"

     An hour later, and everyone was downstairs. I had quickly filled in Darrin with what lay ahead, I was making a big Saturday breakfast, and sitting with everyone around the dining table, I could feel myself fluttering deep inside, when Misty was ready for lessons, we teachers would be more than ready.