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     After our break, Misty, her eyes bright, said, "What kind of fun lessons do you have planned for me now?"

     "Well, my sweetheart, we are going to show you the pleasures of various positions, and combinations," I said, as I strapped on my dildo. "On your hands and knees baby. "

     She did do, and Samantha eagerly got her mouth up to Misty's entrance, licking at her honorary sister's tight lips, listening to Misty's sighs of pleasure.  
     "Yes, yes, feels so good, lick me baby. "

     Samantha did so, her nose pressed against Misty's asshole, her tongue licking at Misty's labial lips, swiping at her clitoris as it rose up, hard, pink and eager. Misty started to moan, and Samantha stopped, and withdrew.

     "Now Misty, here's your next lesson. I am going to fuck you with my strap on, while you suck Darrin's cock. "

     Misty urged us on, "Yes, oh yes, fuck me Mommy, and let me suck out Daddy's thick load!"

     Misty lifted her head and shoulders up, so Darrin could slide in under her, his cock hard and ready, and Misty eagerly started to lick at his pole. I nudged against her, then drove it in, listening to Misty's grunt of pleasure as she took in my strap on, gripping her hips, I buried it right to the hilt. She quickly surrounded Darrin's cock, and swallowed his prick, taking in 6 of his rock hard 8 inches. Samantha was beneath her, caressing her breasts, licking, sucking and nipping gently on her swollen nipples. Watching her red head bobbing up and down on Darrin's cock fired me up, and I started to ream her steamy heat, giving her a power dildo fuck, she was making sounds of pleasure around Darrin's cock, as she sucked him.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, your hot mouth feels so good baby. You learned your lesson well, you are a great cocksucker, I love the feel of your tight lips around my cock!"

     Releasing him for a second, Misty grunted, "Yes, I love sucking your cock, it's a lesson I've loved learning, I want that load, I want my mouth full of Daddy's cum, give it to me Daddy!"

     So saying, she reapplied her mouth, and thrust down, taking in all 8 inches. Darrin grunted as he felt the engulfing, and Misty started to suck Darrin's cock wildly, deep-thoating him, working him up, I started to ram Misty's cunt, and Samantha started to tweak and stroke at Misty's throbbing clit.

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   Misty was making muffled squeals, her body shaking, unwilling to release my husband's cock to howl out her pleasure of climax. Misty felt the throbbing of my husband cock, she slid her mouth up, just covering the cock head, and her hand grabbed his cock, and started to pump his slick cock.

     Darrin growled, "Fuck oh fuck, gonna fill your mouth baby, yes, yes, cumming, oh fuck YEAH!"

     I saw Darrin's body shaking, his cock pulsing, and I imagined the sweet hot cream flowing into Misty's mouth, lucky girl, getting Darrin's load. Misty surprised me, after she had sucked out Darrin's load, she pulled herself off my dildo, and quickly repositioning herself, I saw her face, her mouth filled with cum, aiming for me. My mouth opened, Misty's lips touched mine, and she opened wide. A thick, juicy gush of Darrin's spunk filled my mouth, I moaned with the taste, and I swallowed it like it nectar of the gods. A very bright student, excellent. Misty's mouth was glued to mine, her tongue, creamy slick with Darrin's cum, probed my mouth, fuck, it made me hot, and I growled as our kiss grew hotter and deeper. My cunt was throbbing, my twitching clit aching for release.

     Samantha joined us, and she quickly got us three into a triangle daisy chain. Licking my daughter's sizzling cunt, I could feel Misty's mouth working over my own hot box, while Samantha eagerly applied her cunt licking skills to Misty. I came explosively, just the first few licks at my overheated clit sent me off into orgasm orbit, my howl of pleasure filling the bedroom as I gushed my juices all over that sexy redhead's face, and I buried my face back into Samantha's sweet honey pot, my fingers working over her G spot, and I was rewarded when Sam let out a shriek of pleasure, and she let her girl cum fly all over my eager face, I caught some in my mouth, and the rest just splattered all over me. Misty joined us a few seconds later, squealing with her own orgasm as Samantha's sweet mouth brought her sexy friend off. With our faces splattered with each other's girl cum, we quickly brought our faces together, all of us eager to lick up the tasty spray that our faces were covered with. Darrin joined us, also eager for a taste of the juices we had let fly.

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   Samantha reached down, felt Darrin's cock, half hard, rising back up.

     "Ooh, Daddy, so horny, so ready, good, because I sure am!"

     She quickly went down on Darrin, sucking his cock, bringing him back up to a full, stiff erection.

     She lay back, and panted, "Now that Daddy's hard and ready, let me have it! Fuck me Daddy, ram that big cock deep, and fuck my cunt, I want a juicy spray, NOW!"

     Looking at Misty, she growled, "And you, my sexy honorary sister, sit on my face, so I can lick your cunt again!"

     Darrin quickly penetrated Sam's heat, as Misty took position, squatting over Samantha's face.

     "Yes, oh yes, love the stiff push of Daddy's big cock" Sam grunted, "And I get to lick my honorary sister too!"

     She looped her arms over Misty's hips, and pulled her down tight against her lips. Darrin started to ride Samantha's his hard cock plowing his daughter's most inviting furrow, while Samantha eagerly licked Misty's steamy heat, drawing sighs and growls of pleasure from her. I was able to get my head in, and licked, sucked, and gently nipped at Sam's stiff, throbbing tits. I wanted Samantha to get a thick, juicy spray, and getting behind my husband, I strapped my dildo back on and lubed it up. I love giving it to my husband up the ass, and after I'd persuaded him to try it the first time, he enjoyed getting it as much as I did giving it. I stroked KY gel over Darrin's asshole, and notched my dildo against his tight ass. Just before I pushed in, I could see Misty, facing my way, eyes wide and excited as she saw what I was about to do. I pushed slowly, slowly, and I slid in, with a final thrust, I was buried to the hilt.

     Darrin grunted, "Fuck, oh yeah, fuck, feel so good, fuck my ass, ream it out!"

     I was happy to do so as I started to fuck Darrin, as he thrust into Samantha, I thrust into his ass, eager to make his prostate red hot. I loved reaming his ass, knowing that he always blew off a massive, juicy load, the room was filled with grunts, gasps and cries of pleasure. Misty went first, she was grunting and slowly rotating her hips, when she went rigid, then her body started to shake.

     "Fuck, oh my god, cumming, lick me baby, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, fuck, YES!"

     She shrieked as her orgasm slammed into her, and I could hear the splatters of her release, as she squirted her girl cum all over Samantha's face.



     Darrin growled, and buried his cock in deep, and he roared with pleasure as his cock erupted, squirting wildly, my reaming of his tight ass giving him the release of a prostate emptying load. Samantha howled and squealed as she hit climax, her body tight around Darrin, her inner cunt heat tightly milking Darrin's squirting cock, drawing every drop out of Darrin's jetting cock. When Darrin pulled out, Misty bent forward, entwining in a 69 with Samantha, eager to lick out Darrin's thick load. She then swung around, grabbed me, smiling, she pulled Samantha towards us, Sam and I opened our mouths, ready and eager, and Misty's lips parted, and with a tongue filled swirl, her lips clung to ours, sharing the rich cream that Darrin had just pumped into Samantha. We all got to taste the rich bounty, the riveting taste of Darrin and Samantha's combined juices.   

     Samantha had something in mind for me, as Darrin needed to take a break. She pulled out her strap-on dildo, and a new one that she had bought just the other day, looks like Sam had been planning on having an extra, just in case Misty was up for it. Samantha helped Misty put on the harness, adjust it, and here were my daughter and honorary daughter, both sporting 8 inch dildo erections, grinning at me.

     "Now, Misty, we'll show you what a double penetration is like, Momma loves a DP, don't you Momma? You'll see how much Momma enjoys it, then you'll get your very own DP!"

     My mouth was dry, my breathing deep, as Sam told Misty to lay back, and I quickly mounted up, grunting with pleasure as I was impaled. I lay forward upon Misty, as Sam instructed Misty to grab my ass cheeks, and pull them apart so my ass could be fucked at the same time. I felt the hot, wet tongue at my daughter licking at my sensitive rim, dancing over the twitchy clench, teasing at the tight pucker.

     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, love it, lick my rim, get my ass all ready to be fucked!" I grunted.

     I felt my daughter's fingers, slicked up with KY, sliding up my asshole, spreading the lube around the tight walls, making sure I was well slicked up.

     Samantha whispered, "Are you ready Momma?"

     I grunted, "Yes, oh fuck so ready, plug my asshole, fill me up!"

     I felt her notch the dildo against me, and slowly, in one long, single push, she buried it right up me. Oh fuck, my brain was on sex overload, the feeling of having both holes filled just made my mind reel with pleasure.

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   I started to ride Misty's dildo, I felt Samantha right behind me, her arms around my shoulders, while Samantha started to fuck my ass in time with my thrusts down and up on Misty's dildo. She put her mouth to my ear, whispering sweet and nasty things.

     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, my Momma looks so sexy, getting double fucked! Love to ram your tight asshole with my dildo, feel the sensations, look at Misty, that sexy redhead, after you cum, we'll get Daddy back into action, and you and Daddy can double fuck Misty, oh fuck yeah, gonna love watching Misty get her first DP!"

     I was sizzling, it was all coming together in a perfect storm of lust, Misty's green lambent eyes, full of lust, the hard thrusts of two dildos, watching the lust on my husband's face as he watched us, and my daughter's sexy talk, I felt it rush at me, and I let it go.

     "Oh my god, cumming, cumming, fuck yes, CUMMING!"

     I let out a shriek of pure sexual pleasure as I felt my orgasm explode like a bomb, right in my fiery lust pit. Oh fuck, I felt almost out of control, another wave slammed me, my cunt was gushing wildly, soaking Misty's dildo, and I fell onto the merry go round, as my cunt was pummelled, rapid fire, by orgasm after orgasm exploding inside of me, my shrieks and squeals of pleasure filling the room.

I lost count, I just climaxed over and over, until I was almost fainting, and Samantha held me tight against her as I pulled myself off Misty's well soaked dildo. Samantha lowered me to the bed, smiling at me.

     "Time for another short break" Samantha said, "so my Momma can get her bearings back. Then, Misty, you'll learn the lesson of what it's like to get a dual penetration!" she finished, with a wicked smile at our sexy redhead.

     Soon, I was ready to go again.

     "Now it's time for Misty to get a dual fuck! Darrin, your cock is showing its interest, come on over here. Ok, Darrin, lie back, Misty, you mount up, and I'll dildo fuck your sexy tight ass. "

     I watched as Misty notched Darrin's cock against her, and in one downward push, impaled herself, letting out a squeal of pleasure as she was filled. I saw her lean forward, Darrin's hands pulling apart her cheeks, then her coo of pleasure as she felt my face nuzzling between the half moons of her spread open buttocks. Misty started to gasp with pleasure as she felt my lips pressing hotly against the tiny sensitive opening of her puckered anus, my tongue following up to lick and probe, pressing slightly into the twitchy entrance.

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   She started to moan as I brought my fingers into play, spreading KY gel around her tight hole, and along her tight walls. I stroked Misty's back, urging her to relax, relax. I then notched the dildo against her, and started to push. Misty let out a hiss, but she urged me to keep going. Her cries sounded like a mix of pain and pleasure, until with a final push, I buried the dildo.

     Misty growled, grunted, and said, "Yes, oh my god, both my holes are filled, I feel so crammed full, and I can take it. " 

     "Then ride Daddy, fuck his cock, while Mommy reams out your tight asshole!" I growled.

     As Misty lifted up, then slid back down Darrin's cock, I matched her rhythm, and started to dildo fuck that tight asshole. Fuck, I was turned on, both Darrin and I getting to fuck her,  and I knew what the inner rubbing of my dildo against Darrin's cock would do to my husband, and I started to ream out Misty's asshole a bit faster, listening to her grunts and cries of pleasure as she rammed her cunt open on Darrin's cock, while my dildo surged up her tight back door. Darrin started to grunt, his cock was nearing a juicy completion, and Misty was hovering on the brink.  

     Misty howled, "Oh fuck, yes, yes, FUCK YES!"

     Her scream of pleasure filled the bedroom, and I drew back, and rammed the dildo in hard.

     As her spasming tightness clamped down, Darrin grunted, "Fuck, oh fuck, cumming, fuck YEAH!"

     He barked out a loud grunt, grabbed her hips, and slammed her down onto his pole, driving my dildo up Misty's asshole right to the hilt, I could imagine the thick load of heated spunk gushing forth between those tight labial lips, filling the tightness of Misty's teen cunt.

     I cooed at Sam, "Suck out Darrin's cum, then let Misty and me taste that juicy snowball!"

     Samantha was between her thighs in a flash, cleaving her mouth to Misty's just fucked opening, she eagerly licked and sucking, filling her mouth with out every drop, then she joined misty and me in a three way kiss, and we eagerly shared up the juicy mouthful, the taste of Darrin's cum mixed with Misty's juices made me hot.

     In a few seconds, I was flat on my back, with Samantha and Misty licking at my heated cunt, and I came in a long, slow, blissful, wrenching wave of pleasure, my cries of orgasm filling the room, my inner heat spasming wildly, feeling the loving licks of two hot and wet tongues licking at my creaming center, giving my daughters lots of my tasty juices to share.

     Then Darrin turned Samantha over, and applied his mouth, intent of licking Samantha to completion, and it didn't take too long before Sam's cries of pleasure filled the room, as Darrin's G spot polishing and tongue brought Sam to a noisy, gushing release, my daughter's heated center squirting the release of her pleasure all over my husband's face.

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     We all flopped down, totally spent, what a workout. Samantha cuddled against me, while Misty cuddled against Darrin, and I pulled the blankets over us, so that our daughters would sleep with us overnight, I am sure Darrin's morning load will be eagerly sought after.




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