Parents teach their daughter part 12


     I woke up, yawned, blinked sleepily, and opened my eyes to see Samantha cuddled against me, her head resting on my shoulder. Next to us, Darrin was spooning Misty, and I gently shook Sam, she blinked, yawned, opened her eyes, and smiled devilishly at me.

     "Good morning Momma, let's get up, just you and me, let Misty and Daddy sleep, I have an idea" Sam whispered.

     We slipped slowly, quietly out of bed, and made our way down to the kitchen. Sam was keyed up, she really had something planned all right.

     "Momma, let's give Misty a triple penetration! Back when you taught Roger and I, that would have been a little too much, too advanced, to be considered, but now, we have enough to fill Misty's 3 holes. That would make Daddy by default the one to fill her mouth, as sucking on a dildo is of no joy. We could do a slightly modified TP, where Misty licks either you or me, while Daddy and you or I fill up Misty's tight box, and even tighter back door!"

     "That sounds better, we could call it a triple treat, and I'll be glad to have Misty suck on my cunt, fuck, she has turned into a pussy licker par excellance, just like my sexy daughter!" I said, giving Samantha a look of heated lust.

     Samantha grabbed me, and our lips came together in a swirl of tongue filled, burning passion, I could feel my morning lust start to churn, my juices starting to slick up my lips.

     "Before we do that, how about if you and I have some special mother/daughter time, I'd love to make sweet love to my sexy Momma, and make you feel so good" Sam cooed.

     I smiled at my baby, and led her to the guest room, where our robes quickly hit the floor, our eyes glazed with passion as we gazed at each others nudity, and we fell into another heated embrace on the bed, kissing wildly, passionately, my juices were starting to run freely, I buried three fingers up Sam's pussy, feeling the juices gush, as I felt Sam's fingers slide up me, both of our fingers becoming dripping wet, I pulled back my fingers, and licked off the juices, as I watched Sam do the same, her eyes wide with delight.

     "69, Momma, 69, lick my juices, my cunt is all hot and slick for your mouth!" Samantha whispered.

     As we assumed that loving shape, I whispered, "Oh yes, lick me baby, I'm all hot and so juicy, just for you!"

     As I pulled Samantha's gushing, heated center toward me, I grunted with passion as I felt the tip of Sam's tongue slip between my slicked, juicy lips, and start to burrow into my juice filled center. My daughter's beautiful crimson love flesh was before me, I placed my thumbs against her lips, and spread them open, just like a flower opening its petals to the morning sun. My mouth watered, my daughter's beautiful sex, spread open, so wet, so pink, so hot and inviting, urging me on to bury my tongue deep in her silken folds. I wasted no time, burying my tongue deep into the middle of that center of lust, hearing my daughter's muffled squeal of pleasure.

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   We started to lick, probe, touch and finger each other, almost like we were mirror images, unconsciously copying what one was doing to the other, moving in unison, delivering loving licks and caresses, I could feel the swell of orgasm starting to rise. Samantha slid two fingers up my tunnel, and polishing my G spot, she eagerly awaited my flow. I did the same to her, wanting a juicy squirting facial. I felt the spasms start, the squeezing urge, and the release, I howled as my cunt exploded, and I started to squirt, I could feel the gushes, hear the splattering of my girl cum and the squeals of pleasure as my daughter got her face sprayed, that set Samantha off, and her pussy exploded, and as I closed my eyes, I felt the splatter of her spray, as she unloaded her girl cum all over my face, giving me a wonderful, juicy facial. We quickly got back together face to face, licking the heated spray from each others face, and sharing loving, passion filled kisses. I could feel the desire rising again, Sam smiled at me.

     "I could stay in here all day and lick you Momma, but how about if we save our next orgasms up, and wake up Misty and Daddy?"

     I gave her one last, passion filled smooch, and said, "Yeah, let's make Misty's day, and give her a triple treat!"

     We were quickly back in the bedroom, and crawling back onto the bed, Samantha and I delivered caresses, loving kisses, and gentle strokes of heated centers, bringing Darrin and Misty up to an awake, horny state, as evidence by the rise of Darrin's cock, and Misty flushed face.

     "Ok Misty, we are going to teach you what it's like to have all your holes enjoying fun and games, a triple treat! Momma wants you to lick her to a juicy release, and Daddy, I think you should have the honor of gushing your thick morning load into Misty's sweet cunt, and I will ream out Misty's beautiful asshole. "

     We took to the thick carpeting on the floor, Darrin lay back, so Misty could mount him. I placed a chair over Darrin's upper body, that I could sit on, and would have my horny center in a perfect position for Misty to lick me, while Samantha would mount Misty's asshole doggy style. I watched, my cunt starting to burn with lust, as Misty mounted Darrin, grunting with pleasure as she pushed down, pumping her hips down, impaling herself on Darrin's morning hard, fat cock. She took him in balls deep, and Darrin grabbed her cheeks, pulling them apart so her tight ass could be fucked. I took position on the chair, watching as Sam licked and kissed Misty's tight asshole, bringing sighs and gasps of pleasure. She lubed up that tightness, and notched the well lubed dildo head against Misty's rose shaped pucker.

     "Relax Misty baby, just relax, relax and open that tight pucker, and enjoy the triple treat" I whispered.

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     Misty raised her head, and I parted my lips, letting her see all the slick, heated folds.

     "Right there baby, lick my cunt, I'm so hot, wet and juicy, just for you" I cooed.

     As Misty buried her face in my heat, Samantha started to push, slowly, slowly, Misty would let out pussy muffled grunts, licking me wildly. With a last little push, Sam buried the dildo, and Misty stopped and raised her head just for a second.

     "Oh fuck, fuck, yes, feels so fucking good, I love having my three holes being filled, fuck me ass, fuck my cunt, I want Daddy's juicy load right up there, and I want Momma's squirting facial, let me have it" Misty cried.

     She quickly reapplied her mouth, giving my heated center the cunt licking I love. I gently took her head in my hands, and started to stroke that sexy mane of red hair, seeing in my mind's eye my beautiful college lover Melissa, how she had loved to go down on me, just like Misty was doing to me right now. I watched through passion glazed eyes as she started to pump her hips up and down, the tightness milking at my husband's cock, eager for that wet, big load of morning cum that Darrin always has. Samantha started to ream her asshole, giving her a slow, gentle reaming, Misty's growls of pleasure muffled by her mouth being plastered against my gushing cunt. Oh yes indeed, Misty had learned this lesson well, her cunt licking skills were now superb, I felt the two fingers slide up me, and the polishing of my G spot. That did it, and I again felt the spasms start, that squeezing urge, I howled as my cunt exploded, and the release, as I started to squirt.

I could feel the gushes of my girl cum and still gently holding Misty's head, I mopped her face with my gushing cunt, making sure she got a juicy, very wet facial. I rode the last tremors of my orgasm, released Misty's head, and she looked up at me with naked lust, her face covered with my juices. I quickly got face to face with her, kissing her wildly, tasting my juices all over her face. I could sense all 3 were close to climax, and I quickly reached in between the bodies, grabbed Darrin's balls, and gave them a gentle squeeze.

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     Just as I did so, Misty shrieked, "Oh fuck, blow that load, ream my ass, shoot it, fuck me, ream me, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

     Misty's body started to shake, and Darrin was making the sounds of passion I know so well, as his throbbing cock erupted. I could imagine the big, juicy morning load of thick, tasty spunk pouring hotly into Misty's eager pussy right at this very second, as Darrin pulled her hips down tightly, humping up against her, and letting his seed splatter Misty's inner velvet, the tight grip of Misty's eager cunt milking every bit of his morning load.

     Samantha withdrew, and we rolled a well fucked Misty onto her back, and Samantha and I dived in, our tongues licking Misty's cum filled pussy, eager to lick out all the heated spunk that Darrin had just jetted into her, and we licked and lapped, eager as kittens at the milk bowl, to get Darrin's load, and share it, the riveting taste of Darrin's spunk and Misty's pussy juices gave me chills of erotic pleasure, as Samantha and I eagerly mouthed at the mixed juices of passion that Misty's eager cunt was bubbling up.
We stayed at her creamy entrance until we had every drop, and since she was hovering on the edge, it took only a few well placed licks delivered by Sam and myself, as Misty's body started to shake.

     Misty cried out, "So good, oh my god, so good, yes, yes YES!"

     She went over the edge, her body trembling, letting out cries of joy, delivering a fresh load of her sweet nectar for Samantha and I to eagerly lap up. In a satisfied heap on the bed, Misty reluctantly told us that she had to go soon, her Dad was going to swing by and pick her up, as her Grandmother was coming over for Sunday dinner, and her parents had insisted that she be there.

     "Momma, I think we have enough time to teach Misty about a circle of lust, don't you?"

     I agreed, and soon, we had Misty sucking Darrin's renewed hard-on, while Darrin lapped away at my steamy cleft, while I licked and sucked my darling daughter's tight heat, and Samantha gave Misty's fiery box her best lick job. The room was filled with cries of pleasure, and the smell of our heat, mingling, being primed up, it didn't take long for our hot and horny cunts to blow wildly, bodies shaking in ecstasy, gushing our juices, then Darrin grunted, growled, and filled Misty's eager mouth with his volley of cum.

     Relaxing in the last few minutes, Misty grinned at us, and said, "I loved my lessons!"

     Samantha grinned, and said, "I think that Momma and Daddy would be more than happy to give you special quizzes, to keep your lessons and talents sharp!"

     As she looked at our smiles, Misty cooed, "Oh yes, I'd love that, I think I'm gonna be spending a lot more time over here. Study nights, and weekend sleepovers, it's gonna be great!"

     Oh yes, I thought, I would especially love that too, having Misty's redheaded muff to lick and suck on, and watching Darrin ramming his hard cock into Misty's sexy reheaded cunt had made my orgasmic pleasures so intense, I felt like my cunt was turning inside out, my inner flesh quivering and spasming almost to the point of pain when I climaxed.