Overnight Trip With Uncle Earl


It took a bit of convincing, but after several days of fierce negotiation Earl Francis agreed to drive his fifteen year old niece down to her grandparent's place where she could spend as month in the great outdoors. It wasn't that he didn't get along with young Willa. The fact was that he loved her to death. It was the idea of being trapped in a tiny car with a teenager for two days. It seemed to him that that was going above and beyond the call of familial duties. But they asked and they asked and they asked until he was worn down to nothing. When he finally said yes Willa threw her arms around him and kissed him with an embarrassing display of affection right in front of her amused family.

That was the other problem. In the past few months his little niece had started to become more affectionate with him. Physically affectionate. And with each passing day he couldn't help but notice that little Willa wasn't quite so little anymore. She was practically a woman now, and he found that each time she touched him his body would respond in a completely unacceptable fashion. As long as there were people present he figured he was safe. He wasn't so sure how he could get through thirty-six hours unchaperoned.

Since they had such a long drive, they left early. The first two hours were spent fighting over the radio station.

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   The two hours after that were spent in an uncomfortable silence as Willa sulked. Then came an uncomfortable lunch as Willa sulked some more. Then came four hours of peace as Willa sang along with her favorite terrible songs on her favorite terrible station. Earl had to admit that her mood was contagious. After an hour he was singing along with her. Then came two hours of silence after she fell asleep. Finally when he had reached the limits of his own endurance he pulled into a clean, well-lit motel and got them a room for the night. When they reached their accommodations, Earl instantly saw his mistake: the room only had one bed. He turned back toward the office to switch to a room with two beds, but before he could Willa dashed into the room and started jumping up and down on the bed. The sight of her ripe young body bouncing in all the right places almost made his eyes pop out of his head.

"This is great, Uncle Earl," Willa pronounced enthusiastically. "Come on in. "

Knowing deep down in his soul that it was absolutely the worst thing to do, he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

"I hope there's a shower," Willa said as she dashed into the bedroom. A moment later she emerged beaming as she picked up her overnight bag and disappeared.

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   She left the door open a crack, and through it he Earl could hear the sound of water running.

'It would be so easy to peek,' he said to himself. 'No one would ever know. '

Instead, he turned his back to her and quickly got ready for bed, changing into a pair of old sweats and a tee shirt. Willa spent a long time in the bathroom, and Earl found himself dozing off before she made her triumphant reappearance. Earl's jaw nearly dropped when he saw her. Her hair and body were still slightly wet, and she was clad in a tiny powder-blue bra and panty set that barely covered her budding young body.

Willa came over to the bed and sat down close to him. To his supreme embarrassment he started to tent in the most inappropriate place possible. He tried to speak, but before he could open his mouth his little niece beat him to the punch.

"Why didn't you come in the shower with me, Uncle Earl?" she asked.

"What?" Earl asked, completely flabbergasted.

"Why didn't you come in the shower with me?" she repeated. "That's what happens in all the stories, doesn't it? The girl leaves the bathroom door open, and her father or her brother or her uncle get into the shower with them. Didn't you see the open door?"

"I did," Earl said, suddenly feeling stupid.

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   "But, sweetheart, we can't that. It's wrong. "

"Not if we both want it," Willa said with somewhat questionable logic. "I want it. Don't you? Don't you think I'm pretty, Uncle Earl?"

"You're beautiful, Willa," Earl confirmed.

"Don't you think I'm sexy?' she asked next.

This time his answer took longer to say. But he had to be truthful.

"You're very sexy, Willa," he said. "God, you might be the sexiest little thing I've ever seen. If I weren't your uncle, I'd…. "

"But you are my uncle," Willa interrupted. "And that's what makes it special for me. I know you love me. I know you won't hurt me.

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   And I know you'll make my first time a night I'll never forget.

"Willa," Earl sighed.

"Make love to me, Uncle Earl," Willa begged. "Be my first. "

Earl stared at her for a long time. Then making the only decision possible he said, "Our little secret?"

"Our BIG secret," Willa grinned.

"Oh, what the hell," Uncle Earl decided as he stripped. "A girl's gotta learn sometime…. "

Willa smiled when she saw her uncle completely naked. He was in pretty good shape for a forty year old man.
"You're really hairy, Uncle Earl," she giggled. "I only have a little hair. See?"

To demonstrate, she pulled down her panties. Earl's mouth watered at the sight of her lovely exposed pussy, bare except for the slightest trace of peach fuzz.

"Uncle Earl, what are you DOING?" Willa gasped as Earl buried his face between her legs.

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   Moments later she stopped asking as his experienced tongue eagerly explored every inch of her burning pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he knowingly found all the most sensitive spots. Earl took his time and savored her sweet virgin juices, but as soon as he felt that his niece's tender young pussy was properly lubricated he took the next step.

Climbing atop her, he let his stiff cock brush against the entrance to her slit. He kissed her tenderly on the lips. Then he whispered softly, "Don't be afraid. "

"I'm not," Willa answered. "I'm ready. I love you. "

"I love you, baby doll," Uncle Earl said. Then he entered her. Willa groaned with pleasure as he filled her with his thick hard shaft. All her life she had heard horror stories about how much it hurt the first time, but to her amazement all she felt was pleasure. When he reached her hymen it parted willingly, and soon he was buried inside her all the way to his balls.
"Are you okay?" he asked.

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"I'm wonderful," Willa grinned. "Fuck me, Uncle Earl. Fuck me hard. "

Earl needed no further encouragement. With his pretty little niece clinging to him like a second skin he drove his cock deeper and deeper inside her, driving her into the mattress and driving her out of her mind. Earl had forgotten the magic of tight young pussy. As he thrust his way closer and closer to release he knew he would never forget this feeling for as long as he lived. It was only with the greatest of restraint that he managed to pull out of her in time, spraying his load across her creamy white belly instead of in her fertile womb. Sated, he collapsed on top of her.

The next few minutes were spent in silence. Earl wondered what his loving niece was thinking. He wondered if she harbored any regrets. What she said next instantly alleviated his fears.

"Uncle Earl?" she asked softly. "Do you think you could drive me to Uncle Ted and Aunt Ginny's for Thanksgiving?"


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