Parents teach their daughter part 6


     I cooed, "How about a lesson we think you'll love?"

     Samantha eagerly agreed and I asked her if she had ever heard of a double penetration. Her eyes got wide as I told her that we could fuck her ass and her pussy at the same time.

     "But don't you need two penises for that?"

     I smiled and said, "Well, sweetie, I have a strap on dildo, that will fuck you just as good as Darrin's cock!"

     I could see Samantha getting turned on by the idea of having both tight holes fucked at the same time. And I was aching to strap on my dildo, and ram Samantha's tightness.

     My dildo had fucked my girlfriend many times during my girlfriend date nights, I loved sliding it up between her thighs, and burying it in her wet, steamy heat. Now Sam was going to get a ride on my dildo.

     "Yes, oh yes, that sounds so fucking hot, Daddy, you fuck my pussy, and Momma, let me have your dildo right up my no longer virgin asshole!"

     Darrin, lay back, and Samantha eagerly mounted him, her tipsiness was making her more sexually aggressive, and she slammed her twitching cunt down Darrin's cock, grunting with pleasure as she took his fat sausage in right to the balls. I quickly took out my dildo and harness, and 8 inches of baby pink dildo was quickly in place, my "cock" standing up, hard and ready. I smiled as I thought of why I had chosen a pink dildo, pink is for girls, and girls need to be fucked with the right color!

     "Ok baby, lay forward upon me" Darrin said.

     I watched Darrin reach down, his hands clutched Samantha's ass cheeks and pulled on them, spreading her cheeks apart, exposing the tight pucker of her asshole. I trembled with desire as I saw the tight, rose shaped pucker, and I quickly started to lick at her tight hole, licking at the rose shaped pucker. Samantha moaned from the pleasurable feelings shooting through her.   After I had licked her asshole for a few minutes, I squirted out some KY gel, and spread it around her tight hole, then I slid a greased finger up her tight asshole, spreading lube into her. I lubed up the dildo, and my pulse was thumping with desire at what I was about to do.

     "Now just relax Sam", I whispered, "You'll love it!"        I placed the dildo against Sam's tight hole, and started to push. The head of the dildo slipped in, and Sam hissed at the entry.

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   I stopped, and held still for a minute, letting Samantha's asshole adjust to the stretch.

     "Oh fuck, this is gonna be wild, I'm gonna get double fucked!" Samantha squealed, "Let me have it, just not too fast!"

     The champagne had not only loosened her inhibitions, it had also slightly dulled the pain receptors, you know the old saying, Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker! I suppressed the wild giggle I was about to let out, and got back to what I was doing.

     I started to push again, and slowly, inch by inch, Samantha's asshole was being filled. She let out gasps and grunts as I slowly pushed in, and finally, every inch was in.

     "Oh my god," Sam cried, "I thought I was so stuffed before, now it's incredible! Fuck, I love it, give me my first double fuck!"

     I started the rhythm going, pulling back then slowly sliding back in, up to the hilt, as Samantha started to ride Darrin's stiff cock. Samantha was letting out growls of sheer pleasure, from personal experience, I knew the feel having both holes plugged at the same time, and Darrin's grunts of pleasure told me how much he enjoyed the feel of my dildo rubbing against his cock through the membrane separating us.

Samantha started to ride Darrin's cock faster, lifting up then pumping down hard, in total bliss at having her ass and pussy filled and fucked at the same time.

     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, it's feels so fucking good! Let me have it Momma, really ream out my asshole, fuck my ass off, fuck, yes!"

     Spurred on, I started to ram Samantha's asshole, giving her throbbing bunghole a power reaming, as she rammed herself up and down on my husband's cock. The room was full of cries, howls and moans of passion, and the liquid sounds of my daughter's very juicy fuck-hole, pounding herself towards orgasm.

     "Oh my God, cumming, fuck yes I'm cumming!"

     Samantha's shriek filled the room, as her body, shaking and jerking wildly, exploded into orgasm, Darrin grunted, and bucked up hard, his cock exploding, gushing a fresh load of hot thick cream upwards. I gave Samantha one last ass filling thrust, then slowly withdrew, stripping off my dildo, I lay down beside Darrin, and grinned up at my daughter. She knew what that meant, and she lifted off, and squatted over me. I gazed upwards, licking my lips, she spread her labial lips. Seeing Samantha's coral pink, dewy wet, inner silken fuck hole, lined with a juicy coating of my husband's hot cream drove me wild, I wanted it, and I pulled her down, holding her against my mouth as I eagerly licked and sucked, swallowing greedily, wanting every drop.

     I felt a hard object being shoved up my soaking cleft, then the buzz as it started to gently vibrate inside me.

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   Darrin had gotten my 8 inch adjustable speed vibrator, and he was wielding it to buzz my sopping cunt, as his tongue and lips surrounded, then lashed at my twitching clit, he dialed the speed up to maximum. I howled as my pussy immediately blew, my body shaking and jerking as my cunt spewed juices around that pleasing buzzing invader, my husband licking my soaking heat, while I was licking the heated velvet of my daughter's wet fuck-hole, as she cried out that she was cumming again, and she sprayed my face down, putting me into a whole new orbit of sensory rush, my body felt almost out of control, I was cumming over and over again, long, slow, wrenching waves of pleasure, my vibrator hammering away at my burning cunt, powering my orgasms along, that just seemed to go on and on, that didn't stop until Darrin slowly withdrew my vibrating toy.

     I flopped back, totally spent, as Samantha and Darrin cuddled against me.

     Samantha whispered, "Oh Momma, that looked so totally hot, that vibrator looked so enjoyable!"

     I said, "Darrin, how about if you work over our daughter's heat with my dildo, and give Samantha a lesson in how enjoyable a sex toy can be?"

     I could see two pairs of eyes light up, and Darrin placed Samantha on her hands and knees, and I enjoyed the fact that my vibrator was still smeared with my fresh cum, that would be shoved up my daughter's creaming center. I heard the buzzing start as I rolled onto my side, and saw Darrin teasing at Samantha's tight outer lips, the vibrator dialed down to its lowest speed, listening to Samantha's moans of pleasure. I quickly crawled up, and started to suck on Samantha's breasts, her nipples were stiff and rock hard, and I quickly started sucking and nipping gently on her hard buds. She let out a growl of pleasure.

     "Stop teasing me Daddy, shove that vibrator right up me, and buzz my pussy, fuck, I need it now!"

     Darrin dialed it up to medium, and pushed, and my vibrator, smeared with my cum, slid smoothly up Samantha's heated tunned. She let out a grunt, and squealed with pleasure as her tunnel took in the buzzy invader.

     "Yes, oh yes, fuck, feels so good, fuck me with that fucker, fuck it feels incredible!"

     I quickly slipped under Samantha, watching Darrin fuck our daughter with my vibrator. I was revved up, Samantha's hard clit had risen up from its hooded canopy,  and I quickly surrounded her hard, stiff joy button with my mouth, lashing my tongue at it, feeling it twitching wildly. Darrin dialled the vibrator up to maximum, and as Sam's cunt got the strongest vibrations, she howled with pleasure, her pussy exploding, I could hear her howls of pleasure combined with the juicy squelch of her juices gushing around the vibrator, when Darrin pulled back, her juices gushed out, my mouth ready to suck them all out.

    I drank my daughter's pulsing cunt dry, savoring the erotic taste. My daughter quickly lined herself up with me, and my pulsing center needed only a few licks, my clit twitching crazily before the spasms of orgasm grabbed me again, making my body shake as Samantha hungrily sucked me dry, wanting every drop of my juices.

         "Ummm, that was so good", Samantha cooed, "I think that we should take a break for dinner, then, let's have some night school!"

         At the local steakhouse, Darrin wanted a big, juicy T Bone, medium rare, he wanted to replenish his energy and Vitamin E levels.

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       I grinned, I had the feeling that he would be called upon to do lots of servicing for 2 very horny females tonight.

         After dinner, Sam blushed a bit, as she asked, "Could we go to the local Adult Toy store, I want to get my very own vibrator, and look at some other things!"

         That sounded like fun, and soon, Samantha and I were browsing the things for sale. I wondered if they had an age limit, since Samantha was 16, but, that didn't seem to be a problem. I could see Samantha blush as she saw some of the raciest, naughtiest items, she seemed interested in handcuffs lined with fur, interesting. She also lingered at a display of spanking items, hmmm, and blindfolds. I made note of what caught her fancy, before she turned her attention to the vibrators, every color of the rainbow was available, and she found the style of vibrator I have, the 8 inch adjustable speed vibrator in her favorite color, purple.

         She whispered, "Mom, I'm going to get a strap on dildo, I think one of my girlfriends is interested in some lesbian action, so I want to be ready, and, I'll have my own strap on for lesson times, to fuck you with!"

         I smiled back, feeling my cunt pulse with the idea of watching and feeling my daughter riding me, and said, "Buy what you want baby. "

         She browsed for a few minutes, then, blushing, she bought a midnight blue strap on dildo, 8 inches long, with the matching harness, I smiled as I wondered which of her sexy girlfriends might be the lucky one that gets that 8 inches of cunt stretching pleasure driven up her. I wondered if it would be her redheaded friend Misty, that wild looking redhead. Fuck, I wanted our whole family to have a go with her, a night where we'd teach her all about how good it felt to have her cunt licked, then making her lick our cunts until she got it right, asshole licking and penetration, double penetration, a triple penetration gang bang, daisy chains, and learning how to suck my husband's cock like a pro, giving her a real sex education class like nothing you'd find in a school.

         Samantha also got 4 butt plugs, looks like our daughter is really getting into anal pleasures.

         All the sexy items, and the imaginings of teaching Misty had my cunt simmering hotly, I needed Sam's lesson as much for my own horniness as for hers.

         "I wonder what the counter person will think, I'll probably be blushing crazily, I can feel it!" Samantha giggled nervously.

         "Would you like me to take them through as if I was buying them?" I whispered.

         I saw the relief, as she said, "Thanks Mom, you're the greatest.

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       And in a little while, when I'm naked, and back in bed with you and Dad, I'll show you my gratefulness" she cooed, as her free hand reached down, and cupped my pussy through my slacks, giving me a gentle rub, making my blood surge.

         We all jumped back in the car, and Samantha growled, "Let's get home, I need my next lesson so much!"




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