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Still in my own little "world" and bleeding quietly, not that anyone was paying that much attention, I was watching yet more of Todd’s cum slowly trickle down the inside of my leg. I could hear my dad now, "Have a nice time at Cathy’s sweetheart?"
What would I say? "Sure dad, we had heaps of fun. Od’d on the Chardonnay watching some hot sex scenes on TV and afterwards Cathy’s dad was good enough to rape me a couple of times…. . well at least before he started fucking his own daughter. "…and believe me, that’s exactly what he was attempting to orchestrate the far side of the room.
We couldn’t hear clearly what he was saying to her because Todd had his back to us but the continuous shaking of her head and her general body language suggested he was making something more than a general "pass" at his daughter.
she emphasised her feelings on the matter at hand, with an emphatic "I said no dad!" Didn’t look to me like he was giving up too easily though.
I think Elise and Julie had plans afoot to help Todd get down and dirty with his daughter, if for no other reason because of their own recent paedophilic experiences. Suppose they figured that if Todd was of a mind to fuck his daughter’s girlfriends like that, the least he could do now was to serve it up to Cathy as well. True, incest is incest but you’d be surprised how many little details you can overlook after two wine casks.
A further outcry from the far side of the room drew everyone’s attention. Cathy was having none of her dad’s attentions and following an obvious attempt by Todd to grope her breasts, she was now tugging his hands out from the top of her gaping nightdress and pushing him away.
This time we did hear Todd’s comments.
"Damn it Cathy, you get me to fuck one of your girlfriends, touch yourself up in front of me…that’s pretty much incest to start with! C’mon sweethweart, you’re sixteen now, almost seventeen – hardly a baby. I just want to do it with you once Cathy…I’ll never ask again, I promise!"
"Go on Cath," giggled Elise.


   "You were wanting your dad to fuck Debbie, admit it. "
I’m sure I caught the slightest blush as she looked across at Elise.
"Well, what if I did El? Doesn’t mean I have to let my own dad fuck me does it?…. would you let yours?"
"Hmmmm," Elise replied, looking back at her and smiling. "You know, I just might…and I wouldn’t be surprised if dad’s already thought about it. He often seems to "accidentally" come into my room or the bathroom when I’m changing. "
"Mine too," chirped Julie. "Don’t think my dad would think twice about it!"
Generating so many hot images in my own mind at that moment, thinking about my father and the times he has either brushed up against me in a doorway or spanked my bottom playfully in passing, I hoped no-one saw me reddening-up momentarily.
Cathy was just sitting there, arms hunched-up around her knees, obviously running all the permutations in her mind. I remembered months ago we were all talking about incest one night and I’m sure Cathy had said something like "It would be interesting!"
It was about to get more interesting.
She was looking across at Todd, who had retreated a couple of paces and was just kneeling on the floor. Her expression was definitely not one of disgust…. more another word, that retained those last three letters.
"Promise, just the once dad?" she all but whispered. The three of us girls looked on impassively.

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   Striving to maintain our dignity, there wasn’t one of us could wait to see Todd fuck his daughter into the Twilight Zone. As for Todd, his expression had just changed to one of "Thank you, thank you God. "
As Julie and Elise crawled towards her and in the state of undress they were, I’m sure Todd found that interesting to say the least, Cathy looked a little nervous.
"What are you guys doing?" she asked, hunching further up against the lounge. Not wanting to be the "Nigel" of the group, I had slipped my panties and nightdress back on and was heading over to the small gathering.
"Kiss her Mr Carter," Elise suggested, just a few seconds before he leaned across and did just that. I think she had merely pre-empted his plan of attack. Whatever, it was working. Not only did Cathy put up little resistance to her father’s lip-action but she quite obviously drew him closer in. He didn’t waste the opportunity and once again, began to lightly caress his daughter’s rather cute little breasts.
God was that hot? Elise and Julie must have thought so too. Both slipped their hands down between their own legs and almost subconsciously began to apply some much needed relief there. You think I’d be caught dead doing a thing like that in public? I’d have bet a million dollars I wouldn’t. I would have lost!
In less time than it would have taken to say "Let’s not tell Mom, Daddy," Todd had Cathy pretty much flat on her back across maybe half a dozen scatter cushions. Still kissing her passionately, he began slipping his hands up her nightdress – evidently to Cathy’s pleasure, judging by the unforced spreading of her legs.

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   She gave a little cry as he reached her panties – fully on display to all of us now.
Watching all this was hotter than having it done to you I think…. . especially being his daughter and all. I can barely begin to imagine what it must have felt like from Cathy’s viewpoint. She made no attempts now to deflect his hand as he began fondling her breasts through the wafer-thin material and the effect on her was nothing short of electric.
Wriggling all over the place she was pushing her hips up against his hand now, forcing him to rub her harder at the critical point. Elise was making more noise than Cathy, pretty much gasping as she pleasured herself to the edge. I showed a bit more decorum than that, but in truth, I just couldn’t wait to see her fucked silly. So wet and sticky was I between my own legs I don’t think I best admit what disgusting thoughts I was having.
As for Julie, she was using both hands on herself by this stage and I think if we had video’d her performance alone, we could have sold a copy to every boy in the school for $500 each. No telling what some of the teachers would have paid!
Whereas the sight of Todd’s erection would earlier in the evening, probably have had me running to the bathroom screaming and sobbing, given its recent acquaintance with my wet little pussy and beyond, I was little more now than an interested (well OK…very interested!) observer. Rumor has it that Cathy lost her virginity earlier this year. Now the truth or otherwise of that little floater was about to be revealed.
She put up little or no resistance as Todd rather fetchingly tugged his daughter’s panties down from hip level to a point at which they no longer had any relevance….

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  . either as decoration or defense. Although evidently unfamiliar with the advantages of a fem razor, Cathy had a very neat little growth of dark brown curls that would have done Shirley Temple proud. Even without trimming, they grew neatly and restrictedly in the forecourt of her little temple. So far as I could recall, even in a bikini, none had ever dared to show themselves to family, friends or acquaintances alike. Right now, they looked just so sexy, her father risked a total shut-down of the senses.
Leaving her nightdress on, he simply spread her wider, and kneeling at the apex of her legs, where we could all see incidentally, well up inside her lower lips – where the color purple reigned supreme, he pushed hard into her.
Cathy let out an "Oh, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the three of us took up the slack with our fingers and Todd almost passed-out with pleasure I imagine. Having the romantic notion to kiss his daughter, Cathy simply put her arms around his neck and let her body take up active duty, as he began thrusting hard in to her. Judging by the depth of penetration, the question of Cathy being a virgin or not was more or less answered right from the opening encounter, as it were.
A girl doesn’t realise just how far she spreads her legs during sex until she sees another female actively pursuing the same goal.
    "Gosh, did I look like that?" I was thinking to myself. I soo wanted to look like that again!
    To say Todd had settled into a rhythm would suggest he was in for the long haul. To be completely honest, I think he was not far from orgasm at the point he pushed into her. Grunting marginally better than his daughter who was tending more towards gasps and cries of pleasure, and not forgetting that after servicing three other girls he had little in reserve – of either cum or energy one imagines – he still managed to spurt something of interest well up inside Cathy’s little box of tricks. 

    She clung to her father, evidently riding her own incoming spring tide, as it washed inland carrying her somewhat enlivened senses with it. So excruciatingly hot was the sight before us, Elise, Julie and I were unavoidably transported to realms previously denied us.
    For a while – silence reigned.
    Cathy lay there, her legs still spread to the max, flushed and idly fingering herself – quite uncaring as to how she looked. Elise did something I thought was both sweet and extraordinarily hot! She crawled over and kissed Cathy on the lips as she lay there breathing heavily, her pretty breasts and still erect nipples showing clearly through her nightdress. It was a long kiss, giving Cathy time to encircle her long-time friend with her arms.
    Most likely unintentionally, but it also presented Todd with a hands-on view of Elise’s very shapely rear-end, being as it was, just a couple of feet from where he sat on his haunches, an effectively spent force. Still, he was able to reach out and pat her! Gotta admire the man’s opportunism.
    Hot as all four of us girls were, Todd was but one man…. and an exhausted one at that, so after we had gotten ourselves dressed (if you can call just two items of clothing "dressed?") we actually huddled up together on the lounge and watched another movie. Cathy and Elise with an arm each around their shoulders and Julie and I on the floor encircling a leg each. If this sounds suggestively sexual – it wasn’t…just a case of wanting to be close.
    Unable to keep our collective eyes open by midnight, Todd made the inarguably novel suggestion that we all go to bed – together!
    Even given his King size bed, it was still a challenge although we realised that most likely sleeping was not the primary intent here. With never less than one girl on top of him at any one time, four bodies were able to marginalise themselves across the bed quite easily, especially so with one or two usually on their sides during the night for reasons that any clear-thinking person should be able to deduce.
    As far as Cathy was concerned….

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      Todd had lied of course. "Once’ definitely had not been enough! Fact is, he managed to fuck us all at varying times during the night and in extremely varied positions. Despite facing the reality of zero stock-levels, he still managed to give us all a good time. Everyone did manage partial sleeping sessions.
    I remember some time around 3 a. m. being roused by several fingers pushing their way into my pussy. Pretending to be asleep, I let him pull my panties down. I even kept my eyes closed as he began fondling my breasts and pulling my nipples gently. I’m sure he’d been doing much the same with the other three girls. It was after he began to suckle me (well I was lying right alongside him) that I could no longer keep up the charade. I just kissed him and whispered for him not to stop.
    That was the first night I ever sucked a man off too. It just seemed so naughty doing it to him under the sheets not to mention having the other three sexy school-girls there. I guess we all woke up at different times and had hot little one on one sessions with Todd.

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       Let’s not even mention the one on ones between us four girls.
    So yeah, it was some sleepover…and under. . and sideways!
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