Parents teach their daughter part 16


     I could feel sleep starting to dissolve, and I opened my eyes, looking into Vanessa's big dark eyes, looking right back at me.     

     "Good morning Momma. I'm so glad you like the look of my clit. Having such a prominent, eager part, made me feel uncomfortable. I'd seen pictures of the 'average' female anatomy, and that sure wasn't me. My Mom's great, she told me not to feel like I was strange or weird just because I was different. Still, in the girls shower room after gym class, well, I was still hesitant. I leaned how to move quickly, to angle my body, to 'casually' carry a soap, washcloth or towel with me to conceal my prominent girl part, you know how cruel kids can be. "

     Everyone had awakened, and she continued, "Anne discovered my difference when we were 13, and we played I'll show you mine if you show me yours when her parents were at work. It was the biggest thing I'd ever done, stripping off in front of another female for the first time. I held my breath, would she gasp in shock, fear, disgust, make a hurtful comment, tell everyone at school what a freak I was? And, one of the reasons I love her so much, she seemed enthralled by my extra big girl part. She loved it so much, that she slicked up her fingers with her spit, then, she took my most personal part in her grasp, twirling her slick fingers around it, and stroking my clit almost like it was a miniature cock. Glad no one else was there as her skilful fingers shoved me into a huge orgasm, I don't know if I could have held back the shrieks of pleasure. Since that day, we've been lovers. Anne was always enthralled by my difference, and she can't keep her hands off me when we are alone. " Beaming a smile at her lover, Vanessa said, "And now, after the way Samantha, and then you, went after me Momma, I see that Anne is not alone in her appreciation!"

     "Last night, Anne talked me into letting Samantha see me as I am, and I was shaky and nervous.

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   We stripped down, until I was just wearing my panties, then Anne told Sam to kneel before me, and strip off my panties. When she did, she gasped aloud, and seemed spellbound. "

     Samantha joined in, "Spellbound, and then some. It was making me horny as all hell, that big, so sexy clit, just sticking right up proudly like that, I needed to get my mouth around that sexy beauty. "

     Vanessa said, "When Sam grabbed me, and took my clit into her mouth, eager to suck and lick it, I took a big sigh of relief, and she wouldn't let me go until my sighs of relief turned to squeals and cries of orgasm as she brought me off so skilfully. And I was wondering if Samantha's Momma would like to try on my clit, so we took Sam, marched in here, and let you uncover my clit the way that Samantha did. The way you've gone after my clit, I can see that you did!"

     I said, "Oh yes, when I saw that, I had to suck it, it felt so fantastic having that big, beautiful clit in my mouth. Sometimes, I think women got the raw end of the deal, men get a nice big hard cock packed with nerve endings, and we get such a small little bump. Of course, with Darrin, when he powers that big hard cock into me, I don't feel like it was a bad deal at all!", I laughed, as I saw the stir of his cock under the sheet.

     I could feel the heat of sexual tension building quickly, and it was time to get morning classes going.

     "Vanessa, lie back baby, Daddy hasn't been able to get a good, up close look, Darrin, come over here, and lick and suck the biggest clit you've ever seen!"

     "Yes, oh yes, come here Daddy, and taste my juices, and suck my big hard clit!" Vanessa cooed.

     She spread her legs, her opening syrupy wet, and I saw it again, that huge, so suckable clit, eager for a hot tongue to lick it. Darrin got into position, and I heard him gasp.

     "Incredible" he whispered, awestruck, " just incredible. "

     He lowered down, and I heard Vanessa let out a sigh of pleasure as Darrin's tongue made contact, sliding up and down her slick lips, then making teasing passes over that big pink beauty, eager to work her up.

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     I was worked up enough, and I grabbed Samantha and Anne, I needed my quickly building lust taken care of, NOW.   Samantha pushed me down with a giggle, and she squatted over me, she was turned on as much as I was, her hot crimson love flesh all dewy wet, hovering above me. As I slid my tongue in between her pink folds, I felt Anne's tongue do the same to me, sliding into my churning core, Samantha and I letting out growls of pleasure.

     Next to us, Vanessa growled, "Fuck, I'm ready to cum, I want your big cock to bring me off, give me Daddy's big cock!"

     A few seconds later, I heard "Yes, yes, oh fuck, Daddy's cock is so big, I love that hard beauty filling me, stretching my tight little pussy open. Now, ream me good Daddy, ride my tight pussy hard, and gush that sweet load deep inside me!"

     I felt Anne lift up, and she giggled, "Now that Vanessa is getting her good morning fuck, I think it's time for Momma to get a good morning fuck, too!"

     A minute later, having pulled on and adjusted her strap on, I felt the driving thrust of her 18 inch dildo pushing in, I let out a pussy muffled squeal of pleasure as I was penetrated, and Samantha started dripping all over, mopping my face with her gushing center of lust, then she let out grunts and squeals of pleasure as she went sliding over the edge, giving me a tasty serving of her juices to gulp down.

     Samantha lifted up and away, I turned my head, and watched Darrin driving his cock deep inside Vanessa, her long legs wrapped around his waist, watching my husband giving Vanessa a power fucking was making my cunt churn wildly. I felt Anne's hands grasp my hips, lifting me in rhythm to accentuate the hard thrusts of her dildo. The wet squelch of two hot, horny, and juicy cunts being pounded towards orgasm filled the room, as Darrin's cock and Anne's dildo drove Vanessa and I onwards toward climax.

     I turned my head, gazing up at Anne's face, her lips were full and lush, and I wanted those lips pressed tightly against mine.

I put my hands behind her head, and gently pulled her down, our open lips made contact, and our tongues were immediately, duelling, swirling and probing, setting me on fire. I love being kissed while being fucked, and my orgasm was approaching quickly.

     Anne broke the kiss, and growled, "Are you ready to cum Momma?" At my eager nod, she grinned, and growled, "Then do it Momma, cum for me, cum your brains out, cum all over my fucking dildo, get it all slick with your sweet cum juice, so it'll be nice and slick to fuck your daughter's sweet cunt!" 

     That did it, the thought of that hard dildo, smeared with my juices, driving deep up Samantha's sweet cunt sent me flying, and I let out a shriek of sheer pleasure as my cunt spasmed and quivered crazily, clamping tightly against that hard 18 inches buried up me.

     Vanessa looked over, saw me in the throes of orgasm, and howled, "Oh fuck, look at Momma cum, so fucking hot, yes, yes, yes, gonna, gonna, yes, oh fuck YES!"

     Her voice rose to a shout as she was slammed by orgasm, the tightening clamp of her hot box took Darrin with her, as my husband grunted loudly, watching his hips jerk as he exploded, I could imagine the juicy morning load he was jetting into her receptive womb.

     Anne pulled out of me, I flopped down, and saw all my juices smeared along that 18 inch fuck pole. Samantha saw it too, and with her eyes glinting, lay back, spreading her legs as Anne took position between my daughter's spread thighs.

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   I could feel Vanessa and my husband cuddling against me, as all three of us watched the sexy scene unfolding.

     "Momma's juices are covering my dildo, it's all wonderfully lubed up, and sexy Samantha baby, you're going to get an injection of your Momma's juices, my dildo is all creamy slick with Momma's juices, just for your comfort!" Anne cooed, notching the head against Samantha's creamy entrance.

     "Yes, oh yes, drive that fucker into me, ream me out, ride my cunt!" Samantha growled.

     Anne did so, and in one thrust, buried her dildo right to the hilt. Samantha squealed and howled with pleasure, as her heated pink folds got the splitting open, 18 inches of cunt pleasing fullness jammed up her. My pink folds felt a surge of heat, watching that big cock sliding up my daughter, while it was covered with my juices.

     Wrapping her legs around Anne's waist, Samantha cried out, "Fuck, so big, so hot, so deep! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, ram my cunt, fuck my ass off, FUCK!"

     Anne was happy to do so, setting up a hard, fast rhythm, plowing it deep, right to the hilt, again and again, driving that stiff fuck pole in, over and over. Samantha's was making growls and grunts of pleasure as she took the power reaming that Anne's surging dildo was delivering.

     I could feel Vanessa pressing tighter against me, her body molding against mine. I wanted her, I wanted that clit, and I quickly turned around to face her.

     Lying back, and pulling her atop me, I growled, "Sixty nine, I need your clit, gotta lick that beauty!"

     She whispered, "Yes, yes Momma, my big girl's standing up, she's really turned on, and she wants your mouth!" 

     We formed that well known number, I felt her breasts pressing against my belly as we stretched out. Her crimson flesh hovered above me, and there it was, so big, so suckable, damn, I couldn't get enough of that huge pink, hard clit hovering directly over my mouth. Vanessa lowered it onto my waiting tongue and squealed with pleasure as I began licking it. I could feel her tongue snake out, and start to lick at my clit, which was quickly rising from its hooded canopy. I could feel the zings of pleasure radiating out, she slid two fingers up my creaming cunt, working over my inner heat.

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   She had learned her lessons well, I could feel the rise towards orgasm starting quickly, and I squeezed her head gently with my thighs.

     I wrapped my tongue around Vanessa's hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with my tongue, and tugging gently on it, then letting my tongue slide along the length of her straining clit. Vanessa was squealing with pleasure, and I quickly buried two fingers up her soaking cunt, finger fucking her, eager to give her a G spot orgasm. She found my G spot, and with the combination of her mouth surrounding my clit, and her fingers on my G spot, my orgasm caught up to me. I felt the ripples starting deep down, the squeezing urge, my cunt convulsed as I felt the release of orgasm, my pussy muffled howls of pleasure, as my pussy squirted my girl cum all over Vanessa's face, washing her down with a load of tasty juices. That set Vanessa off, as her cunt started to pulse, as I finger fucked her, working over her huge, throbbing clit wildly. Vanessa lifted her head and howled out with sheer pleasure I licked her to a frenzied orgasm, her cunt squirted wildly, splattering my face with a juicy load of her girl cum, her body thrashing in the grip of her orgasmic release.

     That set Samantha off, I could hear her crying out, "Fuck, so fucking hot, yes, yes, yes, cumming, cumming, CUMMING, FFUUUUCCCKKKK!"

     Her voice shrieked, and her body was squirming wildly, in the throes of her orgasmic ecstasy, pinned to the bed under Anne's body, as Anne's rammed Samantha to a roaring climax.

     Darrin's cock had revived for another round, and Anne was probably just about going wild with pent up sexual tension. She lay back, spread her legs and urged Darrin on.

     "I'm just about ready to explode, I need Daddy's big, huge cock, give it to me Daddy, slide that hard stiff cock in, and ride me until you cum, I want to feel your rock hard beauty exploding and squirting wildly, filling up my horny center with a big juicy load of hot spunk!" 

     Darrin was happy to do so, he penetrated Anne, her squeals of pleasure filling the room as he slowly impaled her, right down to the balls.

     "Yes, oh fuck yes, Daddy's cock is so big, fuck I love the big stretch, ride me Daddy, drive it into me, and give me the explosion of your hot cum!" Anne howled.

         Samantha, Vanessa and I smiled at each other, and to give Anne and Darrin a visual turn on while they wildly fucked, we arranged ourselves in a triangle, my mouth was quickly against Samantha's steamy heat, while Sam got the pleasure of licking at Vanessa's huge clit, while I felt Vanessa's hot mouth at my fiery core.

         It was like being in a room at a very busy bordello, Anne's moans of pleasure and Darrin's lust grunts joining the squeals, grunts and cries of ecstasy we were voicing. The room smelled like hot, primal sex, I could see Anne and Darrin watching us, eyes bright, visually drinking in the sexy spectacle.


       We in turn were taking looks at them, their bodies locked in a embrace of sexual lust, Darrin's driving hips pumping his fat cock into Anne, over and over, our shared excitement driving us all towards climax.

         I felt the rush, and I howled, "Yes, oh yes, gonna do it, gonna spray, cumming, yes, yes YES!"

         The spasms and the squeezing urge grabbed me, I felt the release, and my cunt was spraying crazily, splattering my girl cum all over Vanessa's face. That set everybody off, Darrin roared with pleasure as his cock burst, Anne's shriek of pleasure joining in, as Darrin's throbbing pricked pumped his hot spunk into Anne's heated folds, Samantha cried out as she felt the blissful release, splattering her girl cum all over my face, and Vanessa let out a shriek as she joined us in orgasm land.

         Recovering from our thunderous orgasms, Vanessa, Anne and Samantha got up, put on their panties only, then beckoned us to follow them, They led us downstairs, and at the kitchen table, they had us sit.

         "Now, we are going to make Momma and Daddy a wonderful breakfast. And, we are going to not only be the topless cooks, but the topless waitresses who will serve you!" Samantha giggled.

         Having our breakfast cooked and then served by 3 almost completely nude teens was not only a feast for the stomach, it was a feast for the eyes. Tight, succulent asses, just barely covered by a skimpy piece of nylon, my pussy pulsed when I saw Vanessa's wonderful clit, poking out the front of her panties, and when they sat down to join us, 3 sets of gorgeous breasts, topped with nipples that were either stiff and perky, large silver dollar sized, or somewhere in between, my pussy was in heat again. After breakfast, Samantha wanted to take her friends for a little shopping trip.

         Just before they left, Samantha whispered to me, with a grin, "I'm taking the girls to the Adult Toy store, where we shall buy some more wonderful things, and use them when we come home!"

         Her eyes gazed into mine, I felt her hand reach down, sliding inside my jeans and panties, her hand cupped my sex, she could feel the juices of my lust building up. We were alone at the moment, and she pulled me into the downstairs bathroom, she stripped off my jeans and panties, moitioned me to sit on the sink cabinet, and spread my legs. My pussy was pulsing, gushing with juices, and Sam smiled as she saw my turned on state.

         "Oh Momma, there's no way you'd last until we get home, I'll take care of that!"

         Samantha turned on the bathroom fan, to cover my moans, I had a feeling I was going to be moaning a lot, as she ran her nose all over my pubic region, swirling her tongue through my neatly trimmed bush.

         "Momma, you always smell so lovely, I can't wait to taste you. " she whispered.

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         I could feel my daughter's hands gently spreading apart my inner lips. I was so wet, I could see my juices bubbling up, my cunt aching for her tongue. Samantha knelt down, and brought her mouth to my aching folds. God, it felt so wonderful when she brought her eager mouth to my burning center, as I felt her tongue reach out and make contact. Being so wet, I barely felt the first soft caresses of her tongue. As Samatha's tongue started to swab more forcefully at me, my moans of delight urged her on, and soon she was driving her tongue deep into my hole, wrapping her tongue around my clit, and tugging on it. Finally, she brought her fingers into play, and brought all her talents to bear on my aching pussy. A straight A student, my sexy Samantha was, as I cried out, cumming hard around her fingers, gushing juices out for her tongue to lick up, shuddering through my orgasm at her talented tongue. I was in a daze of sexual satisfaction as she stood up.

         She grabbed me, and our mouths clung together in a heated, tongue filled swirl of passion, I could taste myself on her lips and tongue, our tongues dueling wildly together. We broke the kiss after a few minutes.

         Back in the kitchen, as Vanessa and Anne joined us, Sam giggled and said, "Don't wear out Daddy, we'll want his cock as many times as he can get it up! See you soon Momma!"