Our Weekend Alone


Wrong. It was wrong. Really really wrong.
But damn it felt so good.
She had read somewhere online that it was common for a brother and sister to have sex with each other. And though she decided it was sick and wrong, she couldn't help but get a little wet over it.
And now here they were. One second he was chasing her and they were laughing and joking around, and the next he was on top of her, breathing heavy and lust pouring out of his eyes.
And then it happened. His hand rose up and unbuttoned her shirt and his lips found their way to her breasts. "I've wanted to do this for a really long time. . . " he muttered against her nipple before he took it in his mouth and began to suck on it.
She threw her head back and moaned, thankful that their parents were gone for the weekend, as his hands found their way up her skirt and under her panties.
"Oh god you're so wet.

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  " he moaned, dragging his tounge down her tummy and pulling off her mini skirt and underwear. "Are. . . are you hard/" she asked, trembling at his touch. He gave her an amused expression. "Would you like the see for yourself?" he asked, taking her hand and guiding it down to his arousal.
"Oh wow! How can you stand that? Does it hurt?" she asked. "Not really. . . " he replied, scooting down and parting her pussy lips with his fingers before her began to lick and suck expertly.
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed when she felt the incredible pleasure. He grinned wickedly and moved a hand down to unbutton and unzip his jeans.
He knew he could get her to blow him.

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   He could get her to do anything in that moment, but he knew what he wanted and oral wasn't going to cut it. He knew she'd never done it before, and right then he needed her to please him. And she would.
He was sucking and licking anf kissing her inside and she was beging him not to stop in between her moans and whimpers. Then he inced himself up to kiss her lips, forcing her to taste herself on him. The he pressed his rock hard erection against her hips and nibbled on her ear,
"You'll like this, I promise. " he whispered before he slide into her. Soon enough the gasps of pain turned into more whimpers and moans and she was kissing his chest with lust as he moaned, happy at how pleasing it all was.
Soon he could feel his relase bubbling inside him. He wanted to wait for her, but her knew he wouldn't be able to so he shot his load inside her, his face buried in her breasts as he moaned and groaned in pleasure.
She was dissapointed and he could tell as he climbed off of her and laid their one the floor, staring up at the living room ceiling, his erection now only half up. His sister was fidgeting next to him and he knew she wanted more.
She knew he was done already, but she also knew that he could get it back almost instantly. She had, afterall, heard him masterbate on more than one occasion, and as soon as he was done, he'd just keep going a few minutes later. So she took control.

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She moved her head down in between his legs and started to kiss his inner thigh. She let her tounge linger for a second then proceeded to lick and kiss her way into getting her brother hard again.
"You want to give it another go?" he asked, the wicked grin back on his face. His sister winked at him before rawling up and mounting his slowly, deciding she would be on top and she would be in control this time, which, she could tell by his face gave him quite a thrill.
She began to rock back and forth, moaning as she fel the pleasure of riding him. His hands were on her hips and his face showed pure exctasy. .
Pretty soon she gave up the quiet, sexy moans for screams of pleasure as she felt him getting even harder inside her as she increased her speed of the sultry rocking she did, grinding on his hips. Finally, she could feel her release coming and she rode him even faster. "Oh. . . ohhh god! Oh my god. . .

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  oh yes! Mmnnmm!"
Stimutaneously, he began to cum inside of her as she screamed out and released her juices all over him.
She sat there a moment, his dick still throbing inside her, a hand on his chest to stable herself as she caught her breath. She finally climbed off of him and he rolled over so his head was estled in her breats.
"Did we really just do that?" he asked, his tounge darting out to lick her nipple. His sister buried her hand in his hair, playing with it with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. "Mhm. We did. " she mumbled, allowing her brother to continue nibbling and sucking her chest as she fell asleep.