Parents teach their daughter part 13


     I was down at the Adult Toy store, to buy a few things, as I had a feeling Samantha would adore her next lesson. The other day, when we were here shopping, I had noticed what had caught her fancy for more than a passing gaze, and accordingly, I bought a  set of fur lined handcuffs, some blindfolds, and a couple of spanking crops. If Samantha wanted to learn some more advanced lessons, I was ready for that.

     When I got home, I hid the items, and when Darrin came home, I showed him what I had bought, and how Sam had eyed these items closely.

     At dinner that night, I said, "Sam, Darrin and I have another lesson to teach you tomorrow. It may be a bit advanced, and if it doesn't feel right, let us know right away, when we start, okay?"

     Sam, her eyes eager, replied, "Sounds wonderful, I get the feeling I'm gonna love it!"

      When Darrin and Sam got home the next day, I smiled, and led the way into the bedroom. Darrin and I slowly stripped Samantha naked, listening to her sighs of pleasure as we caressed and kissed her sexy skin as it was uncovered. Then, Darrin and Samantha slowly stripped me bare, setting my senses buzzing as fingers, lips, and mouths tantalized my skin, sending sizzles of pleasure to my pussy. Then Sam and I grinned as we did the same to Darrin, his pleasure obvious in the way his fat cock rose up to full glory.

     I decided to just show it all to Sam, and see what her reaction was. I opened the dresser drawer, took everyhting out, and lay them on the bed. Samantha gasped, her face flushed and her breathing deepened.

    "Oh my god! I saw those at the Adult store, they looked so exciting, so. . . so.

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  . . so hot! How did you know?"

    I grinned as I replied, "I just took notice of everything you looked at closely, and thought this would make a good lesson in advanced classes. Are you ready to try some advanced lessons?" I finished, a teasing note in my voice.

     Sam whispered, "Yes, oh my god, I have to try that, I think I'm gonna love it!"

     "On your hands and knees baby, we want to start the lesson," I cooed at her.

     We positioned her, and I told her to grab the railings of our headboard. As she did so, I threaded the chain of the cuffs through the railings, and with 2 clicks, Samantha was cuffed to the headboard. I heard the chain rattle as she pulled on the cuffs, and she let out a long, drawn out moan.

     I was startled, "I said, Sam, Samantha darling, are you all right, do you want us to stop?"

     She looked up, her face alive with pleasure, and whispered, "Oh no Momma, holy fuck, this feels erotic beyond anything. I almost feel like I could cum just from being cuffed up like this! Blindfold me, then let me feel the crop in action, your daughter needs a spanking!"

     I whispered to her, "Samantha, listen carefully. I will give you a safe word, if it doesn't feel right, if you get so you can't take it, say this word, and we will stop immediately, with no problem. The word is sodium, do you understand, repeat it back. "

     "If I can't handle what is happening, I will say my safe word, which is sodium, and it will stop immediately, with no problem".

     As I slipped the blindfold over her eyes, I kissed her passionately, our tongues dueling, probing.

     I whispered, "Enjoy baby" and I started to lick at the tight pucker of our daughter's asshole, listening to the sighs and growls of pleasure, I took a butt plug, lubed it up, and quickly, Samantha's asshole was plugged.

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   I took the spanking crop in hand, and prepared to give some new lessons. Never having administered a spanking before, I was at a bit of a loss how much force to apply. I caressed those cheeks, emjoying the sight of the buttplug buried to the base in Sam's asshole and then I drew back, and WHAP! Samantha's body jerked, and she let out a yelp of pain as she felt the sting. She then moaned softly, and urged me on.

     "Spank me again Momma, it feels so good. Paddle me, whip my ass," she whispered.

     I drew back, and again WHAP!

     Samantha let out a louder moan, and cooed, "Yes, yes, feels so good, spank me again. "

     WHAP. . . . WHAP. . . .

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  . WHAP. . . .

     Sam growled, "Fuck, it feels so good. I love the fiery burn, let Daddy have some fun, whip my ass Daddy, tan my ass good!"

     Darrin took the crop, and whipped Sam's cheeks a little harder.

     "Yes, oh yes, love it, spank me hard, make my lily white cheeks fiery red!"

     Darrin paddled our sexy daughter's ass, Samantha's cries of pleasure filling the bedroom, turning her white rump into the fiery red glow of a well whipped ass. After we had delivered 18 strokes, we unlocked the cuffs, turned Sam over, recuffed her hands stretched above her head, and Sam's face was almost wild with pleasure.

     "Fuck me Daddy, ram my cunt, fuck, my ass and my cunt are on fire, fuck me, grab my cheeks and squeeze them when you fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!!"

     Darrin's cock was so hard, it looked like a solid piece of granite, and notching his head against Sam's entrance, he slammed it in, letting out a growl of pleasure. He grabbed her cheeks, and started to squeeze and stroke them, bringing squeals of pleasure from Samantha.

     "Momma, lick my breasts, suck my tits!"

     I quickly did as she asked, sucking and nipping gently on her stiff nipples.

     Samantha shrieked, "Holy fuck, oh my fucking god, cumming, CUMMING, OH  FUUUUCKKKKK!!"

     She screamed, loud, and her body started to jerk and thrash wildly, pulling against the handcuffs binding her to the headboard.

Her cunt exploded, I could hear the juicy, soaking squelch of Darrin's cock ramming in, his hips drove in and out like a blur, pistioning his cock in and out.

     Darrin growled, "Oh fuck yeah, fuck, gonna, gonna, cum, cumming, OH YEAH!"

     Darrin grabbed our daughter's well spanked cheeks, and pulled her groin tightly against him, and roared like a bull as his cock went off, he growled with pleasure as the heat and the wild quivering of Samantha's inner walls milked and sucked greedily at his pulsing cock, demanding every drop, and he emptied his balls into our daughter's crazily spasming fire of lust.

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   When Darrin withdrew, I was there to suck out every drop, he had blown off a huge load, and I sucked and licked out every drop I could get. With my mouth full, cheeks bulging, I lifted up towards Sam.

     Darrin, seeing that my mouth was full, whispered to our blindfolded daughter, "Open wide, baby, Momma's got a sweet, creamy treat for you. "

     Samantha grinned, and then opened up. I was still a few inches above her mouth, and I let Darrin's sperm start to spill from my lips, dripping right into our daughter's eager mouth. I could see the pleasure as she mouthed the sweet mixture of Daddy's sperm and her sweet juices, savoting the erotic taste. I quickly glued my lips to hers, and opened wide, letting the huge glut gush into Samantha's mouth. She wanted to share that big snowball, and I felt the riveting pleasure as our tongues, slick and slippery with Darrin's spunk, wrestled together lovingly, her tongue feeding me an equal portion of the mingled juices of their passion. As we eagerly swallowed down the bounty, I uncuffed her and slipped the blindfold off, Samantha's eyes had a dreamy, faraway look.

     "My god, I don't think I've cum harder than that! I have to tell you something" she murmurred, and then she started to blush, "That wasn't the first time I've been spanked, and liked it. Remember my friend, Jayde, back when I was 11? We were at her house one day, and Jayde liked to play games, she suggested that we play school teacher and bad girl student, I thought that sounded like fun. She was the teacher, and I was the student, and it didn't take long before she had me standing in front of the imaginary class, and she ordered me to drop my panties, and bend over, as I needed to be taught discipline. I gaped at her, and she repeated what she had said, in a very firm, very hard tone. I was scared, she was 18 pounds heavier, and 3 inches taller than me, I didn't think she'd hurt me, but just to be on the safe side, I decided I'd better do as I was told. My face felt fiery red with humiliation as I pushed down my panties, and bent over, and she flipped up the back of my skirt, my naked ass upthrust to her sight.

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   She told me that bad girls need to be spanked, and I suddenly felt the hard WHAP of a wooden yardstick against my ass. That stung, and I yelped with pain. She drew back, and again WHAP, and my howl of pain. The next WHAP, along with the jolt of pain, I felt a funny, tickling itch deep inside my pussy. She paddled my ass with 5 strokes of that hard, solid yardstick, that tickling itch becoming a teasing flame deep inside me. She grabbed me, told me I was now the teacher, her shorts and panties hit the floor, and she was bent over, grabbing her ankles while my ass was still throbbing. When I whacked her, she let out what sounded very much like a howl of pleasure, and she urged me on to spank her more, and harder. I gave her 5 hard strokes, as she cried out and babbled how good it felt to get paddled. After that first time, it became almost like a ritual, there was no more let's play suggestions, the next time, she gave me the yardstick, stripped completely naked, and assumed the position. I spanked her first, then, I stripped naked, assumed the position, then she spanked me. I found that after the first stroke, I couldn't wait for the next one, and I was urging her on to let me have it, as much as she did when I paddled her. "

     Sam paused, thought for a moment, then giggled.

     "I remember you Momma, telling me that Jayde seemed like such a good girl, bet you didn't know there was a raging little spanking queen wrapped up in her, did you! And damn, but getting spanked turned me into a spanking princess, I used to dream about when we would get together again, and I could feel the pleasure of my ass being paddled. It's funny, we were naked together so many times, and yet, we never did anything other than spanking each other, nothing more sexual. When I got home, I'd go to my room and rub my little pussy furiously until I was jolted by orgasm, the heat of my freshly paddled ass, the rememberance of the firm strokes against my ass just made my pussy gush, and I needed relief.

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   And now, you are the only ones who know that part of my life. It felt so nasty, and yet so exciting, and I was sure that any of my friends would think I was a horrible pervert if I ever tried to get them into spanking. "

     Samantha paused again, and with her lip trembling, she asked, "You don't think I'm a terrible pervert do you?"

     I reached for her, pulled her tightly into my arms, stroked her head softly, Darrin enfolded us both in his big arms, and I whispered, "Samantha honey, no, you are not a pervert. You are our daughter, and we love you just as you are. Just because being spanked turns you on, that doesn't make you a pervert. You and your friend discovered that it felt good, and you and her wanted to do it again and again, because it felt good. You didn't force, or hurt, or threaten, you both just did, and you both enjoyed it. Relax baby, you are not perverted, and what you have told us will go no further. "

     Samantha smiled, the relief in her eyes, as she said, "Oh Momma, Daddy, you are just the best parents in the whole world, I love you both so much!"

     As Sam had told us about her experiences, I had felt a squirmy desire deep down. I had never been spanked, I had received a few playful fanny smacks from Darrin, and from my girlfriend Carol, during some of our date sex, but never a real spanking. My mind started to wonder how it felt, and the squirmy desire became more pronounced.

     Darrin, as if reading my mind, cooed to me, "Would you like to try that sweetheart?"

     Samantha, looking up at me, urged, "Yeah Momma, give it a try.

You'll love it, if you don't, use my safe word, sodium, and we'll stop. Wanna give it a try, if you don't like it, well, at least you will have tried it, rather than just rejecting it out of hand. "

     Fuck, my pussy was slicking up with lust, Sam was right, I'd have to at least try it.

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   Soon, I was on my hands and knees, wrists cuffed to the headboard railings. and Samantha slipped the blindfold over my eyes.

     "Enjoy Momma. "

     Fuck, it was already erotic. Being blindfolded, and cuffed, was really starting my pussy going, I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs,  I felt my body tremble as Samantha pulled apart my cheeks, and I felt her tongue start to lap at my tight asshole. Fuck, it just about put me in orbit, the sensation of her hot, wet tongue, eagerly licking across the tightly puckered rim, was exquisite. Samantha gave my tightly puckered rosebud loving lick of pure pleasure, rimming me with her tongue, bringing pure pleasure filled grunts from me. I growled as my daughter slipped the butt plug into my steaming cunt, to lube it up with my pouring juices, then she placed it against me, and with one big push, the plug was buried up my asshole, I let out a cry of pleasure as my asshole slid swiftly in, I love the feel of my ass walls parting around a pleasing plug.   

     I heard the swish of a riding crop, and Sam said, "Remember Momma, your safe word is sodium. "

     I heard the swish sound of the crop, then the force as it whipped against my ass, I felt the sting, and heard the whap as my ass took the first hard stroke. I let out a yelp from the pain, but the sting almost immediately started to feel really good. I could fell my horny cunt gushing my juices. Through the pain, I could feel my pussy pulse with heat.

     "The safe word, or more, Momma?"

     I grunted "Yes, spank me again. "

    I felt the second hit, and the pain and pleasure mixed together, fuck, it was starting to feel so good.

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     "Yes, oh yes, I do need more!"

     The third hit was all pleasure. I growled with pleasure, and urged Samantha on. Pulling against my restraints, and feeling no give, just made me even hotter.

     "Yes, oh yes, fuck it feels so good! Whip my ass, spank me hard!"

     After 5 strokes, the lash was handed to Darrin, and he let me have my sixth stroke.

     "Oh fuck, it feels so good! Spank me hard, tan my ass, make my lily white ass as red as Samantha, give it to me!"

     Darrin was happy to do so, and I babbled, cried out, and urged him on as he delivered 4 more hard strokes, making my ass throb and pulse with the fiery heat of my well whipped asscheeks.

     I felt Darrin lodge his hardness against me, and drive it in, bringing a howl from me as his hips smacked against my burning ass cheeks. Fuck, my cunt was burning as much as my ass, and I tumbled into orgasm in a few seconds, I felt another one, then another, and I was on the crazy spiral of multi-orgasms, fuck, I was cumming one right after the other, I started to feel faint as Darrin growled, and his cock burst, gushing a thick torrent deep inside me.

     When Darrin pulled out, Sam was right there, she slipped out the butt plug and I felt her mouth glued to my gushing hole, her nose nudging against my asshole, as she licked, sucked and got out every drop of Darrin's juicy load.

     I felt the cuffs unlock, I was turned over, the cuffs were relocked, and Darrin whispered, "Open wide sweetheart, Sam's got a sweet treat for you now!"

     I was happy to do so, and I felt the first drips in my mouth as Samantha lowered herself towards me, then the cleaving of her lips to mine, the juicy gush as my mouth was filled with the load, and the pleasure as our cum slicked tongues wrestled together lovingly, making sure that my daughter got an equal portion to share, it tasted far too good to hog it all to myself.

     I felt the cuffs unlock, and my blindfold was lifted, Samantha smiling down at me, swallowing her share, happy that I had enjoyed it as much as she did. Umm, that felt far too good to not make a regular part of lovemaking. Wonder if my girlfriend Carol would be up for that? The family that plays together, stays together, I thought with a smile.