Out Of Control


Topic: Page title here Out Of Control-part 1       PART ONE:  We’d married young and she was pregnant by the time she was 17, Shiela was born before either of us could vote.   We had a good marriage at first.   I got into computers on ground floor and made good money.   She just worked to have something to do and a little spending money. The combination of her mother working nights and some weekends, with her lack of interest in sex was what took my life on such an insane journey.
In the beginning, it was so innocent and unintentional that I didn=t feel guilty about it at all.   At thirteen, one of Sheila=s favorite things to do when I was home, was to either sit on the back of my chair with her legs over my shoulders, playing with my hair and pinching my nose or lying across my legs as I scratched or rubbed her back and shoulders.   We were, and still are, so very close, this woman-child and I, that neither of us could ever hurt the other.
  I watched, intently, as she changed from a child into a young woman.   She proudly announced to me the arrival of her first period, and when she noticed the first little sign of a bud on her chest. Her thighs began to fill out as her baby fat disappeared and her breasts became obvious.   It was I who advised her that she needed to wear a bra, when her breasts became visible under her shirts.   The curves and swells of womanhood were not lost to my eyes.   She was changing so fast.
At fourteen, I had to make her stop sitting on the back of my chair.   The proximity of her crotch to my neck was constantly on my mind, especially when she squeezed her thighs together around my neck.

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    Was it my imagination, or was she actually taking advantage of the position to rub into my neck as she squeezed. Now, when I rubbed her back, my fingers would brush against the sides of those soft, sweet breasts and I found my hands straying further down.   As my arm rested on her back, my fingers would be lying on the cheeks of her well-curved ass.   Sometimes a finger would, by sheer coincidence lie directly in the crack of those sweet ass cheeks.   I knew that, occasionally, there was movement in that finger, usually unknowingly, and involuntarily, but it was never mentioned, she never told me to stop and I didn=t ask.
It got real interesting in the summer, when she took to wearing shorts outfits and short little sun dresses.   She would pull the sundress up to her shoulders so I could rub her bare back.   Now, I was looking at that sweet ass in those tight little white panties.   My finger movements became for frequent, and I suspect more aggressive, although it was not an intentional or conscious act        Then I began slipping my finger under the top of her panties as I rubbed her back.   At first, she didn't say anything but then she looked forward to it. After that, however, it began a regular part of the back rub.   Soon, she began moving my hand down to lie on her ass cheek. She said that she like the way my hand felt on her bare skin.  
It wasn=t long before she began to move my hand lower as I rubbed.   Soon, I was rubbing her butt and brushing against the puffy spot between her legs, which she now spread for me.


    Neither of us ever said a word about these changes, she just moved my hand to the spot where she wanted the attention.   I never applied any pressure there, it was just a light stroking action across the outer lips. It seemed that almost every time that I did it, she would want it to last a little longer.   One day, she whispered to me that it made her feel good when I did that.   Later, when I was sure that we were alone, I reminded her that what I was doing was very wrong.
  AI know,@ she said, Abut I like it when you do it. @ I told her that it was still wrong, and that it was against the law.   AIn school, A she said, A they told us that if you do that, you will go to jail. @ AThat=s true,@ I agreed, Athat=s why we have to stop.   She turned around and said, ANo, I don=t want it to stop. @  I told her that I understood that, but I didn=t want to go to jail.  AI promise, I won=t tell anyone, ever. @ She said.
  I knew that I wasn=t going to stop anyway.   I couldn=t if I wanted to.

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  Now, she started sitting on my lap with her back to me and putting my hand under her dress, on her bare stomach.   After while, she moved my hand lower and lower.   I began to lay my hand on her leg, with my fingers wrapped around her thigh.   It wasn=t long before she was taking my hand and rubbing herself down there.   ARub me there. @ She requested.   Did I say no, that is enough? Not hardly, I was more than glad to oblige.   Of course I knew that it was wrong.   We both did.   She wasn=t quite fifteen yet and although I never actually penetrated her, it was the same.
    Her mother was gone on Tuesday=s and Thursday=s, and she worked a twelve hour shift at the supermarket on weekends.   Therefore, we spent a lot of time together, usually alone.   It was a dangerous situation to say the least.   When her mother wasn=t around, she frequently wore just a tee shirt and panties which kept my cock hard a lot. I began running my fingers under her panty legs, right after her fifteenth birthday.

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        I didn=t probe or push, but I would trail my finger all the way to her panty leg and just barely touch the bare labia lips as I passed.   One day, I had been stroking her for a while as we watched TV.   She was making little happy sounds as I came across her crotch.   She shifted and sat up for a few seconds and then she leaned into me as I began again.   Suddenly I realized that her panties were gone.   Soon, I discovered that they weren=t gone, just pushed to one side. AYou=re asking for trouble@ I told her.   AI know,@ she replied, Aplease don=t stop now. @ Like a fool, I continued my strokes.   Without realizing it, I began applying light pressure and pushing my finger into her crease a little each time.   It was obvious that she was getting close as she began to move her hips into me and moaning.   AThat feels so good,,@  she whispered through clenched teeth.  AJust relax and let it come. @ I told her.   She was taking short sharp breaths through open lips and humping my finger faster and faster.

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        I was tempted to enter her but I didn=t.   She started calling out my name and almost squealing as her fingers dug into my arms harder and harder until at last she almost screamed, her fingertips painfully digging into me. Her back arched and she came hard in the first ever orqasm that was caused by me. I held my fingers in one place and made rotating motions on her skin as wave after wave moved over her.  ADon’t stop,” she yelled. “Don’t stop now!”  
     I slowed down but she immediately grabbed my hand and moved both of our hands to her wet pussy lips where she rubbed hard until at last she began to calm down.   I suddenly became of just how hard I was and how close I was to coming myself due to her movements over my hard cock. All the time she was thrusting her ass into me, she was grinding into my erection and now it was throbbing with a load of cum.   I tried to get her off of my lap but it was too late.   As her ass slid over my erection, it exploded as hot cum surged over my body and ran down my balls.   I told her that I had to go to the bathroom and got her off of my lap, running in and cleaning up the mess. “What the fuck have I done,” I thought. “This time, you just lost control and now you’ve started something and you can’t go back. ” AGo clean yourself up before your mother comes home and smells what you did. @  I said.

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      She laughed. AI want more. @ ANot tonight,@ I said, Anow scoot. @  For quite a while, I managed to keep control of the situation,  not allowing her to get to that point again, although she certainly  tried.    I had no doubt that she was seeing a lot of finger action and suspected that her friend Caroline was showing her how to make it feel good.   It was becoming more and more apparent that Caroline was, like her mother, a lesbian.