Out of control part 3


For a year, we had been exploring each other=s bodies with tongue, finger and lips. She had gotten past the problem with swallowing my cum and could keep me up for a long time with just her lips and tongue before bringing me to climax.   I learned by her responses how to keep her just short of orgasm for quite a while but she always came whenever she wanted.  
   We knew that sooner or later she would be mine and she constantly tested my resolve to keep her waiting.   Any suggestion that I made that she should date some one her own age was met with wrinkled nose, a shaking head and some comment about sleeping with babies.  
She was almost sixteen now and a lovely young woman.   She went to a very exclusive school with extremely high demands for excellence which she met with little difficulty.   The biggest problem was that most of the students were either really rich kids that thought that they could buy anything or anybody, and/or gay and lesbian.   She had a few of the girls hit on her but they easily took no thank you for an answer.   Her girl friends, Caroline, and Christine also went there.   They were both lesbians but Sheila had no problem with that.   She and Caroline had been friends since they got out of diapers.    
We had been making love one Saturday, and it had been unusually passionate for one reason or other.   Exhausted, we slept for a while.   I woke up first and began touching her in those special places.   When she looked up, she gave me a look that let me know she was not ready to start again so soon.

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    I smiled and kissed her a few times.    
AWe have to go get something to fix for dinner,@ she reminded me.   I had forgotten all about that fact.          We dressed and I went downstairs to wait for her.   The phone rang but before I could get to it, she picked it up and I heard her talking to her mother.   She came down in short shorts and a tube top and I instantly got hard.   I’d never be able to get enough of her.  
 ALet=s get fast food,@ she said, AMom isn=t coming home tonight. @  Alarm bells went off in my head and my heart beat faster.   I was spending the night alone with this lovely young thing.   This sweet young body where my tongue had so much pleasure just an hour before.  
 AThat=s fine,@ I said, Awhy isn=t she coming home. @ 
  AShe=s going to a party at Caroline=s house. @   
ACaroline,@ I mused, AIs that the same cute little lesbian I know?A 
  AYeah,@ she said, ACaroline is out of town, visiting some relative or something. @   
We grabbed some fast food and ate it on the way home.


    It was getting dark as we drove and she wanted to drive down the old river road trail.   We used to fish there a lot and there are lots of birds to watch.  
 ADo I still make you happy?@ she asked.  
ADon=t be ridiculous,@ I replied. , @you=re great. I get hard just thinking about you. @  She opened my pants and released my hard on. She smiled as she brought me closer and closer to the edge with slow, smooth strokes.   I was going to tell her to grab some tissues but she bent over and opened her mouth just as it went off, taking the whole load in her mouth and lapping it up like a puppy.   I just moaned and groaned and enjoyed it.  
On the way home, I made a quick stop.   I told her to wait for me, I had to get something and I didn=t want her to see it.   At least not yet.    I was back in just a few minutes with a small bag, which I shoved under the seat.  
 AYou didn=t need to buy me anything.

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  @ She said.   I just smiled and stuck my tongue out at her.    
When we got to the house, I told her to make us some popcorn while I took care of something.   A few minutes later, I came down stairs and she was sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a movie.   I sat down beside her and grabbed some popcorn.   She slid the bowl closer to me and I reached over and pushed her back on the couch. My fingers went to her tube top and she raised her arms as I pulled it over her head.   My lips and fingers went to her breasts and she pushed into the couch as I sucked on them and pulled on the nipples.   They got real hard and I worked on them as my hands cupped them and rolled her nipples between my fingers.   She slid down on the couch and pulled my head into her breasts as she began to moan and breathe harder.  
Then I unfastened her shorts and my hand slipped into them and slid down the smoothness of her panties until I felt the division that was her pussy.    I rubbed at the top in slow lazy circles as she began to breath even harder and spread her legs.   I slipped her shorts off and dropped them to the floor and the wetness of her sex sent sweet fragrance of excitement through the air.   Her eyes were closed and her hips were moving with each touch.   She looked up as I got off the couch but she smiled as I bent down and picked her up.

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    I carried her to the stairs and up the stairs as we kissed.   Hot, deep desperate kisses.   We both knew that there was no turning back now.    
After I placed several towels on the bed, I laid her on them and slipped out of my clothes as she licked her lips in anticipation.   I lifted her knees high in the air and began sucking and licking on her.    
AI need you now@ she panted.  
 AI know,@ I told her, Ajust be patient. @  
 I wanted a lot of lubrication because she was so tight.   I took a tube out of my bed stand and applied a generous amount of slicky-stick lubricant to the lips of her pussy and then I put some on my finger and worked it deep inside, stopping just short of the one thing keeping me from making her a woman.   She humped my finger as I moved it all around inside of her.  
I moved between her legs and placed the head of my cock against that beautiful pussy.   I looked down at her. She was so beautiful, so innocent, and so young.   I should have stopped right then but it was too late.   I was too far gone.

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    She had her head raised so she could see and she was licking her lips.   I applied slight pressure but only succeeded in making her moan.   Once again I pushed, but a little harder.   On the third attempt, I made a short, but jabbing stroke and she cried out as the head slipped into her love canal for the very first time ever.   God, she was so tight. I wasn=t sure that I could even complete the act.     
I waited a second and pushed further into her but very little.   The walls of her virginal tunnel stretched to let me in and I once again moved further into her. Each time I went deeper, she gasped and took a deep breath.   Once I got in to the hymen, I pulled back and began slow, short strokes, which she moved into each time.   I picked up the speed a little but still kept them short, bumping into her hymen a few times and each time she cried out with a sharp Aow@ or AOh, God@.    
Finally, I had enough freedom of movement and I knew that it was time.   I grasped her hips firmly and looked at her.   Her eyes were wide and she was breathing fast.  
 AThis is going to hurt, kitten, maybe a little, maybe a lot.

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    Are you sure?@  
She nodded her head, licking her lips and raising her head further.   I made a few short moves and then I thrust forward, only to meet a stronger resistance than expected   
She screamed. AOh my God, that hurts. @   
Once again I asked her if she wanted to continue and she nodded.   I took a firm hold and looked down at her. I pulled almost all the way out and took a deep breath.   AHappy Birthday kitten,@ I said as I rammed forward with all my strength.  
She slammed her head back into the pillow and arched her back as she screamed an ear piercing scream, collapsing onto the pillow as I made a second stroke.  
 AOh God, oh God, oh God, it hurts so bad, Oh my God. @   
Keeping my still erect cock inside of her, I pulled her on top of me as I rolled over.   I kissed her as she sobbed deeply, tears running down my face and neck.   I felt terrible. I think I knew then that her hymen had been thicker than most and it tore loose rather than just open up.    
AOh God,@ she sobbed, Ait hurts so bad. @  
 AI  know honey,@ I said, AI=m sorry@  she shook her head and kissed me.

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    I kissed her eyes and kissed away wet, salty tears, still flowing in profusion.  
  ADoes it still hurt?@ I asked.   She nodded her head.  
 ADo you want me to stop?”  
 ANo,” she said.    
I rolled her back on to her back and looked at my cock inside her.   Just that scene made it swell with anticipation.   Little flecks of blood now seeped from her pussy.   I was glad that I had put those towels under her.   I made a few short strokes and then I raised her up and began moving deeper and deeper into her until I had almost all of it in her.   Each time I went deeper she gasped, but when I I pulled back and made one final push, burying it into her as deep as I could get it, she screamed. I began with long, deep strokes and began picking up speed and becoming more aggressive. She began moving with me and I slowed slightly, allowing her body to respond to this intruder.   I was taking long strokes, almost all the way out, and then pushing hard as I returned.  
She wasn=t crying now, just taking  short, gasping breaths, and going oh, oh, oh, with each stroke and before long, I felt her tighten down as her first orgasm approached.   She humped me wildly as it got closer and I slammed into her with all that I had to offer her.

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    As she came, she screamed wildly, and yelled out to God and myself as she thrashed about with each wave.   I continued stroking into her until she came again, digging long strips of flesh from my body.  
Finally, I felt my own climax building as I pounded into her, moving her up and into the headboard until wave after wave of cum splashed inside of her, filling her with cum for the first time.   I was almost as audible as she was as I pumped until it stopped surging.   Still, I could feel cum seeping from the end of it as I rolled over.   I put my leg over her to keep it inside as long as I could, stroking it in and out of her in slow, short strokes. Finally, it slipped out, and I pulled her to me as I rolled onto my side next to her.   She rolled on top of me and tried to put it back but the warrior was exhausted and unresponsive.   We kissed, we fondled, we groped, we stroked, we rolled around all over the bed.    
Reaching down between her legs, I slid a finger into her and returned it to my lips.  
 AOooh yuk,@ she said.  
 AI don=t care, I replied, this is something that will never ever happen again.   What is coming out of you is you and I for the very first time.   You will never be a virgin again and I want to taste every drop. @   
AThere=s blood in there,@ she said, looking at my finger as I again dipped into her pool.

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 AI know, but it is your virgin blood and I love it. ” At that, I dove between her legs and began to lick and suck her throbbing pussy, still gorged with the blood of excitement.   Her clit slipped into my lips and I sucked strongly on it.   Even though she said it was disgusting, she didn=t complain as I sucked and tongued that clit until she once again went into the throes of another orgasm.    
We laid together for a long time although she wouldn=t kiss me anymore until I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash.   Once I had, I returned to her side and we slept together until sometime in the early hours of the morning, when I awoke to find her awake and sitting on my stiff member.  
After another orgasm, we headed for the shower. As we bathed each other, we held onto each other, my cock pushing into her body, her breasts so firm and delightful, responding to my hands with erect nipples.   I pulled her to me with both hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as my finger probed for her ass hole.   We were so hot, we couldn=t stop.   We didn=t even get dressed when we were done.   I laid her on the floor in the bathroom and we slid our wet bodies back and forth against each other.   My cock wasn=t hard enough to make love but we put it between our bodies and our motion back and forth was enough to cause me to put a layer of cum between us which we had to shower off again.  
  We stayed locked together all morning.   I can=t count how many times I had my tongue in her slit.

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    In the afternoon, we accepted the fact that I was not going to be able to do it again and we actually got dressed. She sat on my lap and laid her head on my chest telling me how much she loved me and thanking me for giving her such a special birthday gift.   I told her that I felt like it was I who had received the gift, the gift of her virginity to cherish forever.    
When her mother came home that evening, we put on an academy award performance of innocence.   I think we almost over did it but she was tired and went to bed early.   Thank God, we had remembered to leave the windows up, make up the bed and make sure that everything was exactly right.   If she smelled the laundry basket, we were goners for sure but that was a job that we took care of so we were pretty safe there.   I laid in bed that night with visions of the beautiful body and the realization that my little girl was not a little girl any more.  
Over a period of two years after I claimed Sheila=s innocence, we made love at least one day a week, sometimes more, and we tried just about every position that we could.   I never got tired of her and fortunately, she never tired of me.   The one thing that we had never really pursued was anal penetration.   I had quite often inserted a finger in there during oral sex, and on a couple of occasions, it appeared that it was imminent but it never happened.   She didn=t say that she didn=t want it, and in fact, had indicated that she would like to try it but it was my hesitation that had prevented it from happening.    
I had finally accepted that my wife was no longer interested in sex because she was having sex with two of her female friends on a regular basis.   One of them was Caroline=s mother 
We finally sat down and talked about it, all three of us.


    I told her that I understood but that I still loved her and Sheila assured her that as well. Ididn’t want a divorce and I didn’t want to lose her  and as it to turned out, she felt the same way.   She told us that she’d known for a long time of our affair but also knew that nothing she said would change anything and she wasn’t about to get me sent to prison.   She just warned us of the dangers of Sheila not meeting other men, but Sheila and I had already discussed that.  
After that, the change was amazing.   We all got along better and Sheila and her mother got a lot closer.  
During one of our more passionate sessions, Sheila had already reached her peak several times, without me penetrating her.   When I finally did, I was taking long, deep strokes, which we both love, and I got a little to long with one stroke and slipped out of her.   As I tried to put it back in, I was too low and it hit her anus instead.  
I mumbled an apology but she said, AI want it in there.   Put it in, but go slow. @ I still hesitated and she raised up.   AIt=s alright, I want it too. @  
 I applied a liberal coat of lube, even though we were both covered with cum already. I raised her up and she spread herself wide open, pulling her knees up to her.

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    Then I spread her ass cheeks and inserted a thumb into her hole.   She grunted as it popped through the sphincter muscle, after some persuasive shoving.   I moved it in and out and it made a slight popping sound each time I took it out.  
  ANow,@ she said, Ado it now. @   
We both took a deep breath and I placed the head of my cock against that button and began to apply pressure.   It didn=t want to go and I thought that my fears were right.   I always said that she was too tight there.   When I finally rammed it through she yelled and I stopped.   I just kept it in her and didn=t move it for a while, until she nodded.   She had tears in her eyes, but she didn=t say anything.    
With slow, short strokes, I maintained the depth of stroke without going any deeper.   Then I began to move deeper into her.   Each step I took was met with a grunt or an >ow,= or >ouch= but she didn=t move to stop me.   AAny time you want to stop,@ I told her, AI will. @   
She shook her head but I noticed that she was biting her lip.


    I began taking longer strokes and a little faster when I got about two-thirds of the way in to her.   Then I felt my cock begin to swell and my balls tightened and I knew that I was close.   With one long stroke, I buried it deep inside her as she squealed loudly. .   I didn=t stop, but began fast, hard strokes as the pressure built more and more.  
Even when she showed signs of pain, I was too close to stop and finally, I felt the spasms begin as wave after wave of cum was deposited deep inside her.   Her hand was rubbing madly on her clit and her fingers dug into her as she sought out one more climax.   With my cock still buried in her ass, I reached up and shoved a finger into her cunt as far as I could and pumped it in and out as fast as I could.   She came about as hard as I have ever seen, with her leg and stomach muscles shaking with each spasm.      I was still hard so I went for, and got, one more climax before pulling out of her.   We collapsed against each other and wildly clawed at our bodies, seeking more, but not finding it.   After a few minutes, maybe ten or so, of this, we went in and showered together.   As I washed her ass off, I leaned over and kissed and tongued her while my fingers played with her pussy.    
Even after all that, we still played with each other in an after-glow that seemed to last forever.   We slept for hours then, completely exhausted, and woke up just before it was time for Celeste to come home.

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         That was two years ago and we continued to enjoy each other=s body on a regular basis until some major changes brought everything to a sudden stop.  
(Continued in Sheila’s Awakening. )    .



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