Parents teach their daughter part 3


     At 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon, Roger arrived, and it was time for the next lesson. This time, we were in the bedroom right away, clothes were tossed aside, and Samantha and Roger were quickly on the bed.

     Sam looked up, and with a twinkle in her eye, said,"Mom, can you teach me how to suck cock? I know Roger would love a blow job, and since I've never sucked a boyfriend's cock", where she gave us a wicked smile at her clever choice of words, she continued, "I want to make sure I do it right. "

     I smiled and said, "I'll be glad to teach you sweetheart. "

     Joining them on the bed, I grasped Roger's cock, feeling the pulse of his 7. 5 inches. As I instructed Sam on pulling down on the foreskin, his thick head popped out, all shiny and pink, and I felt my mouth water. I then told her how to lick it lick a lollipop, and Roger grunted with pleasure, as I licked his head, then started to lick hot designs all over his shaft, and capped the lesson by sliding my lips over his head, and swallowing his cock right down to the balls, accompanied by a loud grunt of pleasure.

     His cock was throbbing, so eager, and I knew he was about to lose his load, as I slid the tight clamp of my lips back up his cock. As much as I wanted it, Samantha deserved the first blast of her boyfriend's prick to fill her mouth, and quickly, Samantha's hot mouth took over, and I watched, my pussy a soaking lust filled heat, as Samantha slid her mouth down Roger's cock, and back up again. After 30 seconds, the hot, tight, wet cling of my daughter's lips and mouth around his cock, gliding up and down, became too much.

     Roger grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, suck it baby, yeah, yeah, oh fuck, cumming, cumming fuck YEAH!"

     I could see his prick start to buck and pulse, as his cock went off, spraying his spunk, filling Samantha's mouth with his thick, hot load. I hoped, for Samantha's enjoyment, that his load tasted as good as Darrin's load, since Sam had tasted her Dad's load yesterday.

     Sam kept her mouth molded tightly around Roger's cock, sucking out every drop, and she looked up at us, smiled, and I could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed his load down, then smacked her lips.

    "Umm, that was so yummy, Roger you have such yummy cum," Samantha giggled.

     I added, "Now, remember to give back as good as you get, you know what to do.

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     Roger was eager to do so, and his mouth and hands were all over Samantha, the room filled with her gasps and soft cries of pleasure as Roger worked over her heated skin, kissing, sucking and licking everywhere. He gently turned her over, and I saw his hands gently pulling apart the cheeks of her ass, and Samantha grunted loudly as his tongue slid over her tight ass hole.

Looks like he had a trick or two we didn't need to teach him.

     "Oh my god, that feels so fucking wonderful, keep doing that!" Samantha exclaimed.

     Roger's cock was rock hard and throbbing, as he worked over her tight asshole, licking at the rim, and sliding his fingertips along the tight rim, making Samantha coo with pleasure. He then turned her over gently, and started to lick at Sam's steamy heat. My daughter howled as his tongue lashed at her clit, over and over, driving her to a noisy, gushing release, Roger sucking out her juices as she mopped down his face.

     Sam looked at us, grinned, then said, "Roger, how would you like to bury your stiff hard cock in my Mom? Ride her, fuck my Mom, and complete your passion by filling her eager pussy!"

      Roger looked over at me, eagerly eyeing my nude body, his cock rock hard and throbbing, and he said, "Oh yeah, I'd love to fuck your Mom!"

     I was startled, looked at my husband, he smiled and nodded. That was all the encouragement I needed, as I wanted that hard cock, I needed my horny cunt plugged, I needed it NOW.

      Roger got up, took my hand, and led me to the bed, and asked me to stretch out, and his mouth was all over me, I growled with pleasure, as he gave me the same foreplay Sam had gotten. On my hands and knees, the touch of his tongue all over the tight, twitchy rose shaped pucker of my asshole made me squeal with delight, I love having my tight asshole licked, fingered and fucked, and my cunt felt like a horny volcano, I needed his cock NOW.

     "Oh yeah, fuck me Roger, give it to me from behind, I love doggy style, I want your stiff cock filling my horny hole, NOW!"

     I felt him nudge against me, then the pleasure as his stiff cock surged into me, filling me, I love the feel of my horny walls being split open by the push of a surging, stiff, arrogantly hard cock, and I growled as he went deep, right to the balls.

     "Yes, oh yes, perfect, now, ram my cunt, fuck me hard, I want your load. I want every drop you can spew into me, let Samantha's horny Mom have every drop you got!" I growled.

     He grabbed my hips, and proceeded to do just that, I was grunting and growling as he rammed into me, over and over, splitting my walls of lust apart.

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   I felt hands, my daughter and Darrin were touching and stroking me as I got fucked, and I was in heaven, it felt so good, I wanted to see Darrin fucking Samantha, but no such luck.

     I was being stroked and fucked to the peak, then my overheated cunt blew, and I came hard, my orgasm ramming me like a runaway frieght train, my howls of orgasm filling the bedroom. I felt the tight clamp of my walls around Roger's cock, and he grunted and growled as his cock erupted, his heated load gushing wildly, jetting his passion into me.

     After a short rest, he was ready to go again, and this time, Samantha mounted him, sliding her tight heat down on his renewed hard-on.

    I squatted over his face, facing my daughter, so I could watch her ride, and urged him on.

         "Lick me Roger, lick my horny heat, lick my clit, and make me cum all over your face!" I growled.

         Roger's view of Samantha was now blocked, and Sam looked at my husband with a lust filled gaze, she licked her lips, he quickly got the idea, and brought his stiff cock forward. Sam parted her lips lips, then proceeded to lick and suck at Darrin's eager cock head, then, she slid her mouth down my husband's cock, and swallowed him right to the balls, earning a grunt of pleasure from Darrin as she slowly slid back up. She looked up, released him for a moment, whispered "fuck my mouth" then swallowed him again, and Darrin gently took her head in his hands, and started to slide his throbbing cock in out, slowly in and out of Samantha's hot mouth. I could see his shaft, shiny wet with her spit, appear and then disappear as he gently fucked her mouth. My pussy was a horny burning caldron, watching my daughter sucking her Dad's cock, as Sam raised her hand and started to caress his balls, that did it.

         Darrin grunted, "Oh yeah, cumming, oh fuck yeah, cumming, YEAH!"

         As I watched his throbbing shaft firing jets of thick hot spunk into Samantha's eager mouth, I went over the edge.

         "Yes, yes, fuck yes, such a good cunt lapper, cumming, fuck, I'm cumming, YES!"

         My howl of orgasmic release came at the same time as Roger grunted, and bucked up hard against Samantha's hips, my juices washed his face as he spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, his body bucking upwards, driving his spurting cock as deep as he could, pumping a fresh volley into Samantha's tight heat, as Darrin pulled his cock out of Sam's mouth, my daughter smiling, swallowing Dad's thick juices.

         We all sprawled out, taking a rest.

         My daughter cuddled up to me, and whispered, "Very soon, I want another private lesson, for a very special lesson, that I don't think Roger would understand.

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         Her eyes glimmered, and I was quick to whisper back, "We'll set that next lesson up very soon, sweetheart. "




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